Back Blast – Black Ops Ruck Training at the Posh 9/28

Weather 47 degrees 100% humidity.  Foggy

7 PAX –  Launch Pad (R), Spalding, Huggies (Q), Nice n Slow, McAfee, Nino, Miyagi

Gear – This was the coldest morning I posted in a while.  Got the chance to wear my GoRuck simple pants.  I could tell the PAX were jealous…  Rucker 2.0 with 30 lb weight.

6 PAX showed up at 5:15.  Nice n slow was a 5:16 addition.  Disclaimer, and we were on our way.  We took a left after the bridge and headed to Methane Hill.  Once at the top I placed 4 cones about 10 yards apart in the grass.  We started in plank position, wearing our rucks, at the first cone and did mountain climbers 15 reps 4 count.  We then bear crawled to the next cone and did hand release merkins 15 reps single count.   Bear crawled to the next cone and did Makhtar N’Diayes X 15 reps.  Bear crawled to the last cone and did pickle pounders X 15 reps.

We next headed back while standing with rucks overhead we did skull crushers X 15.  Lunge walk to the next cone with ruck overhead.  Overhead presses X 15.  Lunge walk to next cone.  Ruck curls X 15.  Lunge walk to next cone.  Ruck kettle bell swings X 15.

We packed up and headed south around methane hill (see map).  We rucked all the way to the bridge underpass.  Under the bridge we did 30 SSH IC.  The rucks were all over the place during this…probably won’t recommend in the future.  We next did copper head squats X 30 IC.  We put our rucks in front and did 30 dips single count on the curb followed by copper head skull crushers X 30 IC with our rucks.  There was some broken glass on the ground so we moved out from under the bridge and did HR merkins X 15 single count.

We headed out along the trail again going the long way on the Louisville loop back towards the flag (See map).  Our destination was the fountain.  We had to go double speed there at the end to make it on time.

Mary at the fountain – 20 Ruck Flutter kicks IC.  20 Freddy Mercuries IC.  15 American “sledge” hammers (holding our rucks) IC.

It was 6:10 and we had 5 minutes to make it back to the flag.  If we were late the penalty was 15 ruck burpees.  Needless to say the PAX was in gear.  We made it back with a minute to spare.


Count o rama. Name o rama.  McAfee was the sixth.  He apparently “out kicked his coverage” when he married his wife and thus was named after NFL punter Pat McAfee.

Announcements  – Army PT test at the posh tomorrow. Q school week and Posh convergence Oct 22-27.


It was an honor to lead.  I thanked Nino for inviting me out all those months ago and encouraged guys to HL some friends.

Huggies out.

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