5/19 Ruiner Backblast – 1 Year Later

Q: Captain Insaneo Pax (18): Face, Cardinal (1Y anniversary), Flounder, Jordy (1Y anniversary), Diablo, Glenn Ross, Fridge, OJ, Pablo, Nickleback, Catfish (happy birthday), Duplo (FNG), Ratchet, Loco, Wham!, Vincent (R), Left Eye, CI (1 year anniversary) Conditions: 69* (stop), muggy, moist. Like you’d imagine. But a nice breeze was blowing around. Gearlander: “I Want YouContinue reading “5/19 Ruiner Backblast – 1 Year Later”

#Ruiner 5/19 Preblast – For My F3 Birthday, I’ll Give You Some Gifts @OF3Louisville

May 20, 2017 was my first F3 post. On May 19, 2018, I’ll have been part of F3 for 364 days. The 1st F has been great. I’m in better shape. With each workout, led by a friend, a new friend or soon to be friend, I’ve gotten a little better each time. If youContinue reading “#Ruiner 5/19 Preblast – For My F3 Birthday, I’ll Give You Some Gifts @OF3Louisville”

5/12 #theruiner #delayed BB

Q: Nickleback and Jordy PAX: Tron, Fergie, Face, FNG (Footlose), Seabass, Flojo, Nickleback, Cutless, Methane, Pablo, Snowman, CI, Catfish, Red Roof, Jordy, Nugget. In the words of a former coach of mine, “excuses are the nails in the house of failure;”  I’m not sure if I have a bunch of rusted nails or a bigContinue reading “5/12 #theruiner #delayed BB”

BackBlast #theO #Ruiner – 4/14/18

Going to be a short backblast – if you wanted to know about it you should’ve shown up 🙂  With the convergence coming up, Red Roof and I wanted to work in some of the old workouts along with every hill we possibly could. That was the goal and it was successful, even with theContinue reading “BackBlast #theO #Ruiner – 4/14/18”

Seabass/Methane tag team at The Ruiner

Lot of surprises today. With one Q needed for YHC to qualify for IronHorse, Seabass was gracious enough to let me co-Q. We also had a surprise guest from Charlotte, The Godfather, KY! Last surprise……..no rain! Co-Qs: Methane & Seabass Pax: Red Roof, KY, Nugget, Bean Counter, Gillespie, Who Dey Methane took the reigns andContinue reading “Seabass/Methane tag team at The Ruiner”

Nugget Q’s can’t dodge the rain

QIC: Nugget Pax: Nugget, Seabass, Red Roof, Cutlass, Gillespie, Backdraft, Diablo, OJ, Nickelback, Scratch, Jordy, Rachet (FNG) Gearlander: Reebok coldgear base layer, UA pink compression shirt, swiftwick socks, F3 Louisville camo T, Mizuno Wave Riders, and Mudgear Tac hat (Love this thing) As all Nugget Q’s begin, crappy weather, at least that is how YHCContinue reading “Nugget Q’s can’t dodge the rain”

I Love Ruiner – The Ruiner Backblast 2/24/18

Q: Captain Insaneo (YHC) Pax (11): Spinal Tap (Enya), Vincent (respect), Wham!, Gillespie, Red Roof, Face, Mayberry, Cutlass, Noxeema Jackson (FNG), OJ, CI My whole plan for the Ruiner got jacked by the weather. If you don’t know, it’s Ark Building time in the River City. Seriously. The city is a river now. Kevin CostnerContinue reading “I Love Ruiner – The Ruiner Backblast 2/24/18”

2/24 Ruiner Preblast @OF3Louisville. Bring an umbrella for your tears… and the rain. Mostly tears. #syitg

Pretty soggy out there. So soggy, I’ll need to do something different than what I planned. I really wanted to use the half pipe, but I don’t want to risk a turned ankle or having someone sink to their death. So, I guess I’ll really have to concentrate to come up with something. So far,Continue reading “2/24 Ruiner Preblast @OF3Louisville. Bring an umbrella for your tears… and the rain. Mostly tears. #syitg”

Back Blast #TheO #Ruiner – Saturday, 2/3/18 – Double Down Super Bowl Q

Q: Double Down – A perfect morning for football!  I wore my vintage #14 Steve Grogan jersey – showing my age as many HIMs probably don’t know who Grogan is!  PAX: (17)  CI, Bean Counter, Old Bay, Zartan, Cutlass, Face, Wham!, Mayberry, OJ, Little Jerry, Trump, Diablo, Tron, Nugget, Red Roof, Scratch. The start of a longContinue reading “Back Blast #TheO #Ruiner – Saturday, 2/3/18 – Double Down Super Bowl Q”

Burpee Beatdown #Ruiner

Q: Seabass Pax: Mayberry, Gillespie, Vincent, Bean Counter, Diablo, Cardinal, Wham!, Captain Insano, Nugget, Zartan, Face, red Roof, Cutlass, OJ, Seabass It all started with a 13 year old telling us he wasn’t a professional. Yeah, No SH&T. What we didn’t know is that we were about to be crushed by his Weinke on thisContinue reading “Burpee Beatdown #Ruiner”


THE 2018 IRONHORSE CHALLENGE GOAL:   The IRONHORSE CHALLENGE is designed to reinvigorate male community leadership this winter at #F3LOUISVILLE, while strengthening all 3 Fs, and help the PAX make an impact on Louisville.  DURATION:  1/1/18 thru 3/31/18.  REWARD:   For successfully completing the 2018 IRONHORSE CHALLENGE, you will receive an awesome IRONHORSE CHALLENGE 2”x 3” Velcro patch.  You will alsoContinue reading “2018 #IRONHORSE CHALLENGE”

Ruiner at the O: Losing the Bet

QIC: Nugget Pax: Loco, Bean Counter, Scratch, Mayberry, Vincent (respect), Cutlass, Gillespie, Nugget Attire For Zoo: Black F3 shirt over black compression, Star Studded Tights, Capri Length, but as always, the shorts over top. Bright Yellow New Balance for the puddle jumping. As I drove to the Gloom, I received a call from Red RoofContinue reading “Ruiner at the O: Losing the Bet”

YOU SHOULD READ: 12/9 Q/Lead/Convergence Backblast from @F3Louisville @darkhelmetF3 #getbetter #ISI

Q: Dark Helmet (DR, KD F3Nation Royalty on a mission to GROW) Pax (50, 2 FNGs, or was it 75?): Captain Insane-o (YHC), Face, Wedding Singer, Double Down (respect), Red Roof, HazMat, Glaucoma, Digiorno, Swifty, Waterboy, Bumblebee (respect), Kilo, Tron, Choir Boi (FNG), Mr. Hat, Gillespie, Hobbs, Kidnapper Van, Macafee, Preemie (FNG), Abacus, Situation, OldContinue reading “YOU SHOULD READ: 12/9 Q/Lead/Convergence Backblast from @F3Louisville @darkhelmetF3 #getbetter #ISI”

Sorry Not Sorry #Ruiner Backblast 12/2/17 Z and CI Split the Q #getbetter

Q: Zartan & Captain Insane-o (YHC) Pax (14, 1 FNG): Vincent (respect), Zartan, Mayberry, Wham!, Tron, Face, Red Roof, Situation, Old Bay, OJ, Gillespie, Trump, CI, Boozer (FNG) Conditions: 38*, 86% Humidity, but relatively dry on the ground. Slight breeze, but otherwise nice. Gear (for Zoolander): CI-Uber-tight Smedium F3 Mudgear Shirt, arm sleeves, shorts, lady’sContinue reading “Sorry Not Sorry #Ruiner Backblast 12/2/17 Z and CI Split the Q #getbetter”

BACKBLAST: Crazy 8’s #RUINER at the O – 11/18/17

QIC:  Red Roof & Mayberry (Tag team back again, check it, direct it, let’s begin…) PAX:  (15) Sully, Pope, Backdraft, Scratch, Mayberry, Mittens, Vincent, Red Roof, Bean Counter, Glenn Ross, Watergate (FNG – Double Respect), Cardinal, Wham!, Loco, Gillispie The theme of the day was the #8.  This was fitting because it was “leg day”Continue reading “BACKBLAST: Crazy 8’s #RUINER at the O – 11/18/17”

#Ruiner at the O: Jump shots don’t age like Bourbon

QIC: Nugget Pax: Nugget (W), Seabass, Wham! (W), Gillespie, Mr. Clean (W), Scratch (W), Pope, Cutlass What’s the W for? Relax, you’ll know soon enough 8 of us got together for another fun Saturday at the O. While we were missing some of the main Pax down at St. John’s (for good reason), we wereContinue reading “#Ruiner at the O: Jump shots don’t age like Bourbon”

Ruiner Backblast: An Account of the Dumbest Thing We’ve Done Yet #mostawesome @F3Louisville

QIC: Captain Insane-o Pax (21, 1 FNG): Cutlass, Glenn Ross, OJ, Tron, Vincent (respect), Sully, Cardinal, Nugget, Seabass, Red Roof, Wham!, Scratch, Bean Counter, Mayberry, Loco, Trump, Zoolander (love seeing this guy come to the O), Diablo, Quimby (love seeing this guy come to the O), CI, Gillespie (FNG, hide your booze and girlfriends) IContinue reading “Ruiner Backblast: An Account of the Dumbest Thing We’ve Done Yet #mostawesome @F3Louisville”

@F3Louisville: Always Outdoors. Rain or Shine. #bringit

Tomorrow may be the day the wheat is separated from the chaff.  I have the Q at the O. Read my Preblast or the pain will be worse in so many ways.  Mr. Hat at the Posh. No Yoga. Only pain.  Hobbs VQ at the Mutt. If you haven’t seen his twitter Preblast, you’re doingContinue reading “@F3Louisville: Always Outdoors. Rain or Shine. #bringit”

10/28 #Ruiner @OF3Louisville Preblast – You’re gonna need to read this @F3Louisville #getbetter

I have the Q at the Ruiner Saturday. Been a while since I Q’d a Saturday. So, in an effort to keep it fresh, here goes: What sings with a million voices, but has no ears?  Like a bicycle, you never forget, but unlike a bicycle it’s more difficult the next time. What is it? Continue reading “10/28 #Ruiner @OF3Louisville Preblast – You’re gonna need to read this @F3Louisville #getbetter”

#Ruiner Making each other Better at The O

QIC: Nugget Pax: Methane, Wham!, Cutlass, Loco, Tron, Red Roof, Mayberry, Seabass, Cardinal, Vincent, Mr. Clean, Diablo, Nugget It was a dew filled gloom this morning, and YHC wasted no time and we took off from the shovel flag. Moseyed up the path for some warm up: 15 Abe Vigoda IC 15 IW IC MoseyedContinue reading “#Ruiner Making each other Better at The O”

Drawing the Lines, and Upgrading the O

QIC: Seabass Pax: Seabass, Nugget, Glen Ross, Cutlass, Wham!, Vincent, Newman, Cardinal, Loco 9 got together for the Ruiner this morning to see what Nugget’s 2.0 Upgrade had to offer. Mosey to the Field Hockey Field for : COP (by Nugget) 15 IW IC 20 Abe Vigodas IC Arm Circles forward and reverse TTT ICContinue reading “Drawing the Lines, and Upgrading the O”

The Way Way BackBlast!

PAX (13):  Mayberry (QIC), Red Roof, Cardinal, Cutlass, Bean Counter, Scratch, Loco, Glenross, OJ, Dr. K, Broadway, Sully, Spinal Tap. Saturday – 9/9/17 COP Butt Kicks (30 sec) (20) Side Straddle Hops (20) Imperial Walkers (15) Mountain Climbers (15) Peter Parkers (15) Plank Jacks (13) Burpees – calling out PAX names   Coupon Suicides (5)Continue reading “The Way Way BackBlast!”

PRE-BLAST: #F3Louisville 100th Workout AO Convergence – 9/23/17 7AM – #TheO Seneca Park

WHO:  Calling all Louisville PAX from The O, Poshlands, and The Mutt WHAT: An epic beat down featuring visiting Charlotte PAX  (KY and Sauerkraut).  This workout is shaping up to be a big day for F3 Louisville, bring all PAX and your AO flags to The O for a mini-convergence. WHEN: Saturday, September 23rd, 0700Continue reading “PRE-BLAST: #F3Louisville 100th Workout AO Convergence – 9/23/17 7AM – #TheO Seneca Park”