Pre-Blast 9/5/17: Geppetto VQ at the Mutt #Geppetto steps his game up #I’m a real boy

After a long weekend where food, spirits, and 2nd F were in full supply, the PAX is ready to get back at it.  Hit the fartsacks early tonight and join me in the gloom tomorrow at the Mutt as I break my maiden.  #get better #shouldn’t have had that last beer yesterday

Pax does not monkey around.. Manhandle w/o

Q: Glauc PAX (17)  FNG (High Dive) FNG (De La Boya), Nugget, Face, McAfee, Kilo, Mr. Hat, Newman, Mad Cow, Methane, the captain of the instanity, Forced Closed, Diable, Dynomite!, Double Down, Abacus, Tool Time If someone would have told me the most entertaining portion of the day would have been the slide that thwartedContinue reading “Pax does not monkey around.. Manhandle w/o”

Yeeeeeaaaaa, it’s time to work on Labor Day..

A couple observations on my way around the posh getting ready for the am shenigans.. 1) the posh is posh… even in the daylight. It’s a nice park; however felt a little out of place with no kids, no kayak and no bike shorts. 2) there are a lot of people that hit that placeContinue reading “Yeeeeeaaaaa, it’s time to work on Labor Day..”

New Pax – Posts You May Want to Read #acceleration #hyperlinks

We’ve added more and more #HIMs to the Pax.  The growth is awesome, but sometimes new guys have questions about F3 that maybe they don’t know to ask or want to ask. We’ve collected some of the best posts here and elsewhere to give you a primer on F3 and F3 Louisville. F3 Nation:  ClickContinue reading “New Pax – Posts You May Want to Read #acceleration #hyperlinks”

9/2/17 Back-Blast 10 PAX 4 FNG #gotbetter in the #Gloom of the #Poshlands #KiloQ #BoatCanoe #DuckWalk

My first time being responsible for the #poshlands post flag, and halfway to the park i realized i left it at home.  The good Lord knew i would forget something, so he gave me time to pull a U-turn and grab the most beautiful flag the Earth has ever seen.  Pulling in I was immediatelyContinue reading “9/2/17 Back-Blast 10 PAX 4 FNG #gotbetter in the #Gloom of the #Poshlands #KiloQ #BoatCanoe #DuckWalk”

09/02/17 Old Bay’s backblast from the #mutt #getbetter #F3Louisville

They walked.  They biked.  They aggressively sauntered.  They drove cars from 250 yards away.  Hell, Tiger’s Tahoe was on 2 wheels when he pulled into his parking spot.  13 souls braved the elevated temperatures and arid conditions for the Labor Day beat down at the Mutt.  QIC: Old Bay.  PAX: MadCow, JellyFinger (FNG), Quimby, Mouth,Continue reading “09/02/17 Old Bay’s backblast from the #mutt #getbetter #F3Louisville”

#Ruiner Backblast: 50 #getbetter

As the Pax filtered in that came to celebrate (*read: endure a painful beatdown), I felt like Clark Griswold after he’d jumped his Wagon Queen Family Truckster 50 yards… instead of the shame I should feel for the beatdown that would come, I was proud….Proud of the Pax, proud of F3Louisville, proud to be partContinue reading “#Ruiner Backblast: 50 #getbetter”

09/02/2017 7AM Poshlands Pre-Blast #KiloQ lets get muddy #getbetter

  Bring all of your flotation devices and most expensive mud gear to the Poshlands at 7AM for a #Kilo #Ruiner.  #HIMS helping #HIMS #GetBetter in the mud, I can’t think of a better way to start the weekend! Join me and all my rowdy #HIMS   Challenge to #TheMutt come and get it #GetBetterContinue reading “09/02/2017 7AM Poshlands Pre-Blast #KiloQ lets get muddy #getbetter”

09/02/17 at 0700 at the Mutt Pre-Blast. #OldBay up to his dirty old circuits again #get better

Who’s ready for adult swim at the Mutt?  Paddle, Swim or bunny hop up to Holy Trinity at 07:00 for some fun in the gloom. Bring your jump rope, and an extra set of legs, cause I’m gonna be your new best friend. “Yes my love, I’ve had 74 beers this weekend, but I earnedContinue reading “09/02/17 at 0700 at the Mutt Pre-Blast. #OldBay up to his dirty old circuits again #get better”

#Ruiner Preblast: Can you count to 50? #F3Counts @OF3Louisville

When I started F3 I had no idea where it would go, but eventually I started setting some goals. A couple of weeks ago, I set a hard goal to Q on my 50th post. Well, Pax, that day is Saturday. So bring your fingers, toes, abacuses (abaci?), or whatever will help you count toContinue reading “#Ruiner Preblast: Can you count to 50? #F3Counts @OF3Louisville”

The Ghost Flag’s Wild Ride #2ndF #morethanaworkout @OF3Louisville @theMuttF3

Ghost Flag:  noun – a flag intended to be rotated between AOs when 5 or more visiting Pax come to a workout; visiting Pax takes the flag to their AO; repeato. Intended to strengthen 2nd F. So that happened today… read on for a recap (from YHC’s perspective).  Hopefully, others can chime in with theirs.Continue reading “The Ghost Flag’s Wild Ride #2ndF #morethanaworkout @OF3Louisville @theMuttF3”

Back Blast: The O 8/31/2017

While other AO’s were focused on petty flag thievery, 14 PAX were focused on getting better at The O. VQ: Tron PAX: Cutlass, Face, Cap’n Insane-O, Trump, Red Roof, Red Snappa’, Glenn Ross, Tin Cup, Mr Clean, Scratch, Pope (in a custom built Tron hat), Bean Counter and Loco Track Condition: Fast Mosey the long way toContinue reading “Back Blast: The O 8/31/2017”

The irony is thick and greasy today

The shenanigans were funny this morning.  The Vicks Vapo-Rub felt really nice on my undercarriage.  The poshlands boys drove their minivans to HT steal a stolen flag.  All is right in this world.  Lets keep it going.  And lets clarify rules at our next 2nd F, which needs to happen soon. The irony is inContinue reading “The irony is thick and greasy today”

F3 Kentucky Bourbon Trail field trip Good afternoon mates! I had a crazy idea that we should get together for a little 2ndF and some bourbon.  Their is a tour bus (mint Julep tours) that leaves out of Louisville, hauling groups of F3 folk to drink bourbon at some of our states finest distilleries. I have included aContinue reading “F3 Kentucky Bourbon Trail field trip”

Poshlands 8/30/17 Back Blast

  It’s official.  The short-lived era of dirigible-based workout themes met its match on a foggy Wednesday morning at the Poshlands.  Not since that fateful evening in Lakehurst, New Jersey some 80 years ago,  has a zeppelin been the source of such confusion, havoc and torment.  Oh, the humanity.   Q: Taco   PAX:  RedContinue reading “Poshlands 8/30/17 Back Blast”

The O @ Seneca Backblast 8/29/17 #BagOfWrenches @OF3Louisville @F3Louisville #getbetter … The PAX Thrust 4x4s Into Spotlight & Created A New Love/Hate Relationship With Coupons

Q: Diablo. 18 PAX  Methane, OJ, Fall Guy, Mr. Clean, Tron, Cutlass, Rhythm, Kilo, Tin Cup, Yankee, Pope, Wham!, Scratch, Beancounter, Trump, Captain Insane-o, Loco (FNG), Diablo. Pre-Wo The PAX gathered around the flags. Wait, that’s not accurate. The PAX gathered around a flag, while all waited for Cutlass to arrive with the Ghost Flag. Cutlass arrived non-promptlyContinue reading “The O @ Seneca Backblast 8/29/17 #BagOfWrenches @OF3Louisville @F3Louisville #getbetter … The PAX Thrust 4x4s Into Spotlight & Created A New Love/Hate Relationship With Coupons”


QIC:  Bobross PAX (19): Bobross;  Uncle Rico; MacAfee; Zartan, The Hammer, Cutless, Mr. Hat, Diablo, Taco, DYNAMITE!, Wham, Red Roof; Double Down; Forest Close; Tool Time; Captain Insane-o; Methane; Glauc; Star child; Here we go: We started with a easy mosey to the nicely lit cush fairway grass of our egg lawn. 20 Arm CirclesContinue reading “Welcome to the the BOB ROSS SCHOOL OF SOCCER SUICIDES!”

Saturday #TheHurt at the Mutt

Country boy, Samson(fng) Hansel (fng), Mouth, Grinder, old bay, Quimby Zoolander, kidnapper van, spinal tap, Hobbs, Geppetto, Waterboy, moonlight, Doublewide, Zartan, terrene, Cool Hand Luke, Zelda, Tiger, Blue Meth. Warmup: ssh, squats, mountain climbers, lunges, old man arm circles. Field of Dreams Ciabatta Bring Sally Up feat. Leg raises Roxanne feat. Mercans and plankjacks 50,Continue reading “Saturday #TheHurt at the Mutt”

The O at Seneca VQ Kilo Back blast 8/26/17: #2ndF #Bombs #BobbyHurley #Caterpillar #Egyptian #DanTaylor

Pax of 31 with 5 FNG’s got better this morning at THE O!  Parklands grabbed the Ghost Flag!!  Special S/O to StarChild for recruiting! Newman, Little Jerry, Mr. Hat, Gypsy, Mr. Clean, Rodin (FNG), Rhythm, Sully (FNG), Cutless, Cardinal, Nugget, SeaBass, Nickleback, Mayberry, Starchild, Macafee (FNG), Bobble(FNG), Broadway, Scratch, Bean counter, Double Down, Warbucks (FNG),Continue reading “The O at Seneca VQ Kilo Back blast 8/26/17: #2ndF #Bombs #BobbyHurley #Caterpillar #Egyptian #DanTaylor”