BackBlast #theLOCO @thecounty Abacus Q June 12th

This back blast isn’t a reflection on what we did, but rather who we are as men. Life is hard, life is unfair, and often doesn’t make sense. But every one of us gets to choose how we react to what’s thrown at us.

Not a week goes by where we don’t quote in some way:  Fitness is the MAGNET, Fellowship is the GLUE, and Faith is the DYNAMITE! Every morning thousands of men around the country roll out of the fartsack because the fellowship built in the gloom calls them to GET BETTER!

How do you describe getting better when trying to Head Lock a FNG? Here’s my story…August 2017 a frat brother (Dough Boy) who I haven’t seen in 15 years visited Louisville for a trip on the bourbon trail. He mentioned something about F3 and shared a link. Up for an adventure and looking to meet new workout partners, I looked for a local chapter. Poshlands popped up on my search. I thought it was odd this group renamed a finely named place like the Parklands, but whatever I’ll give it a shot. My FNG post was led by Kilo who pushed us through all kinds of oddly named exercises. The hour flew by.

Fast forward several weeks, I kept going and kept getting better. My fitness improved, but unexpectedly these workout friends became actual friends. Countless studies have been performed on loneliness. It’s a huge issue. I suffered from it, but didn’t want to admit it. Before F3, my cop out answer was the M was my best friend…that was selling her short (see the Q Source to learn why).

In the cold gloomy mornings of the first F3 winter in Louisville, we posted, we rucked, we sweated (it froze to our faces), and we built bonds with our brothers. AFter all, what other lunatics were working out at 0530 in 0 degrees?

I never planned to test the strength of those bonds, but 2 days before my birthday I put the bonds to the test. The M received a DCIS cancer diagnosis. Very early stage with great treatment options. The PAX immediately came around me, lifted me up in prayer, and made sure I was never alone. We rucked on my birthday and PAX from all over the city showed up. KILO (ruck Q) grabbed a pink golf towel and had the PAX sign as a sign we are all fighting with the M.

The PAX reached out with great support and words of encouragement from brothers who had been in my shoes. I can’t describe how welcomed I felt that MEN were sharing with me all these things that I would have to go through and mostly that I would not be alone. Can you get this a the YMCA? Great place, but no way!

Just before surgery, a strong runner (Little Jerry) gave me a tip…pack running shoes and clothes during the hospital stay. Telling the M LJ recommended this gave it credence. This proved to be a sanity saver during the hospital stay. The solitude of running was such a nice distraction.

F3 is so much more than a workout.

You know you know a man who needs this. Give him the gift! Head lock him and bring him out this week! We are all training for something…most of the time we don’t know what or why until your preparation time is gone.

PAX – Double Down (R), Jitter Bug (R), Pork Chop, Airplane, Battie, Boozer, Valdez, Iceman (R), Retainer, Little Jerry (R), Tool Time, Huggies, Nino, Meter Maid, Matlock (FNG), Big Bird, Irsey, Tony Malitto, Mama’s Boy, Abacus Q

We did lots of merkins and other stuff including running, squats, burpees, big boy situps, LBCs, plank, merkin bomb, WEBB JACK (4 MERKINS / 1 AIRPRESS) yup it sucked!

Always humbled by this group! Thanks HIMs!

One thought on “BackBlast #theLOCO @thecounty Abacus Q June 12th

  1. Great B.B. Each one of us has a unique F3 story and thanks for sharing part of yours here. We’re very lucky to have you in our group. See you soon amigo!

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