Diablo #BackBlast for Bag of Wrenches at The O 11/12/19 (“But this workout goes to 11.”)

Q: Diablo PAX: (11!!) OJ, McAfee, Tron, Wham!, Handbook, FloJo, Whitney, Digiorno, Violet, Tammy Faye Baker, Diablo CONDITIONS: 22 degrees; 15 mph wind; snow cover – it was cold. I dressed appropriately. INTRO This time of year is when I think our workouts become the most fun and memorable. Yes, some can be hard toContinue reading “Diablo #BackBlast for Bag of Wrenches at The O 11/12/19 (“But this workout goes to 11.”)”

Diablo #BackBlast from The Heavy at The Vet 11/4/19

Q: Diablo PAX: (4) PK, Bob Ross, Plumb Bob, Diablo COP SSHs (20 IC) Mountain Climbers (20 IC) Copperhead Squats (20 IC) Thang 1 – The Circuit After a warm up, each PAX completed a circuit that consisted of 8 different moves, AMRAP for 1 minute. Halos 25 lb plate KB Swings (30 lb KB)Continue reading “Diablo #BackBlast from The Heavy at The Vet 11/4/19”

Diablo #BackBlast for Black Ops at Douglas Hills 10/1/19

Q: Diablo PAX: (8) Retainer, Deep Dish, Hot Wheels, Maxi, Ripple, Buzzsaw, Wapner, Diablo Intro: YHC had a collection of heavy toys still gathered from Monday’s Q at Big Mo, so I thought I’d throw some of them out for the HIMs at Douglas Hills to incorporate into an old school beatdown. YHC also thoughtContinue reading “Diablo #BackBlast for Black Ops at Douglas Hills 10/1/19”

Diablo #PreBlast for BlackOps at Douglas Hills 10/1/19

If you haven’t checked out what the HIMs have been doing in Douglas Hills, tomorrow would be a good time to come see what it looks like. It’s going to be a hot October morning, so we’re going to do a little bit of everything to see just how much sweat can be poured outContinue reading “Diablo #PreBlast for BlackOps at Douglas Hills 10/1/19”

Diablo #BackBlast from Big Mo Heavy at The Vet 9/30/19

Q: Diablo PAX; (11) Carlos’e, Plumb Bob, Short Bus, Atlas, Whitney, Zipline, Meatball, Yoshi, Flounder, Dynomite, Diablo Intro: YHC pinch hit for our man Worm, who gave us all the best example by putting 2.0’s and family first this morning. That’s a HIM. Getting the call from the bench on Sunday afternoon, I quickly loadedContinue reading “Diablo #BackBlast from Big Mo Heavy at The Vet 9/30/19”

Diablo #BackBlast for BagOfWrenches at The O 9/24/19

Q: Diablo PAX: (18) Fall Guy, Tron, Violet, Vincent, Handbook, Flo Jo, Scuba Steve, Wham!, Nickleback, Butcher, Snooki (FNG), Cutlass, Jitterbug, Pixar, Dorothy, Cake Wheel, Lobster, Diablo With so many folks taking part in the IronPax challenge, and with our new found love for “heavy” workouts (I love them, too), I wanted to run anContinue reading “Diablo #BackBlast for BagOfWrenches at The O 9/24/19”

9/11 Memorial Ruck BackBlast

Q: Diablo PAX: (26) Tron, Wiki, Worm, Valdez, Fanny Pack, Kilo, McAfee, Catfish, Huggies, Mr. Kotter, Glen Ross, Tony Malito, My Boy Blue, SnowDay, Snowman, Jitterbug, Meter Maid, Tool Time, PK, Digiorno, Plumb Bob, Rosie, Handbook (FNG), G-String, Krzyzewski, Diablo Introduction: YHC wanted to put together a 9/11 Memorial Ruck. I thought about it, sentContinue reading “9/11 Memorial Ruck BackBlast”

Diablo #BackBlast 9/11/19 at The Vet

Q: Diablo PAX: (17) Worm, McAfee, Carlos’e, Meatball, Kilo, Atlas, Tony Malito, SnowDay, Eastwood, Vincent, Flea, Airball, Rhythm, Johnny on The Pot, PK, Zipline, Diablo Introduction: On September 11, 2001, 19 militants associated with the Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda hijacked four airliners and carried out suicide attacks against targets in the United States. Two ofContinue reading “Diablo #BackBlast 9/11/19 at The Vet”

#NeverForget #PreBlast for 9/11 Workout at The Vet 9/11/19

Fair Warning: This one will be hard. It deserves to be. I’ll save the details and a lot of the “why” for the BackBlast. But, if you want to see it for yourself, join me at Veterans Memorial Park 9/11/19 at 0530 for an epic workout. (Will 45 minutes be enough time for 2,977 reps?)Continue reading “#NeverForget #PreBlast for 9/11 Workout at The Vet 9/11/19”

Diablo #BackBlast from The Garden 9/10/19

Q: Diablo PAX: (9) Fructose, Goose, Frosted Tips, Jewel, Shrimp Boat, Holler, Domino, Airball, Diablo Introduction: YHC was very happy to return to The Garden on an absolutely perfect morning to workout. If you haven’t hit The Garden, you need to do so. Various hills, fresh coupons, fancy playground, ample east-end style parking. Most importantly,Continue reading “Diablo #BackBlast from The Garden 9/10/19”

PreBlast for 9/11 Memorial Ruck 9/11/19

Q: Diablo Start Time: 9:11 pm Start Date: 9/11/19 Start Point: Veterans Memorial Park End Time: 11:00 pm Bring to Donate: As many sealed, unopened gallons of drinking water as you can find and/or fit in your vehicle. This is a primary need for Wayside Christian Mission. (I want to deliver over 100 gallons ofContinue reading “PreBlast for 9/11 Memorial Ruck 9/11/19”

Diablo #BackBlast for The Rooster at The Mutt 9/3/19

Q: Diablo PAX: (9) PK, Plumb Bob, McAfee, Gepetto, Wiki, Glen Ross, Blue Print, Tureen, Diablo Introduction The weather was perfect in Louisville this morning, with 8(!) workouts going on simultaneously across the region. YHC promised a core-focused workout at The Rooster, and that’s what we did, with some full body exercises and running mixedContinue reading “Diablo #BackBlast for The Rooster at The Mutt 9/3/19”

BackBlast for The Ruiner at The O 8/3/19

Qs: Diablo / Kilo PAX (28): Captain Insane-o, Face, Busch, Flo Jo, Scuba Steve, McAfee, Worm, Grinder, Deuce, Glen Ross, OJ, Butcher, Mr. Kotter, Digiorno, Fall Guy, Double Down, Vincent, Violet, Wopner, The Dude (DR), Bail Out (DR), WannaCry (DR), Speedy (DR), Gun Show (DR), Sandman (DR), Gomer (DR), Kilo, Diablo Intro Today was aContinue reading “BackBlast for The Ruiner at The O 8/3/19”

Diablo & Kilo PreBlast for The Ruiner at The O 8/3/19

Like Captain Insane-o, are you also preparing for the Kumite? Or, more like McAfee, are you training for the All Valley Karate Tournament? Or, are you strengthening yourself to join Zartan as a cooler at the Double Deuce? We all have a goal, and Kilo and I hereby give you a money back guarantee ofContinue reading “Diablo & Kilo PreBlast for The Ruiner at The O 8/3/19”

Diablo BackBlast for Bayside BlackOps 6/18/19

Q: Diablo PAX: (11) Thumbtack, Fanny Pack, Glaucoma, Meter Maid, Scuba Steve, Birdie, Banana Bread, Shuttlecock, Charolais, Schotzie, Diablo Did you know that Saved By The Bell was originally called Good Morning, Ms. Bliss, and set in Indiana instead of California? With no AC Slater? No Jesse Spano and her caffeine pills? Well, now youContinue reading “Diablo BackBlast for Bayside BlackOps 6/18/19”

Diablo BackBlast for The Hurt 6/8/19

Q: Diablo PAX: (16) Nugget, Seabass, Zartan, Sump Pump, Soft Top, Pepperoni, Wham!, Gepetto, Myagi, Blue Print, Plumb Bob, Juicy, Cornbread, Tureen, Wham-O, Diablo Continuing my week of Q’ing all over Louisville metro, and knowing I had that extra glorious 15 minutes that Saturdays allow, I dug deep into the bag of tricks and putContinue reading “Diablo BackBlast for The Hurt 6/8/19”

Diablo BackBlast for Black-Ops at St. Patrick 6/6/19 – D-Day Remembrance

Q: Diablo PAX: OJ, Meatball, Snowday, Methane, Propane, Hot Wheels, Nino, Carlos’e, Fructose, Huggies, Latex, Uncle Rico, Diablo Intro D-Day – When more than 160,000 Allied troops landed along a 50 mile stretch of heavily-fortified French coastline to fight Nazi Germany on the beaches of France. Gen. Eisenhower called the operation a crusade in whichContinue reading “Diablo BackBlast for Black-Ops at St. Patrick 6/6/19 – D-Day Remembrance”

PreBlast for Diablo BlackOps at St. Patrick 6/6/19

Rumor has it that petty larceny and random property destruction are less of a problem out East, allowing for a nice stash of coupons at St. Patrick. Let’s break those in a little more tomorrow. If yours ends up bloody and broken, so be it. And, if you’ve never been to St. Patrick, tomorrow isContinue reading “PreBlast for Diablo BlackOps at St. Patrick 6/6/19”

BackBlast for “The Clock Watcher” at The Ruiner 6/1/19

Q’s: Captain Insane-o & Diablo Q’s Wearing 20 LB Weighted Vests: Captain Insane- O and Diablo PAX: Tron, OJ, Vincent, Tammy Faye Baker, Liberace, Pope, Trump, Slinky Dog, Glen Ross, Digiorno, Wait Time (DR), Captain Insane-o, Diablo INTRO: The Ruiner is the Alpha of F3 Louisville workouts. There’s also something special about The O atContinue reading “BackBlast for “The Clock Watcher” at The Ruiner 6/1/19”

PreBlast Part Deux for Diablo / CI Co-Q at The O 6/1/19

Why are these two so surly? Did they run out of pre-workout mix? Or even worse, did they get new formulas that make their ears itch? Are there places at The O that we’ve neglected for too long? Are there partner exercises that require some trust? Is there a new event for which you mayContinue reading “PreBlast Part Deux for Diablo / CI Co-Q at The O 6/1/19”