BackBlast – 10.20.18: Meter Maid VQ at the Fog

I learned two thing from this Q: (1) Recon during the actual time frame you plan to lead and (2) get better at cadence counts. I had planned to use the egg lawn for station work but the lack of light led me to move one of my exercise locations.

I had parked around the egg lawn to setup up the course. I arrived about five minutes before the start. PK was worried that no one was showing up. At the starting time, we had 10 PAX. I provided the disclaimer and we moseyed to the COP. By that time, Matlock and his 2 2.0 FNGs arrived.


20 Grassgrabbers IC

30 Imperial Walkers IC


We gathered up the coupons and began our first thang.

THANG 1 – Station Work

We broke into four teams. Station 1 was shuttle runs between cones. Once they completed, it caused the others to rotate. Station 2 was bench press with coupon. Station 3 was kettle swings with coupons. Station 4 was man makers. We ran it twice. Next we returned the coupons.

THANG 2 – Egg Lawn Ladder

We did two laps around the egg lawn stopping every 0.1 miles to complete an exercise before continuing the journey.


5 Burpees

10 Merkins

15 Monkey Humpers

20 Jump Lunges (single count)

25 Flutter Kicks

30 LBCs

35 SSH

Lap 2

5 Carolina Dry Dock

10 Big Boys

15 Pickle Pounders

20 Mountain Climbers (single count)

25 Diamond Merkins

30 Calf Raises

35 Bobby Hurlies

Those that got done did some EC with burpees, dips on benches and Bobby Hurlies.

Next we moseyed to the PNC pavilion to do 2 minute AMRAP of decline merkins.

We had time for 30 DaVincis IC. We covered 2.62 miles during the hour.

We had countarama, announcements, named Matlock’s two 2.0 FNGs (Rapid Fire and RPG). We had intentions and concluded with a prayer. I am very humbled to lead this group of HIMs.

– Meter Maid

As an extra note, I highly recommend the F3 Nation podcasts. They are a good listen as you driving to/from work. They produce one episode a week.

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