2/20/18 PreBlast for #BagOfWrenches at #TheO

The forecast for Bag of Wrenches predicts 64 degrees with only a slight wind. That should be enough to get you to the Gloom and enough to keep my PreBlast sales-pitch short. But, during my most recent Q at The O (1) the police arrived and (2) I heard at least one “this is crazyContinue reading “2/20/18 PreBlast for #BagOfWrenches at #TheO”

2/8/18 BackBlast for #TempleOfGloom at #TheO

Q: Diablo PAX: (13) BeanCounter, Scratch, Trump, OJ, Red Roof, Vincent, Gillespie, Tron, Abacus, Donger, Butcher, Santana (FNG), Diablo I intended to move the PAX over to the Christian Academy campus for some new scenery and a little change of pace. I also planned a nice little workout void of coupons, which is very un-DiabloContinue reading “2/8/18 BackBlast for #TempleOfGloom at #TheO”

2/8/18 PreBlast for #TempleOfGloom at #TheO

Now that the Ghost Flag,  owned by The O, flies at our State Capitol, it’s fair for me to say to The PAX that posting tomorrow at The O is not only a service to yourself—we’re all working to #ObtainGooder—but it’s a service to the Commonwealth of Kentucky. And, because the federal government has encroachedContinue reading “2/8/18 PreBlast for #TempleOfGloom at #TheO”

1/16/18 BackBlast for Diablo’s Return to #TheMutt for #TheRooster

Q: Diablo PAX: Zima, Wham-O, Deuce, GlennRoss, Amelia, Abacus, Mad Cow, Old Bay, Zartan, Quimby, Diablo Game Time Conditions: 10 degrees; light snow falling; overcast; 69% humidity; 3-4 inches of snow cover Q Attire: I wore clothing sufficient to keep my nuts from forming a permanent wrinkle. I awoke, eager to get to the gloom.Continue reading “1/16/18 BackBlast for Diablo’s Return to #TheMutt for #TheRooster”

1/16/18 PreBlast for #Rooster at #TheMutt

I dolled up last week, wore my Sunday best, and earned an invite back to The Mutt. I now sit here, in an oddly colored green chair, contemplating how to incorporate this 100 lb Everlast bag into a cold, snowy beatdown. I’m almost there. But, words of warning—we are going to carry and move heavyContinue reading “1/16/18 PreBlast for #Rooster at #TheMutt”

1/10/18 BackBlast for Diablo’s Visit to #TheBlender at #TheMutt

Q: Diablo PAX: Wham!, Mayberry, OJ, Pope, Quimby, Zoolander, GlenRoss, Trump, Old Bay, Zartan, Tron, Mad Cow, Digiorno, Diablo Attire for Q: Shirt – Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Button Collar Bowtie – Brooks Brothers Classic Red/White/Black School Stripe Belt – Black Canvas Featuring Skull & Crossbone Design Pants – Under Armor Golf Pants (I so wantedContinue reading “1/10/18 BackBlast for Diablo’s Visit to #TheBlender at #TheMutt”

1/10/18 Pre-Blast for #TheBlender at #TheMutt

In an unbelievable turn of events, I, Diablo, have the Q at Holy Trinity, or what we call The Mutt. I’ve no idea how this is happening. Most of my visits to the land of expensive square footage, bowties, and ascots have been to watch my spawn deliver L’s and tears to the daughters ofContinue reading “1/10/18 Pre-Blast for #TheBlender at #TheMutt”

The O @ Seneca Backblast 8/29/17 #BagOfWrenches @OF3Louisville @F3Louisville #getbetter … The PAX Thrust 4x4s Into Spotlight & Created A New Love/Hate Relationship With Coupons

Q: Diablo. 18 PAX  Methane, OJ, Fall Guy, Mr. Clean, Tron, Cutlass, Rhythm, Kilo, Tin Cup, Yankee, Pope, Wham!, Scratch, Beancounter, Trump, Captain Insane-o, Loco (FNG), Diablo. Pre-Wo The PAX gathered around the flags. Wait, that’s not accurate. The PAX gathered around a flag, while all waited for Cutlass to arrive with the Ghost Flag. Cutlass arrived non-promptlyContinue reading “The O @ Seneca Backblast 8/29/17 #BagOfWrenches @OF3Louisville @F3Louisville #getbetter … The PAX Thrust 4x4s Into Spotlight & Created A New Love/Hate Relationship With Coupons”

The O @ Seneca Backblast 8/24/17 #TempleOfGloom @OF3Louisville #getbetter … Real Men Move Heavy Things

VQ: Diablo. 14 PAX (1 FNG) Xeno (visiting PAX from @F3Jacksonville), Mr. Clean, Newman, Pope, Scratch, Double Down, Forced Close, Trump, Bean Counter, Wham!, FNG Slicker, Mayberry, Diablo. Pre-WO I arrived early, humbled yet eager to plant the F3 Flag and the Ghost Flag (yes – The O has the Ghost Flag).  The PAX startedContinue reading “The O @ Seneca Backblast 8/24/17 #TempleOfGloom @OF3Louisville #getbetter … Real Men Move Heavy Things”