The Agony Back Blast 8/23/18

Weather clear 56 degrees 96% humidity PAX 16 – Huggies (Q), Momma’s Boy, Cochran, Pork Chop, Valdez, Airplane, Abacus, Forced Close, Wildflower, Matlock, Fergie, Boozer, Gilligan, Steerage, Alexa, Catfish I wanted to create a workout bank to come back to in order for the PAX to track progress.  This was inspired by the Iron PaxContinue reading “The Agony Back Blast 8/23/18”

Back Blast #TheBlender 7/25/18

After falling prey to M’s (not pointing fingers) deceitful ploy to hit Gustavo’s for dinner last night (That’s right, I take no responsibility for the half basket of chips!), I knew this guy needed a special weinke this morning to shed the guilt.  After thinking about all of the things that I most agonized overContinue reading “Back Blast #TheBlender 7/25/18”

Pre-Blast for Methane’s Workshop Q at TheBridge for 7/11 at the Parklands

Well just got done with the WO at TheCarpenter and man those guys are crafty. I was so inspired by their skill and dedication to the Carpenter, that I decided to have a workshop session instead of a workout session. So tomorrow I will show everyone how to build a Three-Legged Stool. It will beContinue reading “Pre-Blast for Methane’s Workshop Q at TheBridge for 7/11 at the Parklands”

TheCarpenter Back Blast for 7/10/18 – “FLIP” flops and tank tops….

Q – Methane Pax – Retainer Fergie Shiplap Flo Jo Porkchop Geppetto Old Bay Nickelback Hot Wheels Scuba Steve Backdraft COP 12 Pax moseyed to an open area in which they obviously knew I had no clue where I was going, and circled up. 20 SSH 15 Abe Vigotas 20 Cherry Pickers Arm Circles Let’sContinue reading “TheCarpenter Back Blast for 7/10/18 – “FLIP” flops and tank tops….”

Carpenter Pre-Blast 7/10/18 It is going to be fun!!

Methane here. It’s just after lunch on Monday and your probably thinking about where to post tomorrow. There is a Bayside BlackOps with BananaBread, Nino Q at the LOCO, PED working TheRooster, Trump swinging a Bag of Wrenches and me Methane, Qing at probably the coolest AO to ever have a shovel flag stuck inContinue reading “Carpenter Pre-Blast 7/10/18 It is going to be fun!!”

Team #1 Capture the Flag BB: Risk and (no) Reward (6/22)

I had the distinguished honor of captaining Team #1 or shall I say the A-Team! Gypsy aka Faceman, always looked good, start to finish. Old Bay aka Hannibal, not the captain, but a true leader within this crew.  He brought a speaker-genius! Newman aka B.A. Baracus, the man can carry 10 times his body weightContinue reading “Team #1 Capture the Flag BB: Risk and (no) Reward (6/22)”

JORDY 40 Birthday BackBlast- #TempleOfGloom

JORDY 40 BIRTHDAY Q Seneca Park- Thursday 5/31/18 PAX- 23 HIM, all #gotbetter Jordy (Q), Plethora, RedRoof, DoDoDoDoDo, Chicken Fried, TinCup, WhoDey, Beaker (FNG), OJ, Face, Trump, Vincent (Respect), McAfee, Loco (posting for Pope), Scuba Steve, FloJo, Defect (F3 Lexington), Shiplap, Huggies, Captain Insane-O, Wham!, Donger, Donut Jordy was on the birthday Q at theContinue reading “JORDY 40 Birthday BackBlast- #TempleOfGloom”

24 PAX (one visiting from @F3LexSC) in the #TempleOfGloom for a Hairband Heyday with ZimaQ

Sitting at HDHH yesterday, I was in a rut for what to do this morning.  One more 420 and YHC had a plan.  Most of you HIM’s were on Spring Break for my last Q and it was at a different AO, so Throwback Thursday was in full effect with my shiny new tabata app,Continue reading “24 PAX (one visiting from @F3LexSC) in the #TempleOfGloom for a Hairband Heyday with ZimaQ”

Back Blast for TheBridge 5/2/18 – Esse Quam Videri

27 Pax (3 FNGs) came out to speak Latin and get better, not just seem to get better. Lets get to it… Q: Methane Pax: Forced Close, BobRoss, Swifty, Gypsy, Double Down(R), DoDoDoDoDo, Jitter Bug(R), Peach, Huggies, Nino, Tool Time, MacAfee, Nugget, Kilo, Peek-a-boo, Grave Digger, Ice Man(R), Hot Wheels, Star Child, Mr. Hat, Boozer,Rythim,Continue reading “Back Blast for TheBridge 5/2/18 – Esse Quam Videri”

BB for TheBridge – 4/11: Would you like to play a game?

YHC decided to leave today’s WO up to fate. A game of chance determined by strength, force, gravity and the SkyQ. The Pax of 15 were up for some fun. Methane -Q Mayberry Huggies Grave Digger Slippers Uncle Rico Glaucoma Flounder BobRoss Pew Pew Piggy Tool Time Iceman (R) Jitterbug (R) Boozer COP Group moseyedContinue reading “BB for TheBridge – 4/11: Would you like to play a game?”

Pre-Blast for TheBridge – 4/11: decisions, decisions, decisions…..

Methane here. Is your life really busy right now? Work piled up due to Spring Break? Just starting on your taxes? Trying to figure out if you should wear the gray simple pants or the navy…..StarChild? Well, let Methane help you out. Do what I do when it comes to hard decisions like do IContinue reading “Pre-Blast for TheBridge – 4/11: decisions, decisions, decisions…..”

Back Blast #BlackOps #NortonCommons House of Cards

Q’s: Grinder and Zima Pax: (9) Slippers, Glenn Ross, Pope, Noxeema Jackson, Plethora, Mr. Hat, Steerage, Zima, Grinder YHC has woke up ready to go this morning.  Out the door at 4:54 for a short commute to Norton Commons.  Maybe a little too ready.  Spent the next 20 minutes a brand new deck of cards. Continue reading “Back Blast #BlackOps #NortonCommons House of Cards”

Ice at the Beach!

AO-silver dunes, Q-Iceman (r), PAX- Double Down (r), Jitter Bug (r), Diablo, Methane Mosey, butt kicks, high knees, kareoke, bernie sanders to tennis court COP- SSHs 50, Grass Grabbers 20, Arm Circles, mountain climbers 20, plank taps 20 Mosey to stairs Thang 1 LATS-band 10 Stairs, dips 10, stairs, merkins 10, stairs, BOYOS 10, stairs,Continue reading “Ice at the Beach!”

Iceman, Volleyball, Burpees…and more Iceman.

When the PAX needed some Q spots filled I jumped at the challenge. I was torn about what to do as I recently went to Franklin, TN and they put a great beat down on me but I knew I wanted to show the PAX a little more ICEMAN. It was a quick decision –Continue reading “Iceman, Volleyball, Burpees…and more Iceman.”

Back Blast for #thebridge at @F3Parklands 02/07/2018

Q: Methane PAX: Star Child, Tool Time, PK, Boozer, Uncle Rico, Little Jerry (R), Dunphy, Rhythm, Double Down (R), Methane CONDITIONS: Sleet/Rain with a temp of 33° ATTIRE: Nyke compression pants, Smedium F3 shirt, Unger Amore shell and Addios shoes. This morning, 10 PAX put in a full body workout to #obtaingooder (yup, it’s aContinue reading “Back Blast for #thebridge at @F3Parklands 02/07/2018”

Pre-Blast for #TheBridge at #TheParklands 02/07/2018

As a kid, I always wanted named brand stuff. Nike, Izod, Polo, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Well, tomorrow’s WO at #TheBridge is dedicated to all those kids who grew up on Nyke, Eyezod and man-on-horse-with-stick. I’m sure everyone will want to workout at The Mutt with Insane-0, I get that. But forContinue reading “Pre-Blast for #TheBridge at #TheParklands 02/07/2018”

BlackBlast #theExtender Abacus VQ at #theMutt #BlackJack!

YHC was honored to VQ #theMutt! Pavement at #theMutt is some of the finest of all AO’s. With that in mind, YHC decided we’d keep our feet dry and do lots of running. Weather was clear and warm; it’s been a long winter when 25* feels warm. 10 #HIMs #gotbetter with an Abacus beatdown! QContinue reading “BlackBlast #theExtender Abacus VQ at #theMutt #BlackJack!”

The Bridge BB… running, hammerheads, and benchworms???

Dear Secret Public Diary: Today started off a little rocky as I almost ran over Methane when I was backing out of my driveway.  That got my adrenaline running quickly so I was ready to Q.  We went to pick up Bobross, and as usual, he came walking out of his garage holding a ceramicContinue reading “The Bridge BB… running, hammerheads, and benchworms???”

PreBlast at the Mutt #Extender: Frosty has the Q and you have Zero excuses

Frosty is one of The Godfather’s of F3Louisville. He served our country in the Armed Forces, is a long time F3 bad a$$ and a GRT (hence the patch) and his message for tomorrow is simple; “Tomorrow’s workout is going to be simple but hard. It’s going to suck but it will suck less ifContinue reading “PreBlast at the Mutt #Extender: Frosty has the Q and you have Zero excuses”

12/22 BLACK OPS BACKBLAST – Downtown by Macklemore, er, Pitino #getbetter

Q: Pitino Pax: Little Jerry, Wham!, Zartan, Red Roof, Pope, Mr. Hat, OJ, PK, Double Down, Nugget, Kilo, Mayberry, Star Child, Face, Tool Time, Captain Insane-o, Pitino Before we start, any pictures/gifs/memes posted were not done by YHC, but by Insane-o, so just keep that in mind… unless they are awesome, then it was probablyContinue reading “12/22 BLACK OPS BACKBLAST – Downtown by Macklemore, er, Pitino #getbetter”

CRAWL BEARS??? Woof. Incubator BB

15 HIMs braved the coldest WO yet at the Posh for some Crawl Bears, Groiners, and my token 100 SSHs (200 really…) Time: 530 Temp: 23 degrees PAX: Kilo, Gypsy, TootTime, Bobross, Star Child, Amelia, Woodstock, Donkey Sauce, Mr. Hat, Boozer, Swifty, Ice Man (respect), Gaucoma, Double Down (respect), and Forced Close (respect) COP- ToContinue reading “CRAWL BEARS??? Woof. Incubator BB”