Diablo #BackBlast for #BagOfWrenches 9/18/18

Q: Diablo PAX: (17) Scuba Steve, Mad Cow, Milton, Pork Chop, Mayberry, Who Dey, Tin Cup, Wham!, Gillespie, Joker, Vincent, Chicken Fried, Catfish, Dewey (FNG), Sweatshop, Fergie, Diablo Sometimes–things just go as planned. Sometimes it’s not your fault. But, sometimes it is. Tuesday at Bag of Wrenches was of the latter. Had a plan; hadContinue reading “Diablo #BackBlast for #BagOfWrenches 9/18/18”

Diablo #BackBlast for #TheRuiner at #TheO 9/1/18

Q: Diablo PAX (8): Vincent, Tron, Wham!, Nugget, Trump, Chestnut, Red Roof, Diablo It was a damn near perfect morning at Seneca Park for The Ruiner, the original F3 Louisville workout. And, it’s still my favorite at which to Post and Q. Knowing the PAX would mostly be settling in for a long holiday weekend,Continue reading “Diablo #BackBlast for #TheRuiner at #TheO 9/1/18”

Diablo #PreBlast for #TheRuiner at Seneca Park 9/1/18

Did you hear? F3 Louisville is now TV famous. Starchild is now of course TV infamous, with a head nod that even my daughters now know as a go to gif when you want to tell your friends that you have it going on. I’m hopeful the TV spot may drive some FNGs to ourContinue reading “Diablo #PreBlast for #TheRuiner at Seneca Park 9/1/18”

Diablo #BackBlast from Q at #TheTank 8/22/18

Q: Diablo PAX: Iceman, Launch Pad, Piggy, OJ, Thumbtack, Sadie, Valdez, Abacus, Drysdale, Peakaboo, Vincent, Meatball, Tony Malito, Kilo, Cutlass, Rhythm, Eastwood, Snowday, Worm, Crash, Aerobie, Hot Wheels, Diablo I felt the PAX at The Tank were ripe for an old school beatdown. Having never Q’d at The Tank (don’t throw anything at me Kilo),Continue reading “Diablo #BackBlast from Q at #TheTank 8/22/18”

#PreBlast for Diablo Q at #TheTank 8/22/18

Alright HIMs – I have the Q at The Tank tomorrow morning. We’re going to go heavy. I am not just referring to the bricks we may or may not throw at each other. I’ve never used music during a Q. That, however, changes in the morning. Yacht rock it ain’t. For the workout, expectContinue reading “#PreBlast for Diablo Q at #TheTank 8/22/18”

Diablo #PreBlast for #TheHurt at #TheMutt 7/14/18

Alright HIMs – This is my last Q and last Post for a week or so, as I leave Saturday night to coach my daughter’s softball team at the USSSA World Series in Gulf Shores, AL. (Not so humble brag – They won 11U title last year, so we’re not going down for participation trophies.)Continue reading “Diablo #PreBlast for #TheHurt at #TheMutt 7/14/18”

Diablo #BackBlast for #TheAgony at #TheCounty 7/12/18

Q: Diablo PAX: (21) Nino, Boozer, Uncle Rico, Steerage, Mama’s Boy, Alexa (FNG), Big Bird, Retainer, Starchild, Zartan, PewPew, Cochran, Captain Insane-O, Valdez, Launch Pad, Wallflower, Huggies, Catfish, Viking, Methane, Diablo I was pumped up to Q at The County this morning. Excited like Agent Pappas directing Johnny Utah to get him 2 meatball sandwichesContinue reading “Diablo #BackBlast for #TheAgony at #TheCounty 7/12/18”

Diablo #PreBlast for #TheCounty 7/12/18 at St. Aloysius

Alright fellas – I have the Q tomorrow morning at The County. The HIMs have been killing it at St. Al’s. So, I’m expecting a big number. And, if you’ve ever wondered where some of our exercises got their names at F3 Louisville, names which have been adopted elsewhere, come out and see me –Continue reading “Diablo #PreBlast for #TheCounty 7/12/18 at St. Aloysius”

Diablo #BackBlast for #BagOfWrenches at Seneca 7/3/18

Q: Diablo PAX: (8) Tin Cup, Red Hawk, Chicken Fried, Plethora, Babel, Who Dey, Wham!, Diablo It was an easy morning to warm up, as you were guaranteed to sweat upon exiting the car. I was also in a mood to go old school today, just full body work, while taking the time to instructContinue reading “Diablo #BackBlast for #BagOfWrenches at Seneca 7/3/18”

Diablo Q at 7/3/18 #BagOfWrenches PreBlast

I’m have the Q tomorrow morning at Seneca Park, the OG of Louisville AOs. The pic is from last July 4. We’ve come a long way gents. No gimmicks tomorrow, unless a full body beatdown is gimmicky. I also intend to grab a coffee and a chocalote milk afterwards at Heine Bros for anyone who,Continue reading “Diablo Q at 7/3/18 #BagOfWrenches PreBlast”

Diablo #PreBlast for Anniversary Q at Norton Commons #BlackOps

I posted for the first time June 29, 2017. Captain Insane-O maintains that I stood him up once before that, but the facts are hazy. At that time, we had one AO, communicated via texts, and were all still feeling things out a little. We hadn’t even rucked at that time! It’s amazing what’s happenedContinue reading “Diablo #PreBlast for Anniversary Q at Norton Commons #BlackOps”

Diablo #BackBlast for #TheRooster at #TheMutt 5/15/18

Diablo PAX: (19) Sherpa, Fridge, Mad Cow, Pepperoni (FNG), Spread Sheet, Tiger, Zima, Bumble Bee, Left Eye, Backdraft, Steerage, Old Bay, Frosty, Busch, Duece, Sump Pump, PED, Tool Time, Diablo I arrived at 5:20, planning to have 10-12 PAX because we had 5 – that’s 5! – AO’s going strong, to quite strong, this morning.Continue reading “Diablo #BackBlast for #TheRooster at #TheMutt 5/15/18”

Diablo Returns to #TheMutt 5/15/18 #PreBlast

I feel the need to redeem myself at The Mutt. My last post at The Mutt … let’s just say I didn’t exactly bring it. Or have it. Or do anything really. When I heard, “modify as needed,” I thought that meant, “you can just lay there if you need to.” It was a fewContinue reading “Diablo Returns to #TheMutt 5/15/18 #PreBlast”

4/24/18 #BackBlast for #BagOfWrenches at The O

Q:  Diablo PAX: (15) Wham!; Busch; Double Down; Storm Trooper; Vincent; Big Bird; Lamb; Cold War; Abacus; Loco; Butcher; Scrum (FNG); Starchild; Tool Time; Diablo Q Gear: 5.11 Tactical Camo Hat with IronHorse patch; old WKU t-shirt cut into a sloppy asymmetrical muscle tank with dull kitchen scissors; Nike tennis shorts that haven’t been closeContinue reading “4/24/18 #BackBlast for #BagOfWrenches at The O”

#PreBlast for #BagOfWrenches at #The O 4/24/18

I am leaving for Toledo on Friday along with a few other idiots for a camping trip in Starchild’s RV and I think we’re going to a superhero movie together. There’s a rumor of a GoRuck event after that but I hear the RV is pretty sweet and has plumbing and a card table. But,Continue reading “#PreBlast for #BagOfWrenches at #The O 4/24/18”

Convergence #BackBlast 4/21/18 – One Year Anniversary

Qs:    Red Roof, OJ, Glauc, Nugget, Vincent, Kilo, Diablo PAX:  (~ 86) Bob Ross; Digiorno; Kilo; Gypsy; Zima; Glenn Ross; Cutlass; Aerobie; Wham!; Iceman; Fridge; Jitterbug; Pope; Busch; Airplane; Little Jerry; Spreadsheet; Jayhawk (FNG); Snowman; Spreadsheet; Tureen; Little Smoky; Nickleback; Flounder; Ratchet; Big Bird; Cochran; Mayberry; PewPew; Seabass; Vincent; Grandpa Bear; Cardinal; Skid; Forced Close; BananaContinue reading “Convergence #BackBlast 4/21/18 – One Year Anniversary”

4/4/18 #BackBlast for Destin FL – Silver Dunes AO

Q: Diablo PAX: (5) Methane, Iceman, Double Down, Jitterbug, and Diablo We have heard about Club Paradise.  We have seen pictures of Captain Insane-o’s tailored tank tops and tuxedo shirts.  We have read about donut rucking, and Face’s house with second floor TV rooms.  We have heard stories of Waterboy, Scratch, and Spinal Tap leavingContinue reading “4/4/18 #BackBlast for Destin FL – Silver Dunes AO”

3/3/18 BackBlast for #TheHurt at #TheMutt

Q: Diablo PAX: (21) Geppetto, Grinder, Noxeema Jackson, Gamecock, Fatone, Digiorno, Gamer, Blue Meth, Old Bay, Franz (FNG), Wham-O, Backdraft, Spreadsheet, Mouth, Zartan, Bumblebee, Tiger, Waterboy, Fridge, Snowman, Diablo. Well, the kid here Rucked with Zartan, et al., Monday morning. That was fun. But, there were then shin splints; and a sinus infection; and work;Continue reading “3/3/18 BackBlast for #TheHurt at #TheMutt”

3/3/18 PreBlast for Diablo’s Return to #TheMutt

I’ve been busy this week, doing the Lord’s work in Frankfort lobbying … scratch that. Most of you know why I have my name. That’s what I’ve been doing.  And, I’ve had a sinus infection of some sort. And, shin splints from an early week Ruck. So, I crawled into Casillero del Diablo, pulled outContinue reading “3/3/18 PreBlast for Diablo’s Return to #TheMutt”

2/23/18 #BlackOps Ruck Training at #TheO

Q: Diablo PAX: Tool Time, PK, Red Roof, OJ, Storm Trooper, Diablo Comditions: It was like that storm that wrecked Tom Hanks’ plane in Castaway. Arrived at 0525. All PAX properly loaded up with rucks. All PAX were soaked upon stepping out into the Gloom. PAX unloaded two 25 dumbbells and two 50 lb dumbbellsContinue reading “2/23/18 #BlackOps Ruck Training at #TheO”

2/20/18 BackBlast for #BagOfWrenches at #TheO

Q: Diablo PAX: (21) Scratch, Wham, Fall Guy, Red Roof, OJ, Face, Captain Insane-O, Vincent, Double Down, Pepto, Donger, Butcher, Santana, Goodman, ExLax, Little Jerry, Loco, Bean Counter, Cutlass, Gillespie, Diablo Q Attire: It was virtually summer time.  Thus a WKU shirt retro-fitted into a tank with dull kitchen scissors to participate in tank top Tuesday; black Nike shorts;Continue reading “2/20/18 BackBlast for #BagOfWrenches at #TheO”

2/20/18 PreBlast for #BagOfWrenches at #TheO

The forecast for Bag of Wrenches predicts 64 degrees with only a slight wind. That should be enough to get you to the Gloom and enough to keep my PreBlast sales-pitch short. But, during my most recent Q at The O (1) the police arrived and (2) I heard at least one “this is crazyContinue reading “2/20/18 PreBlast for #BagOfWrenches at #TheO”

2/8/18 BackBlast for #TempleOfGloom at #TheO

Q: Diablo PAX: (13) BeanCounter, Scratch, Trump, OJ, Red Roof, Vincent, Gillespie, Tron, Abacus, Donger, Butcher, Santana (FNG), Diablo I intended to move the PAX over to the Christian Academy campus for some new scenery and a little change of pace. I also planned a nice little workout void of coupons, which is very un-DiabloContinue reading “2/8/18 BackBlast for #TempleOfGloom at #TheO”

2/8/18 PreBlast for #TempleOfGloom at #TheO

Now that the Ghost Flag,  owned by The O, flies at our State Capitol, it’s fair for me to say to The PAX that posting tomorrow at The O is not only a service to yourself—we’re all working to #ObtainGooder—but it’s a service to the Commonwealth of Kentucky. And, because the federal government has encroachedContinue reading “2/8/18 PreBlast for #TempleOfGloom at #TheO”

1/16/18 BackBlast for Diablo’s Return to #TheMutt for #TheRooster

Q: Diablo PAX: Zima, Wham-O, Deuce, GlennRoss, Amelia, Abacus, Mad Cow, Old Bay, Zartan, Quimby, Diablo Game Time Conditions: 10 degrees; light snow falling; overcast; 69% humidity; 3-4 inches of snow cover Q Attire: I wore clothing sufficient to keep my nuts from forming a permanent wrinkle. I awoke, eager to get to the gloom.Continue reading “1/16/18 BackBlast for Diablo’s Return to #TheMutt for #TheRooster”

1/16/18 PreBlast for #Rooster at #TheMutt

I dolled up last week, wore my Sunday best, and earned an invite back to The Mutt. I now sit here, in an oddly colored green chair, contemplating how to incorporate this 100 lb Everlast bag into a cold, snowy beatdown. I’m almost there. But, words of warning—we are going to carry and move heavyContinue reading “1/16/18 PreBlast for #Rooster at #TheMutt”

1/10/18 BackBlast for Diablo’s Visit to #TheBlender at #TheMutt

Q: Diablo PAX: Wham!, Mayberry, OJ, Pope, Quimby, Zoolander, GlenRoss, Trump, Old Bay, Zartan, Tron, Mad Cow, Digiorno, Diablo Attire for Q: Shirt – Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Button Collar Bowtie – Brooks Brothers Classic Red/White/Black School Stripe Belt – Black Canvas Featuring Skull & Crossbone Design Pants – Under Armor Golf Pants (I so wantedContinue reading “1/10/18 BackBlast for Diablo’s Visit to #TheBlender at #TheMutt”