St. Aloys – Black Ops Pre Workout Ruck for 9.9.18 – Pre Blast

This will be a good one for rucking beginners and 2.0 friendly. We will begin at 6am in the usual spot of the St Aloys parking lot. We will do a little more than three miles prior to the Viking 7am football themed beat down. SYITG! -Meter Maid

08.25.18 St. Aloys Rucking Black Ops Backblast

Yesterday night I agreed to the Rucking Q for St. Aloys. I wanted to get an event up for this morning on short order especially considering next weekend is Labor Day. In the end, I ended up rucking with LaunchPad and his 2.0. Q: Meter Maid Pax (3): LaunchPad (respect), iPad (FNG 2.0), Meter MaidContinue reading “08.25.18 St. Aloys Rucking Black Ops Backblast”

The Agony Back Blast 8/23/18

Weather clear 56 degrees 96% humidity PAX 16 – Huggies (Q), Momma’s Boy, Cochran, Pork Chop, Valdez, Airplane, Abacus, Forced Close, Wildflower, Matlock, Fergie, Boozer, Gilligan, Steerage, Alexa, Catfish I wanted to create a workout bank to come back to in order for the PAX to track progress.  This was inspired by the Iron PaxContinue reading “The Agony Back Blast 8/23/18”

08.10.18 Backblast Black Ops at Norton Common

Thanks to everyone who made it out. It was my first Q at Norton Commons. Thanks also to Steerage who provided the 10 coupons. We had a perfect number of 10 PAX for the coupons. PAX: Crab Legs, Flood Plain, Mud Bug, Uncle Rico, Barney Fife (FNG), Bean Counter, Bulletin (Respect), Tin Cup, Grinder andContinue reading “08.10.18 Backblast Black Ops at Norton Common”

08/04/2018 Southern IN. BACK BLAST

From the Sunny Side of Louisville! Structural Engineers are now accessing the Big Four Pedestrian Bridge for stress fractures from the pounding received Saturday Morning!  And we did not even complete the entire workout on the bridge, might have brought it down if we did… Started off with standard side straddle hops, grass grabbers, AbeContinue reading “08/04/2018 Southern IN. BACK BLAST”

Pre-Blast: 8/2/2018 Sadie VQ- The Big Kapowski- Martha Layne Collins High School

Roll out early tomorrow morning and come enjoy the Sadie VQ @ Bayside-Martha Layne Collins High- 0530-0615. Be ready to go all in. Bring your hot hand and get on a streak and win your fellow PAX lots of coupon chips! When we cash out, we will all leave with more than we came with.

Team 5- Nads 6/22 Capture the Flag BB

Pax: Star Child (Q), Thumbtack (VR), Zima, Snowman There were decisions to be made before we start the ruck: flag placement, whether to head east or west, how to rotate the sand bag, etc. However, one of the best decisions of the night was the application of Glide to the nether regions, Star Child madeContinue reading “Team 5- Nads 6/22 Capture the Flag BB”

Back Blast 6/5/18 for the County #theLoco

First, I want to thank Abacus and Airplane and everyone that contributed to getting the County to be an official site. VQ- Meter Maid PAX (15)- Momma’s Boy (FNG), Double Down (respect), Irsey (FNG), Airplane, Big Bird, Retainer, PK, Mr. Hat, Peggy, Boozer, Huggies, Storm Trooper, Abacus, Little Jerry (respect), Cochran Today’s theme was BlackjackContinue reading “Back Blast 6/5/18 for the County #theLoco”

Back-Blast Flounder VQ @ “The Tank” May 30, 2018. 5:30-6:15AM.

VQ: Flounder  Pax: 19, Flounder, FNG(Dr. Short Bus), Bob Ross(HL), Starchild, Wham!, Kilo, Rhythm, Vincent(Respect), Aerobie(respect), PK, Peekaboo, Crash, Snow-day, Cutlass, Weedwacker,  Piggy, Eastwood, Ratchet, Tony Malito Weather 74 degrees 80% humidity Q Thought being at Veterans Park we should start with some military type workouts.  Started with static stretches since we would be jumpingContinue reading “Back-Blast Flounder VQ @ “The Tank” May 30, 2018. 5:30-6:15AM.”