BB – 8/17/22 – The Foundry at the County – Meter Maid Q

YHC led an old school heavy where we met at the playground. I came in a few minutes early to unload the back of my Explorer. I had plenty of toys including the potted plants (Sorinex Center Mass Bells) and GoRuck sandbags.

Brown Water was the first to show up. Others arrived (Honeycomb, Huey and Octodad) and but had to motioned to come toward the playground. 5 was a perfect number for todays workout and provided an opportunity to chatter while getting better.

Gave the disclaimer and led a short COP with grassgrabbers IC, Toy Soldiers IC, Arm Circles and then Michael Phelps. There is clearly a right and wrong way. It is very similar to ordering of runners stretch. What is the order of your arm circles and Michael Phelps when you lead them?

The rest of the time was spent on the main thang. Each pax did three pulls up, five burpees, and then a set exercise with the potted plants. Exercises included boxing, brown waters, squat press, single arm alternating bench press, American hammers, alternating chops and curls. Also had a ruck for ruck merkins. After going until failure, you would grab on of 5 sandbags and carry however wanted to the curb behind the chapel and back. There were two 40s, two 60s and on 20. Pax threw over the shoulder(s), single arm carry and rifle carry.

Time was called and we ended with the usual (COR, NOR, Announcements, Intentions, and Prayer).

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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