I️ am Star Child, and I️ am the current Site Q for the best AO, Poshlands. There are two very good reasons why I️ am the Poshlands Site Q. 1- I️ posted to the O before Methane did 2- We wanted an AO closer to home That’s about I️t. I️ had zero knowledge if PoshlandsContinue reading “DO SOMETHING STUPID”

backblast posh 12/6: #27feelslike60 #itwashuuuugggeee

I had a feeling when I rolled up @ 5:20 and saw the traffic accumulating in the gloom the turnout was going to be nice.  It was… When I saw red roof and his posse, I knew they had one thing on their mind.. The ghost flag.  It’s OK ghostie buddy, you will be backContinue reading “backblast posh 12/6: #27feelslike60 #itwashuuuugggeee”

12/9 Convergence/Ruck/Q School/Lead School Awesomeness with @DarkHelmetF3 #getbetter

Well, hello there!  The Hard Commits (HCs) are coming in fast and furious; at such a pace that spots are filling up fast!  Actually, there are no spots; this is F3 and open to all men, free and outdoors.  We’ll take everyone.  We want you to come.  So what’s stopping you from HC’ing? Is itContinue reading “12/9 Convergence/Ruck/Q School/Lead School Awesomeness with @DarkHelmetF3 #getbetter”

Meth Hill 

Q: Methane PAX: Mr. Hat, Ice-Man, Gypsy, Double Down, Kilo, Abacus, Vincent, Little Jerry, Bob Ross, Propane (fng) It was a perfect 25° morning for a Methane Q. It was so good he brought his 2.0-Propane! Warmup: Imp. Walkers(IC), Arm Circles, SSH(IC), Abe Vigotas(IC), Mountain Climbers (IC) Now that we brought our body temp upContinue reading “Meth Hill “

10/21/17 #Poshlands @Parklands Backblast – #BacktotheBasics #HIM

QIC – Abacus (VQ) 9 PAX – Kilo, Iceman, Mr. Hat, Gypsy, Cochran, Bob Ross, Flop (FNG), Logs (FNG), and Bunion (FNG) #Poshland was especially perfect for Abacus’ VQ Back to the Basics #Beatdown Fun and more fun were promised on this workout… Pre-COP Fun: Circled up for some Merkin / Plank fun 25 MerkinsContinue reading “10/21/17 #Poshlands @Parklands Backblast – #BacktotheBasics #HIM”

#The Bridge BackBlast: Hip Hop Hump Day #morethanaworkout #HIMs

QIC: Zartan PAX: Spinal Tap, Mr Hat, Iceman, Glauc, Rhythm, Forced Close, Double Down, PK, Nugget, BobRoss, Mash Bill, Gypsy, Swifty , Star Child, Captain Insane-o, Dynomite!, Face, Methane, Indo 2 Days 2 AOs 2 Qs.  Lots of tunes and tons of Boy-Os.  This morning in the gloom the sounds of Outkasts, Digable Planets andContinue reading “#The Bridge BackBlast: Hip Hop Hump Day #morethanaworkout #HIMs”

Parklands Incubator Back Blast

What a great way to start the day and the week! Meeting up with 16 HIMs at 0530, in the chilly tundra of the Poshlands.   Today YHC decided to keep it simple and ease into the week.  No sand pits, water jugs or toys from my bag of tricks.  Just a PAX of 17Continue reading “Parklands Incubator Back Blast”

100 pull ups? 200 push ups? 300 air squats? Yes, Please. #F3villeblackopps

You got it.. Murph style post in the AM (09/15/2017) Run 1 mile 20 sets (5 pull ups,  10 push ups,  15 air squats)  or as many as you can without tossing merlot Run 1 mile.. Easy Peasy.. 5:30 am sharp @ the poshlands Glauc Out..

Rhythm knocked us all up

As tradition, of you ask for help with the BB, you get some haze… Rhythm may be busy with #5 on the way, but it’s no excuse to delay his more important F3 family to DELIVER his WRAP up! QIC: Rhythm (VQ)   16 PAX: Dexter, Kilo, Mr Hat, Methane, Glaucoma, Taco, Little Smokey, Pope,Continue reading “Rhythm knocked us all up”

Star Child lays a beat down before the #rapture

Before everyone goes blind at 2:27 today, 15 HIMs gathered at Parklands to pray to the F3 gods. Newman, Hammer, Mr. Hat, Tron, Pope, Taco, Methane, Glaucoma, Double Down, Tool Time, Bobross, Caption Insane-o, Force Close, Gypsy, and yours truly, Star Child at the Q. As I said in the Pre Blast, we aren't theContinue reading “Star Child lays a beat down before the #rapture”

Star Child over cooks the Egg at the Inubator

13 HIMs posted at the #incubator in the Gloom this morning, including an FNG who found us through #artofmanliness. PAX included Dan (FNG) Professor, Force Close, Tool Time, Hammer, Methane, Bobross, Taco, Fro, Flea, Lil Smoky, Double Down, Gypsy, and yours truly, Star Child. Warning: this was a hard one to start the week… COP-20Continue reading “Star Child over cooks the Egg at the Inubator”