BackBlast BlackOps “The Wait is Over” Crestwood Elementary 4/29/18 Abacus / Airplane Q

The wait is over! Crestwood Elementary has everything! HUGE Parking lottrump.jpeg

Tennis courts!


Cross country course!


Picnic Tables!

It was like heaven on earth.jpeg

YUP! This could be the site!

YHC began last week looking forward to Hope Scarves marathon relay, feeling anxious that I had not trained enough miles for the race, and on a high from convergence. When out of the blue the Slack Machine placed an opportunity in front of me. I had a lawyer once tell me half my problem is I don’t like to say no, so naturally, I said yes when Zartan and Airplane suggested F3 needs to be in Crestwood to serve the men of Oldham County!

Airplane and YHC exchanged 5,000,000 slack messages weighing out BlackOps sites and agreed on Crestwood Elementary. Dang that looks solid! Next came, “who is going to Q this BlackOps”. Knowing I had the mini marathon (how’d it get called a mini is beyond me…half sounds so much tougher), I knew crawling out of the fartsack would be damn near impossible if I did not HC to Q.

BlackOps day minus 1 YHC took an action not taken for several Q’s…I wrote down a weinke! Usually, YHC commits the beatdown to some level of memory and then ad-libs, but for Crestwood BlackOps 1 and knowing there would be at least 1 FNG, I owed it to the men to be uber prepared.

Pulling into the parking lot I knew it would be special…there were 8 PAX waiting for this special day! 8

PAX – Abacus Q / Airplane Mary Q, Iceman (R), Nugget, Big Bird, Ameila, Meter Maid (FNG), Boozer, Fergie

Began with standard disclaimer. Mosey around this fine facility provided by the taxpayers of Oldham County (see above for the amenities)!


SSH I/C 20

Copperhead squats I/C 20

Kendra Newmans


Abe Vigota

Finkle Swings

Nancy Kerrigans

Thang 1

Merkin Bomb!!! From 10 down (Airplane, big stud, did 10 each time around)

Thang 2

Partner B.O.M.B.S.

Partner 1 ran 30 ish meters and back while Partner 2 began BOMBS exercise (switch out until finished)

Burpees – 50

Overhead Claps – 100

Merkins – 150

Big Boy Sit Ups – 200

Squats – 250

Mosey to the eclectic grassy area for Mary led by Airplane

LBC I/C 21

Gas Pumps 21 straight up

Da vinci sit-ups 6

Mosey to flag for COT, NOR, Announcements, and Intentions

This being F3 and we are freed to lead we will hold BlackOps on Sunday’s here for the month of May!!!! Maybe a Tuesday as well! Stay tuned! F3 is in the OC house!

Back-Blast 4/28/18 for The Fog Pre-Ruck

Had I known exactly what Huggies had in store for his VQ I might not have put this Pre-Ruck on the calendar. However, I knew Huggies got his Ruck sack in this week & was chomping at the bit to use it. So, (6) PAX hit the ground at 0545 this morning to travel 4.0 miles through the beautiful Parklands at a pace of 15’29” per mile.



  1. Huggies
  2. Tool Time
  3. Flounder
  4. Gypsy
  5. McAfee
  6. Nino


I’ve quickly realized the best parts of Rucking is the opportunity for the Second F. I’m thankful for the opportunity this morning to get to better know these (5) PAX members.


PreBlast Crestwood Elementary BlackOps! Sunday 4/29/18 0700 to 0745 Abacus and Airplane Q!!!

Crestwood, East Louisville, has been begging for F3 for years. Sunday is the day F3 comes to Crestwood BlackOps style!

We will explore Crestwood Elementary’s parking lot, tennis courts, and who knows what else is there, but we will know after Sunday!

Where – Crestwood Elementary ( 6500 KY-146, Crestwood, KY 40014)


When – Sunday 4/29/18 0700

Why – Give the people what they want

How – sheer will and hardwork!

Never easy, but always worth it! #GETBETTER!

4/27 Norton Commons Black Ops BackBlast

Today was my first solo Q.  I was so excited last night that I was up at 3:00 am.  I think I went back to sleep but maybe not.  Regardless as I jumped out of bed at 5 I could feel my adrenaline pumping aka Q Juice I keep hearing about.  Since I live about 6 house from the Norton Commons meet up location I typically run to the morning session, but today was different.  I had 10 coupons loaded in the back of my car ready for delivery.  Just one thing, I couldn’t find my car key… (Which I never misplace) I started running around the house trying to find my key, looking through my wife’s multiple purses… Why does she have so many sitting out!?  Luckily I found the spare key and I was off to set up.  But it’s 5:26 am.  So I park the car where we are going to work out and I sprinted to the meet up. Arrive at 5:29 am half out of breath but ready for a work out.


Disclaimer was spoken and we started off with an Indian Run over to the JCPS Soccer field to change up the work out location.  I was hoping to have the coupons already set up but because of my key hiccup I luckily had (9) #HIM’s to assist.  Once coupons on the field we gathered for COP:


–            Downward dog with left and right leg stretch

–            Grass Grabbers (10) IC

–            Abe Vigoda Forward/Back

–            (3) Count Merkins (10) IC

–            Imperial Walkers (10) IC

The Thang 1 – at new soccer field

I had every one count off 1-2 but should have just said pair up… But we managed to work everything out.  We started 30 yards away from the swing set with the coupons.

P1 run and do 5 Pull Up’s, modify with (8) Spider Man P2: work together to accomplish:

–            100 Coupon Shoulder Press

–            200 Coupon Curls

–            300 Coupon Squat

–            400 Coupon Press

The Thang 2

Bear Craw Half Soccer Field, lunge second half, sprint back.  Repeated a second time and we ran over to the usual soccer field for some Mary

–          20 Big Boy Sit Up’s

–            20 American Hammers

–            20 Rosalitas

–            20 LBCs

–            15 LBFC’s

On our way back to the flag (light pole) Glenn Ross snapped a photo and apparently caught a UFO while at it (see PaxPix).  Photo will be featured in the National Enquire next week.

Announcements:  Check slack and get out this weekend to support the other sites while they might be a little light with others heading to Toledo.  Intentions were given, prayers were had and everyone headed off to be a better person today.

Thanks for allowing me to Q today.


Delayed BB: 04/26, Bayside…

Fellas, I’m sorry, my brain is everywhere these days.  I am sure you all have been wondering about what Bayside was up to Thursday AM?  Well?  A lot of good stuff.. read on.

Q: Glauc

PAX: Shuttlecock, Banana Bread, Spokey Doke, Huggies, Thumbtack (semi FNG) he came on a black ops tuesday.  Welcome Thumbtack

Mosey to rear of school.

COP:  25 SSH (IC) , 12 Grass Grabbers, hamstring hold waterfall (each  pax consecutively counts from 10 down while holding feet and pulling hamstrings up)

“Soul on Fire” + We all know this by now… SSH the entire song with burpee during “soul on fire”

Merkin waterfall – 8 through 1 – 8 merkins, 8 sec plank hold, rinse and repeat down until 1.

Mosey to rear of school

1:4 : Air squats : Curtsey lunges.. Made it to 8:32 (mixed apollo ono’s instead of curtsey lunges a few times)

Grab coupons:  1:4 , forward raise: curls .  made it to 6:24

Full LBC waterfall: (1st time attempting this)  A “Full” LBC  (raise and lowering your legs, not keeping them stationary) start at 15, then do a 15 second hold.  Repeat down 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 , 9, 8, 7

“Beautiful name”  :  Elbow plank entire song.  during chorus, go to high plank and do a complete merkin on a “descriptive” name and Jesus.  Always tough

mosey to back around flag

Ab O Rama :  All 20 Single count :  20 LBC (legs on ground ) , 20 LBC , LBC (right leg out), LBC (left leg out), LBC (in big marge), 20 Full LBC, lBC (right side down),  LBC (left side down), Side plank dips (right), side plank dips (left)

Repeat above and do 10 of each


Announcements made on the continued AO we hope to be bayside (might have to make a transition to a different site)  Intentions for all, including T18 and the sale of his house and thumbtack on his house move.  Prayers to all those sick.. mentally and physically.  Serenity prayer..


Glauc OUT!

4.27.18 Iceman Birthday Backblast

AO – Posh, Pax – Iceman, Kilo, Nino, Double Down, FORCED Close, McAfee, Jitterbug, Mr. Hat, Huggies, Rox(FNG)

Mosey, butt kicks, high knees, kareoke to parking lot

COP- SSHs 51(of course), Grass Grabbers 20, Arm Circles, mountain climbers 20, calf stretches, 20 Merkins

Thang 1-

3 groups –

1 jog to dip station, dips AMRAP

2 progression runs 25%, 50%, 75%

3 Mary

Thang 2- the 51 yard race

Heats 1, 2, 3

Rinse and repeat

Iceman vs Kilo

Thang 3- bear crawl race… Gotta give this one unofficially to Kilo-freak.

Thang 4

51 burpee race…it was just stupid, but Mcafee busted it out 1st!!!

COT – Intentions for OJ, Mcafee, Bobross, Kilo families, and our HIMs heading to Toledo. A special thanks to the sky Q for bringing me F3 … and Kilo…

Here’s my little Rox… I think he slept in his Mustang track shirt last night!

We were all winners today because we got better…the Pax is strong and the Pax is fast. Cox was fastest of the Pax today as I expected. Kilo and McAfee were strong competitors. I’m not sure what would have been worse for Kilo … getting beat by the old man or getting beat by his little 2.0… Rox. A special thanks to Kilo for letting Rox win. Probably the highlight of his year. He won’t stop talking about it. I’m sure he will tell all his friends at recess today. I want to thank all the HIMs who came out today to celebrate my birthday and to GET BETTER!

F3 Relay HDHH Backblast

3-ish months ago Old Bay and I huffing through a WO at The Mutt started chatting about running the Marathon Relay. The Wiley Old Vet had done this relay song and dance before, but got me intrigued on putting together our first F3 team. I remember him saying “Hope Scarves is near and dear to my heart but I don’t want the other guys to feel like that’s what they should have to raise money for”. I said “screw that! Come one Come all! Ever HIM would be behind that… ” Needless to say we only have 15 HIMs running Saturday, but everyone has stepped up to help the cause!

Thank you to everyone that purchased at $10 pint of SweetWater during the 4:20 pour- Courtesy of Zoo on the MIC! The idiots that admittedly wear a White Claw Dri Fit because that’s CIA drink of choice… and the rest of yahs that came out tonight to get a Trump sponsored “red solo cup with your F3 name sharpied to the side”

All in all. Through the Sunday Run Days, the Happy Hours, and the excitement for Saturday, I’m thrilled to say I’ve got a large GEE in cash to go to the bottom line. Kudos to those who have told me that have gone on the website and donated. If you haven’t yet, Tron will hunt you down and we will call you out worse than an FNG that works at Orange Theory.

CI and the GORuck team I believe have collected quite the change as well. And as I handed him 2 cases of White Claw and a Coors Light Pride tank top in a back parking lot near the dumpsters of st Matthews … He reminded me “It’s all one piggy Bank” and that hit home for me.

Thankful to be apart of this group of idiots. And happy to call you guys brothers.

PS – to make an even case I made the following HIMs a glass: Abacus, Diablo, Star Child, Red Roof, Mad Cow, Plethora. Pay up suckers!


Busch-with 5H’s

Zoolander’s Birthday Q BackBlast (finally) at #theHurt 4.14.18

I’m very deliberate with my back-blasts. I take pride in them, and try to give the PAX that posted – a laugh. And I try to get those who betrayed me (I think that’s the phrase the website gives for those who skip a Zoo Q)… to feel “like they were there. ”

So I’m 11 days late on this one. I told CI on Monday evening, while flaking on the Carpenter Q for travel reasons (Milan fashion show) that, “If F3 were my job – I’d be fired.” He assured me I that would be on double-secret probation at worst. What a guy.

So why is it late? Maybe I am trying to test my memory after becoming one year more Advanced. To see if I can capture the post accurately after 11 days (think F3 for the brain)… Maybe I am an ultra narcissist, and wanted to see how many people asked for my back blast… maybe I had two birthday beers courtesy of Busssssch, before 9 AM… And didn’t stop… and Just woke up…..and maybe I’ve got too much going on (like everyone else)….didn’t want to rush the B.B., kept putting it off, acted like if I ignored it – I didn’t really get older….and blah blah blah. I’m sure the votes amongst the pax are tied between reasons 2 and 3……and I’ll never tell.

Ok. Sorta apology over. Got up, got dressed, and was giddy about Qing on my birthday. I was anxious to see the PAX. In fact, I was so anxious-that I arrived at The Mutt at 6:58.14. There’s no other way I wanted to start my birthday! I was stoked.

Gearlander: I was boring. I wanted to wear my Sperry’s, but wasn’t sure it’d be a good idea based on the Weinke…..and I wanted to wear a nice chambray button down – but knew it’d get real dirty. Again, based on the Weinke. So I woke up late and threw on my baby blue 7 inch seam nike dry fit shorts, my least favorite neon yellow kilo look alike gator swim shirt, and the saucony’s.

Paxlander: Awesome! Just fricking awesome. These boys get me, and brought a big ol smile to my face at 6:58.21!! Old Bay had the preppy sweater over the shoulders, BackDraft matched his socks to his shorts, Gepetto had his closest tank top to pastel (neon orange) on that he could find, CI gave me my first hoorag!!, Pope dry cleaned his tank top, Wham and Noxeema Jackson had matching pastel polos on, Buschhh had his finest, (free) pastel Patagonia beer shirt on, KV not only actually showed up- but dressed up….Face looked dapper, and my lil bro (who was up late hydrating-and was a very LC) even showed. Wow. I loved the planning and coordination involved to make Zoolander feel like he’s at a real life fashion show. Ok. No more 3rd person. And this may be part of the 11 day delay syndrome… I know others participated and I am not giving them credit. Just know, that in that moment-I saw everyone – and it brought the biggest smile to my face!


Run 200 yards to the tree planted in my father’s honor. This is the second time I have held COP at this location (the other being his birthday). It’s a neat feeling having all the pax circled up around that tree. Especially on my birthday. He would’ve thought that was really cool.

SSH 0. As always. I told the PAX that they would be giving me many gifts today. Their first gift was Qing COP. Pick an exercise…any exercise. Just not SSH.

PLANK JACKS 14 IC. Wham reminded me that these were SSH’s in a plank position. Well played CI

We then did other COP stuff. IC. 14. I recommend writing backblasts within 24 hours.

Then Moira, Who was taking my 2.0 Hansel to an 8 o’clock soccer game drove by with the windows open. The 3 of them yelled “happy birthday Zoo!!!” It’s the small things, that make you smile. F3 made that moment and memory happen. Cool.

Thang 1

Burpee Native American run down Leland. stop at st. Matthews Ave. Do Burpee’s and plank waiting on the six. Get back into two lines and continue down Saint Matthews Avenue. Stop at an easement we have never ventured down before. Do a 3/4 AYG to the end of the grassway and stop between st. Matthews feed and seed, and that store next to it that nobody goes into. There we saw 9 concrete pillars 3 feet tall. And a 25 yard clear concrete path. Count off into 4’s. Yes. This did take 14 minutes as usual. 1’s bear crawl back and forth on the concrete twice. Half of group 1 bear crawl… While the other half plank. The other three groups gathered at the first, second, and third row of pillars. Derkins. (Very steep derkins) AMRAP until bear crawling complete. Switch to the next station. Next station was dips. Then back to derkins. Everyone rotated through the 4 stations. Nice work. Sorta organized. Really hard. Good stuff. Let’s head back to the Mutt.

Thang 2

But wait! There’s more.

As we were catching our breath’s… I called out to 14 pax. They thought we were dividing into two groups for another Native American run…silly pax. Not so fast my friends… Mulch addition! If I called your name – go grab a bag of mulch that I bought last night and asked the cashier to set outside unlocked. If you don’t have a bag of mulch, go find a buddy and stand next to him. Sidenote… The fertilizer was heavier than the mulch… So pope grabbed that. Luckily, fertilizer is less expensive than mulch… So I don’t think we can get accused of stealing. Side side note–That whole interaction with the cashier Friday evening deserves a back blast…It sort of looked like this:

Zoo: “yes ma’am. Please put those 14 bags of mulch over to the side unlocked so that I can grab them tomorrow morning. I’m going to tell a few friends to run a half mile to your store around 7:30am ,before you open, to grab them. I’ll then tell them to run another half mile (with PT) with the mulch – to my house and drop them off in my backyard.”

Her: ummmm. Wha? Excuse me?

Zoo: I’m confused. Is there a problem?

Her: you’re not worried about them getting stolen?

Zoo: “umm nope. Do I push green for credit? Or is it the X. Why are all of these machines different?”

Her: Ok. But… But… Don’t you just want to wait until after we open? And how exactly are you going to get 14 of your friends to run up here and carry them all the way back to your house?

Zoo: “Oh. Sorry. I should explain. It’s F3. I’m the Q, and basically the PAX has to do whatever is on my Weinke.”

Her: “iI’ll tell Roy to put them outside. Please leave. You’re not making any sense.”

Sometimes we just take for granted that everyone knows the F3 culture and lexicon. Oh well. The deal was done.

Pax 1 grabs the 50-ish pound bag of mulch and jogs with his buddy until I say stop. Then, the pax without the mulch planks. His buddy puts the mulch on his back. Mulch Merkins. The PAX doing plain old Merkins looks the mulch Merkin pax in the eyes (as usual) and laughs, and counts to 20. Run some more… Switching the bag of mulch. Sidenote. Lots of different ways to run with mulch. Not sure we found a clear winner. Ran until I said stop. You guessed it… Switcheroo for more laughing, staring into each others eyes, and counting during mulch Merkins. We made it to my house. Everyone grinned. I think. I hope. They thought it was clever, and got a kick out of the whole thing. Plus… We got better. That was tough. Wet. Ouch is heavy. Let’s run down Leland on our way back to the Mutt. We hadn’t seen Zartan in a while. He was resting up for a four hour ruck, with PT, later that evening. I get it. (CI did both. Woof) But, I thought he would enjoy watching us doing Squerkins in his front yard while having his morning joe.

Pax 1 planks. Pax 2 grabs pax 1 ankles real hard and lifts them in the air while squatting and yelling for pax 1 to go hard and do 20 derkins. Unfortunately, there were non – F3 folks doing things they think are normal on Saturday mornings too. Things like walking their dog…….jogging…….driving to soccer…..staring at 27 men doing Squerkins in another man’s front yard. Oh well. We’re used to it. Fortunately, we saw someone peeking through the blinds. Can’t say if it was Zartan, or the M. We have our guesses. And we won’t say.

Thang 3

We finally got back to The Mutt. Time to have some fun. Count off into groups of two. This went remarkably well. We decided that the group with the best abs would go skins. You guessed it. My group. Time for ultimate burpee football. Simple. Throw the football forward. Stop when you catch it. Continue throwing to a teammate until you cross the goal line. Do 2 Burpee’s every time the ball drops. Everyone. Simple right? Wow! The Pax is great at burpees, mulch merkins, and Squerkins. Catching footballs…..not so much. But that’s not the point. We laughed a ton. Mostly at each other’s expense. But we laughed. A lot. And we tied 2-2… We tried so hard to get a winner… But we got worser and more worserer as time progressed.

Back to the flag for NOR BOM.







GLAUCOMA- big thanks for making the flight!


GLENN ROSS – ummm. Yeah. About him. Glenn is a HIM and Q’d at Bayside at 6am. Those guys never sleep. After he Q’d… He drove over to the mutt to celebrate my birthday. He couldn’t find us in the neighborhood, but stuck around. I can’t believe he didn’t see the trails of mulch leading to my backyard. Big props Glenn. Thanks.
















GEPETTO (thanks for the nudges. All 12 of them)




NOR Was fun. Neverland is an anesthesiologist at Baptist. We got from there to Michael Jackson to Neverland. It was great.


Many intentions were given to the sky Q. I gave thanks to the men that not only joined me for my birthday Q… But who also put in the effort to coordinate their fashion to pay an ode to me. Or to make fun of me. Or both. I lived it! So fun. This group means a lot to me. They make me laugh and make me better every time I’m around them. I’m also in way better shape. F3 was the 2nd best gift I’d received that day. And one of the best gifts I’ve ever been given. Thanks Zartan and CI for the HL. Best gift of the day? My brother posting was up there….but the cooler full of 420’s provided by my friend Bussssssch was awesome. The pax sat around for 2rd F (my favorite F) for a while. Some of us for an hour. We laughed, Learned about the new priest, learned about CIs planning for the ruck later that evening, made stronger bonds, and just had a great time. You know…normal dudes doing normal things on a Saturday morning.

I’m humbled by this group


4/25 Blender BackBlast

PAX: 10, Glen Ross (Q), Tron, SumpPump, PED, Mouth, Vincent (Respect), Hamm, Nugget, Left Eye, Geppetto

Conditions: 54 (forgot to check- see Bob’s BackBlast)

So when I saw that Bob Ross had the Q at the Bridge, I knew I needed to sign up and Q at the Blender.  With just 2 Wednesday options, the Ross brothers would treat the Louisville Pax to Identical beatdown at 2 separate locations.  Unfortunately, none of this is true.  I wish I would have thought of this, but honestly thought we had a Q already lined up.  I realized  early in the morning we didn’t but no worries, I’m a planner and always keep an emergency weinke in the car.

Disclaimer was given and we made our way around the school.  3 separate stops for 10 BOYOs.  Completed the loop and did quick warm up.  30 second elbow plank/ then 10 prisoner jump squats.  Repeat 3 times and wrap up warm up.  Also promised Pax that we were done with running and burpees.

Next, everyone grab 2 coupons and line up in the parking lot for 40 yard dash.  Begin with bear crawl to first coupon then 20 coupon curls, then bear crawl to the next coupon and do 20 bench presses.  Finish last ten yards with bear crawl.

Next go back,  doing lunges in between and upping the the amounts to 30 and 30.

Repeated this once more.

Next changed out the curls and presses for Rows and Overhead Presses.  Same set up as above.  Start with bear crawl, then 20 and  20.  Then repeat going back with lunges and increased the amount to 30/30

Did this for about 20 minutes but decided to move on.  Put the coupons up and then circled back up for burpees. Pax was not happy about more burpees as I already told them we were done with burpees.  As Glauc would say, sorry, not sorry.  But really I did forget and did apologize.  So we moseyed over to the courtyard but first stopped for 20 ace and Gary’s.  We had even numbers so I had to throw in 20 big boys/ while partner holds partners legs and planks.  Not sure where Zoo found this one, but it was much safer in the winter when everyone had tights on.  Next we made our way back to the courtyard for dips and derkins.  We did 20/20 aka Barbara Walters, then 15/15 and cooled down with10/10.  With 7 minutes left we made our way back to the flags for Mary.

It was wet, but no more Mary in the parking lot.  We did 20 (ic) LBCs, 20 (ic) American Hammers, 20(ic) Freddie Mercs and 20(ic) Gas Pumps.  Three minutes left we did another set but lowered the amount to 15 (ic) for all.

COT: I apologized to the guys for not getting out a pre-blast, even offered up my site Q resignation- but they wouldn’t accept.  Crap, I’m starting to think nobody is going to want this job.  Also, going to have some breaking news for the Blender next week.  Stay tuned.

Announcements: get to mellow today, and get out this Saturday and post.  Intentions for all those struggling right now and for those battling illness.  Ended with prayer- be kind, be thankful and go crush the day.


4/25/18 The Bridge – BackBlast Poshland

I wanted to save my legs for tonights F3 Fury Double Header so I decided to work heavy on shoulders, chest, and abs… not so much says the PAX. At one point in our beatdown Forrest Closed wished that I miss every shot in tonights games! Hmmm was it because I made the PAX run through soggy field or was in the running up/down of Meth Hill!

Anyway heres how it went down:

Weather – cloudy 54 degrees

PAX: (22) Rhythm, Nino, Flounder, Storm Trooper, Catfish, Huggies, Jitterbug, Iceman, Peekaboo, PK, ToolTime, Pew Pew, Swifty, Mr. Hat, Kilo, Boozer, Forrest Closed, MacAFee, Uncle Ricco, Bob Ross, Gypse, FNG (Been Gurnee, Looney)

After the disclaimer we moseyed around the lot to the lighted parking lot to circle up and Warmo-Rama

20 Grass grabbers

20 Abe Begoda

20 Side stradle hop shuffling in a circle COUNTER clockwise (I don’t know how a clock works)

20 Imperial Walkers in motion, moving clockwise

20 Hill Billies in motion, moving clockwise

Mosey to Meth Hill

Thang 1

After eventually finding out way in the dark to meth hill we plank.

20 High Plank Shoulder (run to bottom of hill 20 more)

20 Mountain climbers (run to bottom of hill 20 more)

20 Plank jacks (run to bottom of hill 20 more)

20 Shoulder Tap Mericans (run to bottom of hill 20 more)

Thang 2

Mosey to posh land fountain. Time for some ab workouts.

20 Flutter Kicks

20 Gas Pumps (Bob Ross Style)


Thang 3

Mosey to the bridge

20 Dips

20 Mule Kicks

Thang 3

Mosey back to the flag (not really) for Jack Webb!

After Name O-Rama our FNG announced that he was one a Minor League mascot named Looney. After much deliberation (almost naming him Buckey) we made it easy on him and welcomed “Looney” to the F3 community!

Announcements: Starting a Crestwood and Lexington AO and then prayer.

I gave thanks to the PAX for making me stronger and then off to conquer the day.


4/24 Backblast Bayside

It was a wet 50 degrees with a slight wind, but an awesome morning to workout.  Grandpa Bear – Q, Banana Bread, Spokey Doke, T18, Shuttlecock, Thumbtack (FNG)

The thing I love about F3 is walking out the door and feeling the cold damp air thinking I hope its not raining when I get there or during the workout.  Or I hope I don’t get my socks wet.  After the first five minutes of warming up, it doesn’t matter, you start to push yourself as hard as you can and soon forget that its raining.

This morning we started off with SSH’s, burpees, merkins, freddie merkeries, and began to work the core.  Our 6′-5″ FNG was the first onsight and ready to go.  The layout of the light poles gave just enough distance to go between for burpees, derkins, lunges, LBC’s, and pickle perkers.  We broke it up with a Glauc special, 3 minute meet in the middle with merkins and hand claps.  Short interval jogs led to additional LBC’s and dips.

Today was a total body workout engaging and strengthening all body parts with a little drizzle to keep us cool.  T18 also keep us balanced by requesting some supermans.

Role call and name o rama.  Intentions go out to Banana Bread and T18 and to the others.  Thanks again for Thumbtack and look forward to Thursday.

4.24.18 BlackOp: Lots of Curls

Frankly I didn’t know what to expect with a coupon focused WO. I hate to run therefore I love to run during my Qs. No real running limits your options. But when 4 HIMs stood ready to get after it I had the motivation I needed to get after it.

PAX: Plethora, Duece, Wedding Singer, OJ and Zartan Q

Conditions: Spitting rain and 50ish degrees

Disclaimer given we mosey around the grounds for a little recon. Here is what we discovered

  • Parking lot for days. Enough space to do whatever you want and more.
  • Playground with perfect spot for 5-6 PAX to do pull ups at the same time.
  • High ledge ideal for dips and severely declined Merkins.
  • Field larger than the Mutt and Poshier than the O.

Along our route we stopped for COP


20 IW IC

Kendra Newman’s and Digiornos

We continued our jog and discussed options for the grounds. As we made our way back to the main parking lot we did a lunge walk for about 20yrs and did high knees and butt kicks back to the coupon shed.

These bad boys were waiting for us so it was time to put them to use.

Tabata at 60 seconds on 15 off for 5 reps

Set 1

Coupon Plank





Set 2

Each PAX called 1 rep (I think it was..)


Bench press on 6

One armed rows (switch at 30 secs)

Big Boys With Coupon


Set 3

Cross over Merkins

3 part curls 20 Sec low 20 Sec high 20 full

Coupon flutter kicks


And something else.

Side note – while cataloging this historic event I just received confirmation that I will moving into a new role at ADP. Thanks to everyone for all the prayers and support. Not surprised by this group anymore but always very appreciative.

Back to the beatdown. Jogged to playground and ran back to shake out the weighted WO. Circled up for Mary by the cars and did Phiffer Kicks, 30 LBC IC, 20 American Hammer IC, some leg core straining thing that I demonstrated and OJ said it was a Loco favorite (it was hard so not surprised) and finished with 5 BOYOs

NOR, COR and thanks to the sky Q.

Men as we keep growing this thing more expansion will be happening. Addition by division is some times hard but is usually necessary. I will keep running this BO for the next few weeks in hopes that it provides an alternative WO for the Rooster but also an option for those who may be dealing with an injury that does not allow for running or a sore Va J J. Either way let’s keep getting better and keep growing this thing.

Zartan Out

#Rooster BackBlast “The Substitute” #F3Counts

“The Substitute” showed up with a plan. The 20 PAX were thankfully not shooting too many spitballs or being too loud as YHQ gave the disclaimer. YHC knew it would be wet and possibly raining but that did not stop the PAX from getting better.

Digiorno Q
PAX: Glenn Ross, Backdraft, Zima, PED, Sump Pump, Cow Bell, Fergie, Sherpa, Fridge, Noxema Jackson, Steerage, Tiger, Snowman, Spinal Tap, Mad Cow, Toe Jam, Spreadsheet, Ham (good to have you in the Gloom), Airplane, Digiorno

For CI: Only 2 tank tops counted.

Here is how we Woke the Rooster…

Run around building for COP…
Downward Dog
Stretch calves
Runners Stretch, alt legs, right and left hand point to sky
Tricep Stretch
Digiorno Shoulder Stretch
30 SSH, IC

Thang #1:
Running! For those that asked if there would be running…✈️
Route: Leland, St. Matthews, Elmwood, Cherrywood
Stopping at every light post alternating below exercises. All PAX stay together, IC, single count. YHQ was not sure how many light post we hit, probably maybe ~86 (amiright Diablo). YHC became distracted with a little 2rdF and missed 1, the PAX was not about to sell themselves short. We arrived back at the school and all these #HIM were ready for Thang #2.

– 10 Diamond Merkins
– 10 Sumo Squats
– 10 LBC’s

PAX Grab Coupons, Backdraft was happy to get help unloading his truck from the BEATDOWN Q yesterday at #Veterans.

Thang #2:
11 station Tabata (45 second work, 15 second rest, 2 cycles)

– Sumo Squats, w/coupon, side to sides
– When Nature Calls (Bear position, Squat, knee to elbow)
– Merkins
– Curls, w/coupon
– V-ups, w/coupon
– Triple Crush, w/coupon
– LBC’s
– Coupon Press
– Overhead Coupon Press
– Squats w/coupon
– Davinci’s

With 20 PAX we doubled up on each station. This created some great MumbleChatter…Mad Cow told the one about the Bear and the Bunny (you had to be there).
Time was called after almost 2 rounds completed.

Announcements…Hope Scarves Event at Mellow Mushroom Wednesday HDHH til 8pm. Engraved New Belgium glassware.
Intentions…see Slack

I always appreciate the chance to lead all of you. Grinder, hope you get better soon.


4/24/18 #BackBlast for #BagOfWrenches at The O

Q:  Diablo

PAX: (15) Wham!; Busch; Double Down; Storm Trooper; Vincent; Big Bird; Lamb; Cold War; Abacus; Loco; Butcher; Scrum (FNG); Starchild; Tool Time; Diablo

Q Gear: 5.11 Tactical Camo Hat with IronHorse patch; old WKU t-shirt cut into a sloppy asymmetrical muscle tank with dull kitchen scissors; Nike tennis shorts that haven’t been close to a tennis racquet in a couple of years; Nike dry fit socks; blue Nike running shoes I bought at the outlet a while back because the price was right.


There are some days when I want to lead the PAX in a fun workout, let them do something new and different, and have a little fun. But, to be perfectly honest, today I was in the mood for a classic Diablo-style body-breaker.  What did the Twitter bot call this, a hellish coupon infused workout.” I liked that comment. I mean, I literally hit the “like” button on the Twitter app. Oh, and here’s what I imagine when I see Tweet like that:

The mild weather and steady rain was also perfect for the occasion.

Warm Up / COP

PAX gathered around the Flags. Well, PAX gathered next to the flags, on the track, because for some reason we never like to get our feet wet when we’re standing in the rain.  At 0530 PAX ran long-way to the tennis courts and did the following:

Spit Jacks (20 IC)
Chain Breakers (20)
Mountain Climbers (20 IC)
Copperhead Squats (20 IC)
Groiners (15 IC)
Planks (I randomly counted by Mississippi’s a few times)

The Thang

After COP, all PAX grabbed a coupon and carried / transported / ran with  / walked with  / pushed / ployed / relocated / positioned / shifted it over to CAL’s parking lot.  I didn’t care how they got there, but they got there.

For round 1, all PAX found a partner.  P1 did 20 incline merkins using parking curb, while P2 did AMRAP step-ups on the picnic tables while holding a coupon.  Partners would switch after the incline merkins were completed.  PAX did two rounds of this.

For round 2, PAX stayed with his partner. This time, P1 did 20 sumo squats, with coupon, while P2 AMRAP’d dips on the picnic tables.  Partners would switch after the sumo squats were completed.  PAX did two rounds of this.

For round 3, PAX circled up around YHC, all with a coupon. Here’s what we did:

SSHs (20 IC)
Cross-Over Merkins (12)
(I’ve never known what to call those. Maybe in another year.)
Overhead Squats with Coupon (10)
(Another note: These were a bad idea.)
T Merkins (10)
Copperhead Squats with Coupon (20)
SSHs (20 IC)
BOYOs (10)
(Ask Cold War why we did the BOYOs.)

PAX then returned the Coupons and moseyed over to the tennis courts.


Planks ( again counted randomly to myself)
American Hammers (30 IC)
LBCs (30 IC)
Flutter Kicks (30 IC)
Big Boy Sit Ups (25)
LBCs (20 IC)

And we were done.


PAX circled up for name-o-rama, where we welcomed another Butcher HL, Scrum. As is always the case with Butcher’s posse, seemed like to good dude. He recently moved to Arkansas to help plant a church there.  Hopefully, he finds F3 there, but he is always welcome here.  Intentions were made, prayers were offered, and I said some things to close us out.

Thank you as always for joining me in the Gloom.


4/24 @F3Carpenter Backblast – Thank You Hill

Q: Captain Insaneo

Pax: Trump, Red Roof, Flo Jo, Scuba Steve, Crab (FNG), Gillespie, Nickleback, Pope, CI (and Val, the sandbag Q)

Zoolander was supposed to Q today, but had to fly to Milan for an emergency fashion show. So, as site Q, I stepped in to Q. I had a simple, but diabolical plan ready to go.

Conditions: 55* drizzling.

Gearlander: Running shorts bc we were going to run, Swiftwick socks, New Balance MR 1400s, I Want You to Party Uncle Sam Solo Cup Tank Top, F3Louisville Hoorag

As I gave my disclaimer, Scuba Steve came in on two wheels. Dude IS FAST. I explained we’d do a sandbag Indian Run around the park. We ended in the parking lot opposite of where the kidnapper van parked for COP.

All 18x IC


Grass Grabbers

Cooper head squats

Imperial Walkers

Indian Run to the Park entrance. At this point, Red Roof knew where we were going…. a hill across the street that Pope named “Thank You Hill”. The grade looks like the picture on this post.

At the top, I politely asked the Pax to to bear crawl down to the bottom. Lots of Thank Yous (replace Thank with the fourth F of F3).

At the bottom, partner up for Dora 200, 400, 600. Merkins, squats and lbcs, while Partner ran up and back on that grade. Flapjack until done.

Early finishers planked for the six. Then, we had to get back up. So we lunge walked up half and bear crawled up the other. Pope threatened to roll up the hill.

We got to the top and did another sand bag Indian Run back to the flag. Time was up.

COR sand NOR. Welcome Crab, a naked headlock by Butcher, who has been a headlocking machine. Trump called the six and explained how he’s never spent a night in Moscow. Reminders of Hope Scarves fund raising via the Marathon Relay and the GROWRUCK. I took us out with some words reminding the Pax that when things seem tough to remember the women Hope Scarves supports.

CI out.

Pre-Blast 4/24/18 The Bridge – Bob Ross on the Q @Poshlands

Someone asked me at the convergence my favorite thing about F3 and I immediately thought of the morning snot rockets…. Sure everyone loves the camaraderie, fellowship and  just the feeling of accomplishing a tough workout but I love the clear sinuses! Let’s face it: this is a no-win situation. But runners and health experts alike say that when executed with skill, the snot rocket is the best choice of clear sinuses. Here’s why there are good health reasons to launch your boogers during your workout — and how to do it in a (relatively) subtle fashion.

There are health benefits to the snot rocket: “Not blowing mucus out of your nose can be uncomfortable if it blocks your breathing,” says Dr. Sedaghat. “Mucus that stays in the nose can also turn hard and crusty, which can also be uncomfortable.” While there’s a possibility that blowing through your nose could technically lead to popped blood vessels or hurting your ears, it’s highly unlikely, says Sedaghat. (Blow that hard and you, my friend, will impress even the professor of Otolaryngology.)

If you workout outside regularly, you’ve almost certainly confronted this issue. You also may have wondered why your nose runs when you exercise outside in the first place.

Experts aren’t quite sure, but they have some guesses. “When you breathe normally, air stays in the nose long enough to get warmed up by the lining of the nose,” making your inhalations and exhalations mucus-free, says Ahmad R. Sedaghat, M.D., Ph.D., an assistant professor of Otolaryngology at Harvard Medical School and a doctor at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.

That being said… there will be lots of opportunity to practice your technique tomorrow.  I just ask that you do it away from other PAX members in a safe place. There will be lots of running during tomorrows Bridge workout and if you have a headlamp please bring one.


P.S. Even Tom Brady loves a good SR

“It’s all about timing it so it coincides with your breathing,” says Brady. “When I am preparing for a snot rocket, I take a deep breath in and use my big breath out to blow it. You always have to block the other nostril too, to make sure you get the full force behind it.” (Unofficial snot rocket master Tom Brady perfectly demonstrates this skill above.)

We’re talkin’ ‘bout Q swappin’ – @F3Carpenter Sub-Blast cc @fpk4

In a cruel twist for all involved, YHC – CI – will be the Q at the Carpenter tomorrow. Zoolander got called to an emergency fashion show.

So despite all warnings not to go hard before this GROWRUCK event this weekend, we’re going to…go hard.

How high can you count? How high can you count when you can’t catch your breath? We’ll all see.

Bring running shoes. We won’t spend much time in the grass.


The Substitute will be at the #Rooster Digiorno Q #F3Counts

We have all had our share of substitute teachers. I am deciding right now which one is coming to The Mutt. You may be asked questions…if you have the correct answers you may receive a gift. Wrong answers, well you are just going to get laughed at probably. We might run, we might use coupons, we might try out a few exercises that are new (or just new to you). You never know with “The Substitute”.


#PreBlast for #BagOfWrenches at #The O 4/24/18

I am leaving for Toledo on Friday along with a few other idiots for a camping trip in Starchild’s RV and I think we’re going to a superhero movie together. There’s a rumor of a GoRuck event after that but I hear the RV is pretty sweet and has plumbing and a card table. But, just in case I put that Ruck on Saturday evening, this may be my final post before that nonsense. So, come out to The O for a final beatdown. We’ll use the track, the benches, the grass, the Coupons, etc. We’ll go hard. Lots of activities planned.


The Carpenter PB 4.24.18

Hi. It’s my carpenter VQ. Im excited. I promise to write a B.B. I also promise you won’t be doing any of my yard work or running any errands. But you might run. I also probably should promise you that it’ll rain. Maybe purple rain. Maybe not. But since it’ll be wet – we will definitely wanna see about naming that hill. And you can’t really name something unless you touch it, smell it, or burpee on it. That’s common sense.

So….wear your back up shoes, or your good shoes that can be washed, or wear your SpotBilts for traction and your bike shorts for….for….for……why did anyone ever wear these? My old cross country coach would shove his clipboard down the back…..but Hmm.

Anyway–Just look good. Cuz after the gloom – you’re gonna feel good.

look good- feel good-

feel good – do good.

Let’s stop standing around here talking about doing gooder. Let’s actually do some gooder!



Convergence #BackBlast 4/21/18 – One Year Anniversary

Qs:    Red Roof, OJ, Glauc, Nugget, Vincent, Kilo, Diablo

PAX:  (~ 86) Bob Ross; Digiorno; Kilo; Gypsy; Zima; Glenn Ross; Cutlass; Aerobie; Wham!; Iceman; Fridge; Jitterbug; Pope; Busch; Airplane; Little Jerry; Spreadsheet; Jayhawk (FNG); Snowman; Spreadsheet; Tureen; Little Smoky; Nickleback; Flounder; Ratchet; Big Bird; Cochran; Mayberry; PewPew; Seabass; Vincent; Grandpa Bear; Cardinal; Skid; Forced Close; Banana Bread; Tiger; Abacus; Jordy; PED; Miyagi; Co-Pay (FNG); Starchild; Who Dey; Scuba Steve; Geppeto; Moonlight; Nino; Methane; Quimby; Backdraft; Noxeema Jackson; OJ; Gravedigger; Zartan; Sump Pump; PeekABoo; Rhythm; Shiplap; Flo Jo; Loco; Double Down; Huggies; Gillispie; Face; Six Pack; Shuttlecock; T18; Spokie Dokes; Battier; Boozer; PK; McAfee; Bad News; Rozay (FNG); Cowbell; Mittens; Glauc; Slippers; Broke Back; Nugget; Tron; Taco; Fergie; Red Roof; Diablo


On April 21, 2018, we celebrated the One Year Anniversary of F3 Louisville with a Convergence. According to our records – I have no idea how Tron, et al. keep track of these things by the way – we’ve had 352 PAX post at 523 workouts during the last year.  For something that didn’t exist here one year ago, that’s insane.  It’s like Captain Insane-o wearing a large standard fit T for comfort, or Starchild telling you about his favorite Rose Bowl memory.

I’ve identified above herein 86 PAX of whom I have record of attending. That number didn’t make complete sense, as we had 88 during the initial count-o-rama. Counting has never been our strong suit, so I thought about letting it go and feeling like Will Hunting using the (~) sign in identifying the PAX. But, my man OJ informed me that the two missing from my count were 2.0s that didn’t quite make it through his half-pipe journey. (They were studs in the making for even trying by the way. I, too, have thought about tapping out during an OJ session.)

I don’t know how else to say it: I was humbled beyond all belief to have a role in planning the Anniversary Convergence.  Through F3, I have met, and continue to meet, some of the best men I’ve ever known. F3 is important to me.  I’ll always remember Captain Insane-o’s quote – it went viral FYI, he may have mentioned it – that F3 was something he didn’t know he needed.  I didn’t know F3 was the solution, but it has filled a void in my life and I am grateful.

Any time I Q, I have a sense of responsibility to everyone there. That feeling was amped up to 11 Saturday morning. I wanted it to be fun, but challenging; respectful of the event, but full of nonsense; and, most of all, I wanted all to walk away tired, beaten, and itching to come back for more.

Of course, we achieve very little in this life without the help of others. Here, Kilo, Nugget, OJ, Glauc, and Vincent were instrumental in making the Convergence a success.  (I also borrowed (stole) previous ideas from Captain Insane-o, Zartan, and Starchild.)  I purposefully hand-picked these HIMs to plan the workouts. These HIMs don’t mess around, but all have their own styles and strengths, and these attributes were on fully display Saturday.

Without further ado, here’s what we did, and what happened:

The Ruck

At 0530, Kilo led 16 fellow HIMs on a ruck through Seneca Park.  In what was an initial surprise to YHC, rucking has become an important part of the F3 Louisville brotherhood.  But, it makes sense.  It’s challenging and a great way to add some good cardio work to what we do. More importantly, and I respectfully suggest the reason it is what it is to us, is that is provides ample 2F opportunities, and allows us gear-heads to collect, buy, trade, and ogle at, a ridiculous amount of toys.  Accordingly, our convergence needed a ruck.  And, who better to lead that ruck than our man Kilo, a HIM in every sense of the word.

PAX Rucking: Kilo; Red Roof; Zartan; Abacus; Snow Man; Glauc; Mayberry; Airplane; Wham!; Skid; PK; OJ; Face; Nino; McAfee; Gypsy; Tron

These HIMs covered just under 5 miles in 75 minutes. Here’s what they did:


As I told Kilo, these paths always end up looking funny to me and make me giggle.

All PAX arrived back to basketball courts at 0645, right on time. Again, Kilo knows what he is doing.

(I didn’t get a pic of the ruck, but here is our Kilo.  His name is on his shirt in case you didn’t know.  And, this pic contains no edits. No brightening needed.  I did think about trying to lengthen his shorts a little, but decided against it.)

I also can’t forget to point out how glorious our flags looked in the Gloom Saturday morning. This was the backdrop for the PAX upon their arrival:


YHC lit up like Zoolander at a custom shirt fitting when the PAX started arriving in such large numbers. Interestingly, YHC was also a little surprised to realize how many PAX he had not met, or had not seen outside the dark of the gloom.  I loved it; tells me there are many more HIMs out there I can get to know better over the next year.

YHC gave a brief explanation of what was in store for the PAX, and introduced our Nantan, our cultural leader, and our chief influencer, Red Roof. Without this HIM’s foresight and perseverance, F3 Louisville would not be. He keeps us all in check, especially those like YHC who need guardrails sometimes, and we all look up to him.

Thanks to modern drone technology, here is a classic shot of what this circle looked like:

Red Roof took over and led PAX through a classic COP warm-up:

SHHs – 20 IC
Imperial Walkers – 20 IC
LBCs – 20 IC
Merkins – 20 IC

We then broke into 4 groups. Again, counting – it’s so hard to do. “1, 2, 4, no, you’re 5, what?, 3, 4, no I think it’s got to be your goat, if it’s my goat it’s legal, right, 1, 2 ….” Thus, the groups were far from equal numbers, but no one cared.

PAX, in varied number groups, then followed Nugget, Glauc, Vincent, and OJ through various locations of The O for one grandiose and well orchestrated beatdown. PAX had to complete a rotation through all 4 Qs to complete the workout.

Nugget’s Coupon Field 

Nugget loves his 2.0, Seabass.  It’s an awesome relationship to see.  But, Nugget also loves coupons.  Sometimes it’s awesome to see in person, and sometimes you just want the coupons to go away even it you, too, have fond feelings for them.

Nugget led PAX through a TABATA circuit that included thrusters and then coupon swings. That’s 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off, for approximately 8 minutes.  Good grief. (He didn’t take a break mind you.)

(Nugget, with a beloved coupon, doing work.  Cutlass looking confused.  Zartan hopefully in mid-something or another. Boozer thinking this is crazy.  Kilo looking like a glow stick wearing panties.)

(Abacus showing all how it’s done, and either wearing a Go Pro or finally revealing that he’s part machine.)

(Backdraft, Pope, and PAX getting it done.)

The Nicest Tennis Court Beatdown You’ll Ever See

After a group left Nugget’s coupon field, they headed straight to the tennis courts to see what Glauc had in mind for them.  It was priceless.  It was everything you’d think to see in a Glauc Q: organized, polite, quality tunes, and lots of hard work.  And, in true Glauc-style, I had no idea where he was during any of it. Just out there leading by example, keeping the PAX moving, and making everyone better.

Glauc had PAX play “meet in the middle.” So nice. YHC may have called it “that thing we did one time where you run back to this line, the one in between all the others.”

Glauc had all PAX partner up with someone he did not know.  Partner 1 and 2 started at opposite ends of the 5 tennis courts.  Run to the middle for 10 boo ya merkins with partner.  Bernie Sanders back.  Do a burpee and repeat through entire 4 minute song.  At end of song one, PAX found new partners.  Same start, with a run to the middle.  But, now it was 10 boo ya squats with partner, with basketball slide on the way back for 4 jump lunges.  Again, repeat through entire song.

Tunes incorporated by Glauc: “Seven Nation Army” by White Stripes; “Believer” by Imagine Dragons; and, “Best of You” by Foo Fighters.

(This pic is a personal favorite of mine.  I’ve known Boozer since the 8th grade in Franklin, KY.  One of the best guys I know.  I’ve known Zartan since June 2017.  One of the best guys I know.  They are now getting better together.  What a world.)

Vincent & Mary

After being run ragged on the tennis courts, a group of PAX would then be sent to Vincent.  Vincent & Mary – is there a cuter couple in all of F3 Louisville?  I know, I know, Scratch and Bean Counter have their moments, and Captain Insane-o and Face sharing clothing after car pooling together is adorable, and Butcher seems to have an entire posse following him around, but come on.  Vincent hearts Mary. I asked Vincent what he had PAX do.  His answer: “Mary, Mary, and Mary!!”  Yes it was. Approximately 8 minutes of solid work for the quad and the quad area.

(Vincent leading Mary. Those look like toe touches. I don’t know. I didn’t do them.  I thought it a good time to take a picture.)

(Iceman showing good form here.)

You Want, No You Need, OJ On That Hill

The half-pipe at The O is one of the gems of F3 Louisville AOs. It gets little love or use in the winter because of the weather.  It’s gnarly enough without being frozen or muddy.  With the weather starting to turn it around, I wanted it in use at the Convergence.  No one disagreed, but we had to figure out who was going to tackle it with the PAX.  That’s where OJ comes in.  This HIM never stops, and is always a good one to push the PAX.  If he’s had an off day, I haven’t seen it.  (He’s seen mine.)

OJ had PAX partner up with someone from another AO.  P1 ran to the other end of the half-pipe for 10 merkins, and then ran back.  P2 held plank during P1’s run.  They then switched.  After that round, P1 ran to the other side for 5 burpees, and then ran back. P2 held plank.  They then switched again.  What’s that some of you say – woof.

(My man OJ directing traffic. This HIM could have planked or taken a break during this nonsense.  Nope.  He ran that half-pipe 8 times.  8 times.)

(No one seems to be taking it easy here. And, man, isn’t that half-pipe sweet!)

One Last Thing

After PAX completed the Nugget, Glauc, Vincent, OJ “circuits,” right on time mind you, YHC had the PAX circle up for Jack Webbs.  That’s 1 merkin, then 4 air presses; 2 merkins, then 8 air presses; etc., until PAX reached 10 merkins and 40 air presses.  All PAX were sufficiently spent at this point.

Iron Horse Challenge

As the PAX circled up after YHC’s Jack Webb nonsense, Red Roof awarded patches to those who completed the Iron Horse challenge.  Criteria was simple, but challenging, especially considering the recent weather conditions: F1 – 40 posts (w/ at least 3 Qs); F2 – 3 events; F3 – 2 events. The following PAX were recognized and awarded a patch: Abacus; Captain Insane-o; Diablo; Digiorno; Double Down; Gepetto; Gillispie; Glauc; Glen Ross; Kilo; Little Jerry; Methane; OJ; Old Bay; PK; Red Roof; Starchild; Vincent; Zartan; Zoolander; and “Godfathers” Grapevine; Frosty; and, Senor Chips.

T claps to Glen Ross and Zartan for posting 65 times.  Did they master the two places at once thing we’ve all tried to do?  (Captain Insane-o and Wham! also cleared the 60 mark.)

T claps to Kilo for Q’ing 17 times.  You think this HIM is all in?

T claps to Zartan and Methane for recording 10 2F events.  Who kept track of this stuff?  Regardless, anything we do is more fun when these 2 HIMs are around, so this makes sense.

T claps to Captain Insane-o for the most impressive overall stat line (it’s sometimes a surprise when CI is NOT some place during a post) and for starting a new AO in the process. (Did we not keep track of Twitter battles? Maybe next time we go full sabremetrics and get some advanced stats calculated.)


Red Roof gathered the PAX for COT.  We welcomed and named three FNGs: Jayhawk, Rozay, and Co Pay.  (Co Pay is 65 (double respect) and his first post was what was described herein.  That’s incredible. His name is awesome, too.  Ask him and/or his 2.0 Miyagi when you see them next!)

Red Roof thanked the Sky Q for the men gathered around, gave thanks for the many blessings bestowed upon us, and asked the go forth and be the men we all strive to be for those around us and in our community.


Thanks to Nugget and many others, we had Panera coffee and many snacks and refreshments, including YHC’s favorite – chocolate milk.  Tru Moo even, the good stuff.  So spoiled.  Many stuck around and enjoyed some solid 2F conversations.  A few of us quietly agreed we were glad we ran out of time for Glen Ross’s AO challenges, though I’d pay an entry fee to watch Cutlass v. Kilo in a bear crawl race, and/or a Pope v. McAfee burpee challenge.  Another day I’m sure.

Oh, that’s right, the Mayor stopped by for a visit.  Red Roof got the Mayor up to speed on F3, discussed what it is we do, and showed him the 100 pair of shoes collected at the Convergence for children in Jefferson County.

Here’s the Mayor with Red Roof.

The Mayor even posed with the PAX

In Conclusion 

I hope all who attended thought the 1 Year Anniversary Convergence a success.  I certainly enjoyed it.

This is already long, and I accidentally deleted my first draft of this thing at approximately 9:07 this morning, which was much longer, so I’ll just state what I’ve said previously: I am thankful for all of you, and humbled to be a part of THIS.  I am excited to see what the next year has in store for F3 Louisville.


Backblast – 4/23/18 – Veterans Park – Coupons, raindrops, and introducing the Say Anything time bomb!

As I wrote my pre-blast yesterday I knew there was a chance of rain but I thought “It will probably miss us”. NOT A FREAKING CHANCE! It rained before, during, and after but 7 Pax made it out in the gloom at Veteran’s Park this morning! I wanted to try something a little different but still keep something familiar as well. Here’s how it went:

PAX: Gepetto, Kilo, Gillispie, Piggy, Cutlass, Snowman, Backdraft

Coupon Mosey: The Pax  grabbed coupons out of my car and moseyed a 1/4 of a mile up hill from the back parking lot to the main lot of the community center. Coupons were set down for the COP.

COP: SSH, Kendra Newmans, Downward dog leg/calf stretches into Cobra, Toy Soldiers, Arm/Shoulder stretches.

Thang 1: Partner Up – 100 Squats, 200 Curls, 300 Coupon Swings (Kettle Bell) – Partner 1 begins squats, Partner 2 runs the length of the parking lot and back. Partner 2 picks up the count where partner 1 finished. Rinso/Repeato until 100 squats completed. During the 200 curls the the partners continued to switch but the cardio was changed to carioca. Then onto 300 Coupon Swings with Bernie Sanders as the cardio. Our legs were nice and toasty at this point.

Thang 2: Coupon run to the bottom of the hill. Stayed together and completed 10 coupon merkins. Jumped up and continued coupon run until I had just enough time for a new addition.

Thang 3: The Say Anything Time Bomb. Some of you may be familiar with the merkin time bomb introduced to us by our friend Frosty from Charlotte.  I did so many merkins on Friday and Saturday I decided to try something different. Pax forms a circle. The first person starts with 10 overhead presses, after he completes the first three, the person standing next to him starts his 10 presses and on it goes around the circle until it gets back to the person who started. As each Pax completes their presses they hold the coupon over their head (Just like in the movie Say Anything with John Cusak) until its time to do the next set. The next round is 9 presses, then 8, then 7 hence the time bomb reference. Now I think I did a worst job explaining it in the rain so a majority of the Pax did 10 overhead presses each time. WOOF! What was supposed to be 50 presses ended up being 100. Sorry guys, a teacher I am not but you guys kicked its ass!

Coupon mosey back to the parking lot for COT


Piggy asked for prayers for his high school baseball coach, Billy Miller, who has been battling cancer and has taken a turn for the worst. We thanked god for letting us all be healthy enough to be running around in the rain getting better and prayed for those who are not. I am out.


Pre-Blast 4/23/18 Veterans Park – Backdraft on the Q

What’s that you say? You like coupon work? Yeah, we will have some of that. Oh, you like to run?!?! Me Too! We will definitely have some of that! Dark, cloudy, 56 degrees, and a 60% chance of rain you say? Just another perfect morning at The Vet! It beats 20 degrees and snow anytime. C’mon out and join me in the gloom. See you there.

Announcing F3louisville monthly Ruck Events


Yep, you are excited about this.  I know you are.  If not, I’ve got something in mind for you also, stay tuned.  After much thought (not a lot at all, just trust in the PAX) I’ve decided to unleash the creativity of F3Louisville and have the PAX design and deliver monthly Ruck Events!



Each month a PAX member will volunteer to be the “Qadre”


The Qadre will own the ruck and be responsible for the outcome.

  1.  Location
  2. Date
  3. route
  4. beatdowns?
  5. theme
  6. recruit
  7. patch?
  8. 3ndF

The 3rd F will be the choice of the Qadre.  Charity donation, community service, Biblical etc.  make it yours and own it!!

essentially the Qadre is the cadre in “GORUCK” terms.


Events will be 3+ hours in length.  No less than 3.  


Every month Duh!


June – Kilo


August – StarChild







see Qadre above.


A ruck event incorporates all 3 F’s.  Fitness is obvious, fellowship with your brothers and complete something as a team, 3nd F community project.

Some of you have attended an F3louisville ruck event in the past and can attest to all 3Fs.  Some of you (CI, Zartan, Skid) have played the role of Qadre and can attest to the reward of putting on such an event.

My hope is that these events will draw is closer together as a PAX and give us more opportunity to service our community.





Sojourn Church BlackOp: This Tuesday

Spring is in the air. We just crushed our 1 Yr Anniversary convergence and the summer is fast approaching.

Tuesday will mark a new kind of WO. Little to no running. Guaranteed no long distance running and heavy focus on Coupon work. Would like to see this mature to a kettlebell WO but we start we what we have. So come out and join me at a great location with a ton of potential.

Bring gloves and meet in the back left corner of the parking lot.