Back-Blast – 4/4/19 – The Extender @ The Mutt

It was a skeleton crew last Thursday at The Mutt but I enjoyed the mumblechatter and it was good to get out there with the following HIMS: Zima Cowbell Tureen Catfish(Q) The workout was coupons and running but like I said in the PB we did not run with the coupons.  Here is what transpired:Continue reading “Back-Blast – 4/4/19 – The Extender @ The Mutt”

Back-Blast – BoW @ The “O” – 4/2/19

BB is a little late on this one but nevertheless, here it is. It was Spring Break so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect in terms of numbers. I was surprised to see that there were 13 PAX in attendance. Here is the crew: Gillespie Shank Shiplap Tron Buschhh Fridge Pope Tammy Faye BakerContinue reading “Back-Blast – BoW @ The “O” – 4/2/19″

Back Blast – St. Patrick’s Black Ops – 3/21/19

This marked the 3rd week of Black Ops at St. Patrick’s. My goal was to truly design a You v. You workout that would allow each individual to work as hard as they desired. This was the 2nd week in a row that it rained so I expected a smaller turnout. In all, we hadContinue reading “Back Blast – St. Patrick’s Black Ops – 3/21/19”

Pre-Blast – St. Pat’s Black Ops – 3/21/16

Excited to Q the 3rd St. Patrick’s Black Ops tomorrow morning. The workout will truly be a You v. You format. You will be able to annihilate yourself or take it easy. You choose. You will be able to move at your own pace. Come out and join us tomorrow as we continue to tryContinue reading “Pre-Blast – St. Pat’s Black Ops – 3/21/16”

Back-Blast – The Rooster @ The Mutt – 3/12/19

I wasn’t sure what to expect for my VQ at The Mutt but I was excited to get out there and get after it. In all, we had 25 PAX show up which was more than I expected so that was great! The weather was also great and it looks like the numbers are startingContinue reading “Back-Blast – The Rooster @ The Mutt – 3/12/19”

Pre-Blast – The Rooster @ The Mutt – 3/12/19

Well, it’s my VQ tomorrow at The Mutt. I have to leave a mark, right? I’m excited and looking forward to it. I’ve had a chance to get to The Mutt a few times recently and it’s a great group. Looking forward to getting out there with you HIM’s tomorrow. Come out and get better.Continue reading “Pre-Blast – The Rooster @ The Mutt – 3/12/19”

Back- Blast – North Posh – Run Mode – 2/25/19

We ran and ran and ran on Monday at North Posh. Since the beginning of the year we have focused the Monday North Posh workouts on running and it seems to be of interest. I hadn’t actually Q’d a “Run Mode” workout so I was excited to get out there and see what kind ofContinue reading “Back- Blast – North Posh – Run Mode – 2/25/19”

Pre-Blast – North Posh – Run Mode – 2/25/19

Excited to Q Run Mode tomorrow morning. Those with the triple crown or other running and/or rucking events on the horizon should come out tomorrow. We will stay moving the entire 45 minutes but will be breaking into stations aimed at different run workouts. It will truly be You v. You and at your ownContinue reading “Pre-Blast – North Posh – Run Mode – 2/25/19”

Back-Blast – Temple of Gloom – 2/21/19 – The O

As always, had a great time yesterday at The “O”. I arrived a little early and got the coupons transported over to the tennis court so we didn’t waste any time once we got started. I also surveyed the area and was surprised by how much water the tennis courts hold. However, there was noContinue reading “Back-Blast – Temple of Gloom – 2/21/19 – The O”

Back Blast – The Big Kapowski – Bayside – 1/17/19

If you haven’t ventured out to Bayside, the Double Down challenge is a perfect opportunity to do so. The site is beautiful and has endless potential for our group. This was my second time there and it was nice to be back! 7 PAX were in attendance: Sadie Volkswagen Birdie Charolais(R) Fanny Pack(R) Shuttlecock(R) CatfishContinue reading “Back Blast – The Big Kapowski – Bayside – 1/17/19”

Bayside – The Big Kapowski – Pre-Blast – 1/17/19

I’m excited to return to Bayside tomorrow! This will be my 2nd Q there and now that I know the lay of the land I plan to make good use of it. I love the Bayside group and I’m looking forward to starting my day there tomorrow. We will run, we will crawl, we willContinue reading “Bayside – The Big Kapowski – Pre-Blast – 1/17/19”

Back-Blast – North Posh – Run Mode – 12-31-18

The rain didn’t stop 4 of our best PAX from getting out in the gloom for a run heavy workout this morning! I was wanting to try something different and use North Posh to benefit the fitness goals of those aiming for running and rucking challenges this year. The site is perfect if you areContinue reading “Back-Blast – North Posh – Run Mode – 12-31-18”

Pre-blast – 12/31/18 – North Posh – Run Mode

Tomorrow’s workout will be heavily run focused. Any and all levels of running are welcomed. We will do some moderate pace work along with some higher intensity hill work. If you are signed up for the triple crown, a half marathon or full marathon or even a ruck event then you should come out. Also,Continue reading “Pre-blast – 12/31/18 – North Posh – Run Mode”

Back-Blast – Burpee Challenge – Christmas Eve – 12-24-18

The PAX certainly did not disappoint on Christmas Eve morning! I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of attendance leading up to the event but I was thinking somewhere between 20-30 would come out. I was surprised and inspired to see the cars continue to roll in as we got closer and closer toContinue reading “Back-Blast – Burpee Challenge – Christmas Eve – 12-24-18”

The Courage Foundation – Burpee Challenge – Christmas Eve – O Posh – 12/24/18 – Pre-Blast

If you only get this far through the Pre-Blast please know that the Burpee Challenge is at O POSH tomorrow at 5:30A.M.  It is NOT at NORTH POSH!! Address: Gheens Lodge – 1421 Beckley Creek Parkway Louisville, KY 40245 I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous about a 45 minute BurpeeContinue reading “The Courage Foundation – Burpee Challenge – Christmas Eve – O Posh – 12/24/18 – Pre-Blast”

Pre-blast – The Nest @ The County – 12-8-18

So excited to see this morning that The County Black-Ops will be transitioning into a full-time AO! I’m psyched to be able to Q the inaugural workout and I’ll hope you’ll join us tomorrow in the gloom. I plan to make this workout challenging. It will be a good mix of running and coupons withContinue reading “Pre-blast – The Nest @ The County – 12-8-18”

12-6-18 – Bayside – Back Blast – The Big Kapowski

My maiden voyage to Bayside did not disappoint. If you haven’t visited this AO yet please do yourself a favor and get out there. Glauc and crew have a good thing going out there and the space is perfect for F3. I arrived a little early to acquaint myself with the site and get myContinue reading “12-6-18 – Bayside – Back Blast – The Big Kapowski”

Back-Blast – The Silo – North Posh- 11/12/18

The group was small but mighty. I’ve been hearing there has been a lot of chatter about North being very difficult and the hills being less than desirable. Glauc even encouraged people not to go due to the fact that the workout would be hard! Thanks Glauc :-)! I truly say that with no sarcasm.Continue reading “Back-Blast – The Silo – North Posh- 11/12/18”

Back-Blast – Temple of Gloom – 10/25/18

We started off Q School for TOG with a quick little mosey over to the tennis court to circle up. We didn’t get any further than about 3-4 steps before Loco was shouting out that we had an FNG and we didn’t get a disclaimer, etc. My intention was to cover those things as soonContinue reading “Back-Blast – Temple of Gloom – 10/25/18”

The Silo – North Posh – Back Blast – 10/22/18

The crisp, cool air made for a great morning yesterday at North Posh. We kicked off Q school week and also managed to get in a pretty good workout. The groups at North Posh as of late have been a lot smaller than over the Summer. I’m not sure what the reason is or ifContinue reading “The Silo – North Posh – Back Blast – 10/22/18”

The Silo – North Posh – Pre-Blast

C’mon out to North Posh tomorrow as we cover the fundamentals and guidelines for leading(“Q”‘ing) an F3 workout. We will also push ourselves and leave a little better than we were when we rolled out of bed. I look forward to seeing all of you in the a.m. Location: Parking lot at The Silos offContinue reading “The Silo – North Posh – Pre-Blast”