Diablo #BackBlast for Big Mo at Veterans 4/22/19

Q: Diablo PAX: Worm, Flounder, Kilo, Tool Time, McAfee, Tony Malito, Carlos’e, Diablo It felt so good to be back in the Gloom with these guys. We went old school with supersets this morning, so BackBlast is also going to be straightforward. Warm Up SSHs (25 IC) LBCs (25 IC) Groiners (10 IC) Partner UpContinue reading “Diablo #BackBlast for Big Mo at Veterans 4/22/19”

Diablo #PreBlast for #TheBigMo at Veterans 4/22/19

You should join me tomorrow morning for a heavy workout at Big Mo, our newly christened official AO at Veterans Memorial Park. Bring a weight plate and a kettlebell (> 20 lbs) if you can. (If you haven’t tried one of these before, tomorrow would be a great time to see what it’s about.) Also,Continue reading “Diablo #PreBlast for #TheBigMo at Veterans 4/22/19”

Diablo BackBlast for The Tank 2/13/19

Q: Diablo PAX: Drysdale, Worm, Meatball, Kilo, PK, Tony Malito, Aerobie, Sadie, SnowDay, Diablo PAX arrived and we quickly circled up. It was loud and cold. I mean, we know why it was cold. It’s that time of year. Increased auditory signals because Worm, Kilo, and Tony Malito must go to bed arguing and justContinue reading “Diablo BackBlast for The Tank 2/13/19”

PreBlast for F3 Louisville 2/8/19 RUCK

Q’s: Mad Cow & Diablo Start time: 8:00 pm (try to arrive by 7:45) Starting locale: Brownies Shed (9900 Linn Station Road, Louisville, KY 40223) Ending spot: Brownies Shed What you’ll do: Ruck, work, carry heavy things, talk, laugh, curse Diablo and Mad Cow (and probably get cursed right back) Required Gear: A Ruck, properlyContinue reading “PreBlast for F3 Louisville 2/8/19 RUCK”

Diablo #BackBlast from The Ruiner at The O 1/26/19

Q: Diablo PAX: (11) Violet, Vincent, Trump, Wham!, Zartan, Plumb Bob, April, Puddin, Nugget, Lego, Diablo Having the Q the morning after our first ever annual banquet was a bit tough. You know, because of the chips & dip. But, knowing I wouldn’t be out there alone made it much easier to get up andContinue reading “Diablo #BackBlast from The Ruiner at The O 1/26/19”

Diablo #BackBlast from The Heavy at #TheVet 1/21/19

Q: Diablo PAX: Hot Wheels, Aerobie, Flounder, McAfee, Tool Time, Alexa, Worm, Diablo Toys: Two 100 lb wood posts; 75 lb sandbag; 50 lb dumbbells; 20 lb dumbbells; 15 lb dumbbells; various kettlebells and plates Conditions: Bitterly cold. Starting and ending temperature of 7 degrees, with snow-covered ground. I arrived early and organized the toysContinue reading “Diablo #BackBlast from The Heavy at #TheVet 1/21/19”

Diablo #PreBlast for TheHeavy and TheVet 1/21/19

It’s predicted to be 7 degrees when we get started at 0530 in the morning. I’ll thus give the disclaimer now: Don’t lick the heavy metal we’ll be moving in the morning at The Vet. Actually, avoiding the temptation to lick things in the Gloom is probably good advice for any weather. This one willContinue reading “Diablo #PreBlast for TheHeavy and TheVet 1/21/19”

Diablo #BackBlast from #TheExtender at TheMutt 1/17/19

Q: Diablo PAX: Busch, Deuce, Pope, Pepperoni, Glen Ross, Sump Pump, Geppetto, Patchwork, Larry Flynt, Tiger, Snowman, Aerobie, Sherpa, Wham-O, Zima, Diablo We didn’t screw around much this morning. So I won’t screw around too much here. I wanted the PAX to do some pull-ups, and I wanted the PAX to find core muscles theyContinue reading “Diablo #BackBlast from #TheExtender at TheMutt 1/17/19”

Diablo #PreBlast for TheExtender at TheMutt 1/17/19

My man Digiorno needed a substitute Q for The Extender this week. His reason for needing one was similar to my reason for being out for the last few days, so it felt right to step in. I look forward to butchering some names and threatening war against any PAX that question my authorit-eye. AsContinue reading “Diablo #PreBlast for TheExtender at TheMutt 1/17/19”

Diablo BackBlast for Accidental, Unintentional BlackOps at The O 1/5/19

PAX: Tammy Faye Baker, Wham!, Loco, Diablo So, here is what happens when you hit snooze too many times. Arrived at 6:57 am; can’t park because of what I believe are soon-to-be ending New Years resolutions from an army of runners and running clubs; finally park; run to the flags; it’s 7:01 am; no oneContinue reading “Diablo BackBlast for Accidental, Unintentional BlackOps at The O 1/5/19”

Diablo BackBlast for Bag of Wrenches at The O 1/3/19

Q: Diablo PAX: Porkchop, Nino, Nice & Slow, Iceman, Flo Jo, Scuba Steve, Captain Insane-o, Red Roof, Fridge, Digiorno, Methane, Gillespie, Jitterbug, Loco, Tammy Faye Baker, Violet, Kilo, Tron, OJ, Shiplap, Diablo We gathered in the Gloom this morning for a core-focused workout. I also used the opportunity to say goodbye to Mean Gene OkerlundContinue reading “Diablo BackBlast for Bag of Wrenches at The O 1/3/19”

Diablo PreBlast for Temple of Gloom at The O 1/3/19 (Do It For Mean Gene)

Mean Gene Okerlund passed away today. If you are about my age and also grew up thinking “professional wrestler” was a possible career opportunity, then Mean Gene was a part of your life. (Would I make PWI’s “most popular” list or “most hated?” Is Southern Tag Team title too low a goal? Questions I mayContinue reading “Diablo PreBlast for Temple of Gloom at The O 1/3/19 (Do It For Mean Gene)”

BackBlast for CSAUP Activity at The O 12/28/18

PAX: Catfish, Violet, Diablo Conditions: 60 degrees; light rain; wet What we did: I saw this CSAUP thing on Twitter a few weeks ago, posted by PAX from another F3 group. I honestly can’t remember who first threw it out there. I immediately thought, “If others can do it, why not us?”, and sort ofContinue reading “BackBlast for CSAUP Activity at The O 12/28/18”

PreBlast for Diablo CSAUP BlackOps at The O 12/28/18

There it is. That’s what we’re going to do. I don’t know how long it will take. It’s you vs. you. End time is completion. I’ll be there until all finish. If I’m out there alone, I’ll do it and make up wild stories about it. If you’re joining me for this, maybe drink anContinue reading “PreBlast for Diablo CSAUP BlackOps at The O 12/28/18”

Diablo #BackBlast for #BagOfWrenches at TheO 12/11/18

Q: Diablo PAX: Zartan, OJ, Wham!, Violet, Gillispie, Tammy Faye Baker, Shank, Glen Ross, Diablo I am confident that all who take valuable time to read this BackBlast are, in the words of Doc Holiday, educated men. Accordingly, you’ll understand why I felt like Virgil guiding the PAX through the bottom circles of the InfernoContinue reading “Diablo #BackBlast for #BagOfWrenches at TheO 12/11/18”

#BackBlast for Ruck at #TheCounty 12/1/18

Q: Airplane PAX: Tool Time, Wingnut, Meter Maid, Mama’s Boy, Soccer Mom, Diablo, Airplane PAX met at 0530 at The County to Ruck before my Q and a surefire beatdown. I’m writing this BackBlast because it was technically my idea, but we were in Airplane’s neighborhood, so he took lead, pointed out houses from whichContinue reading “#BackBlast for Ruck at #TheCounty 12/1/18”

Diablo #BackBlast for BlackOps at #TheCounty 12/1/18

Q: Diablo PAX: (8) Airplane, Mama’s Boy, Meter Maid, Soccer Mom, Crockpot, Big Bird, Fungi, Diablo Q Attire: Carl Edwards #99 Fastenal hat procured from his pit crew a few years ago; a rare short-sleeve flannel shirt I’ve had for 20+ years; GoRuck Challenge Pants; Salomon XA Pro 3D GTX shoes (had no boots worthContinue reading “Diablo #BackBlast for BlackOps at #TheCounty 12/1/18”

Diablo #PreBlast for #TheCounty 12/1/18

Saturday’s workout at The County will be inspired by this pic I recently took at my Grandfather’s old place in Erin, Tennessee. It’s off Grice’s Creek Road. Don’t worry, you’ve never been there and would get lost trying to find it, which is the way we liked it growing up. If you have soft hands,Continue reading “Diablo #PreBlast for #TheCounty 12/1/18”

#BackBlast for Diablo Heavy Black-Ops at The Vet 11/19/18

Q: Diablo PAX: Worm, Backdraft, Kilo, Tony Malito, PK, Hot Wheels, Meatball, McAfee, Diablo Man, how I enjoy the heavy workouts we have going at The Vet. For some of us, it’s our comfort zone; for others, it’s not. Regardless, the HIMs that have taken this on are pushing themselves in new ways, and learningContinue reading “#BackBlast for Diablo Heavy Black-Ops at The Vet 11/19/18”

#PreBlast for Diablo Black Ops #Heavy at #TheTank 11/19/18

Want to get stronger and better? Want to push yourself in a new way in the Gloom? Of course you do. Accordingly, bring a weight plate and a kettlebell to Veterans Park on Monday at 5:30 am for a full body heavy workout. For the weight plate, I suggest a 25-45 lb plate. If youContinue reading “#PreBlast for Diablo Black Ops #Heavy at #TheTank 11/19/18”

October Ruck Event #BackBlast 10/19/18

Q: Diablo PAX: Flounder, Abacus, Nino, McAfee, Kilo, WetSack (FNG), Fanny Pack, Chestnut, Tool Time, Weed Wacker, Logs, Big Bird, Miyagi, Huggies, Iceman, Alexa, Mama’s Boy, Fatone, Plumb Bob, Snow Day, Diablo Q Gear: Salomon XA Pro 3D Shoes; SmartWool socks; Reebok dry fit undies; Go Ruck Challenge pants; Nike tactical belt; F3 MudGear shirtContinue reading “October Ruck Event #BackBlast 10/19/18”

October HALLOWEEN Ruck #PreBlast 10/19/18

Date: Friday, October 19, 2018 Time: 8:00 pm until it’s over Start Place: Seneca Park, Basketball Court parking lot Required Gear: A Ruck, properly weighted. If over 150 lbs, at least a 30 lb plate; if under 150 lbs, at least a 20 lb plate. A headlamp Reflector strips, either on Ruck or in personContinue reading “October HALLOWEEN Ruck #PreBlast 10/19/18”

F3 Louisville Leadership Announcement – TClaps to McAfee and Nino

It is my honor to announce some leadership changes for F3 Louisville. Before I go any further, let me borrow some words from others about F3 and leadership. F3 is intended to be led by the PAX. Each man who is in F3 would consider himself willing and ready to lead, whether it is toContinue reading “F3 Louisville Leadership Announcement – TClaps to McAfee and Nino”