Pre-Blast 05/10/18 The Extender @ the Mutt

I don’t care if you call it the GlenBay show, or the OldRoss extravaganza, but you better sit up and take notice….GR and OB are at the helm for tomorrow’s Co-Q beat down at the Mutt.  The gloom looks tasty in the morning.  (Actually I haven’t even looked).   Per usual, we will do someContinue reading “Pre-Blast 05/10/18 The Extender @ the Mutt”

Backblast–Poshlands “Bridge” Wednesday 5/9/2018

QIC: Gravedigger (VQ) Flags brought out by Methane 5:30 start time Circled up for Warm up Side Straddle Hops ~ 20 Front Arm Circles ~ 15 seconds Back Arm Circles ~ 15 seconds Abe Vigoda,  not Imperial Walkers mind you ~ 17 Cherry pickers/Grass Grabbers ~ 20 Moseyed to the Bridge Quadaphilla Bernie Sanders toContinue reading “Backblast–Poshlands “Bridge” Wednesday 5/9/2018″

Backblast 5/8/18 Bayside #PrisonYard

Pax (5): Grandpa Bear, Spokey doke (respect), Banana Bread, Spam (FNG), Shuttlecock (Q) (respect) We are temporarily moving from Collins High School to Clear Creek Park in Shelbyville. Glauc is working through some agreements with the Collins High School administration so we can continue to work out there. At Clear Creek Park, we worked outContinue reading “Backblast 5/8/18 Bayside #PrisonYard”

Ruck Q&A with Kilo 5/9 4PM Facebook Live

Hey you!!!  Do you have hesitations about rucking?  What is it? Who does it? What do I need? Are we crazy? Join me (Kilo) for a Facebook live Q&A on Rucking. F3 Louisville Facebook page Catch the Q&A Live Today @ 4:00 either in person (buy me a beer) at Mellow Mushroom or via FacebookContinue reading “Ruck Q&A with Kilo 5/9 4PM Facebook Live”

Star child’s Improversation at The Vet

Without any type of plan, I found my ‘inner Michael Scott’ for a little Improversation this morning for a Vet beat down. Location: The back of Veterans Park Weather: perfect Q: ⭐️ 👶 Pax: YHC, Flounder, MyCoffee, Bobross, Hot Wheels, Kilo, Newman, Airoby, Piggy, and Snow Day Zoo Gear: what I wore is inconsequential. NewmanContinue reading “Star child’s Improversation at The Vet”

Pre-Blast The Time for Fartsacking is Over #Rooster #Mutt

The last week of Derby events has caused even some of the most die hard of the Pax (including yours truly) to fartack, tracksack, or maybe even hangoversack.  No more excuses.  Set your alarms, and when you hear that #rooster crow, get your sack out of the sack and join me at the Mutt forContinue reading “Pre-Blast The Time for Fartsacking is Over #Rooster #Mutt”

BB: 05/07. The Incubator. Even reading this will make you sweat. #noshouldertapping

In designing this workout, I was not thinking ” thing will be a good sweaty beatdown.”  It was.  We also did quite a bit more running than anticipated.. and we incorporated some solid core work as well. It wasn’t until the end that I realized how sweaty the HIMS were. Iceman was melted, Catfish wasContinue reading “BB: 05/07. The Incubator. Even reading this will make you sweat. #noshouldertapping”

GORUCK Tough 2621: GrowRuck09 — AAR Backblast 4/30/2018

Seven of us participated in the GORUCK Custom Tough 2621 (GrowRuck09) in Toledo Ohio on April 28-29, 2018.  Below are After Action Reports (AARs) – more gear and physical/mental state focused – which may be helpful to you in future events. The actual Backblast AAR is coming soon. It will be epic. CI AAR First,Continue reading “GORUCK Tough 2621: GrowRuck09 — AAR Backblast 4/30/2018”

Crestwood Black-Ops Post Derby Beat Down Backblast

PAX: Little Jerry (respect), Abacus, Meter Maid, Battier, Boozer, Valdez FNG, Airplane Q. Conditions: cloudy, a bit foggy and 60 degrees. For a minute, I was sure it was going to be Airplane, party of one, and my HL this am. Just a few minutes before post Lil Jerry and the others rolled in. DisclaimerContinue reading “Crestwood Black-Ops Post Derby Beat Down Backblast”

5/5 Black Ops- Backblast @ #thehill (nolin lake)

Conditions: slippery grass, wet gravel, considerable rain, 62* Location: cabin at undisclosed location near Conolo Way at Nolin Lake Site description: 6 cabins over looking the lake joined by a series of sequential hills varying in level of brutality, connected by a semi flat road at the top of the fun slopes. Q: Nickleback PaxContinue reading “5/5 Black Ops- Backblast @ #thehill (nolin lake)”

5.5.18 BB The Hurt: Cinco de Derby

Pax: Digiorno, SumpPump, BackDraft, Airplane, Scratch, Tiger, Condenser (DR), Lil’ Sweet FNG, Julep FNG, Zartan Conditions: raining but perfect temp. Gearlander: no see em socks , NB Minimus, LuLu Shorts, Baselayer Tee, TacHat with IronHorse Patch Earlier in the week I noticed that the Hurt was missing a Q for Derby and Cinco de Mayo.Continue reading “5.5.18 BB The Hurt: Cinco de Derby”

BB: Bayside 05/05 – A little rainy.. #hellophilly #hellogilly

Before “googling” Gilly, I had completely forgot Kristen Wiig played this character on SNL.  Our FNG Gilly was not named after her, but now that I know this I think it is pretty funny. Glauc Q PAX :  Shuttlecock, Grandpa Bear, Philly (FNG), Gilly (FNG) 6:00 am immediately jump out of cars and run toContinue reading “BB: Bayside 05/05 – A little rainy.. #hellophilly #hellogilly”

Hurt PreBlast for Cinco de Mayo and Derby

Amigos, tomorrow we will punch a horse in the face. Not really. I don’t condone animal cruelty or violence for that matter. So in reality tomorrow we will start strong and finish stronger. Come out and earn all the food and booze you are sure to consume throughout the course of the day. Bring aContinue reading “Hurt PreBlast for Cinco de Mayo and Derby”

Backblast – Norton Commons – 5/4/18

6 Pax  – Boozer, Nugget, PK, Gillespie, Swifty, Grinder (Q) First off, much respect to PK and Nugget.  These HIMs have posted 5 days this week, all at different AOs and tomorrow will make their 6th.  They are calling it an ‘F3 Flight’, and I’m sure others will follow suit to achieve the same. NoContinue reading “Backblast – Norton Commons – 5/4/18”

Ruck Review #3 the Condor Frontier Elite #ToolTime

Our man Tool time has a lot of good things to say about the Condor Frontier Elite.  Check out the video below and follow the link to amazon to purchase if you’d like.   Condor Frontier Elite Review   Purchase pack here on Amazon   on deck is CI with his review of the GORUCKContinue reading “Ruck Review #3 the Condor Frontier Elite #ToolTime”

Pre-Blast 5/4/18 – Norton Commons Black Ops

Come out to Norton Commons tomorrow at 5:30 for some fun before hitting the track.  We’ll run, we’ll jump, we’ll crawl, and we’ll find some interesting ways to get up those amphitheater stairs.  I only have two goals for tomorrow morning: Get better while working out with my brothers Come up with a righteous andContinue reading “Pre-Blast 5/4/18 – Norton Commons Black Ops”

Back Blast for TheBridge 5/2/18 – Esse Quam Videri

27 Pax (3 FNGs) came out to speak Latin and get better, not just seem to get better. Lets get to it… Q: Methane Pax: Forced Close, BobRoss, Swifty, Gypsy, Double Down(R), DoDoDoDoDo, Jitter Bug(R), Peach, Huggies, Nino, Tool Time, MacAfee, Nugget, Kilo, Peek-a-boo, Grave Digger, Ice Man(R), Hot Wheels, Star Child, Mr. Hat, Boozer,Rythim,Continue reading “Back Blast for TheBridge 5/2/18 – Esse Quam Videri”