Go Easy on the Hotpockets: Convergence Prep #CGs #Bman #GetBetter

If you’re like me, you’re ready for this Convergence. Like Christmas morning, but instead of gifts, you get a beatdown and you get a beatdown!  But before, a couple of notes:  1. ABH: Headlock all those guys you’ve been trying to get. Get HCs (hard commits) and hold them accountable. Tell them that they tooContinue reading “Go Easy on the Hotpockets: Convergence Prep #CGs #Bman #GetBetter”

Mellow Mushroom Pre-Party Did Not Disappont. It’s Pizza Time! #F3MuttLouisville #Screeeeeeech! #F3matters

At 5:26  Cool Hand Luke, Doubtfire, and myself were standing by the F3 flag wondering where everyone was……..And and worrying that today’s post could quickly turn into a “Quimby” if it was just us 3.  (Thanks to Juicy for finding the alternative definition) But they came.  On bikes, in minivans, and by foot.  There wasContinue reading “Mellow Mushroom Pre-Party Did Not Disappont. It’s Pizza Time! #F3MuttLouisville #Screeeeeeech! #F3matters”

9/21/17 BackBlast: The Return of the Face @OF3Louisville

In preparation for this weekend’s Battle in the Blugrass to end the Streak, 19 Pax emerged from the fog this morning for an epic beat down to cheer on the CATS…by the end of it we all looked like Bobby P after a romantic evening cruise. QIC- Face Pax (19)- Diablo, Taco, Mr. Clean, Newman,Continue reading “9/21/17 BackBlast: The Return of the Face @OF3Louisville”

Mellow Mushroom Pre-Party @MuttF3Louisville #f3preblast #bigday

You’re eating at Mellow Mushroom Thursday- Right?✅✅✅ You want to be a HIM when you show up- Right?✅✅ Then headlock a few FNG’s for the MuttF3Louisville Pre-Party and duct tape as many people as you can to your clown car and show up BIG at Mellow Mushroom for #samstrong Let’s make it a big day!Continue reading “Mellow Mushroom Pre-Party @MuttF3Louisville #f3preblast #bigday”

PREBLAST- The Return of The Face @ the #0F3Louisville. 9/21/17 0530

Who: All PAX who want to #getbetter Where: The O @ Seneca When: Read the title What: Some fun, followed by more fun, repeated a couple of times with yet more fun at the end.  And coupons…and running.  Bring it. Gentlemen….this is a big weekend in the Bluegrass.  The Cayuts have an opportunity to endContinue reading “PREBLAST- The Return of The Face @ the #0F3Louisville. 9/21/17 0530”

@F3VilleBlackOps 9/22 at Big 4 Pedestrian Bridge Parking Lot 0530 #getbetter

Who: For All Pax and DR Pax  What: Waterfront Beatdown When: 9/22 at 0530 Where: Big Four Pedestian Bridge Parking lot River Road 1149-, 1151 River Rd, Louisville, KY 40206 https://goo.gl/maps/CRaCHWZjzw92 Why: Because we can How: Through pure indomitable will SYITG

9/19/17 BackBlast: The O @ Seneca #Dips #Merkins #Coupons #Cardio

QIC:  Wham! 13 PAX:  Bean Counter, Trump, Jordy, Red Roof, Diablo, Pope, Scratch, O.J., Loco, Splinter, Mr. Clean, Seacrest, Wham! Pre-WO My first vision when I arrived at the O this morning was a WDRB news truck and so I just assumed they were there to live stream my Q, but I was apparently mistaken. Continue reading “9/19/17 BackBlast: The O @ Seneca #Dips #Merkins #Coupons #Cardio”

Backblast 9/19 @theMuttF3Louisville – CI Q’d to Infinity (or 1 😕) #getbetter

QIC: CI (VQ at the Mutt; YHC) Pax 32 (1 FNG): Waterboy, Francis, Moonlight, Country Boy, The 🔨, Mouth, Zartan, Spinal Tap, Old Bay, Busch, Spreadsheet, Glenn Ross, Juicy, Doubtfire, Kilo, Newman, Zoolander, Digiorno, Kidnapper Van, Happy Fingers, Mad Cow, Rhythm, Tureene, Curly (FNG), Jelly Fingers, Quimby, Backdraft, Wedding Singer, Draper, Tiger, Gepetto, CI ForContinue reading “Backblast 9/19 @theMuttF3Louisville – CI Q’d to Infinity (or 1 😕) #getbetter”

Backblast: Oh Mutt–You complete me!

FROM TO   I recommend the MUTT for all that ails you! Q-Quimby PAX: Cool hand Luke, Country boy, Tureen, Digiorno, Tiger, Zoolander, Jason Bigg (FNG) Juicy, Doubt Fire, Francis, Moonlight, Bumblebee, Busch, Double wide, Zartan, Gipetto WARM UPS Mosey the long way around to side of school by Portico Round up Downward Dog Upward DogContinue reading “Backblast: Oh Mutt–You complete me!”

Parklands Back Blast: “We want some more, We want some more, We want some more!”

18 PAX showed up at the Parklands for the morning kickoff. Forced Close(VQ), Gypsy, Swifty, Pope, Bob Ross, Taco, Starchild, Dyn-O-Mite, Kilo, Newman, Foghorn, Iceman, Uncle Rico, McAfee, The Hammer, Methane, Fonzie(FNG), Mr. Hat COP: SSH(20), Abe Vigodas(18), Cherry Pickers(15) Partnered up with someone you “didn’t know or new little about” for a leisurely run towardsContinue reading “Parklands Back Blast: “We want some more, We want some more, We want some more!””

PREBLAST 9/19 – 8s at @theMuttF3 #rooster #getbetter #laceemup

8 is a great number. It’s even, divisible, aesthetic. It also turns to Infinity when you tip it over.  This is my first Q at the Mutt and I intend for it to be memorable. It’s going to be fun.  SYITG. Who: all Pax who want to get better What: you’ll see When: September 19Continue reading “PREBLAST 9/19 – 8s at @theMuttF3 #rooster #getbetter #laceemup”

Pre-Blast: Wham! Is Back at The O on 9/19

Wham! is back from sick leave and is ready to get after it again, so join me in the gloom at The O on Tuesday.  And wear reflective gear/lights if you have it because there will be street shenanigans and we don’t want that pack of guys on 10 speeds to shout at us again.  #SYITG #GetBetterContinue reading “Pre-Blast: Wham! Is Back at The O on 9/19”

14 PAX have spa day at the Poshlands

13 PAX joined Little Jerry for a mani/pedi at the Poshlands.  Big Bird, Starchild, Tool Time, Storm Trooper, Abacus, Phoenix, Mr Hat, Swifty, Double Down, Rhythm, Gypsy, Bob Ross, Taco,  and FNG – Cochran. The mani included 100 merkins along with the pumice coupons for 125 curls and 125 presses to soften the callouses andContinue reading “14 PAX have spa day at the Poshlands”

Backblast: The O 9/16/17 #completethetask #shotsfired

Great job by the PAX to get me through my first VQ. Took a lot of well deserved flack after I fumbled my originally scheduled VQ on Tuesday. Unlike the Muff our Q’s have great time management skills to enable the PAX enough time to completely finish blackjack. Backdraft 16&5 doesn’t cut it at theContinue reading “Backblast: The O 9/16/17 #completethetask #shotsfired”

The Way Way BackBlast!

PAX (13):  Mayberry (QIC), Red Roof, Cardinal, Cutlass, Bean Counter, Scratch, Loco, Glenross, OJ, Dr. K, Broadway, Sully, Spinal Tap. Saturday – 9/9/17 COP Butt Kicks (30 sec) (20) Side Straddle Hops (20) Imperial Walkers (15) Mountain Climbers (15) Peter Parkers (15) Plank Jacks (13) Burpees – calling out PAX names   Coupon Suicides (5)Continue reading “The Way Way BackBlast!”

A Murphy Friday: The story of a Pope, a speedo and a 20lb vest

Just kidding, no one showed up in a speedo, including Pope.  Instead, he showed up with a 20lb vest.. I’m not kidding. PAX (6):  Kilo, Pope, Zartan, Newman, Tool Time!, Glaucoma A major shout out to all PAX.. This is no cup of tea.  And to come out on a foggy morning, dodging deer, breathingContinue reading “A Murphy Friday: The story of a Pope, a speedo and a 20lb vest”

BACKBLAST: 09-14-17 #Couponmile #Blackjack at #TheMutt

My VQ experience did not disappoint! I was so worried about confusing the PAX with the Coupon Mile I didn’t realize how tired I was until the Water Boy looked at me like I stole a piece of his birthday cake. I learned a few things today, such as red and black make a purplishContinue reading “BACKBLAST: 09-14-17 #Couponmile #Blackjack at #TheMutt”

PRE-BLAST: #F3Louisville 100th Workout AO Convergence – 9/23/17 7AM – #TheO Seneca Park

WHO:  Calling all Louisville PAX from The O, Poshlands, and The Mutt WHAT: An epic beat down featuring visiting Charlotte PAX  (KY and Sauerkraut).  This workout is shaping up to be a big day for F3 Louisville, bring all PAX and your AO flags to The O for a mini-convergence. WHEN: Saturday, September 23rd, 0700Continue reading “PRE-BLAST: #F3Louisville 100th Workout AO Convergence – 9/23/17 7AM – #TheO Seneca Park”

100 pull ups? 200 push ups? 300 air squats? Yes, Please. #F3villeblackopps

You got it.. Murph style post in the AM (09/15/2017) Run 1 mile 20 sets (5 pull ups,  10 push ups,  15 air squats)  or as many as you can without tossing merlot Run 1 mile.. Easy Peasy.. 5:30 am sharp @ the poshlands Glauc Out..

BACKBLAST: 9/14/17 – #F3 Baseball at #TheO @OF3Louisville @f3Louisville

VQ: Bean Counter (@Kevin_Judd) PAX (13 TOTAL including VQ):  Mayberry, Red Roof, Sully, Jordy, Mr. Clean, O.J., Loco, Pope, Trump, Scratch, Splinter (FNG), Seacrest (FNG) After Scratch decided to show today & bring the flag, we all felt like a pretty legit group.  Nice of him to put us on his very busy morning calendar.Continue reading “BACKBLAST: 9/14/17 – #F3 Baseball at #TheO @OF3Louisville @f3Louisville”

@F3Houston – I posted with Heroes #HIM

I posted twice in Houston (at the General and the Hogg) this week. The workouts were great (Red Bull’s second Q and Weed Wacker’s Q (100 SSHs IC is no joke)), but being with this group of HIM showed why F3 is more than a workout.  I met Pax who lost everything, but still broughtContinue reading “@F3Houston – I posted with Heroes #HIM”

BACKBLAST: 9.13.17 #F3Alphabet at #Poshlands

VQ: McAfee PAX: Gypsy, Starchild, Bob Ross, Iceman (FNG), Scud, Forceclosed, Methane, Diablo, Uncle Rico, Double Down, Swifty, Pope, Mr. Hat, McAfee This morning we though we would have a special guest (Irma), but to our surprise she decided to wait a few hours before showing up. With a little less rain we took advantageContinue reading “BACKBLAST: 9.13.17 #F3Alphabet at #Poshlands”

09/14/17 Pre-Blast: – Backdraft’s VQ @TheMutt #f3counts #f3Louisville #couponmile

Get your weary heads off your pillows (You too Scratch!) and join Backdraft for his VQ at The Mutt. It appears Moonlight is going supply the fuel to light a fire that even the most experienced firefighter would have trouble putting out #SkylineChili. Come join us for some coupon fun. See you at 5:30.