Backblast – The Bridge 10/10/18

The weather is changing and the PAX was ready for what could be the last 70 plus degree morning for a while.  20 PAX came ready and we began the morning by wishing Red Roof a happy birthday (late by a day but it’s the thought that counts!).  Disclaimer followed and we moseyed to theContinue reading “Backblast – The Bridge 10/10/18”

The Bridge Backblast 9/26 Alexa VQ

“Alexa: Recap my workout from this morning” Pax (15): Storm Trooper, Mama’s Boy, Dry Rub, Daddy’s Girl, Nice and Slow, PewPew, Bob Ross, Huggies, Dynomite, Glaucoma, Maxi, Big Bird, Viking, Retainer, Alexa (VQ) Race Conditions: Dark Outside. 71 degrees. 97% Humidity. Light Winds. Some very light rain on an off. Welcome and Introduction. Disclaimer Given.Continue reading “The Bridge Backblast 9/26 Alexa VQ”

Back Blast The Bridge 9/12/18 (Iron Posh Challenge)

We completed the inaugural, what we from now on will call, The Iron Posh Challenge! Weather clear 62 degrees 94% humidity 21 PAX  Little Jerry (R), Hot Wheels, Endo, Mayberry, Alexa, Abacus, Big Bird, Amelia, Double Down (R), Nice n Slow, Donut, Uncle Rico, Storm Trooper, Launch Pad (R), Mamma’s Boy, McAfee, Maxi, Nino, Dynomite!,Continue reading “Back Blast The Bridge 9/12/18 (Iron Posh Challenge)”

The Bridge Pre Blast 9-12-18

The moment we’ve all been waiting for…well maybe just me.  The POSH CHALLENGE!!! Patches are up for grabs to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place two-man teams. Gold, Silver and White.  Wear gloves. This is not a ruck event.  DO NOT BRING YOUR RUCK, unless you expect to win and would like to try on yourContinue reading “The Bridge Pre Blast 9-12-18”

The Bridge Back Blast 8/15

Weather Clear 73 degrees 84% humidity. 13 Pax – Valdez, Nice n Slow, Bob Ross, Endo, Maxi, Flood Plain, Pew Pew, Double Down (R), Old Bay, Huggies(Q), Dynomite, Storm Trooper, Abacus Started with short mosey around the parking lot COP 30 SSH (IC) 20 Imperial Walkers (IC) 15 Grass Grabbers (IC) 20 Abe Vigodas (IC)Continue reading “The Bridge Back Blast 8/15”

TheBridge BB: Methane’s Workshop at the Parklands 7/11/18

Methane – Q Uncle Rico Forced Closed (R) Jitterbug (R) Bob Ross Gypsy Drumroll Indo Dynomite! Mr. Hat McAfee Little Jerry (R) Grave Digger Retainer Maxi Crab Legs Bean Counter Star Child YHC had the pleasure of posting at TheCarpenter yesterday and learned the craft of woodworking. I thought I would take this knowledge backContinue reading “TheBridge BB: Methane’s Workshop at the Parklands 7/11/18”

Pre-Blast for Methane’s Workshop Q at TheBridge for 7/11 at the Parklands

Well just got done with the WO at TheCarpenter and man those guys are crafty. I was so inspired by their skill and dedication to the Carpenter, that I decided to have a workshop session instead of a workout session. So tomorrow I will show everyone how to build a Three-Legged Stool. It will beContinue reading “Pre-Blast for Methane’s Workshop Q at TheBridge for 7/11 at the Parklands”

The Bridge – 4th of July 2018 Back Blast

It was a beautiful day.  Thirty pax participated in the army physical fitness test (APFT).  This wasn’t the typical go for 60 minutes workout but I like to think of it as “game day”.  This is where we get to see where our hard work has taken us so far. Just remember…THERE WERE NO FAILURESContinue reading “The Bridge – 4th of July 2018 Back Blast”

BackBlast BO Ruck 7/4/18 Poshlands

12 PAX started ‘Merica’s birthday off right with a ruck. 7/4/18 BO Ruck Parklands Abacus – Q Backdraft Geppto Skid Meter maid Launch pad Gypsey Fanny Pack Endo We headed towards north posh and covered appx 3.5 miles in about 50 minutes. Perfect warm-up for the Huggies beat down!

5-23-18 – The Bridge BackBlast

Huggies bday beatdown. Conditions – Clear 67 degrees, 94% humidity PAX (22):  Nino, Gypsy, Forced Closed, Nice n Slow, Catfish, Little Jerry (R), Double Down (R), Swifty, Uncle Rico, McAfee, Ashley, Methane, Retainer, Jitterbug, Storm Trooper, Dynomite, Tool Time, Bob Ross, Scratch and Dent, Red Card, Mr Hat, Huggies (Q). Disclaimer followed by quick moseyContinue reading “5-23-18 – The Bridge BackBlast”

5.16.18 Beatdown at The Bridge Back Blast

Yesterday was a long day, I mean long. After an early morning run, long day at work, swim lessons and my final meeting at church I was ready to go home. Only to find out that I was not going home, instead, I was going to meet friends for dinner and drinks, at 9 PM…Continue reading “5.16.18 Beatdown at The Bridge Back Blast”

Backblast–Poshlands “Bridge” Wednesday 5/9/2018

QIC: Gravedigger (VQ) Flags brought out by Methane 5:30 start time Circled up for Warm up Side Straddle Hops ~ 20 Front Arm Circles ~ 15 seconds Back Arm Circles ~ 15 seconds Abe Vigoda,  not Imperial Walkers mind you ~ 17 Cherry pickers/Grass Grabbers ~ 20 Moseyed to the Bridge Quadaphilla Bernie Sanders toContinue reading “Backblast–Poshlands “Bridge” Wednesday 5/9/2018″

Posh Backblast #UncleRico Beatdown 4/18/2018

I decided to take the PAX back to 1980’s with some Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, and the one and only Phil Collins to name a few. Unfortunately what the 23 PAX didn’t know is Uncle Rico didn’t win the 1982 State Championship and the beat down was on. Warm Up Mosey with some HighContinue reading “Posh Backblast #UncleRico Beatdown 4/18/2018”

BB for TheBridge – 4/11: Would you like to play a game?

YHC decided to leave today’s WO up to fate. A game of chance determined by strength, force, gravity and the SkyQ. The Pax of 15 were up for some fun. Methane -Q Mayberry Huggies Grave Digger Slippers Uncle Rico Glaucoma Flounder BobRoss Pew Pew Piggy Tool Time Iceman (R) Jitterbug (R) Boozer COP Group moseyedContinue reading “BB for TheBridge – 4/11: Would you like to play a game?”

Pre-Blast for TheBridge – 4/11: decisions, decisions, decisions…..

Methane here. Is your life really busy right now? Work piled up due to Spring Break? Just starting on your taxes? Trying to figure out if you should wear the gray simple pants or the navy…..StarChild? Well, let Methane help you out. Do what I do when it comes to hard decisions like do IContinue reading “Pre-Blast for TheBridge – 4/11: decisions, decisions, decisions…..”

3/10/18 BB @ the Posh. Burpee 1/4 mile

Big shout out to the 8 HIM’s that braved the beat down I had in store. Everyone pushed thru and destroyed it. Q: Gypsy PAX: 9 PAX, Abacus, Boozer, Dot, Swifty, Double Down (RESPECT), McAfee, Preemie, Mr. Hat Circled up at 7:00 to a little warm up 25 – SSH 25 – Imperial Walkers Short MoseyContinue reading “3/10/18 BB @ the Posh. Burpee 1/4 mile”

Iceman, Volleyball, Burpees…and more Iceman.

When the PAX needed some Q spots filled I jumped at the challenge. I was torn about what to do as I recently went to Franklin, TN and they put a great beat down on me but I knew I wanted to show the PAX a little more ICEMAN. It was a quick decision –Continue reading “Iceman, Volleyball, Burpees…and more Iceman.”

Dungeons and Dragons and Burpees

On the fifty-ninth day, of the two-thousand-eighteenth year, of the second age, a fellowship of nineteen pax set forth on a journey forth from Gheen’s Lodge on a quest to destroy the sad clown by rolling dice and consulting spreadsheets and damage tables, etc. The Fellowship Tron, the Q, first of his name Star Child,Continue reading “Dungeons and Dragons and Burpees”

Backblast 2/14/18, “The Bridge”

QIC: Mayberry (VQ @ The Bridge) PAX: Vincent, Wham!, Swifty, OJ, Little Jerry, Tool Time, Pew Pew, Tron, Captain Insano, Gypsey, Gillispie, Methane, Starchild, Dutch Oven, Ice Man, and Boozer  Weather: The weather finally broke and gave us some short sleeve wear’n weather which many of the PAX took advantage of. Got a little rainContinue reading “Backblast 2/14/18, “The Bridge””

PreBlast 2.14.18, The Bridge @ Poshlands, Mayberry

I hate Valentine’s Day and all of its BS, and since I can’t take it out on my loved ones who’s better suited than the PAX?  Bring your favorite or least favorite HIM or an FNG for this morning workout to remember (you will be seeing a lot of each other).  Nothing in life isContinue reading “PreBlast 2.14.18, The Bridge @ Poshlands, Mayberry”

The Bridge BB… running, hammerheads, and benchworms???

Dear Secret Public Diary: Today started off a little rocky as I almost ran over Methane when I was backing out of my driveway.  That got my adrenaline running quickly so I was ready to Q.  We went to pick up Bobross, and as usual, he came walking out of his garage holding a ceramicContinue reading “The Bridge BB… running, hammerheads, and benchworms???”

1/17 Bridge Backblast – Craps it’s Cold #getbetter #morethanaworkout cc @ptthorne @SammyBoilermakr @darkhelmetF3

QIC: Captain Insane-o (YHC and Croupier) Pax (14):  Zartan, Methane (out of Site Q obligation only?), Dodododo (perhaps now to be called Feet, as in, “Nice hands, Feet.”), Boozer, Red Roof, Star Child, Bob Ross, OJ, Wham!, Vincent (respect), Nugget, Double Down (respect), Little Jerry (respect), Captain Insane-o No one ever forgets the first time theyContinue reading “1/17 Bridge Backblast – Craps it’s Cold #getbetter #morethanaworkout cc @ptthorne @SammyBoilermakr @darkhelmetF3”