12.20.2018. BB. Miyagi Graduation Q. The Extender @ The Mutt.


When: 0530


Where: The Mutt


Weather: Wet ground, but dry sky. Approximately 49*. Slight breeze.


Q’s Gear: Red and silver running shoes. Black gym shorts (with pockets). Orange dry-fit tee (did not expect that when my last Q in November brought snow). Black and white F3 Hoo Rag (it helps me channel my inner Miyagi).


Number of PAX: 13


PAX: Aerobie (R), Sprinkler, Blueprint, Windshield, Geppetto, Back Draft, Fridge, Zima, Plum Bob, Bumblebee (R), Deuce, Wham! O, and Miyagi (Q)


What Occurred


It was another early morning ITG, and slowly the PAX of The Mutt crept out from their nightly slumber as they rolled into the parking lot. It was approximately 0520 when YHC rolled in himself. He knew the morning held pain in store. He had just graduated, and while a party was announced, it was fake news. A BEAT DOWN was in store, and he knew that it was bound to be a full 45 minute workout.


As the clock approached 0529 YHC began to give the disclaimer, as the rest of the PAX moseyed into the huddle of HIMs waiting to hear what the morning would bring. As YHC finished his statement that he is a college graduate, but not a professional, and that the PAX should modify as needed he noticed that he was among veterans. No FNGs today, but rather a seasoned crew.

Off they went on a quick mosey around the school, as they gathered in the main lot. As they gathered YHC circled the PAX up for the COP, but led from the outside, barking exercises, as he set up Thang 1.


Thang 1


YHC set up 5 shirts (used as cones, because YHC is still on the college budget). The shirts were placed in the corners of a box shape, with one in the center. YHC showed off how well he can do math prior to coffeeteria, as he, with assistance from the PAX, broke the group into 4 groups.


At the center cone the entire PAX began with 10 merkins, and then headed to their own station. At cone 1, the PAX would bear crawl from the center cone to the station and knock out 25 Bobby Hurley’s, and then mosey back to the center for 10 merkins. At cone 2, the Pax would lunge walk from the center cone to the station where they would do 25 Coupon Curls, before a mosey back for 10 more merkins. At cone 3, the PAX would broad jump to from the corner cone to the station to do 10 BOYOs, and then mosey back for another 10 merkins. And at cone 4, the PAX would sprint from the center cone to the station where they faced 10 Man Makers, and finally one last mosey to the center for 10 more merkins.


Because YHC took 2 victory laps in college…he decided that once the PAX had completed this task, they too would take 2 victory laps and do this twice more.


Thang 2 


The PAX then circled up for a round of MARY. Here they dropped to their six, and did 10 Big Boy Sit Ups, followed by 10 LBCs, and a 10 count. The PAX repeated this until every member of the PAX had the opportunity to shout out at least one 10 count of the previous mentioned options.


Thang 3 


After quickly returning the coupons to their resting place, the PAX circled up in front of the flags for a Merkin Time Bomb. For this YHC began with 10, and together the PAX pushed through until each member finished their final merkin.


At this point the PAX was tired, and they entered into the COT. Here they counted off, went through name-o-rama, read the announcements that consisted of the following:


  • Aerobie and Miyagi will be meeting today around 11:30/45 at Molly Malone’s for lunch to brainstorm the “4 Saturdays – 4 Churches” event that will be taking place in January. All are welcome. Come out for some great 2rd and 3nd F. Hope to see you there.
  • Come out tomorrow night for the December Ruck Event @ The Mutt. It begins @ 8:00pm, and your Q’Dre duo is Zartan & Buschhhh. If you have never been, then reach out, and we will find a ruck for you to borrow. Don’t make an excuse. Have fun, get to know the PAX, and get better! If you can get through a workout, then you can get through a ruck!
  • When it is dark stay lit up, and stay vigilant. FIA Lexington lost a member during a workout, because she was hit by a car. Please watch the backs of your brothers. We are in this together, and safety is key. Prayers to FIA Lexington.
  • Oh, and Backdraft wanted us to know, “I really f***ing hate bear crawls!”


Intentions were said, and a prayer was lifted up to the Sky-Q. A huge thank you to the HIMs who came out today for my graduation Q, and thank you to the entire PAX for changing my life and helping me find my purpose as a young man. Child Please.


Singing off,




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