Posh Backblast #UncleRico Beatdown 4/18/2018

I decided to take the PAX back to 1980’s with some Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, and the one and only Phil Collins to name a few. Unfortunately what the 23 PAX didn’t know is Uncle Rico didn’t win the 1982 State Championship and the beat down was on.

Warm Up
Mosey with some High Knees and Carioca
SSH 15
Abe Vigoda’s 15
Imperial Walkers 15
Pew Pew Shuffle 15 (Dedicated to Pew Pew; modified Cupid Shuffle)
Bolt 45’s

Mosey to Bridge

Thang – Partner Up
Partner 1
American Hammer
Doggie Paddle

Partner 2
Lunge to top of bridge; jog to other side 5 Burpees
Bernie to top of bridge; jog to other side 10 Burpees
Mario to top of bridge; jog to other side 15 Burpees

Mosey to Flag

Dying Cockroach – 20 Count
Captain Therkins – 1:4 ratio Big Boy Sit Ups: American Hammers followed by 5 merkins. Went to 10:40. McAfee helped with the final 40 count
Freddie Mercuries 2X20 Single Count
Peter Parkers 2X20 Single Count

Q – Uncle Rico
HIMS – Kilo,Force Closed, Methane, Grave Digger,Star Child, Swifty, Huggies, Bob Ross, PK, Rhythm, Iceman (Respect), Gypsy, Jitterbug (Respect),Peekaboo, Flounder, Slippers, Piggy, Lamb, Nino, McAfee, Nugget, Mr. Hat, Boozer

Thanks to all the HIMS that showed for the beat down and intentions were made for the safe return of Matthew Pawlak.

Uncle Rico Out.


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