Backblast the Fog 11/14/18



Airplane, Bob Ross, Big Bird, Fungi, Maxi, Dynomite! Dryrub, Deep Dish, Pew Pew, Mamma’s Boy, Bulletin (R), Mr Cotter, Wildflower, Alexa, Starchild, Freon, Huggies, Porkchop(Q)

It was a cold morning for this one.  17 Pax joined me for a beatdown at the Posh.  I have spent the week fighting off a cold and arrived hopped up on Sudafed.  My heart was racing at about 180 bpm and then we started the workout.  Led the group in a quick mosey around the parking lot with some high knees and butt kicks thrown in.  COP for 25 SSH, 15 Abe Vigodas, 15 grass grabbers, and Kendra Newmans.  Then off to gather coupons.

Thang 1:

Groups of 3.  Pax on either end of parking lot (2 on one side). Coupons on both sides.  Pax 1 completes AMRAP: coupon curls, coupon presses, coupon circles.  Pax 3 on opposite end AMRAP: coupon rows, skull crushers, coupon swings.  Pax 2 pallet pushers at start from Pax 1 to Pax 2, then Pax 2 pushes the pallet back.

I don’t know why I include pallet pushers.  They are rough!


Tabada to music:

1st song: T Merkins to side planks

Baby Shark Abs Challenge-  Stole this from a video previously posted on slack.  A bunch of 12 year old cheerleaders killed it.  Not sure we matched their prowess.  Fun to watch everyone try to the horrible Baby Shark song (doo doo doo).

2nd Song:  Bolt 45’s

Baby Shark Abs Challenge

3rd song: Reverse Merkins

Baby Shark Abs Challenge

4th Song: Gorilla Humpers

Baby Shark Abs Challenge

5th Song: Carolina Dry Docks

Baby Shark Abs Challenge

Time was almost up so we duck walked back to the flag.

Announcement were made including the ruck.  Had to take a knee during announcements as I was close to passing out at my own Q.  COT and intentions were made.  Prayers for Double Down.

At this point was close to vomiting and took a few minutes to recover.  Has anyone ever puked at their own Q?  Almost happened.



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