Preblast #TheHurt Digiorno Q @F3TheMutt #dontfartsack #trytostaydry #newexercises #itsfree #F3Counts

There are lots of reasons to fartsack everyday, don’t make rain your excuse. I will keep us as dry as I can, I promise. Zoo knows I keep my promises…#pinkypromise.

🚨🚨🚨New Exercises 🚨🚨🚨

Make the choice to #getbetter somewhere.


Ruiner preblast Nugget is 100

Hello HIMs,

Time to celebrate another F3 Louisville milestone. YHC has the Q for number 100 where it all started, the Ruiner. The Ruiner broke the maiden of a lot of you Pax and I think they deserve a visit back once in a while. Don’t worry, the call outs are coming on Slack.

But there is another milestone I want to celebrate. Seabass is hitting his 25th workout. And considering he has school all week, I find it pretty impressive that he has take multiple chances to sleep in and come to get better in the Gloom. He is the F3 Louisville original 2.0, and I plan on making it a big deal on Saturday. So I encourage any of you that have been at one of his Qs, or just worked out with him, or picked him up when struggling to get to the O and join the beat down.

So just a little background on Seabass that may come in handy this Saturday. First he was born on May 19, 2004. That makes him 13 years old. While his nickname wasn’t made official until his first post, he has been called that for years. He loves basketball and is headed to Trinity next year. His favorite workout is Dora’s and has led 4 workouts. His first workout was led by Mayberry.

So why did I tell you all this, only time will tell.

No dress code at the Ruiner. Just bring yourself, and some gloves, and probably a towel for the ride home… It’s gonna rain, but that hides the tears

B-Blast @f3themutt #f3counts

Wham-O / Geppetto CoQ

27* wind chill 21*, 19 strong brothers!

Pax: Tiger, Bernie, Snowman, Lefteye, Grinder, Steerage, Backdraft, Face, Madcow, Mouth, Duece, Sumppump, Fatone, Draper, Escort, Fridge, Zoolander

Great workout in the cold, after warm up Geppetto lead us through modified mutt murph- around school pull-ups, merkins, squats X 3. Then he brought pain of the waiting room – partner to people chair, bropees, yoda or wheel barrel X 2 tough sets

Thanks for coming out, really enjoyed the start of the day!

B-Blast. Temple of Gloom at the”O” 3/22/18. The bell was answered!!

I was inspired by yesterday’s snowy post at the VET, so my pre-blast was more of a “call to arms” than a description of what might happen in the gloom.  I must say the bell was answered and 20 HIM’s showed up for my 100th post.  I am honored to have led them in this morning’s opportunity to get better.

PAX – DiGornio, Buschhhhh, Zima, Trump, Who-Dey, Slippers, Scratch, Wham, C. I., Cutlass, Red Roof, Donger, Jordy, OJ, Diablo, Pope, Glen Ross, Old Bay, Flo Jo, Shiplap and Vincent (Q).

Conditions – a clear, chilly 21 degrees and lot’s of ice,  Gear for Zoo – my inner Johnny Cash – all black Asics, trail shoes, tights and shorts, base layer, breathable running jacket, skull cap an ski gloves.

On my way into the gloom I stopped  and checked out the parking lot next to the basketball courts for conditions.  Very dark but for the most part dry and free of ice.  Next observation, the tennis courts had several icy spots across  the entire space.  There would be no burpee suicides this morning but not to worry, I had 2 plans.

We moseyed to the parking lot in the dark and circled up for a warmup that included Happy Jacks, Grass Grabbers, Imp. Walkers and BOYOS.

Thang 1 – Lazy Dora’s.  They are only lazy in name.  Partnered up for 100 merkins – both PAX in plank rotating 10 merkins at a time while partner holds plank.  200 LBC’s – partner 1, 20 LBC’s and partner 2 holds legs 6″ off the ground, rotating until 200 completed.  Last, 300 squats rotating 25 squats while partner holds Al Gore.  Quads were definitely burning.

Thang 2 – ATM’s (Alternating Merkins).  10 Shoulder taps IC, 10 Merkins 3 count down, 1 up and finished with 10 fast merkins.

We employed the same concept to legs with 10 Copperhead squats IC, 10 Scissor lunges IC and 10 Jump squats single count.   Both cycles were repeated twice.

Thang 3 – Mosey back to tennis courts for Mary.   10 boyos, Pretzel Crunch – IC, 5 boyos, flutter kicks – IC, 5 boyos, reverse crunch – IC, 5 boyos, starfish crunch – IC and 10 boyos to wrap.

Circled up for announcements, intentions and praise to the Sky Q.  I mentioned to the PAX that F3 came to me at time in life when I was dealing a lot of change.  F3 workouts and more importantly the HIM’s that do this thing, provided the stability I needed.  We all get something a little different from F3. Whatever that might be, I challenge you all to make the most of it.  21 individuals did just that, as ONE today.  We don’t get up for easy!!SYITG



Star Child’s Blind Q at MLC

Before 5:10am this morning, I have never seen Martha Lane Collins School in my life. But last week Glauc asked for help, so I offered to come out there and Q. Before realizing 1) I would have to have a blind Q, and 2) it followed my other Q yesterday. Thanks to Kilo’s “Ghost Q Massacre” from a few months ago, I was sure I could handle a blind Q, but I was still nervous I would mess everything up that Glauc has built. Well, here goes nothing…

PAX: 10- Visitors… Tooltime, Star Child, Stormtrooper, Abacus. Shelby County OGs- Glaucoma, Grandpa Bear, T18, Smokey Doke, Shuttlecock, and Banana Bread.

Warning, with nothing written, I am sure I am missing a lot, so I will offer a general idea of the WO…

COP- Circle around in front of the high school flags.

  • 100 SSH 😉
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Military T’s (merkins with hand and leg raises. As cold as the ground was, I coined these “Num Nuts”)
  • Mount Climbers
  • Some other typical stuff


  • Merkin Suicides- partner up. 1 merkins 5, 10, 15 each line (or diamond merkins if they so chose) 2 Squats while 1 is gone.
  • Carolina Dry Dock Suicides (or Groiners Suicides) for partner 1, 2 did lunges
  • Merkin (or Num Nuts) Suicides, 2 did big boy sit ups.

Head to the back for some tag team. Three groups, 1 did dips or incline merkins while 2 ran to relieve 3 who was doing squats, then 3 ran to relieve 1.

We ran short on time so we did a little Mary and called it a morning.

I was off my game, so I forgot Namearama, but thanks to Glauc I got the PAX list easily. We again announced F3DADS is cancelled, but we will try again. Glauc also mentioned that Convergence is next month. More importantly, we huddled up and Abacus shared that unfortunately the M’s tests didn’t come back very well, so EVERYONE, please keep him and the family in your prayers. We asked the Sky Q for strength on this big ball, patience and faith to know he has a plan for all of us, and that was a wrap. Thanks again to all for coming out. Glauc, I am amazed of your work out there. You have a great group of guys out there, and I hope to see them all more often!

SC out.

@F3theMutt BackBlast- Let’s count…7 inches, 800 threads, Creepy Fiiiiiiiives, and 10 HIMs 3/21/18

We should all knock with our elbows more often. More on that later.

My M was in Chicago Tuesday morning, and I was fortunately able to suppress my F3 brain and Thus skip the Rooster. 🤨 But that made me “hangry”. That’s probably not the right word. I’ll check with the F3 lexicon later… Let’s just say I was “Fangry”. You know– that feeling when you need a release… and a laugh…And only a F3 beat down will do.

Good news. I was down for the Q at the blender. Even better news… Zartan had been rucking around town pre-post every day this week. Would he do 3 in a row? Does Pope wear sleeves🙄? Yeah. He was down. So was Glenn Ross. What a great start to my day. Rucking (my 2rd ever) with 2 F3 – and real life all- stars. Read Zartan’s B.B. So fun. Here I am entering the gloom.

Ruck complete. Let the Beat down commence. 9 other HIM’s showed up in the 7 inches of snow to join YHQ. Warmed the heart. But wasn’t real warm. Know how I know? Pope was putting a sweatshirt on over his TT. Things that shouldn’t happen are happening. Let’s keep it going.


OLD BAY – Rucked to and fro the AO





SCRATCH – love O’s

NUGGET – HC Tuesday worked✅ -O


POPE – sleeves😬 O?🤔

Gearlander- wool socks, new saucony’s, 9 inch cobalt blue running shorts, tights, Patagonia thick base layer with hood and long zipper, CI free gloves, yellow partridge member guest rain jacket. Springy. 4 towels. 😉

Disclaimer and slosh around the school to the portico.


SSH 0 Zero. My specialty.

Line up facing each other

Plank/ downward dog. Stretch calves/Achilles/eyes

4x4x10 Merkin/mountain climber/shoulder taps

A-Rods – creepy Fiiiiiiiive count – Low plank. Right hip to ground..1…center..2….left hip to ground..3…center..4..pickle pounder Fiiiiiiiiiive. Sorry OB. Eye contact was tough. I know.

Standing mountain climbers IC (Goofballs)


Mosey to coupons. Halt.

New exercise at Le Mutt.

Thang 1

Cliffhanger Merkins – pax 1 scrapes snow from ledge. Pax 2 holds their legs. Shoot for 20. Pope did 30. Switch. Rinse and repeato twice. 25 reps achieved by most. All got better. Grab 5 coupons.

Throw them on the ground. Line up facing the portico.

Thang 2

Burpee beep bop backup.

Do a burpee. Broad jump backwards. Rinse and repeato until you get across the parking lot. Don’t look behind you. You’re not even close….and your hands are freezing…and wet…and your socks are wet. And I’m sorry. Bad Q. But you’re better. Run up back up at 50% , 75%, AYG. ie sledding.

Thang 3

Go find the coupons… And find a new partner… And look them in the eyeballs… Of course, I locked eyes with Zartan. It was going to be Either him or Glenn. The ruck bonding with those 2 was strong. And Old Bay was seen hiding behind snowman after putting up with my creepy fiiiiiiiives earlier. Ok. Fine.

Catch me if you can. Pax 1 does 20 curls. Pax 2 Bernie’s the long way towards cherrywood. Pax 1 catches (if they can) and they finish together and sprint back to coupons. Pax 2 was hard to catch. Too many curls. Or pax too fast. Probably that. Rinse and repeato. Next up. Pax 1 does 20 squats. Pax 2 Bernie’s with a coupon. Caught Em this time. Pax 1 takes the coupon and finishes together. Swap. Coupon work done.

Ace and Mary

My goal is to share Ace and Gary’s with the world…or maybe just the Mutt pax. Does the Carpenter have picnic tables? We had 6 cherries to pop today. Partner up. No need to look in their eyes. You’re looking….err….elsewhere. See below.

Do the Ace’s above, and then the Jack Dawson’s (Titanic). The pax not doing Ace and Gary work did Bropees. Keep moving to the next station until time is called.

Side note. Other Q’s today were a little jelly that the Mutt showed out. 10 Strong.! Other site Q’s questioned the toughness of 10 dudes working their ass off in 7 inches of snow and slush and cold. Huh? So yeah. There were four 800 thread count towels available for each picnic table. These tables are metal. I had already put the pax through a lot of snow and slush and wet. And weirdness. I was humbled to have 10 PAX in the snowy gloom. I takes care of mine. You come to a ZooQ, and I got you. I’m here for ya. Side side note. Pax also wore gloves, toboggans, jackets, and other stuff. Common sensical stuff. Like 800 thread count towels.

Time called.



Naked Moleskin

I received an email last night from a friend who moved to Dallas from Holy Trinity last year. He lost a childhood friend recently in Iraq. Many PAX received this e-mail. I read the tribute to Tripp, who lost his life serving our Country. What a man. Tripp spent his shortened life on this earth serving not only his country, but also serving those around him. Stories of his service to others led to Tripp being known as “the elbow knocker.” He always knocked on other’s doors with his elbows because his hands were either literally, or figuratively full of what his friends and strangers needed. I closed BOM reminding all the pax to knock with their elbows more often. Find more ways to serve others. Do more. Tripp and the pax really inspired me today. He was a HIM who would’ve fit in right here @f3louisville. I’m looking out at the f3mutt American flag as I close this B.B. out. Smiling.

Thanks for reading


Pre-Blast Wham-O/Geppetto Co-Q @The Mutt #Extender 3/22/17


As I near the end of my quest to qualify for my Iron Horse patch, I realized I was one short for the required number of Qs, and the calendar was already full of Pax dying to lead future beatdowns.  Being the HIM that he is, Wham-O has graciously allowed me to join him tomorrow to co-bring-the-pain.  I’ll be the Yin to his Yang.  The peanut butter to his jelly.  The Sonny to his Cher.  You get the point. SYITG.

PreBlast. Vincent at the “O” Temple of Gloom. 3/22/18

I woke up this morning at 4:50 and looked out the window at a blanket of heavy, wet snow covering the landscape.  Perfect morning to fartsack it.  However, I had a few reasons to pull up my boot straps and venture out into the gloom.  Reason # 1, very simple – I want to get better.  Reason # 2, today is my 99th post.  We will get back to this one later.  Reason # 3, and probably the most important, Captain InsaneO needed us.  It is sometimes forgotten, but what we do holds one another accountable, and motivates us to be better men for those we come in contact with.   CI confessed this morning during COT that he wasn’t feeling it today.  We all have those days.  He also stated that when the PAX started sliding through the parking lot his mood improved.  Where two or more are gathered………   We don’t get up for easy and we do it for others more so than we do for ourselves.

Back to reason # 2.  I wanted my Q tomorrow to be my 100th post.  F3 has been a blessing to me and I want all PAX to feel the same way.  Plans for the mornings Wienke will not be finalized until I can assess the terrain this evening and see what we have to work with.  What we do is less important than just getting up and doing what you can.  Remember, someone out there will be second guessing themselves at 5AM tomorrow.  Are you going to be there for to support your F3 brothers??   #SYITG

03/20/2018 BackBlast PK’s Millennium Mile


One of the first F3 workouts that I attended was Tool Time’s Kilo Challenge.  As I was thinking of what I was going to do for my Q at the O, this Challenge came to mind.  Now it was named Kilo Challenge for a couple of different reasons.   We will just claim that it is because the Egg Lawn is one Kilometer in length. The distance around the O is slightly longer than a mile, so I present to you PK’s Millennium Mile.

PAX: Tool Time, Scratch, Trump, Vincent (R), Bean Counter, Butcher, Wham!, Slippers, GlenRoss, OJ, PK (Q), Gillespie

As the PAX arrived and I laid out my disclaimer.  I was wearing my old college warm-up jacket, so I may have fooled no one that I was not a professional.  Promptly at 0530, I quickly introduced everyone to mini coupons, and told everyone to grab two from Tool Times vehicle and we would begin (Big thanks to Tool Time for supplying some pretty poshy mini coupons for all the PAX that showed.  Truly a HIM).  With the grounds still soft and soggy from the rains we stayed on the trail and formed an awkward circle to begin our warm up.

20 Cherry Pickers

20 Finkle Swings

20 Arm Circles

After the warm up it was time to complete the Millennium Mile.  Prior to PAX arriving at the O, I had set up ten stations around the O.  The PAX would run between each station carrying the coupons.  At each station the PAX would complete 100 reps of whatever workout that was shown in cadence.  Rinse and repeat around the O until 10 exercises were complete, so completing 1,000 reps (a Millennium).  And so the fun began

100 Curls

100 SSH

100 Squats

100 Merkins

100 Shoulder Presses

100 Mountain Climbers

100 Back Rows

100 Curtsy Lunges

100 Shoulder Raises (50 front, 50 side)

100 Big Marge

As expected the PAX at the O did not disappoint, and we completed the loop with a little time to spare.  Rounded out the time with some LBCs and DaVincis to work out everyone’s core.

We then circled up around the flag for name-o-rama, intentions, and giving thanks to the Sky Q.  Thanks again to the PAX, this is truly a great group of men, and I challenge everyone to get out and Q.

Star Child’s BB- sNOw Day

I am pretty sure every bear woke up yesterday from hibernation, looked at the snow, and pressed snooze. F3 didn’t. We painted the town this gloom in footprints and iced it down in sweat. We kicked today’s ass already. I am humbled by the unstoppable spirit of all the PAX around town, and love reading the shenanigans in the BB. Today, I was the Q at Posh’s #TheBridge, while Zoo took over at La Mutt, and Captain I heated up Veterans Park. Awesome.

Today my goal was to offer the chance to step it up. Oftentimes WOs are maybe a bit easy, or too hard to complete. The result is NOT modification, but the STOP button. I want the STOP button gone. So I offered my PAX the choice of a WO, details to follow.

Gearlander: Salomon Speedcross 3’s kept my feet warm and toasty, highly recommend… GORUCK challenge pants, missing a belt so they fell off. Bironas remembrance shirt (love that guy), and hoorag.

COP- We moseyed on over to COParking lot, where we marked our territory in the snow.

  • 100 SSH- My sig move
  • Star Child Squats
  • Merkins
  • 5 BOYOs
  • Mount Climbers
  • Donkey Kicks

These exercises were all part of the Thang as well. Some hard than others. So we moseyed over to the Egg Lawn. I explained to the PAX:

  • You must continue to move, we are running around the egg lawn. Stopping at each lamp post.
  • You can choose between two exercises at each lamppost, doing one rep of an exercise, then the next do two, then three, up to ten.
  • Since there are 42 lamp posts, we all had 4 exercises, 55 reps in all.
    • Merkins or Burpees
    • SSH or Star Child Squats
    • Mountain Climbers or Donkey Kicks
    • Groiners or Carolina Dry Docks
  • Most chose the harder route, but no credit is given. Everyone kept moving, and I was happy with that!

THen we ran over to the circle parking lot for some partner stuff

  • 1 Marios while 2 lunges
  • 1 Butt kicks while 2 curtsy lunges
  • 1 did something else, and I forgot what 2 did there too. All that was made up to fill time.

Mary Wall

We each cleaned snow off a small knee wall for some MARY. As Nino mentioned, we all need to work on our penis lines for Spring Break. Sitting on the wall provided two uses, only got our ass wet, and isolated our abs, big time. We went through the following twice

  • Gas Pumps
  • Flutters
  • Rosalita
  • American Hammers

That was a wrap!

Announcements: F3DADS IS POSTPONED!!!!

Prayers: Abacus’ wife is doing well, but keep her in your prayers as they are heading in today for one more test. Kilo’s 2.0 is also getting tubes today. Small surgery, but our thoughts and prayers are with her, regardless. Thanks to all who came, either Posh, Mutt, or VP. We win.


3.21.18 BO Ruck BB: Try on this slushie

YHC threw out a feeler to see who wanted yet another preruck before Zoolander’s Blender Beatdown. Got a few LCs and hit the fartsack last night early.

At 0425 the text thread machine fired up and YHC learned I would be Rucking with F3Louisville Royalty. Non other than GlenRoss(Blender Site Q and NC mastermind) and Zoolander(today’s Q, tomorrow’s Site Q at Extender and always our fashionista)

GR and I arrived to a slushie and snow covered landscape as we geared up. Knowing Zoo would soon arrive we started toward his normal route to intercept him. This is what we saw as we made our way to the front of the lot.

Zoo carrying the ShovelFlag out side his window as he barreled through the elements. Love this guy. GR hurried to capture this moment. Priceless.

Our pace was slowed by the snow and slush but our 2dnF was fast paced. Can’t express how awesome it is to have a group that shows up day in and day out for each other. We met under one flag in the gloom and as I sit here writing this the parallel between that flag and our group is not lost on me. America and all our states and people come together under one flag to support each other, get better, hold one another accountable and display strength in numbers. Sound familiar? Guess that’s why they call it F3Nation.

Zartan out…. until tomorrow’s preruck.

3/21 Veteran’s Park BO Backblast – Time to Make the Donuts

Q: Captain Insaneo (YHC)

Pax: Vincent (R), Snowball (FNG), Sunshine, Meatball, Donger (LI), Kilo, Cutlass, CI

Welp kids, sometimes you have it. Sometimes you don’t. I did not have it this morning. It happens. Combine a long day at work, a sore everything, a sour disposition, a new spot with little experience and a Q that snuck up on me with super wet, slushy snow (and an impending school cancellation) and you get a grumpy, not-feeling-it CI.

My plan was to make the Q really hard. Because that usually snaps me back. But when I saw the snow, I knew I’d have to modify some. This didn’t help my not feeling it.

Then, Cutlass got there. In style.

Cutlass ripped into the lot in his sleet gray Altima (its a modern day Cutlass) and started doing donuts. Ok. That’s good. Strong to quite strong. CI Baby time over. Thanks, Cutlass, you brought me back.

Then, seven studs – one brand new – stepped into the snow to follow me. It. Was. On. Let’s do this….

Full disclaimer as the new guy (who I mistook for Mad Cow because he drives the same truck) looked at me like I was insane.

Mosey down the road to a little deck structure that ends in a circular deck over looking a creek for…


All 20x IC


Imperial Walkers

Bluff Hikers

Merkin Waterfall – 10 Merkins, 10 sec plank, 9 Merkins, 9 sec plank…down to 1.


Donger arrives (last in, “LI”). Being the Q I couldn’t let him miss the full experience, so we went back up the ladder of Merkins. 1 merkin, 1 sec plank, 2 Merkins, 2 sec plank…. up to 10.

So 110 Merkins in the first 10 minutes of the beatdown. Did I mention I was going for hard?

Mosey back up the way and around the way to the back side of the lower baseball field. Here, there’s a steep hill, just yonder from there is a set of terraced, deep steeps. And up the way around the bend by the upper field is a set of bleachers.

In a running circuit the Pax did this:

Hill station: bear crawl up, crawl bear down, then run to terraced steps.

Terraced step station: run down a set of steps to the terraces steps, box jump up, mosey down, run up the entry steps and run to the bleachers.

Bleacher station: 5 top rail touch burpees. Basically, do a Burpee and jump tap the top rail of the bleachers. Every time you get to this station, add two more burpees.

We grouped up and started chopping wood. I got to be Cutlass’s partner. I’ve know Cutlass a long time, and he’s always been such a great guy. It was cool hearing about what he’s working on, and it’s clear he knows his stuff. Donuts and brains. Stud.

I gotta say, I really liked this set. But the precipitation was turning to slick slush, making the hill between stations treacherous. So after a few runs, YHC Omahaed.

We headed to a nearby portico with picnic tables for Dip Doras (it was on the fly, don’t give me crap).

P1: 25 dips

P2: start 100 Merkins

Flapjack till done then flapjack dips until you finish 200 LBCs, 300 squats.

We switched partners. Sunshine got me. Dude’s a beast. Woof.

We all did a metric sh@t ton of dips.

We moved the picnic tables for some Mary.

Gas pumps 20x IC

5 BOYOs (burpees work the quad (what we call the core))

Gas pumps with hands in air 15x IC (try this. It’s hard)


Da Vincent’s 15x IC

Mosey back to the flag. Fin.

COR, NOR. Welcome Snowball! Kilo EH’d Snowball, but didn’t know he’d be there today. I’m really glad he came. It ended up being a lot of fun sliding around in the snow. Snowball almost got Elsa or Kristoff because we apparently only watch children’s movies at F3 Louisville. As the Q, though, i did my Qly duty and cut that shit out. Snowball. Welcome, Snowball. Announcements included the likely rescheduling of F3 Dads due to weather. Also, Kilo mentioned the denominational ruck upcoming. Details on the calendar. Also tomorrow is Vincent’s 100th post and he’s the Q. Take your vitamins boys and hit the O for a facemelter.

I took us out with some words. Pretty much the intro to the Backblast, but quite a bit more personal. You had to be there. That said, before F3 I may have wallowed in that broth of misery for a few days and carried it around to places it didn’t belong (Read: home). With F3, though, it’s gone after a beatdown. That’s powerful. That’s more than a workout.

CI out.

2/20 BackBlast Krazy Kilo Karnival #Carpenter


12 PAX along for the ride.


CI, Nickelback, Miata, scuba Steve, floJo, red roof, digorno, plethora, snowman, Buschhhhh, shiplap


Chili 39* ground slightly moist from night rainfall.  A bit misty in the air.


Hi-Lighter (DUH)  what else do you wear to the carpenter #KeepCarpenterWeird also blue GoRuck ranger panties to cover up the Ki-Lighter.


all IC

5 Groiners

5 right leg out lbc

5 left leg out lbc

5 davincis


Kilo Karnival set to Trolls soundtrack because it’s my fav.


12 station circuit.

1 min at each.

20 seconds to move to next station

Jump rope

green and Val bag clean

coupon pull

rt leg out lbc

left leg out lbc



pickle pounders

mini band squats

abyss merkins

decline swing groiners

ruck plate curls


2 times around #Woof



jack Webb shoulder tap

jack web shoulder air press





#Rooster Backblast 3/20 @The Mutt

19 Pax showed up for a round of BLIMPS. A few of the Pax were present when I used this during  a previous Q, but most were new so I was excited.  I also revised the formula in my spreadsheet  and I think it worked out just right!

Pax: Wham-O, Tureen, Mad Cow, Zima, Fridge, Waterboy, Diablo, Escort, Sump Pump, Steerage, Deuce, Tiger, Jordy, Country Boy, Bernie, Zartan, Gepetto, Left Eye, and Spreadsheet (Q)
Mosey around church to the big parking lot.

COP –  All in cadence x10
Grass grabbers
Mountain climbers
Grass grabbers
Mountain climbers
We ended with the curly stretch.

Thing 1 – Pair up and knock out BLIMPS.  Partner 1 runs from the parking lot to the portico, completes 12 SSHs, then back to relieve partner 2 who is working on BLIMPS. As a pair complete 100 sets of Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Plank jacks, and Squats. On the lunges and imperial walkers, you complete 100 each leg.  Good try Country Boy on calling 2 for the SSH 🙂  #wedontgetupforeasy

Thing 2 – Mosey to the back parking lot so we can work on my dad bod six pack with Mary.  Mad Cow’s suggestion of just buying one was a great idea.  I’ll take Yingling please  Buuuuusssssccchhhhhh!!

All in cadence x10
James Bond
Little Baby Flutter Crunches (my new favorite.  I wonder what the couple walking by thought of all the noises from the PAX…)
Gas Pumps

Repeat set all in cadence x10
James Bond
Little Baby Flutter Crunches
Gas Pumps

Thing 3 – Ring of Fire.  Q had Escort pick number between 5 and 10, 9 was the answer.  Each exercise the PAX called out we would complete 9 reps.  We made it a few rounds and Waterboy had some challenges explaining whatever he did.  Q called an audible and changed the reps to 5 so we would finish in time.  I think Diablo memorized all the exercised called so you can go to him for details.

COT – announcements were commented to check Slack, but I can’t tell you which channel…..  Intentions were made and especially to all those we hold in our hearts.  Thanks again for coming out this morning HIMS.  I’ll SYITG



3/20 Backblast from 1st Tues Workout @ SC

Arrived at MLC site this morning @ 05:10 to find that BananaBread was there ready to go.  Leading my first Q I was excited to get things setup.  I drove around to front of school where the yard dash markers where laid out on the asphalt and placed the two cones 100 yards apart.  I circled back as the men showed up. (Q-Grandpa Bear; Banana Bread; Elmer; Spokey Doke; Shuttlecock; and Glauc representing with the shovel and flag)…T18 was nowhere to be found or heard from

  • It was a nice wet 35 degrees as we began to mozy on time.  We ran a short distance before entering into our first CoP.  There we did some Freddy arm circles, grass grabbers, side straddle hops, Imperial Walkers, Merkins.
  • We then mozy’d a short piece before doing 10 burpees.
  • Making our way to the first cone we paired up to do a cycle of Dora 1,2,3 – 100 merkins, 200 LBCs, 300 squats,
    • Proud of SC as everyone pushed hard (Thanks Glauc for keeping the bar raised)
  • We mozy’d a short piece before lining up to do a short Indian Line run to the backside of the school (I’ll work on my Q a little better next time, as my directions left some men wandering.)
  • We ended up in the parking lot with a parking curb on one side and a curb on the opposite side to reflect back on when Glauc got my name Grandpa Bear.  We bear crawled back and forth performing Merkins starting at 1 working up to 5.  (This is where I have to work on my time as Q)  Not knowing how long it was going to take everyone we could have pushed through to at least 7 or 8 Merkins).
  • We finished up with pushing ourselves to do as many bench step ups as possible.
  • Upon completed we began to mozy back to the flag.  @BananaBread got a second wind and pushed the PAX to sprint it out.

Back at the flag we finished with an Al Gore while reviewing the core principles.  Thanks @Glauc for backing me up.  Finished up early so I promise to make it up on the next Q.  Circled in CoT for intensions and prayer.   SC is looking for opportunity to get F3 involved in community.  Thanks guys for support and good workout.


@F3theMutt #Blender PreBlast @f3louisville

Happy First day of Spring 😐

Looks like Mother Nature is doing some thangs that she shouldn’t be doing tomorrow ….So I’ve scrapped my original Weinke and decided to do some thangs that we probably shouldn’t be doing. Not CSAUP….but maybe close. I’m saving the real CSAUP for my birthday Q 4/14.

It will be 34 and snowing in the gloom. Should be pretty. Please bring gloves. Coupons are cold and heavy when it snows. And please dress for the occasion. It’s spring!! Cmon PAX. Act like it. Let’s dress for it – even if Momma Nats is taking crazy pills.

Also, my M was out of town this morning. My F3 brain told me to let my oldest 2.0 Hansel – babysit 2.1 and 2.2 while he sleeps……sounds reasonable….But my boring brain took over, and told me to skip. Loser.

So I’m a HC for the pre – Ruck, and looking to make up for lost time when I Q.

Zartan – do you have an extra rick plate? Or do I just throw some kitty litter in the ol Barcelona backpack?

3/21 Veteran’s Park @F3VilleBlackOps Preblast – CI Blind Q

Alright kids, I have the Q at VP, but I’m going in blind. This could go one of two ways: 1. Great; or 2. Super Great.

So, be a man and do something that will, at a minimum, be great. Or don’t and be that guy.

Who: All Pax not otherwise committed to the Blender or the Bridge. Remember, even Stevie Wonder drove a car, so I’m sure this will be fine

What: a CI Q that will take what the terrain gives

When: 3/21 0530

Where: check out the handy image embedded in this Preblast

How: through pure indomitable will

Why: because we can and should

CI out

3/17 Backblast Inaugural Passion Ruck #PopeLickPark


3/17/18 Inaugural Passion Ruck @ Pope Lick Park
6 PAX arrived at Pope Lick Park 0500 (Q-Skid; Kilo; PewPew; Wham!; PK; and FNG – Ja-Mall) for a “Good Friday” inspired Ruck. Along with the PAX, we gathered the required GEAR:
– Flag & Shovel
– Rucks (+20-30 lbs)
– 3, 5ft. long 4X4s (F3 logo to boot)
– 4 big ‘ol tires
– 2 sledgehammers
Skid opened his VQ with a quick message to the PAX about his inspiration for the morning Ruck. What better way to tangibly remember the story of Good Friday than to pick up a heavy beam yourself and carry it an unknown distance to endure some physically brutal exercises.

Thang 1

We split into pairs (Skid & Ja-Mall; Kilo & Wham!; PewPew & PK); picked up our 4X4s and moseyed ~.25M to the playground/field for the welcome party.
Skid introduced the PAX to a deck of cards and assigned a single work-out per suit. Reps correspond to the number on the card Jacks = 15, Queens = 20, Kings = 25:
– Hearts = Ruck Squats
– Spades = Ruck Swings
– Clubs = Ruck Thrusters
– Diamonds = 4-count flutter-kicks with Rucks overhead
– All diamonds = 300 yard dash
1/3 of the way through the deck, the PAX were going strong, but taking a breather Skid began to read from Luke 22: 39-53 where Jesus prays on the Mount of Olives and where Jesus is betrayed by Judas and arrested.

After reading we continued through the deck and close to 2/3 of the way through Skid allowed each of PewPew and Ja-Mall to substitute one work-out exercise with something new. Ja-Mall decided to substitute Ruck swings with Ruck curls (Kilo approved as he was nearing lower back failure)…… and PewPew substituted the 300 yard dashes with Imperial March ***in what was viewed as a bigger upset than a #16 seed defeated a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament***.
PAX made it through the deck. As we recovered Skid continued to read Luke 22:54 – 23:23 and Matthew 27:27-31: Peter denying Christ; Jesus suffering under heavy guard, Pontius Pilate and Herod.
With that we picked up our 4X4s and Skid challenged the PAX to carry the beams, solo, across the shoulders…… a concrete way to remember Jesus march to Golgotha.

Thang 2
Kilo led us on a 3 mile trek through the park. Excellent conversation amongst the PAX. A little creepy peering off into the distance and seeing the beady reflections off multiple deer….. at least I think they were deer.
We circled back to the field and Skid read Luke 23:26 where Simon is asked to carry the cross with Jesus. As a reminder of what F3 is all about and how we have to “pick each other up”….


Thang 3

Skid instructed a two man carry event.
Carry one: Each PAX would literally pick-up and carry their partner (Ruck and all) over their shoulders for a distance of 30-40 yards. Everyone managed to complete the task although at one point I caught Kilo screaming at Wham! to calm down as he was doing his best Michael Phelps impression on top of Kilo’s shoulders!
Carry two: One PAX lays on his back (Ruck and all) and his partner must bear crawl over top, dragging him the 30-40 yard distance. Everyone completed the task!
We picked up the 4X4s and moved back to the start point for our final event.
Skid read the crucifixion scene from Luke 23. The final event required each participant to swing a sledgehammer 10X onto an old tire (3 rounds each). With each swing of the hammer we reflected on every sin we had committed and how each sin was a nail being driven into Christ’s hands and feet…. He took that on for all of us. (***In demonstrating the exercise, Skid completely whiffs on the first swing, plugging the hammer 6 inches into the muddy ground***).
The final readings came from Luke 23:35-43; Matthew 27:45-46; John 19:28-35 and Mark 15:38-39 where Jesus takes his last breath. Skid wraps up the Ruck by distributing patches to everyone with the Greek inscription τετελεται, which reads “IT IS FINISHED”

If you weren’t able to make it and after reading this B.B. you think this is something you may want to participate in, you’re in luck!!!!

Skid has agreed to run this event again next week!!!


When?   Thursday 3/29 9:00 PM – midnight

Where?    North Posh (Shelbyville Rd. Parklands entrance)

Why?   Because of Good Friday we are saved.


Pre blast and more information to come.


hope to see you there!!!



3.20.18 BO Ruck BB: No One Knows

PAX: Diablo, Geppetto, Jordy, GlenRoss, Sump Pump, Zartan (Q)

Conditions: feels like 28* with 11 mph wind out of the North (it’s colder up there)

Gearlander: Salomon kicks with no see em socks, NorthFace Shorts, Nike tee, Patagonia windbreaker, F3 Louisville ascot, mud gear Tac hat.

We often hear guys saying “at F3 we don’t get up for easy.” And anyone who posts at 0530 knows this to be true. You leave a warm bed to go have one of your buddies or future buddies kick the crap out of you in all kinds of conditions. Rain or shine. Heat or cold. We show up for each other and we sure as hell don’t get up for easy.

I have an idea. Let’s get up even earlier and do some more things that aren’t easy. So that’s what 6 of us did in the pre-gloom today. It was SumpPumps VR (virgin Ruck) and we loved having him out. Talking with him after there is no doubt he will be back. #HIM.

So nothing crazy just a neighborhood Ruck. We went just shy of 3 miles with a good pace. All good better and 2dn F was in full force.

Along the way we learned about the umbrella sock( patent pending), weird dreams of failure, the mention of 20hrs of GoRuck event kills mumble chatter to be replaced with deep seeded fear, GlenRoss’s great great great great great grandfather also did not know the story of the large estate on Chenoweth( No One Knows) and Jordys Friday Ruck at Iroquois park

All in all I could not imagine any place I would have rather been this morning.

3/20 BreBlast Kilo Karnival #Karpenter


Laura Rutledge of the SEC network (🔥) recently approached me for an interview to talk about The upcoming Kilo Karnival VQ at #TheCarpenter and my obsession with hi lighter swag.  💯 Below are a few snippets of my interview which will probably air in its entirety on Wednesday after our post Karnival follow up.  Enjoy!


Laura Rutledge -Hey Kilo, why do you like neon hi lighter green -so much?

Kilo– “I don’t really care for the color, I just like to stand out in a crowd”

LR– Ok but, you never shut up, you constantly interrupt and talk over others, so you really don’t need to stand out with your attire.  You’re voice and excessive energy do the trick.

Kilo– “Sad but true, the thing is I want you to see me, hear me, and….. well never mind, just see me and hear me.”

LR- Ok, odd.. so why should the PAX of F3Louosville come to you’re Karnival?

Kilo– “Because I’ve got that sunshine in my pocket and good soul in my feet.  Also, it’s gonna be amazingly awesome.  SYITG”



Backblast 3/19/18 Nino VQ @ Posh #incubator

Last night as I was finalizing the workout for my VQ I found myself anxious & stressed because I was so unsure of what I was doing today. This morning I woke up at 4:15 AM & was at the Posh by 4:45 AM going through everything in my head & walking it out. Then, I see headlights as PAX start to pull up & get out to embrace one another. Looking around at the HIMs in front of me a calm came over me because I knew even if I didn’t know what I was doing, the 13 men looking back at me had my back. At 6:25 AM when I got back in my car I felt more gratitude & humility than I have in a long time. Thank you for this opportunity & to everyone who came out today. I look forward to the opportunity to Q again.

Pax (14): Nino(VQ), Mr. Hat, Boozer, Meatball, Starchild, Methane, Kilo, Tool Time, Bob Ross, Pk, Glauc, Grandpa Bear, Brokeback

FNG (1): Huggies

We started off by moseying over to a nearby parking lot with 1/2 of the HIMs carrying Coupons going the shorter route & the other 1/2 of HIMs without Coupons going the longer route. The Coupons were lined up across the entry to the parking lot.

Circled up to get loose performing the following exercises in cadence:

(20) Grass Grabbers
(10) Merkins
(20) Shoulder Touches
(20) Imperial Walkers

We then moseyed approximately 250 feet to the other end of the parking lot & paired up for some suicidal fun:

Round 1
– HIM 1 did (100) Squats while partnered HIM 2 performed suicide:
– 1/2 point (10) Burpees
– End point (20) Coupon Curls
– Alternate
– The PAX waited for all HIMs to complete doing LBCs/Planking until completion.

Round 2
– HIM 1 did (100) Side Straddle Hops while partnered HIM 2 performed suicide.
– 1/2 point (10) Burpees
– End point (20) Coupon Shoulder Press
– Alternate
– The PAX waited for all HIMs to complete doing LBCs/Planking until completion.

Round 3
– HIM 1 did (100) Lunges while partnered HIM 2 performs suicide.
– 1/2 point (10) Burpees
– End point (20) Coupon 21s
– Alternate
– The PAX waited for all HIMs to complete doing LBCs/Planking until completion.

From here we moseyed back to the meeting spot with 1/2 of the PAX carrying Coupons going the shorter route & the 1/2 going the longer route.

At this point we paired back up with the same PAX member.

Throw Downs:
(10) Straight Down
(10) Right Side
(10) Left Side
– Alternate

We then circled up for some more exercises to close it down:

(20) JLos
(30) LBCs coming all the way up on 10, 20, & 30
(10) Mountain Climbers
(10) Donkey Kicks

Announcement(s): F3 Dad’s Day is this Saturday 3/24/18 from 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM (double check this in the #F3dads thread).

Intention(s): Pk has a family friend who’s going through some real difficult times right now & could use our prayers.





3.19.18 BO Ruck BB: Master of Puppets

Pax: Geppetto, Jordy, BackDraft, MadCow, Mouth, Diablo, Zartan, OldBay

Conditions: 40ish and clear.

Gearlander: We all had on normal gear but when Mouth said my simple pants looked like something I would wear to a business meeting I had to smile. Mainly because I did on Wednesday and Friday of last week.

Nothing too crazy to share from this 50 minute 3.3ish mike Ruck. We made great time and carried some heavy stuff.

The best part of today was that we got 2 Ruck Vs out with us. Geppetto and BackDraft both crushed it and I am guessing we will see them both again soon.

Fun fact: Geppetto came with a Master of Puppets Metallica backpack filled with wooden puppets while BackDraft just carried a giant oxygen tank like he does on the reg. Both HIMs and beasts.

03/20/2018 PreBlast PK Q @ the “O”


I know you guys have those big coupons at the “O”.  Figured on bringing some mini coupon work to the “O”, and work out the bumps in your O track to make it a bit more Poshy.

I should have plenty for everyone.  Bring some of your own if you prefer, I won’t judge.  Bricks, Water Jugs filled with Sand, or if you want to carry the O coupons around the O, DO IT.  You do you.  Either way come prepared to get better @ 0530-0615

VQ Week April 16 – 20



Dear PAX,

The week of April 16 – 20 is hereby designated as VQ Week. Site Q’s are going to use this arbitrarily selected week to give an additional push to some of you who we want to see lead us in the Gloom. Yes, we all enjoy the uncertainty that comes with Captain Insane-o’s shenanigans; like seeing how many times Zartan can say BOYO in a 45 minute span; and, always appreciate watching Starchild make stuff up as he goes (“I’m going to call this a Starman jump”). But, we have several new, strong, natural leaders in our midst. If you’re reading this and wondering if I may be talking about you, I assure you the answer is, “Yes, I am.”

F3 is here to invigorate male community LEADERSHIP. There is no better way to see this in immediate action, and to see what you can do, than to lead a group of HIMs in the Gloom. You lead; we will follow.

When you take that leap to Q, I am here to help, but so are many others. To quote my favorite movie character, “Say When.”

Wherefore, let’s ACT INTENTIONALLY to use VQ WEEK to inspire leadership! Let’s see how many VQs we can get!


BackBlast – St Patrick’s Day 3.17.18

Sorry for the delayed B.B.

When I looked at the calendar, I laid my eyes on the 17th and had this idea to incorporate Guinness some how. Little Jerry had the O and Vincent was already down for the Mutt. I knew these HIMs would be up for a little running and we’re kind enough to let me “run” with this idea. As many of you would have guessed I also had to include some kind of beer element.

@ The Mutt Vincent started with a coupon beat down. You vs You. 1 minute on 15 seconds off. Curls, OH Presses, Merkins, coupon bell swings and may be missing a couple.

I took over from there. Got everyone a ridiculous green hat and Guinness blinkie light thingy and we were off. I believe Zoo and Vincent were the only ones who knew where we were going. There were 7 shamrocks placed along Leland and St Matts Ave for the 15 HIMs to stop for 7 quick merkins while the six caught up with everyone.

Once we turned the corner off St Matthews Ave, I’m pretty sure everyone thought we were going to Heine Bros for an early coffeteria. Little did they know I had arranged 30 pints of Guinness to be waiting for us at Molly Malones. The even better surprise was Little Jerry’s crew from the O ironically were there waiting on us. 27 legal drinkers and Sea Bass partook in 15 min of some 2rdF. I made one rule when we got there: Every pax had to find someone from the other AO and knock out 5 Bropees. A few pics later both AOs we’re back to their respective sites. Mutt boys stopped at each shamrock again for some merkins and then last leg up Leland was an All ya got to the finish. At this point the Guinness pint wanted to come back up for some, but Vincent led us out with some stretching that got us back to zen. We circled up. Vincent and I thanked the pax and the man upstairs.

I appreciate the guys I have gotten to know through F3. Anybody that will run a couple miles to share a Guinness at 7:30a on a cold Saturday morning, I would call a HIM and a Friend.

Oh yeah Zoo wore light green polo with long sleeve white shirt and orange shorts to match the Irish flag, but the green hat wouldn’t fit his head.. (either)