Backblast: Merkins, I mean Burpees.#incubator #getbetter #F3Counts

Q: Methane (YHC) Pax 21: Methane, Hops, Rhythm, BobRoss, Kilo, Lil Smokey, The Hammer, Tool Time, Sea Bass, Tron, Preacher, Glaucoma, Double Down, Nugget, Dexter, Red Roof, Gypsy, Pope, Captain Insaneo, Face  Great morning in the #incubator. YHC was at the Q, and almost forgot the Shovel Flag – nice. We also had a guestContinue reading “Backblast: Merkins, I mean Burpees.#incubator #getbetter #F3Counts”

Fight gone Bad #Ruiner backblast

Q: Nugget Pax, Seabass, Trump, Vincent, Sully, Yogi, Cardinal, Glen Ross, Deuce, Pope, Chestnutt (FNG), Scuba Steve Seabass and YHC arrived early to see that the O had been taken over due to the Rock Creek Horse Show and some race in the park. No Field and no school for COP, so I had toContinue reading “Fight gone Bad #Ruiner backblast”

#ComingSoon Parklands AO Saturday Workouts #notproblematic #starfish #letitgo #grow #F3Matters

As the Pax grows, so do the number of workouts.  Very soon, we’ll add a Saturday workout at the Parklands.  We’re soliciting names for the workout — Monday is the #Incubator, Wednesday is #TheBridge — and Qs. Expanding to this location will also put the #GhostFlag in play for all workouts. Reach out to StarContinue reading “#ComingSoon Parklands AO Saturday Workouts #notproblematic #starfish #letitgo #grow #F3Matters”

Pre Blast – Bringing Back the Beach

Old Bay and I went to Va Beach to rest, relax and maybe meet some new friends from F3 Hampton Roads at Mt. Trashmore.  Thanks to Captain Insane-O and his “friendly” banter, we suffered a beat down the likes that has never been seen before or since.  SO, we’re bringing back the beach!  The Devil mayContinue reading “Pre Blast – Bringing Back the Beach”

Backblast: 2 Women join @F3Louisville and Kick the Pax’s A$$ #templeofgloom #getbetter #F3Counts

QIC: Captain  Insane-o (YHC) Pax (27):  Jordy, Cutlass, Newman, Diablo, Moonlight, Breadtruck, Tron, Double Down, Nugget, Red Roof, Little Jerry, Backdraft, Quimby, Spinal Tap, Old Bay, Tiger, Marcia, Zoolander, Country Boy, Gepetto, Methane, Kidnapper Van, Screech, Wilson, Zartan, Mouth, CI YHC (CI) had two sets planned depending on Pax majority vote: themes of Women orContinue reading “Backblast: 2 Women join @F3Louisville and Kick the Pax’s A$$ #templeofgloom #getbetter #F3Counts”

Back Blast: House of Cards

VQIC: Double Down 22 Pax:  Bull Rider, Force Close, Nugget, Nomo, Glauc, Joe Boo, Fro, Methane, Flea, Bob Ross, Tool Time, Wham, Gypsy, Zartan, Red Roof, Little Jerry, Odie, Preacher, Rhythm, Decter, Star Child “Ante” Up with warm up on Egg Lawn:  21 Side Straddle Hops, 11 Merkins, 21 LBCs, 11 Rosalitas, 21 Squats, 11Continue reading “Back Blast: House of Cards”

PAX “Are we gonna do anything else besides Burpees”…. Zartan “NO!” #BagofWrenches Backblast: #29PAX

QIC: Zartan PAX: Bull Rider, Double Down, Newman(FNG), Red Roof, Wham!, Captain Insane-o, Cutlass, Diablo, Jordi, Nomo, Backdraft, Nugget, Mayberry, WaterBoy, Zealander, Quimby, Paddington, Country Boy, Marsha, Spinal Tap (FNG), Tiger, DeVito (FNG), KV, Methane, Mouth, Geppetto, Star Child, Wilson (FNG) With a name like Burpeepolooza we all knew what was coming.  This is howContinue reading “PAX “Are we gonna do anything else besides Burpees”…. Zartan “NO!” #BagofWrenches Backblast: #29PAX”

#Incubator Backblast Bob Ross discovers KV’s hideout #paincave #getbetter #HIM

Welcome to the THE PAIN CAVE! QIC:  Bobross PAX (18): Bobross; Little Jerry; Red Roof; Double Down; Gypsy; Fall Guy; Fro (fng); Barney (fng); Odie; Captain Insane-o; Methane; Bull rider; Flea; Glauc; Speedo; Star child; Nomo; Nugget Here we go: We started with a easy mosey to the nicely lighted cush fairway like grass of the eggContinue reading “#Incubator Backblast Bob Ross discovers KV’s hideout #paincave #getbetter #HIM”

#Ruiner Back blast: Sufferfest 2017 #F3Counts

VQIC: Kidnapper Van 26 Pax: Nugget, Double Down, Mouth, Kidnapper Van, Zartan, Taco, Country Boy, Little Jerry, Cardinal, Gypsy, Kilo, Bobross, Wham!, Mayberry, Tiger, Seabass, Hobbs, Gepetto, Star Child, Backdraft, Moonlight, Rhythm, Captain Insane-o, Zelda (FNG), Young Blood (FNG), Dexter (FNG) Special thanks to Zartan for getting up early to help me set up couponContinue reading “#Ruiner Back blast: Sufferfest 2017 #F3Counts”

No Excuses: How to Overcome Any Sad Clown Excuse #ABH

Stolen without regard from F3Nation/OBT/Dredd. Hey Pax, having trouble getting past all those sad clown excuses? Well, here are the ways to convince your buddy who you know needs this that their excuses suck: Top Five EH Excuses A Note from OBT: Dredd and I wrote the original Five EH Excuses post in December 2011,Continue reading “No Excuses: How to Overcome Any Sad Clown Excuse #ABH”

#F3Louisville Old Bay VQ Back Blast

vQIC: Old Bay PAX: (23)  Double Down, Cutlass, Gepetto, Water Boy, Tiger, Moonlight, Backdraft, Nugget, Diablo, Zartan, Fall Guy, Odie, Wham!, Trump, Captain Insane-o, Star Child, Quimby, Tron, The Hammer, Mouth, Old Bay, Screech, Marcia (FNG). Well.  That was fun.  #Bagofwrenches #Inthegloom hopefully did not disappoint.  After a brief discussion of whether or not aContinue reading “#F3Louisville Old Bay VQ Back Blast”

#F3Louisville Old Bay VQ Pre-Blast

Something old, something new, something borrowed, #BLACKANDBLUE When: Tuesday, 07/18/17, 0530 hours Where: Seneca Park tennis courts Who: All F3 Louisville, and any FNGs you can #headlock #infect What: #bagofwrenches workout featuring Old Bay’s VQ What Else: I like to run, I like to jump, and I like bullet points.  I also like pain, because painContinue reading “#F3Louisville Old Bay VQ Pre-Blast”

#F3Louisville Face VQ #Ruiner Pre-Blast – Bringing the #pain, some cones, and a whole ‘lotta coupons #getbetter

When:  Saturday (7/15/17) 0700 Hours Where: Seneca Park Tennis Courts What: #Ruiner workout featuring Face’s debut at Q. What Else:  Face’s debut at Q vs. the Pax and a tribute to one of Hollywood’s coolest…and another #FaceMan.  So put down that 4th Colt 45 deuce deuce and let’s get some work done. Who:  All F3Continue reading “#F3Louisville Face VQ #Ruiner Pre-Blast – Bringing the #pain, some cones, and a whole ‘lotta coupons #getbetter”

“If I ever meet Jack Webb, I’m beating him up.” #TempleofGloom Backblast

QIC:  Captain Insane-o (YHC) Pax (21):  Bull Rider; Double Down; Pope; Nomo; Methane; Star Child; Tron; Old Bay; Jordy; Red Roof; Trump; Country Boy; Quimby; The Hammer; Nugget; Zoolander; Water Boy; Little Jerry; Tiger; Zartan; Captain Insane-o YHC ended this week’s Triple Crown — started at #BagofWrenches Tuesday, Opened Parklands AO Wednesday and #TempleofGloom forContinue reading ““If I ever meet Jack Webb, I’m beating him up.” #TempleofGloom Backblast”

PARKLANDS is off and running: BB from Star Child #getbetter #bang #expansion #grow

QIC (YHC) Star Child (via CI) Pax:  Star Child (Q), Kelso, Nomo, Wham!, Quimby, Nugget, Red Roof , Bobross, Taco, Bull Rider, Double Down, Little Jerry, Methane, Captain Insane-o, Zartan, Joe Boo (FNG), Flea (FNG), Odie (FNG), Glaucoma (Glauc) (FNG), Rhythm (FNG), and Gypsy (FNG). For this Preakness morning (2nd post of the F3Louisville TripleContinue reading “PARKLANDS is off and running: BB from Star Child #getbetter #bang #expansion #grow”

#TempleofGloom PreBlast: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… CI Q #getbetter #triplecrown #F3LouisvilleBelmont

For the 6 people who read my post on my #recon trip to @F3Orlando (thanks Mom!), it won’t surprise you that I’m straight up ganking their workout for tomorrow’s #TempleofGloom.  Here’s the link if you’re bored and want a sneak peak: CI Recon Blast Due to time constraints, there will be some minor changes.  That said,Continue reading “#TempleofGloom PreBlast: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… CI Q #getbetter #triplecrown #F3LouisvilleBelmont”

2017 JUMPAPALOOZA #F3 Louisville Breaking News-Mayor Quimby’s a leg man #27PAX

VQ- Quimby PAX-Bobross, Old Bay, Little Jerry, Wham!, Nugget, Trump, Star Child, Captain Insane-o, Fall guy, Waterboy, Tiger, Zoolander, Zartan, Kidnapper Van, Kragthorpe (FNG), Cardinal, Methane, Nomo, Jordy, Pope, Red Roof, Bullrider, Double Down, Face, Cutlass, The Hammer Holy Smokes!  To all future Q’s, don’t forget you have to do the workout also.  I amContinue reading “2017 JUMPAPALOOZA #F3 Louisville Breaking News-Mayor Quimby’s a leg man #27PAX”

F3 Louisville #TripleCrown Starts Tomorrow at 0530 #getbetter #F3Nation

The Triple Crown is a post at the Seneca AO on Tuesday for Bag of Wrenches, the new Parklands AO on Wednesday, and back to Seneca Thursday for the Temple of Gloom. Quimby (VQ)-Star Child-Captain Insane-o Qs. Do you have what it takes to run the Triple Crown? CI out. See you in the #gloom


In honor of House of Pain (Jump around, Jump around), Van Halen (JUMP!) and Kriss/Kross (is going to make you, Jump, Jump), let’s get ready for 2017’s JUMPAPALOOZA.  Head Lock some FNG’s, grab your jump rope and join me at my debut at Q.  Signed–Mayor for Life, Mayor Quimby   Who:  All F3 Louisville Men and FNG’s.  GrabContinue reading “WELCOME TO JUMPAPALOOZA”

#F3 Louisville Virgin Q “Little Jerry” #Ruiner #25PAX for an 8 Round Bout

VQ- Little Jerry PAX- Tiger, Old Bay, Mouth, Tron, Hobbs, Red Roof, KV, Bull Rider, Trump, Cardinal, Cutlass, Feud(Jacksonville), Waterboy, Seabass, Nugget, Double Down, Texas Pete, Country Boy, The Hammer, Quimby, Face, Zartan, Methane, Jordy, Little Jerry The #PAX was strong coming into this beastly title Bout.  Little Jerry’s #Virgin-Q was not going to upsetContinue reading “#F3 Louisville Virgin Q “Little Jerry” #Ruiner #25PAX for an 8 Round Bout”

#F3Louisville #Ruiner Pre-Blast – Little Jerry makes his debut

When:  Saturday (7/08/17) 0700 Hours Where: Seneca Park Tennis Courts What: #Ruiner workout featuring Little Jerry’s debut at Q. What Else:  It will be a battle for the ages.  Little Jerry in his debut at Q vs. the Pax and all of their Saturday morning mumble chatter about how late they were out last night.Continue reading “#F3Louisville #Ruiner Pre-Blast – Little Jerry makes his debut”

F3Louisville BB 17 (2FNG’s) ZZ Top of the Morning #templeofgloom #getbetter

QIC: Zoolander (Zartan) “ZZ Top”   PAX: Little Jerry, Old Bay, Red Roof, El Diablo, Double Down, Mouth, Cutlass, Bobross, Country Boy, Pope, Zartan, The Hammer, Nomo, Tiger, Zoolander, Bull Rider (FNG), Trump (FNG)   The sky’s were angry this morning as Zoolander took to the muddy and rainy runways of Seneca Park to modelContinue reading “F3Louisville BB 17 (2FNG’s) ZZ Top of the Morning #templeofgloom #getbetter”