Back Blast – The Loco at The County – 10/9/18

Well, my County VQ was all I had hoped it would be! Great workout with a great group. We had an excellent turn out(29 PAX) and we definitely got after it. I started with the usual disclaimer and thanked the PAX for having me. As I mentioned in the Pre-Blast, I consider The County aContinue reading “Back Blast – The Loco at The County – 10/9/18”

The Silo – North Posh – Pre-Blast 10/1/18

Come join me tomorrow morning at The Silo. Packing List: 1. Game Face 2. Poker Face. Tomorrow’s workout is designed to be You vs. You but in a group format. We will work hard but we will have fun. If you have a headlamp please bring one as we will need 3-4. If you areContinue reading “The Silo – North Posh – Pre-Blast 10/1/18”

The Silo – North Posh – Black Blast – 8/27/18

I was curious what the numbers would look like this morning with WHAS at the O but the PAX did not disappoint! 15 came out to The Silo and pushed the limits to start the week. I tried to keep a bit of a theme throughout the workout centered around Beastmode and what Nino’s visionContinue reading “The Silo – North Posh – Black Blast – 8/27/18”

The Incubator – 6/25 – Back Blast

A little rain on a Monday morning didn’t stop 22 HIM’s from getting after it at The Incubator. Aside from the rain, my VQ went pretty much as planned and I enjoyed being out there and having the opportunity to lead a great group. As I mentioned in the Pre-Blast, I took bits and piecesContinue reading “The Incubator – 6/25 – Back Blast”

The Incubator – 6/25 – Pre-Blast

Super excited for my VQ tomorrow at the Incubator! I’ve experienced some great workouts since my first post a few months ago and I plan to take a little piece from a few my favorites and add some of my own creations. This will be a hard, total body workout. Looking forward to getting theContinue reading “The Incubator – 6/25 – Pre-Blast”