Rhythm knocked us all up

As tradition, of you ask for help with the BB, you get some haze… Rhythm may be busy with #5 on the way, but it’s no excuse to delay his more important F3 family to DELIVER his WRAP up! QIC: Rhythm (VQ)   16 PAX: Dexter, Kilo, Mr Hat, Methane, Glaucoma, Taco, Little Smokey, Pope,Continue reading “Rhythm knocked us all up”

The O @ Seneca Backblast 8/24/17 #TempleOfGloom @OF3Louisville #getbetter … Real Men Move Heavy Things

VQ: Diablo. 14 PAX (1 FNG) Xeno (visiting PAX from @F3Jacksonville), Mr. Clean, Newman, Pope, Scratch, Double Down, Forced Close, Trump, Bean Counter, Wham!, FNG Slicker, Mayberry, Diablo. Pre-WO I arrived early, humbled yet eager to plant the F3 Flag and the Ghost Flag (yes – The O has the Ghost Flag).  The PAX startedContinue reading “The O @ Seneca Backblast 8/24/17 #TempleOfGloom @OF3Louisville #getbetter … Real Men Move Heavy Things”

How to Post to the Site: Updated

We’re trying to push more and more from the website.  You can post updates, pre-blast and backblasts here.  Here are some handy instructions (now with pictures and robot sound effects*) to help you along your way: How to Post to the Site:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/18AT9V5LQADrUW95tPy472dncER–ijBE3hoawtRs3RU/pub  *indicates blatant falsehood  

#TheMutt 1st Thursday Backblast: Chicks Dig Biceps…and so does Mouth #ABD #getbetter

VQ: Mouth 24 Pax (2FNG) Shuffled down to The Mutt in the gloom.  Tiger, Mad Cow, Busch, Backdraft, Quimby, Zartan, OB, Digorno, Spinal Tap, Grinder, Zoolander, Doubtfire, FNG Tureen, County Boy, Moonlight, Blue Meth, Wilson, Geppeto, FNG Homer, Glen Ross, KV, Face, Wedding Singer, Mouth. Pre-WO While not having the F3 Flag in my positionContinue reading “#TheMutt 1st Thursday Backblast: Chicks Dig Biceps…and so does Mouth #ABD #getbetter”

F3 Convergence – Columbus OH 9/16/2017 #getbetter @F3_Louisville @OF3Louisville @theMuttF3

Fall Convergence 2017 Regional PAX, You are invited to partake in the first convergence held by an ever growing expansion of F3nation into the north! We have no doubt there will be many men not able to attend due to family, commitments, or distance from your AO. However, We would encourage you to gather asContinue reading “F3 Convergence – Columbus OH 9/16/2017 #getbetter @F3_Louisville @OF3Louisville @theMuttF3”

@TheMuttF3: Mouth’s VQ – Chicks Dig Biceps -Preblast Below #getbetter

Mouth says girls love biceps. His are so sore he made me write his backblast. That was his first mistake. His second was letting me in his house where I broke his M’s favorite statue… But make no mistake Pax, Mouth is gonna break something off in his VQ. We hear the last guy whoContinue reading “@TheMuttF3: Mouth’s VQ – Chicks Dig Biceps -Preblast Below #getbetter”

The O @ Seneca Backblast 8/22/17: #Cardio #Concrete #Coupons #19Pax

QIC:  Wham! 19 PAX:  Cutlass, Pope, O.J. (FNG), Face, Trump, Manziel (FNG), Red Snapper, Cardinal, Yankee (FNG), Tin Cup, Captain Insano, Bean Counter, Scratch, Mr. Clean, Glen Ross, Double Down, Fall Guy, Diablo, Wham! Pre-WO While struggling with the process of securing the F3 Flag in the ground, I was encouraged to see PAX afterContinue reading “The O @ Seneca Backblast 8/22/17: #Cardio #Concrete #Coupons #19Pax”

#F3Louisville News: Anniversary Edition #getbetter #morethanaworkout

Some news for the Pax: Today is the 4 month anniversary of F3Louisville.  It’s fitting we’d launch our 3rd AO.  It’s amazing that we had 25 Pax for the first day.  Keep headlocking your friends, neighbors, baristas, etc.  We went from 4 on the first day to well over 100 to date.  Pretty sure F3Continue reading “#F3Louisville News: Anniversary Edition #getbetter #morethanaworkout”

25 Pax (6 FNG’s) blew up the Mutt with our first #Rooster WO #ABD #getbetter #noexcuses

QIC- Zartan PAX- Mad Cow, Mouth, Cool Hand Luke, Tiger, Quimby, Zoolander, Busch(FNG), Draper(FNG), Bread Truck, Digiorno, Grinder(FNG), Wedding Singer(FNG), Old Bay, Water Boy, Geppetto, Blue Meth(FNG), Wilson, The Hammer, Spinal Tap, Moonlight, KV, Happy Fingers, Doubtfire(FNG), Hobbs, Zartan So standing in the parking lot with Doubtfire at 0515 we chatted and watched as PAXContinue reading “25 Pax (6 FNG’s) blew up the Mutt with our first #Rooster WO #ABD #getbetter #noexcuses”

Star Child lays a beat down before the #rapture

Before everyone goes blind at 2:27 today, 15 HIMs gathered at Parklands to pray to the F3 gods. Newman, Hammer, Mr. Hat, Tron, Pope, Taco, Methane, Glaucoma, Double Down, Tool Time, Bobross, Caption Insane-o, Force Close, Gypsy, and yours truly, Star Child at the Q. As I said in the Pre Blast, we aren't theContinue reading “Star Child lays a beat down before the #rapture”

Backblast 8/19/17 #FieldofDreams

27 Pax #gotbetter today at the Seneca AO for the Field of Dreams #Ruiner. Cutlass stepped up for his VQ and brought the pain. QIC: Cutlass Pax (27): Quimby, Country Boy, Mouth, Zartan, Cardinal, Buckeye, Glenn Ross, Jordy, Tron, Wham!, Captain Insane-o, Old Bay, The Tiger, Backdraft, Scratch, Mr. Clean, Bean Counter, Spinal Tap, Diablo, Happy Fingers, Maybury, WaterBoy, Chipeto, Face, Trump, DiGiorno. Lets get into it… Easy Jog over to theContinue reading “Backblast 8/19/17 #FieldofDreams”

14 PAX hit the trails at the Parklands for some nature viewing

14 PAX got away from the bright lights of the urban Egg Lawn to hit the beautiful  rural trails a bit north.   Eastwood, Rythm, Glaucoma, The Hammer, Petino, Bob Ross, Fro, Star Child, Methane, Mr Hat, Tool Time, Taco, Force Close with Little Jerry on Q. Warm up 20 SSH IC, 20 Imperial WalkerContinue reading “14 PAX hit the trails at the Parklands for some nature viewing”

#F3Louisville Introducing new F3ville AO. The Mutt AO starts this week! #additionbydivision #getbetter #freedtolead

  Its official.  We are too good to contain with 2 AO’s.  Growth has granted us the freedom to continue to expand F3 Louisville.  We are launching a new AO “The Mutt” at Holy Trinity Parish this Tuesday and all are welcome. We will be meeting Tuesday & Thusday at 0530 and Saturday at 0700.Continue reading “#F3Louisville Introducing new F3ville AO. The Mutt AO starts this week! #additionbydivision #getbetter #freedtolead”

Social Media Mumblechatter

So why should you follow F3 and the Pax on twitter. Well, maybe an explanation of the different options will illustrate. So, first we have the site. It provides basic info: An introduction for possible FNGs, links to F3 nation, backblasts and informational announcements. It’s essential for a basic central point for comz. Next, weContinue reading “Social Media Mumblechatter”

Black Ops Backblast: 11 Pax Meet in the Gloom for an Off Day Beat Down #getbetter @F3VilleBlackOps @SeanS_QCR @F3Nation

Stop me if you’ve heard this before.  Two dudes on social media who kinda know each other decide to have a predawn meet up near a park bathroom.  Science says nothing could go wrong and nothing did.  Instead, 11 Pax took the red pill and shunned their off-day for a Black Ops Beatdown (oh andContinue reading “Black Ops Backblast: 11 Pax Meet in the Gloom for an Off Day Beat Down #getbetter @F3VilleBlackOps @SeanS_QCR @F3Nation”

#TempleofGloom Backblast: A Godfather Gets The Triple Crown #getbetter

QIC: Bird Hole   Pax (29): Red Snapper, Nugget, Water Boy, Mad Cow, Backdraft, Paddington, Sweatpants (FNG), Mouth, Tron, Gepetto, Digiorno, Tiger, Wilson, Kidnapper Van, Mr. Clean, Country Boy, Zartan, Scratch, Zoolander, Bean Counter, Wham!, Glennross (FNG), Toothless, Trump, Pope, Diablo, Captain Insane-O, Starchild, Bird Hole (War Daddy…and by a mile)   My third postContinue reading “#TempleofGloom Backblast: A Godfather Gets The Triple Crown #getbetter”