The O – Temple of Gloom – 11/02/17 Backblast

PAX (19) – Zartan, Cutlass, Bobross, Butcher, Captain Insane-o, Old Bay, Loco, OJ, Abacus, Bean Counter, Trump, Red Roof, Double Down, Gillispie, Scratch (HBD!), Pope, Sully, Vincent, Storm Trooper QIC: Red Roof For this Q I wanted to keep it simple.  Not that the workout would be easy, just a simple-to-remember beatdown because YHC’s brainContinue reading “The O – Temple of Gloom – 11/02/17 Backblast”

11/02/17: Pre-Blast #TheO #TempleofGloom – Get Better!

I don’t have anything all that creative to add for the pre-blast tomorrow.  Frankly, I’m tired from Halloween with the kids and I ate a Mr. Goodbar at breakfast and now my sugar’s all out of whack.  I feel like I’m taking crazy pills or something.  I digress… Suffice it to say, though, we willContinue reading “11/02/17: Pre-Blast #TheO #TempleofGloom – Get Better!”

PRE-BLAST: #F3Louisville 100th Workout AO Convergence – 9/23/17 7AM – #TheO Seneca Park

WHO:  Calling all Louisville PAX from The O, Poshlands, and The Mutt WHAT: An epic beat down featuring visiting Charlotte PAX  (KY and Sauerkraut).  This workout is shaping up to be a big day for F3 Louisville, bring all PAX and your AO flags to The O for a mini-convergence. WHEN: Saturday, September 23rd, 0700Continue reading “PRE-BLAST: #F3Louisville 100th Workout AO Convergence – 9/23/17 7AM – #TheO Seneca Park”

BACKBLAST: 9/12/17 #BagofWrenches at #TheO – BEHIND THE EIGHT BALL!

QIC:  Red Roof PAX: Fall Guy, Bean Counter, Mr. Clean, Loco, Abacus, Spinal Tap, Double Down, Storm Trooper (FNG), Red Roof. Well things didn’t go quite as planned this morning, but that’s what makes life and F3 interesting.  Stratch(ed) was set up to VQ today but overslept, so YHC took the reigns for a guestContinue reading “BACKBLAST: 9/12/17 #BagofWrenches at #TheO – BEHIND THE EIGHT BALL!”

#TheO – #TempleofGloom Back Blast (9/7/17) – Starfish

  Starfish?   Meh….close enough.  GPS Photo c/o CI   QIC: Red Roof PAX (18):  Abacus, Mr. Clean, Bean Counter, Trump, Zoolander, Country Boy, Quimby, Old Bay, Pope, Star Child, Captain Insane-o, Taco, OJ, Scratch, Loco, Zartan, Jordy, Red Roof   The PAX gathered in the gloom this morning and from the outset it wasContinue reading “#TheO – #TempleofGloom Back Blast (9/7/17) – Starfish”

PRE-BLAST: 9/07/17 Red Roof Q’s the #TempleofGloom #F3Louisville

It’s been a minute since I’ve Q’d so I can’t wait to shake the cobwebs out lead a workout.  Come join us for the Temple of Gloom where the KISS principal will apply….Keep it Simple Stupid.  Nothing too fancy, just a good ole fashioned beat down.  Get some sleep tonight! #TempleofGloom #F3Louisville  

F3 #TheYachtClub (Hilton Head Island) RECON: 07/20/17 from Red Roof

While on vacation last week, I decided to take a break from the normal routine of sitting on the beach and chasing my kids around all day and see about getting a proper beatdown from the Pax at #TheYachtClub, a newer AO that is part of #F3Bluffton and #F3LowCountry. The guys there were very welcomingContinue reading “F3 #TheYachtClub (Hilton Head Island) RECON: 07/20/17 from Red Roof”

#F3Louisville #Ruiner Pre-Blast – Little Jerry makes his debut

When:  Saturday (7/08/17) 0700 Hours Where: Seneca Park Tennis Courts What: #Ruiner workout featuring Little Jerry’s debut at Q. What Else:  It will be a battle for the ages.  Little Jerry in his debut at Q vs. the Pax and all of their Saturday morning mumble chatter about how late they were out last night.Continue reading “#F3Louisville #Ruiner Pre-Blast – Little Jerry makes his debut”

F3Louisville BB – 25 (2 FNGs) Mayberry Q’s the #Ruiner

If you’re looking for trouble in Mayberry you better just mosey on through town….   Date: 7/01/17 QIC: Mayberry PAX: Red Roof, Star Child, Nugget, Mayberry, Seabass, Cardinal, Cutlass, Captain Insane-o, Methane, The Shocker (FNG), Old Bay, Zartan, Taco, Kidnapper Van, Hobbs, Jordy, Quimby, The Tiger, The Hammer, Probe, Force Close (FNG), Double Down, Mouth, CoolContinue reading “F3Louisville BB – 25 (2 FNGs) Mayberry Q’s the #Ruiner”

Let’s get #30PAX for #Ruiner Tomorrow!!!

  F3 Louisville – Let’s get #30PAX for tomorrow’s workout!  We can do it, just headlock everyone you can think of and bring them.  Doesn’t matter if they’ve done a workout before or not! When:  7:00-8:00 AM (07/01/17) Where: Seneca Park Tennis Courts What:  Peer led bootcamp style workout. Who:  Any man Why:  Developing BetterContinue reading “Let’s get #30PAX for #Ruiner Tomorrow!!!”

Pre-Blast – #Ruiner (Sat/0700/Seneca) #MAYBERRY

Pre-Blast – #Ruiner (Sat/0700/Seneca) #F3Louisville #F3Nation #F3Counts “Paaaww, you reckon the boys are going to be able to handle Mayberry tomorrow morning?” “No Opie, not if they go out drinking with Otis tonight” “Well I sure hope they don’t spill their Merlot, Mayberry don’t mess around with that”   DON’T FORGET TO BRING YOUR $15Continue reading “Pre-Blast – #Ruiner (Sat/0700/Seneca) #MAYBERRY”