1/17 Bridge Preblast: CI Always Brings Gifts #getbetter

Last time I Q’d at the Posh, I brought a rig full of coupons (hand stenciled by the Ensigns). Most of the Pax out there weren’t familiar with these versatile tools, but they learned quickly. And they were appreciative. I realized last week, though, that I’d set a precedent. I guess I need to bringContinue reading “1/17 Bridge Preblast: CI Always Brings Gifts #getbetter”

12/13/17 Back Blast #TheBridge at #Poshlands

QIC: Red Roof PAX (20): Mater (Toledo Pax), Mickey (Toledo Pax), Boozer, Mr. Hat, McAfee, Iceman, Methane, Uncle Rico, Wham!, Double Down, Glaucoma, Star Child, Dynomite!, Tool Time, Zartan, Slider, Captain Insane-o, Donkey Sauce, Red Roof, Bobross Any time YHC Q’s I get pretty nervous the night before it.  Prop’s to my M for puttingContinue reading “12/13/17 Back Blast #TheBridge at #Poshlands”

BackBlast 10/11 Swifty VQ @ Posh – “Look What You Made Me Do”

  QIC: Swifty (VQ) PAX: Starchild, Dunphy (FNG), Kilo, Sully, PK, Endo, Rhythm, Forced Close, Double Down, Gypsy, Bob Ross, Iceman, Mr. Hat, Tool Time   The Thing Mosey to the Egg Lawn … COP: SSH (IC) Mountain Climbers (IC) Sumo Squats (IC) Old Man Arm Circles (OYO) Lunges (IC – Somewhat) Mosey over theContinue reading “BackBlast 10/11 Swifty VQ @ Posh – “Look What You Made Me Do””

Rhythm knocked us all up

As tradition, of you ask for help with the BB, you get some haze… Rhythm may be busy with #5 on the way, but it’s no excuse to delay his more important F3 family to DELIVER his WRAP up! QIC: Rhythm (VQ)   16 PAX: Dexter, Kilo, Mr Hat, Methane, Glaucoma, Taco, Little Smokey, Pope,Continue reading “Rhythm knocked us all up”

#F3Louisville News: Anniversary Edition #getbetter #morethanaworkout

Some news for the Pax: Today is the 4 month anniversary of F3Louisville.  It’s fitting we’d launch our 3rd AO.  It’s amazing that we had 25 Pax for the first day.  Keep headlocking your friends, neighbors, baristas, etc.  We went from 4 on the first day to well over 100 to date.  Pretty sure F3Continue reading “#F3Louisville News: Anniversary Edition #getbetter #morethanaworkout”

#theBridge Backblast: A Godfather Returneth

Pax: Forced Close, Bob Ross, Double Down, Mr. Hat, The Hammer, Taco, Methane, Zartan, Pope, Rhythm, Gypsy, Mashbill, Kilo, Deter, Bird Hole (War Daddy and Guest QIC)   Let’s be clear….despite loving this honorary moniker, I am one only of many “godfather’s” as I was labelled by many Louisville pax this week in pursuit ifContinue reading “#theBridge Backblast: A Godfather Returneth”

#F3 Backblast: Bermuda Triangle

QIC: Double Down:  17 HIMs posted at the #incubator this morning:  Bobross, Eastwood, The Hammer, Nugget, The Professor, Little Jerry, Fro, Glaucoma, Little Smokey, Zartan, Tooltime, Pope, Gypsy, Methane, Preacher and Rhythm Began with warm up: 20 side straddle hops, 20 imperial walkers, 15 American hammers, 15 Plank Jacks, 15 rosalitas, 15 LBCs, 15 dollys,Continue reading “#F3 Backblast: Bermuda Triangle”

Qs Needed: Q101 – First Time Q #getbetter #stepup #freedtolead #stolen @F3theFort

PURPOSE The purpose of this document is to assist the new Q in preparing for and leading his first workout (this was stol…borrowed from F3TheFort with some minor edits) PHILOSOPHY Q – Pax Relationship: The unspoken social contract between the Pax and a Q: “We will follow until you give us a reason not to”.Continue reading “Qs Needed: Q101 – First Time Q #getbetter #stepup #freedtolead #stolen @F3theFort”

Backblast: Captain brought gifts to the new AO and made the Pax take them home #thebridge #getbetter #coupons #morethanaworkout @Baker_TwoStroke

QIC: Captain Insane-o Pax (17): Dexter, Forced Close, Methane, Bobross, Glauc, Flea, Tool Time, Diablo, Lil Smokie, Gypsy, Wham!, The Hammer, Double Down, Preacher, Zartan, Rhythm, CI (YHC) Inspired by my retired Fleet Admiral Insane-o parents — who often bring terrible, loud, heavy or disassembled gifts to the Ensigns (2.0, 2.1 and 2.2) — YHCContinue reading “Backblast: Captain brought gifts to the new AO and made the Pax take them home #thebridge #getbetter #coupons #morethanaworkout @Baker_TwoStroke”

Preblast: The Captain sails to #thebridge and is bringing #cargo #beatdown #getbetter

YHC is coming to the Parklands with some surprises that some lucky Pax will get to take home! Is it a t-shirt shot out of a cannon?  Is it a puppy?  Is it a gift certificate to Long John Silvers?  NO.  You’ll have to post to find out, or play Picture Page and guess butContinue reading “Preblast: The Captain sails to #thebridge and is bringing #cargo #beatdown #getbetter”

Just another Bombtrack at #thebridge

Well, I had some surprises in store for the Pax today and 18 is an awesome turnout. No time for chit chat, let’s get started.  QIC: Nugget Pax (18): Nugget, Wham!, Methane, Star Child, Taco, Glaucoma, Speedo,Gypsy, Double Down, Diablo, Bobross, Rhythm, Captain Insaneo, Tool Time (FNG), Cricket (FNG), Miss Direction (FNG), Preacher (FNG), KiloContinue reading “Just another Bombtrack at #thebridge”