F3 Dads Back Blast 12-Jun-2019 Wednesday #F3Dads #BlackOps at #theCounty 1900 Crock Pot, Zeus, & Luigi Co-Q

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Weather: 72 deg F, bright overhead, but looming clouds in the distance. Just a light breeze.
PAX: 37, including 6 FNG’s (!)
Jack Jack (FNG 2.0)
Blaze (FNG 2.0)
Pegasus (FNG 2.0)
Red Ryder
Meter Maid
Parking Ticket
The Boot
Big Bird
The G.O.A.T.
Cookie Monster
Hermione (FNG 2.0)
Pinto (FNG 2.0)
Elle Woods
Short Circuit
Fuse Box (FNG 2.0)
Zeus (Co-Q)
Luigi (Co-Q)
Crock Pot (Co-Q)
Warm Up (Q’d by Zeus):
Capri Lap around the parking lot islands
Side Straddle Hops (IC) x 15
Grass Grabbers (IC) x 10
Imperial Walkers (IC) x 10
Kendra Newmans Reverse (10 count)
Kendra Newmans (10 count)
Trident Jumps (SC) x 10
Zeus created and demo’d Trident jumps. Start in a wide squat with hands clasped at the bottom (your lower half looks like an upside down trident), then jump.
Thang (Q’d by Crock Pot):
There were 4 stations, each with their own exercise. PAX Exercised at each station for 45 seconds. When moving from station to station, run through the agility ladder as directed.
Station 1: Burpees
Ladder from station 1 to 2: Both feet in (box 1): Both feet out (box 2): Both in (box 3): Both out (box 4), etc.
Station 2: LBCs
Ladder from station 2 to 3: Tap both feet in each box
Station 3: Merkins
Ladder from station 3 to 4: Bunny hop (box 1): Bunny hop to box 3 : Bunny hop to box 5, etc.
Station 4: Squats
Ladder from station 4 to 1: Left foot (box 1): Right foot (box 2): Left foot (box 3): Right foot (box 4), etc.
We got three full revolutions, then double tapped the agility ladders to mix it up.
Mary (Q’d by Luigi):
ABC’s (On your six, in flutter kick starting position, trace each letter with your feet on Q’s command)
Rinse-o, Repeat-o. We hit a faster cadence on Mary round two. Regardless, Mary was no joke today!
There was less than one minute left, so we hit a three speed round of Side Straddle Hops. SSH #1-5 were normal cadence, #5-10 were 1.5x speed, and #10-15 were at 2x speed.
Message- In the Bible, there was a guy named Timothy. He had a coach named Paul. Paul helped him, encouraged him, and taught him. But Paul also made sure that Timothy knew the importance of practice.
Paul’s first letter to Timothy says it like this, “Practice these things, immerse yourself in them, so that all may see your progress.” – 1 Timothy 4:15.
When we first started the workout, were we really good at the beginning? Or did we need to practice? Consensus response was “Practice.”
When the workout got hard, did we quit, or keep practicing? Again, consensus among the PAX was “Practice.”
Finally, by the end of the workout, were we worse, or better? Resounding consensus (with enthusiasm) was “BETTER.”
In workouts, in school, at church, and at home, we should all keep practicing, even when it’s hard. When we do, we will get better and better.
Intentions- We had several intentions, all but one coming from the shorty PAX. We lifted intentions for a family who’d lost a loved one suddenly, extended family who had diagnoses and issues from which we prayed for recovery. We took these intentions to the SkyQ and closed in prayer, thanking SkyQ for his blessings and asking for forgiveness, wisdom, and safety.
NakedMan Moleskin: T-Claps to the shorties who voiced very heartfelt intentions tonight. Praise to the SkyQ and the F3 PAX for such an environment that encourages our younger PAX to share what’s on their hearts.
Until next meal,
Crock Pot, Zeus, & Luigi

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