Pre-Blast – The Agony at The County – 1.16.20

In the past I’ve mentioned that The County was a 2nd home for me. I haven’t been there as much this year as I would’ve liked so I’m looking forward to having the Q there tomorrow! I’ve been on a Dora kick this week and I don’t expect that to change in the next 24Continue reading “Pre-Blast – The Agony at The County – 1.16.20”

Pre-Blast – BoW @ The O – 1.14.20

Main thing tomorrow is to remember to wear green as we will be getting out for cause bigger than ourselves. Don’t let a late night game keep from you helping support Ryleigh and the family of one our finest, Tony Malito. The workout will be a Dora/Suicide escalating set. We will be using coupons soContinue reading “Pre-Blast – BoW @ The O – 1.14.20”

Back-Blast – The Extender at The Mutt – 1.9.20

According to Glen Ross, today’s workout was a high 7. Initially, I thought to myself, “what a low score!”. However, after clarification from several Mutt veterans, I was assured that a high 7 was respectable and that meant Glen Ross was happy with how it went. Knowing that I passed the “test” I enjoyed theContinue reading “Back-Blast – The Extender at The Mutt – 1.9.20”

Back Blast – Remember Pearl Harbor – 2019 December Ruck Event – Catfish/McAfee Co-Q

December 7th, 1941, “A date which will live in infamy”. Those were the words proclaimed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on December 8th, 1941 as he addressed a joint session of Congress. It’s hard to imagine what the nation and the families of those stationed at Pearl Harbor were going through in the days andContinue reading “Back Blast – Remember Pearl Harbor – 2019 December Ruck Event – Catfish/McAfee Co-Q”

Back-Blast – The Loco at The County – 12.3.19

I was excited to have the opportunity to Q at The County this week. This was also the first time I had “Co-Q’d” and I was motivated to get out there with McAfee and see what we could come up with. As Mac mentioned in the Pre-Blast, Iron sharpens Iron and he and I haveContinue reading “Back-Blast – The Loco at The County – 12.3.19”

Back-Blast – The Cliffs at The Garden – 11.26.19

It had been a while since I Q’d at The Garden so I was excited to get the opportunity this week. Due to the terrain, The Garden has become one of the harder sites in terms of the workouts and I’ve been motivated by the PAX laying beatdowns there on a regular basis. That said,Continue reading “Back-Blast – The Cliffs at The Garden – 11.26.19”

Pre-Blast – The Cliffs @ The Garden – 11.26.19

If you are worried about the extra calories you will be consuming this week, worry no more. Come out to The Garden tomorrow and get some. This workout will be challenging but rewarding(when you are finished). It’s been a while since I have Q’d at St. Pat’s so I’m looking forward to it. Can’t wait.Continue reading “Pre-Blast – The Cliffs @ The Garden – 11.26.19”

Back-Blast – The Rooster at The Mutt – 10.22.19

When Plumb Bob reached out to me and asked me to Q Ghost week at The Mutt, I was excited to do so and said yes right away. Due to the recent growth in AO’s, it’s difficult to get around to different sites on a regular basis. The Mutt is a staple in the LouisvilleContinue reading “Back-Blast – The Rooster at The Mutt – 10.22.19”

Back-Blast – North Posh – The Silo – 9.16.19

PAX in attendance: Dunphy Bob Ross Milton Huggies Catfish(Q) Not a whole lot of detail to share in this BB as we kept it simple and did an out and back run. PAX circled up with the usual disclaimer and started out running toward South Posh. We headed down the path toward the gazebo, cutContinue reading “Back-Blast – North Posh – The Silo – 9.16.19”

Back-Blast – BeastMode – North Posh – 8.19.19

The aim for Beastmode yesterday was to give the PAX a taste of what the IronPAX workouts will be like and to also help prepare for the challenge coming our way. We had 10 PAX total and 7 were signed up for the challenge. Here is who came out: Banana Hands(R) Nice and Slow MiltonContinue reading “Back-Blast – BeastMode – North Posh – 8.19.19”

Catfish Q – Beastmode – North Posh – 8/19/19

ATTN: IronPax participants. No better place to get geared up for the upcoming challenge than Beastmode tomorrow. This will be a serious workout aimed at getting our team ready for the challenge. Bring your merlot bucket and a stopwatch/watch if you have one. We are going to start this week off with a bang! IContinue reading “Catfish Q – Beastmode – North Posh – 8/19/19”

Back-Blast – North Posh – 7/8/19 – Lake of Fire

I wanted to take advantage of the Summer hours and early sunrise so I decided to run back one of my North Posh favorites: Lake of Fire. This workout is simple but effective. Brought to us originally by our very own CI, Lake of Fire has become a North Posh staple and a favorite toContinue reading “Back-Blast – North Posh – 7/8/19 – Lake of Fire”

Back-Blast -St. Pat’s – The Garden – 7/2/19

I’m not gonna lie, I love The Garden and it’s quickly starting to feel like home to me. There are so many options to choose from during a Q and that makes things exciting. That said, I wanted to use the staircase on the backend of the school in addition to The  Hill of StolenContinue reading “Back-Blast -St. Pat’s – The Garden – 7/2/19”

Pre-Blast- St. Pat’s – The Garden – 7/2/19

Still haven’t been to St. Pat’s??? Why not? Attn: Tenured PAX…if you haven’t been out yet come on out tomorrow and support this latest AO. New PAX…if you haven’t been out and want a good challenge to start the day I promise we won’t disappoint. The workout will challenging but will allow you to pushContinue reading “Pre-Blast- St. Pat’s – The Garden – 7/2/19”

Back-Blast – The Loco @ The County – 6-18-19

I had mentioned in the Pre-Blast that I had been inspired lately by the increasing difficulty of the workouts so I wanted to make sure I didn’t disappoint. Based on the comments after the workout, I think everyone got their money’s worth. The following 26 PAX braved the downpours and got better: PorkChop – fromContinue reading “Back-Blast – The Loco @ The County – 6-18-19”

Back-Blast – St. Pat’s – The Garden – 6.11.19

I walked outside yesterday morning and it was surprisingly cold. I knew that wouldn’t last long as I was headed to The Garden and the hills there are sure to get the heart rate up. I wasn’t sure what to expect as several of the regulars(Huggies, Nino and Nice-and-Slow) are all out on vacation. IContinue reading “Back-Blast – St. Pat’s – The Garden – 6.11.19”

Back-Blast – The Nest @ The County – 6.1.19

It was a beautiful morning on Saturday and a great day to be out at The County. Aside from North Posh, I’ve posted more times at The County than any other location. I like the site and the friendships I’ve developed there over the last year. PAX: Abacus Little Jerry(R) Meter Maid Jolly Rancher GizelleContinue reading “Back-Blast – The Nest @ The County – 6.1.19”

Pre-Blast – The Nest @ The County 6.1.19

It’s been a while since I’ve Q’d The County and I can’t wait for tomorrow! June starts the 10,000 Merkin Challenge(for those interested) and we will do our fair share toward the daily average needed to knock out that goal. There will also be some running, burpees and coupon work. You’re gonna feel great afterward!Continue reading “Pre-Blast – The Nest @ The County 6.1.19”

Back-Blast – North Posh – 5/20/19

The birthdays aren’t quite as anticipated as they once were but I was looking forward to getting out ITG yesterday and starting 41 off the right way. Several months back, CI Q’d at North and incorporated the lake, about a 1/4 mile from the parking lot, into his workout. North Posh is the most uniqueContinue reading “Back-Blast – North Posh – 5/20/19”

Back-Blast – St. Pat’s Black Ops – 5.9/19

As you’ve probably heard by now, St.Pat’s is a great site for our next AO but is challenging due to hills. I wanted to take full advantage of that yesterday and I believe we did. Here is a list of those that came out and threw down: Chapo Ladybird(R) Nice and Slow Nino Huggies FructoseContinue reading “Back-Blast – St. Pat’s Black Ops – 5.9/19”

Back-Blast – North Posh – The Silo – 4/29/19

With all the marathons and running events over the weekend coupled with the Meter Maid Postiversary, I wasn’t sure what to expect yesterday morning. I was trying to map out a weinke and decided to come up with multiple options based on crowd size. As 5:30 drew near, a few cars started rolling in. InContinue reading “Back-Blast – North Posh – The Silo – 4/29/19”

Back Blast – North Posh – 4/8/19 – Run Mode

A few of these back blasts from last week and the week before got away from me so my apologies for my tardiness. Nevertheless, here it is. A week after the Nino beatdown on Death Hill, I decided to bring back Run Mode and help the PAX sweat out all the Spring Break toxins. IContinue reading “Back Blast – North Posh – 4/8/19 – Run Mode”