#Ruiner Backblast: 50 #getbetter

As the Pax filtered in that came to celebrate (*read: endure a painful beatdown), I felt like Clark Griswold after he’d jumped his Wagon Queen Family Truckster 50 yards… instead of the shame I should feel for the beatdown that would come, I was proud….Proud of the Pax, proud of F3Louisville, proud to be partContinue reading “#Ruiner Backblast: 50 #getbetter”

#Ruiner Preblast: Can you count to 50? #F3Counts @OF3Louisville

When I started F3 I had no idea where it would go, but eventually I started setting some goals. A couple of weeks ago, I set a hard goal to Q on my 50th post. Well, Pax, that day is Saturday. So bring your fingers, toes, abacuses (abaci?), or whatever will help you count toContinue reading “#Ruiner Preblast: Can you count to 50? #F3Counts @OF3Louisville”

#F3Louisville News: Anniversary Edition #getbetter #morethanaworkout

Some news for the Pax: Today is the 4 month anniversary of F3Louisville.  It’s fitting we’d launch our 3rd AO.  It’s amazing that we had 25 Pax for the first day.  Keep headlocking your friends, neighbors, baristas, etc.  We went from 4 on the first day to well over 100 to date.  Pretty sure F3Continue reading “#F3Louisville News: Anniversary Edition #getbetter #morethanaworkout”

#Ruiner Backblast: 26 Pax Closed Our Eyes and Ran the Jewels #sealegs #getbetter #F3Nation

Q: Captain Insane-o Pax (26): Zartan, Quimby, Methane, Kilo, Red Snapper, Kevorkian, Pope, Tron, Young Blood, Face, Wham!, Toothless (visiting Pax from F3Hilton Head), Digiorno, Taco, Zelda, Cutlass, Diablo, Bear Grass, Mad Cow, Double Down, Tiger, Gypsy, Bean Counter, Scratch, Worm (FNG), CI YHC (CI) missed a few posts this week, so I packed aContinue reading “#Ruiner Backblast: 26 Pax Closed Our Eyes and Ran the Jewels #sealegs #getbetter #F3Nation”

#F3Louisville Saturday Workouts: Parklands #theFog Gypsy VQ; Seneca #Ruiner Captain Insane-o Q #getbetter

Just a reminder to All Pax that F3Louisville will have two Workouts on Saturday. Parklands AO #theFog:  Gypsy will have his Virgin Q.  This is an actual photo of Gypsy from college… Seneca AO #Ruiner:  CI will Q.  RTJ for the Wrecktangle

#Ruiner Preblast: Wrecktangle #runthejewels #getbetter 

Inspired by one of my favorite duos – Killer Mike and LP, who make up Run the Jewels – the Pax will run the Wrecktangle for the #Ruiner. You’ll have a partner and your job is to push each other to get better while you push through the WO. The music may be clean, butContinue reading “#Ruiner Preblast: Wrecktangle #runthejewels #getbetter “

Need VQ for Saturday’s #Ruiner or get a Couple of Batmans. Step up or get #beatdown

Seneca AO needs a VQ for Saturday’s Ruiner.  In reality, the PAX needs a VQ even more.  In lieu of a VQ stepping up to the leadership challenge, and believe me YOU can all do it, the result will be the PAX taking a beatdown form a Couple of Batmans.   Decision time.  Step upContinue reading “Need VQ for Saturday’s #Ruiner or get a Couple of Batmans. Step up or get #beatdown”

Back Blast-Bringing Back the Beach #F3 Louisville

QIC: Quimby Pax (27):  Old bay, Newman, Face, Captain Insano, Double down, Water boy, Backdraft, Zelda, Tiger, Nugget, Methane, Cardinal, FNG – Little Smokie, The Hammer, Diablo, Mayberry, Gipetto, Mouth BobRoss, Moonlight, Hobs, KidnApper Van, FNG-Tornado, Trump, Cutlass, Wham! With 2 new FNG’s – Little Smokie and Tornado (Youngest in Town!) COP: FIRST—Shout out toContinue reading “Back Blast-Bringing Back the Beach #F3 Louisville”

Pre Blast – Bringing Back the Beach

Old Bay and I went to Va Beach to rest, relax and maybe meet some new friends from F3 Hampton Roads at Mt. Trashmore.  Thanks to Captain Insane-O and his “friendly” banter, we suffered a beat down the likes that has never been seen before or since.  SO, we’re bringing back the beach!  The Devil mayContinue reading “Pre Blast – Bringing Back the Beach”

#Ruiner Back blast: Sufferfest 2017 #F3Counts

VQIC: Kidnapper Van 26 Pax: Nugget, Double Down, Mouth, Kidnapper Van, Zartan, Taco, Country Boy, Little Jerry, Cardinal, Gypsy, Kilo, Bobross, Wham!, Mayberry, Tiger, Seabass, Hobbs, Gepetto, Star Child, Backdraft, Moonlight, Rhythm, Captain Insane-o, Zelda (FNG), Young Blood (FNG), Dexter (FNG) Special thanks to Zartan for getting up early to help me set up couponContinue reading “#Ruiner Back blast: Sufferfest 2017 #F3Counts”

Saturday Back Blast: More #F3 Louisville Breaking (Not Fake) News-Saturdays Are For The Arms #35PAX #thisonesforyouBillyDee

QIC- Face (VQ) PAX- Kidnapper Van, Captain Insane-O, Little Jerry, Rhythm, Nugget, Double Down, Eastwood, Diablo, Taco, Methane, Tron, Cardinal, Bob Ross, Kevorkian, The Hammer, Tiger, Country Boy, Cutlass, Waterboy, Trump, Quimby, Zartan, Old Bay, Moonlight, Mouth, Face, Fieri (FNG), Bread Truck (FNG), Amber (FNG), Red Snapper (FNG), Gepetto (FNG), Backdraft (FNG), Paddington (FNG), ScreechContinue reading “Saturday Back Blast: More #F3 Louisville Breaking (Not Fake) News-Saturdays Are For The Arms #35PAX #thisonesforyouBillyDee”

#F3Louisville Face VQ #Ruiner Pre-Blast – Bringing the #pain, some cones, and a whole ‘lotta coupons #getbetter

When:  Saturday (7/15/17) 0700 Hours Where: Seneca Park Tennis Courts What: #Ruiner workout featuring Face’s debut at Q. What Else:  Face’s debut at Q vs. the Pax and a tribute to one of Hollywood’s coolest…and another #FaceMan.  So put down that 4th Colt 45 deuce deuce and let’s get some work done. Who:  All F3Continue reading “#F3Louisville Face VQ #Ruiner Pre-Blast – Bringing the #pain, some cones, and a whole ‘lotta coupons #getbetter”

#F3 Louisville Virgin Q “Little Jerry” #Ruiner #25PAX for an 8 Round Bout

VQ- Little Jerry PAX- Tiger, Old Bay, Mouth, Tron, Hobbs, Red Roof, KV, Bull Rider, Trump, Cardinal, Cutlass, Feud(Jacksonville), Waterboy, Seabass, Nugget, Double Down, Texas Pete, Country Boy, The Hammer, Quimby, Face, Zartan, Methane, Jordy, Little Jerry The #PAX was strong coming into this beastly title Bout.  Little Jerry’s #Virgin-Q was not going to upsetContinue reading “#F3 Louisville Virgin Q “Little Jerry” #Ruiner #25PAX for an 8 Round Bout”

#F3Louisville #Ruiner Pre-Blast – Little Jerry makes his debut

When:  Saturday (7/08/17) 0700 Hours Where: Seneca Park Tennis Courts What: #Ruiner workout featuring Little Jerry’s debut at Q. What Else:  It will be a battle for the ages.  Little Jerry in his debut at Q vs. the Pax and all of their Saturday morning mumble chatter about how late they were out last night.Continue reading “#F3Louisville #Ruiner Pre-Blast – Little Jerry makes his debut”

F3Louisville BB – 25 (2 FNGs) Mayberry Q’s the #Ruiner

If you’re looking for trouble in Mayberry you better just mosey on through town….   Date: 7/01/17 QIC: Mayberry PAX: Red Roof, Star Child, Nugget, Mayberry, Seabass, Cardinal, Cutlass, Captain Insane-o, Methane, The Shocker (FNG), Old Bay, Zartan, Taco, Kidnapper Van, Hobbs, Jordy, Quimby, The Tiger, The Hammer, Probe, Force Close (FNG), Double Down, Mouth, CoolContinue reading “F3Louisville BB – 25 (2 FNGs) Mayberry Q’s the #Ruiner”

25 Pax (7 FNGs) for “Ducks on the Pond” #sleevelesslikecheech #GROW #F3matters @F3nation

QIC: Nugget Pax: Nugget, Face, Double Down, Captain Insane-o, Zartan, Mayberry, Methane, Cardinal, Kidnapper Van, Red Roof, Little Jerry, Cutlass, Quimby, Taco, Star Child, Jordy, Texas Pete, Pope, GOB (FNG), Double Wide (FNG), Cool Hand Luke (FNG), Mouth (FNG), Tron (FNG), Mox (FNG), Hobbs (FNG) Nugget’s Backblast: Well, it was a sunny, but muddy day in the Ville, but we don’t shy away from getting dirty. We started off with our record breaking 25 PAX, and moseyed the long wayContinue reading “25 Pax (7 FNGs) for “Ducks on the Pond” #sleevelesslikecheech #GROW #F3matters @F3nation”

#Ruiner PreBlast — Nugget’s First Solo Q

Captain Insane-o here with a little PreBlast for F3 Louisville.  A few important announcements: First, our F3 Louisville Logo was recently approved by the mother-ship and the presale is going on now.  Get on your internet machine and order here . Second, this is Nugget’s First Solo Q and we want it to be aContinue reading “#Ruiner PreBlast — Nugget’s First Solo Q”

Tryin’ to be the Best at Exercising (Captain Insane-O via Red Roof)

When: 06/10/2017 QIC: Captain Insane-o The PAX: Red Roof, Taco, Cutlass, Captain Insane-o, Zartan, Cardinal, Nickelback, Little Jerry, Double Down, Kevorkian (FNG), Kidnapper Van (FNG), Face (FNG), Early Times (FNG), Probe (FNG)   Today was YHC’s (Captain Insane-O) first solo Q, so I came prepared. Inspired by an epic Zartan quote when he was resistingContinue reading “Tryin’ to be the Best at Exercising (Captain Insane-O via Red Roof)”

Not for Landlubbers – Red Roof

When: 06/03/17 QIC: Starchild, Captain Insaneo The PAX: Starchild, Captain Insaneo, Taco, Benedict, Red Roof, Track Hoe, Little Jerry, Double Down, Nickelback, Jordy, Cutlass   With Captain Insaneo and Starchild took the helm this morning, this workout was definitely not or Landlubbers: COP- Mosey on over the basketball courts for the COP (watch out forContinue reading “Not for Landlubbers – Red Roof”

Couponing for Beginners | F3 Louisville Send-off

When: 05/20/2017 QIC: KY The PAX: Dough Boy (FNG), Cardinal(FNG), Captain Insaneo(FNG), Gerordi(FNG), Sac(FNG), Hydro(FNG), Pope(FNG), Red Roof, Mayberry, Sauerkraut, KY, Doc in a Box, Methane, Pitino, Star Child, Taco, Benedict, Bear Grass, YBR   Louisville F3 – May 20 19 of the strongest men Louisville has to offer came for the #anchorlegbeatdown in theContinue reading “Couponing for Beginners | F3 Louisville Send-off”