8/24/22 – Meter Maid Q School – The Foundry at the County

It is Q school week and it was an opportunity to share our insights with pax. Checking out the weasel shaker, this was my 87th lifetime Q. It does get easier as you Q more. After 6 weeks I leapt into my VQ. It was fitting one as the first official County Q.

To those who haven’t Qed, go ahead and reach out to a site Q to get scheduled. If you are hesitant get a co-Q to assist. We all make Cadence mistakes early unless you were ex-military. Enough soap box…

After disclaimer, we did a COP of grass grabbers IC, Toy Soldiers IC, Arm Circles, Michael Phelps OYO, and Copperhead Squats IC.

Weather was perfect. Had 7 pax [PCI, Brown Water, Istadoodle, Subprime, Asian Zing (R), Snowden and Meter Maid (Q)]at the start and a late arriver who was an FNG (Bull’s Eye) that PCI brought out. More on that later.

We rifled carried our coupons to the portico. It was a simple and effective 11s. Started with 1 manmakers under the portico and lunge walked or other mode of transportation to/from the playground for 10 pulls up. We made it more than half way down.

Then, we rifle carried the coupons to the island. We paired off for Dora. Partner 1 did overhead press while Partner 2 did a rifle carry to a set spot and back. The exercises were 100 overhead press and 200 weighted squats.

Upon completion, we circled up for bent over rows, curls and burpee over blockie.

This left time for Mary with flutter kicks IC (with coupons overhead), left leg only flutter kicks IC and right left only flutter kicks IC. Then we did some pretzel crunchers IC (both sides), gas pumps IC, preacher sit-ups on my up, and elevators until time was called.

We circled back to the flag for COR and NOR. PCI had invited his daughters boyfriend who was a chef. He enjoyed going to Target with his girlfriend. I quickly called out Bull’s Eye and it stuck. For announcements, Zing has the PV Q on Friday. The September ruck is 9/10 from 5-8am. There no intentions mentioned and I lifted up the unsaid intention and closed with a prayer and Our Father.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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