BackBlast – #theBridge @Poshlands 11/21/18 Abacus Q

Well this back blast is really late, but the PAX have been in a turkey coma for 2 days so I’m sure no one even notice. Maybe that was because they were wishing this beatdown did not happen.

PAX – Retainer, Gyspey, Lady Bird (R), Drive Through (R), Mr. Hat, Jitter Bug (R), DeepDish, Wingnut, Tool Time, Dry Rub, Valdez, Iceman (R), Maxi, Dynomite, Mr. Cotter, Abacus Q

Mosey for a quick warm up and on to the COT.

COP – Various exercises including SSH, Grass Grabbers, Abe Vigota, etc.

Thang1 – Surrenders (1 calf raise, 1 hop out, 1 SSH) up the ladder to 7 then back down the ladder

Thang2 – BOOTS – Burpees, Overhead Squats, Oblique Baby Crunches, Tuck Jumps, Shoulder Taps. 25 reps each exercise. Rinse and Repeato 4 times.

Thang3 – Indian Run to Bridge then slow mosey to the flag

Mary – Leg raises around the clock, fludder kicks, and some other fun things.

Time ran out and we ended with COT. YHC is always humbled to lead such a great group of men all working hard to get better! We kept Double Down in our prayers and we left the gloom!


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