NC BlackOps Backblast #Noxeema&Wham!Co-Q #VQ

(Co)QIC: Noxeema Jackson (VC) & Wham!

15 PAX: Snowman, Wham!, Captain Insano, Glen Ross, Face, PK, Nurse Betty (FNG),  Backdraft, Buschhhhh, Zima, Red Roof, Swifty, Steerage, Boozer, Noxeema Jackson.

Warmup: Indiana Run (with 6 doing burpee before running to front) to plaza and back. Stretching exercises: side straddle hops, Kendra Neumans, Moroccan nightclubs, arms across chest and behind back stretch, Copperhead squats, and grass grabbers.

Merkin Mania on Steroids: Group runs around pathway and stops at all 11 light-posts to do a different type of Merkin, 10 count each time: Merkins, Spider-Man, Tempo Merkins, Wide Merkins, Ranger (Close) Merkins, Mountain-Climber Merkins, Decline (hold partners legs) Merkins, Clerkins  (Clap Merkins), Diamond Merkins, T/Hand-release Merkins, and finish off with 4 Burpees & 20 Air presses in honor of 4/20 holiday.

Square of Terror : Break into 4 groups, each starting at different stations at each corner of square with 2 stations having coupons.  Exercises at each station for 1 minute straight, then either lunge walk, bear crawl or broad jump to next station:  Station 1 (coupons): Curls, Rows, Coupon Swings & Decline Merkins; Station 2: flutter kicks, rosalitas, LBC’s & Dying Cockroach; Station 3 (coupons): Overhead press, squats, chest press & incline merkins; Station 4: Gas pumps, American hammers, Freddie Mercuries & Davincis (ran out of time).

Burpee Highs: Finish off with getting in big circle, jogging in place and doing a burpee every time they say “High” in “Because I Got High” Afroman song (37 total burpees) in final celebration of 4/20.

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