3-28 Pre-blast The Mutt #theblender

If I have to Q one more time in the rain…ya’ll are gonna feel my wrath.

Every time I look at the forecast and it calls for rain, I feel like Mr. Garvey when A-Aron or DeNise don’t answer when he’s calling roll.  I feel like breaking something.  So help this substitute teacher from the O and show up and we’ll all get better together.

If you choose to fartsack, you done messed up and your a$$ is headed to Principal O’Shaghennesy’s office.

You’ve been warned…

Forecast calls for 100% chance of juice tomorrow.  Do not let the rain keep you away.



3/27 Pre Rooster Ruck BackBlast

Pax: (5) Snowman, Geppetto, Airplane (VR), Digiorno, Glen Ross

Time: 39.41

Distance 2.64 miles

Speed: 4.0mph

Conditions: Cloudy, 51 cool but comfortable

Last week Zartan scheduled 3 pre-workout rucks so I decided to keep it going and throw back on the calendar for this week. 55FA4B06-9D00-49D9-85FC-B3F6BAB87EE3.jpeg Unlike the rucks at the O, where they always look like a giant penis, our path weaves us through the back streets of the Mutt- with no real pattern (kind of looks like 2 squares).

With 4 in the parking lot we left right at 4:45.  Made the first square then cut back up Leland when we saw someone heading towards us.  Was it Zoo?  Nope, we checked and he was still sleeping.  Was it Zartan- nope, he was out back working on a shovel flag.  It was Geppetto- who said he found us by listening for the mumble chatter.  He was slightly delayed with a “meeting” but glad he found us.

Group chatted about spring break, F3, potential headlocks, new black ops spots and just life.  Also found the pre- ruck relaxing before my VQ at the Rooster.

Our F3 Group is a blast- and reminds me a lot of college.  You can always find someone who’s in to basically do anything   regardless of the time of day- see Pope and Trons BackBlast yesterday.  I’m blessed and thankful for this group.


3/27/18 BB from Bayside @ MLC

Meet up in parking lot at MLC.  All was there early and ready for a good start for the day (Grandpa Bear – Q; Glauc; T18; Elmer; Banana Bread; spokey doke (r); and shuttlecock (r); prayers go out to Butterfly who was not able to join us (surgery).

Man what an awesome spring like morning.  Perfect opportunity to get tuned up for the day.  Started out with a short jog to the courtyard to get warmed up.


Grass Grabbers – 25 ic

SSH – 30 ic

Imperial Walkers – 25 ic

Bicycle Situps – 20 ic

Merkins with partner doing opposite count Derkins – 10 switch 10

Ran to pavement yard markers on opposite side of building.  Here we partnered up to combine our running exercises (suicides 30 yds, 60 yds, 90 yds) while alternating 100 burpees, 100 SSH, 200 LBCs.  After a strong push we met up at the 50 yd line for each to set a goal to start somewhere between the 50 and 10 yd line and do lunges to cross the goal line.  Ouch…..How those legs feeling?

Jogged a short distance over to the benches to do a short burnout with dips (3 minutes).

Finished up with a job back to the flag.


Glauc encouraged men to come out on Thursday night along with getting involved with a ruck.  Encouraged everyone to be thinking about being a Q.  Intensions were given and everybody headed out.  Good workout men!


Back Blast – #BlackOps – #theO – Take the Hill

These Pax: Pope and Tron…

Image uploaded from iOS.jpg

Took this hill 5x…


With the assistance of roughly 95 lbs / stroller of this…

Image uploaded from iOS (1).jpg

And covered about 4.5 miles total, in 45 minutes, for a 10 minute / mile pace.

Just like yesterday, the weather conditions were great for a cardio / leg drive focused fun run.  I’ve run with Tron several times now, and I’ve had the privilege of getting to know more about him each time out.  Neither of us had any clue how many times we could take the hill in 45 minutes, and I don’t know how much elevation change we covered, but we had a good time, and we logged some tough miles.

Let neither the hill you climb nor the load you carry stop you from where you want to go today.




3.26.18 Incubator BB: Let’s Get Physical

PAX: StarChild, Gravedigger, Nino, Huggies, PewPew, Methane, Brokeback, DoubleDown(R), Wham!, RedRoof, LittleJerry(R), BobRoss, Dynomite!, Captain Insane-o, Diablo, Snowday, Glaucoma, Snowman, Newman, Gypsy, Kilo, OJ, Mr Hat, Boozer, Zartan (QIC)

Conditions: mid 40’s maybe. Clear morning Hoping this becomes the new norm. Perfect weather from the Sky-Q for my BDay. Started to drizzle 10 minutes after I left the AO.

Gearlander: First time use of Christmas present NB Minimus Kicks, SmartWool socks, LuLu black shorts, Pinkish Nike dryfit shirt(with shirt sleeves), Black MudGear Tac hat. At RedRoof was rocking the F3Louisville HooRag Ascot. I saw ya.

YHC was fired up for this Q. Not only because it has been a few months since I lead a WO at the Poshlands but because I miss a lot of the guys out there. We came up at the O before it was the O and addition by division split us up. Always good to get the gang back together again.

Preface: Yesterday the family wagon wouldn’t start. All electronics were working fine so I knew starter or alternator were bad. Sh@t. With SpringBreak around the corner this is not what I need. AAA towed it yesterday to Honda World, formerly known as Sam Swope, where I sit now writing this BB. So with yesterday sucked. The funny part is in large part to F3 and the men in this group, I didn’t get pissed and fall into a bad mood or take it out on M or 2.0s. I just rolled with it knowing all would work out and in the grand scheme of things it was not that big of a deal. 1 yr ago I would have been an ass all day long.

Instead I just happened to have a pre-sanded shovel in my basement and a day at home alone allowed me to make another shovel flag as a gift for the Poshlands PAX. It’s a 2nd BlackOp Flag sseeung as how we have had 75 BlackOps since the 1st of the year. It’s important to always plant a flag when we post and take pride in leading this group.

Enough about that and into the WO. PAX were rolling in fast and furious. I knew by the swelling numbers I was going to have to audible Thang2 but no time for that now. Good times sound machine was blasting some horribly awesome 80’s tunes and the clock struck 0529. Explained to group what a Surfee was, an OldBay special, and that we would do one of these for our last burpee whilst we waited for the six. It’s basically a burpee but when you jump up and clap you rotate 90* and land in a Squat with arms out like you are surfing. It’s great. Disclaimer Made and we were off.

Mosey to parking lot near EggLawn for COP. Butt kicks and High Knees as we cruised along. Here is a sampling of our playlist.


38 SSh

8 Boyo

19 Steve Earle Copperhead w/ Hill Billy

7 Boyos

19 Flutter Kicks


19 IW


19 copperhead lunge

Mosey to another parking lot closer to Poshlands entrance.

Thang1 Burpee bearcrawl 11- Basically a 10 count bearcrawl with 1 burpee at the end and jog back to start for 9 count bearcrawl with 2 burpees. Keep going to 1 bearcrawl 10 burpees. LBCs whilst we wait for 6.

Ran to base of bridge for modified Thang 2

Partner up and mosey to top of bridge.

P1 AYG to glow stick 5 BOYOs Bernie Sanders back

P2 10 Dips 10 Merkin Rinse and repeat until P1 returns

Switch and P2 goes to the other side for same exercises

Everyone ran twice and we need to head back for some Quad work.

Hard Run back to Flags for Mary.

20 Big Boys

Pfiffer Kicks on me

20 Big Boys

20 Freddie Mercury’s IC

Also Kilo had beans for dinner last night. Everyone in the circle can attest to this.

Then I asked who had not yet Q’d a WO. Several hands went up so I asked a few guys to lead us in a Mary exercise with proper introduction and cadence. I did my best to help prompt them with introduction and all of them crushed it. I may be off here so forgive me.

Gravedigger- Boat and Canoe

Snow day- Leg lifts WOOF

PewPew- American Hammers

Newman- Box Cutter’s

That was time so we circled up for COT

COR (25 Strong) NOR and intentions and announcements. The dynamic of this group is to lift one another up. It’s not a stated core principle but something that has just organically happened. Several mentions of PAX members who need our TAPs and support.

Kilo surprised me with some rare bourbon samples for my birthday and I am already curious if it is 5 o’clock somewhere.

YHC led us out by sharing the state I was in 12 months ago. The saddest of clowns, pushing 260 and just not a happy guy. I emphasized our 2dnF as the game changer for me. It’s all of you who joined me in the gloom today and those that have for the last 10 months. I honestly don’t know where I would be today but know it would not be here. I have better relationships than I have in my adult life, in better shape than I have been since college and committed to continue to obtain goodr.

Thank you all for pushing this thing. Know we should ABH cause there are more sad clowns out there that need this. It’s up to us to show them what they are missing.


BackBlast – Sunday Runday 3/25 @ the “O”

4 PAX showed up on a clear, slightly breezy morning to log a few training miles.  Buschhhhh, Little Jerry, Old Bay and Vincent put in 5.2 miles under the morning sunrise.  T-Claps to Little Jerry for his performance at Saturday’s 10k race downtown.  12th out of 150 in his age group, running an average pace of 7:19/per mile.  RESPECT!!  Also need to give T-Claps to Old Bay for his performance after the run.  I knew I was gong to attend mass at some point after the run on Sunday and when Old Bay said he had to finish in time to prep for the 11am mass at Holy Trinity because he was the lector for the reading of the Passion, I had my morning planned.  Excellent job Old Bay.   Only sour note from the morning, YHC tweaked his calf and is going to be in IR for a few weeks.  No worries, I will be back in time for the relay.  SYITG

3/27/18 0530 – Carpenter Pre-Blast – Red Roof Q


It’s time to work on that moon tan to get ready for Spring Break.  So trim up that back and shoulder hair, throw on a tank top and post with me in the gloom tomorrow.

If you have a head lamp please plan to bring it.

It won’t be easy but we will get better.

When:  Tuesday, 3/27/18 0530

Where: The Carpenter @ Joe Creason

~Red Roof

3/25 BlackOps Veterans Park #Agility Training with Kilo



Threw out the idea of a Sunday workout and 6 other HIM jumped all over it, like white on rice.  So, I guess you can say this f3 thing is getting pretty serious.  Seriously this PAX is getting stronger, this was supposed to be tough.  Not for the PAX that get to the gloom for a 0600 WO on a Sunday its not.



KiloQ, Abacus, PK, DoubleDown (Respect), IceMan (Respect), McAfee, Gypsy



piercing winds 35* temp with about 20* windchill.  Clear beautiful gloom aside from the wind.



YHC had his patented Neon swag (of course) black tapered Adidas soccer pants, neon under armor, with blue f3 louisville t shirt over top.  Fav new under armor Tac hat with F3 louisville patch.  oh and my super comfy poshy Altra lone peak 3.5s



Thang 1

Mosey over to the concrete bleachers by the baseball field.


Box jump to the top.  (thats 5 box jumps)

rince and repeat’o X10



mosey up to community center parking lot.

light stretching as the pax looked out at my agility course PK and i put together before we met everyone at the flag.


Follow my picture for Thang 2






start at the X

high knees to agility ladder

shuffle through agility ladder

high knee to the circle

sprint to touch each cone

broad jump lateral jump broad jump lateral jump around next comes.

bernie sanders to circle

sprint back to start






mosey back down to box jump bleachers




mosey back up to kilogility one more time because I didn’t put all this together for us to only do it once.


hit the love bag for my special green mini bands


Bands around the ankles,

monster walk all the way across parking lot (100 yards)

Sprint back


bamds around thighs

lunge across lot

sprint back.




YHC wasn’t done

headed over to the signature veterans creek overlook (best Mary spot in F3Louisville). Clearly I’m biased but who cares, it’s nice.

Stole a little from Glauc and used his Ab-O-Rama routine to set the core on fire.  And we were smoke showed.


Again it was Sunday, 7 PAX completed this mess before 7AM……did I mention it was a Sunday?!?!?  Yea it was, we bad!!



Preblast – Black op 3/26 @ 0530 @theO – take the hill, bring running strollers


Meet at the usual spot at the O on Monday, 3/26 at 0530 for an impromptu black op. Bring a running stroller if possible, and wear high visibility attire. For those familiar with Seneca, this hill lies just past Wham island, and a top it sits the Seneca golf course pro shop. We will take this hill as many times as humanly possible within the usual 45 minutes. You may elect to push a coupon loaded stroller for all or part of the WO. I don’t care if you make it up and down the hill 2 times or 100 times, with or without a single or double coupon loaded stroller. You decide whether you beat the hill or the hill beats you. SYITG

3.26.18 Incubator PB: Totally Rad

It’s been awhile since I have Q’d out at the Poshlands and YHC is ready to throw down with the East End Beasts.

Some items of note for tomorrow in the gloom:

Low 40’s with small chance of rain

YHCs birthday

100% chance of 80s music

Fair odds our Burpees to minutes working out ratio will be higher than 3:1

Bring gloves not for the weather but to protect those manicured hands.

Eat right tonight. Distance running at a minimum but AYGs will be in effect.

Can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday than getting better in the gloom with some Poshy HIMs. I know you all come to work everyday so I promise my music selection will be the only soft portion of my meinke.

BackBlast #TheHurt Digiorno

As always, my Brothers of the Gloom came strong to The Mutt. 18 HIM (1 FNG, welcome Mia Flop) showed up to #getbetter. This includes 7 Ruckers that hit up a 45 minute trek before the 7am games began. #Tclaps

Digiorno Q

PAX: Wham!, Zartan, Fridge, Buschhhhh, Zoolander, Spreadsheet, Geppetto, Sump Pump, Grinder, Snowman, Fatone, Pope, Glenn Ross, Left Eye, Tiger, Escort, Mia Flop (FNG), Digiorno

Gearlander: Ski gloves w/latex gloves under (this helps when it is cold, wet and raining), Arctic thermals w/base layer over them (YHC is skinny and gets cold), Merrill trail shoes (waterproof), rain jacket.

YHQ was challenged by Zoo to bring some new menu items to the table. Had to turn a few pages in the old cookbook to find just the right recipe.
The meal started with…


  1. 40 SSH IC
  2. Downward Dog
  3. Runners Stretch (Curly)
  4. 15 Grass Grabbers IC
  5. Thigh/Hamstring Stretch
  6. A few more to get us ready for the 4 Course Meal

Everyone grab a coupon

1ts Course:
PAX line up side by side
Hold Plank
1st PAX does 5 Merkins, call out go to next PAX, next PAX does 5…on down the line
When done with your 5 Merkins immediately switch to AMRAP Coupon Press until last PAX completes Merkins

*We went down and back

2rd Course:
4 sets
15 When Nature Calls 4count IC
(Bear position/Squat (hands never leave ground/Back to Bear bringing Knee to Elbow alternating)

*Sets 3 & 4, we did 10 each

3nd Course:
4 sets
10 Sumo Squats w/coupon (toes out)
10 side to side w/coupon (hold coupon at chest, elbows touch each thigh, alternating)

**Run around school**

4ht Course:
Everyone in a line, plank head to toe
The Dragon Walk – kinda like bear crawl, stay low as low as possible, bringing knee to elbow every move forward
Follow Q cadence
We did 6-8 forward moves
5 Merkins 4count
Length of building down sidewalk

*This was a tough core intense movement

**Run around school**


  1. 20 Pretzel Crunch 4ct IC (alt legs)
  2. Sat Night w/coupon (reg, alt legs up, reg)
  3. Dips
  4. Leg Raises w/coupon held above chest
  5. Dips
  6. LBC’s
  7. ARods (lead by Zoo, #Fiiiiiive)

We completed with a few more stretches before calling time.

YHC was toast after this.

We circled up at the flag, announcements were made, intentions were given, the sky Q was given praise.

YHC is always grateful to be in the presence of a great group of HIM. This is truely more than a workout and I am thankfully for each and every one of you.


3/23/2018 Black Ops Norton Commons BackBlast

So we started out at Norton Commons on Friday, February 23.  This was the 5th consecutive Friday and we had another great turnout.  Pax represented from every AO- the new Blender?

Q- Old Bay, Q- Glen Ross

Pax: Digiorno, Mickey (Toledo), Mater (Toledo), Steerage, Snowman, Grinder, Zartan, Captain Insane-O, Buschhhhh, Double Down (Respect), Little Jerry (Respect), Swifty, Face, Tool Time, Wing Nut, Zima

Disclaimer is given and we count off into 2 groups- 1’s and 2’s.  Always one of my favorites, because nearly half of the Pax always forget their number.  Forming 2 lines Old Bay leads us with 1/2 Mile Prison Run to COP.  Not your typical Prison Run, this was Indian Prison Run.  Circle up for COP

10 Surfies

20 Imperial Walkers (IC)

50 SSH (IC)- no typo here- Fifty IC

Moracian Arm Twists

Did some repeato on a few and got back in 2 lines to continue prisoner Indian run. Probably left some items out here- Old Bay wouldn’t show me his weinke.  After looping around Norton Commons Elementary, we settled in the back lot for Thang1

The night before, CI reached out to let us know that his good buddy was available- and had never been out to Norton Commons.  Old Bay loving the surfies decided to put together an inch warm, surfie, Val combo.  Starting with the six, he would call out down- for the surfie, then back up to then hold the position while he ran 10 yard up w/ Val and 10 yards back w/ Val.  When finished, pass Val, and sprint to the head of the line.  With nearly 20 out there, this was workout and Val got to meet some of the new guys too.

Next we continued with Prison Run making our way back to the Amphitheater.  While running I noticed Face was right next to me and this brought back memories of my first Saturday post.  So impromptu stop, partner up for partner wheel barrel to Thang 2

Stop at the top of a slight hill, for 25 lunges, elbow plank when finished, then when everybody is finished sprint down the hill.  Thought about more prison running, but my arms were already smoked.  At the bottom- do 25 squats, then  elbow plank until all have finished.  Then Repeato 2 more times.

Stopped after 3 sets and moseyed to Amphitheater for Mary.

15 Single count big boy sit ups

15 LBCs (IC)

20 Single Count big boy sit ups

20 LBCs IC

15 Single Count big boys

15 LBCs IC

I believe we did another set or two, the plan was to keep going until we ran out of time.  Ended at 6:15 and head back up to the street for COT.

Announcements- see Slack (seriously- get on Slack).  Intentions- prayers for Abacus’ wife and entire family, those battling illness and ended with prayer from Old Bay.

Norton Commons has become a great Friday spot- give it a shot if you have not been out yet and also sign up to Q- there is still so much untapped territory out there for future Q’s.  Also, Norton Commons has proved that it is a myth that Mutters don’t travel outside the Watterson- see Pax list above.  And lastly, although the amphitheater kept us try during Mary, my wife was shocked to see my back a half hour after all the big boys we did.  Sorry, not sorry


BackBlast #theFog 3/24/18 Abacus B-Day Beatdown!

I was fortunate enough to circle the sun one more time, so today marked the celebration of Abacus (YHC) turning 41! Of course the beatdown included plenty of reps to 41! Also happens Dave Matthews Band has a catchy tune #41. Interesting lines in the song about playing for all the loniness that no one notices now. Is Dave Matthews a member of the Virginia PAX? Who knew? Dave matthews.jpeg

My doppleganger, Mark WMark Weinberg, called for rain and cold during the FOG. He was right. YHG realized quickly we had to keep moving. No problem because running was in my forecast! General disclaimers issued and advised PAX modifications may be necessary, but push yourself to get better!

PAX included: Abacus Q, Grave Digger, Big Bird, Kilo, McAfee, Star Child/Pickle, Iceman (R), Captain Insaneo, Double Down (R), Methane, Huggies, Gypsey, Boozer, PK

More from DMB, “Why won’t you run Into the rain and play And let tears splash all over you?” And that’s what we did!

Mosey to COP

SSH I/C 41 – I’m always amazed at the cadence and count back. somewhere around 30 SSH YHC fell out of cadence…

Abe Vigota I/C 25

Kendra Newmans 10 each direction

Feeling sufficiently warm mosey to playground for Thang1

Thang 1

DECADES – does this exist in F3 xicon? Well it’s in my xicon now, so watch out.

41 – Squats

41 – Burpees

41 – SSH

31 – Squats

31 – Burpees

31 – SSH

21 – Squats

21 Burpees

21 – SSH

11 – Squats

11 – Burpees

11 – SSH

1 – Squat

1 – Burpee

1 – SSH

I believe tears splashed over the PAX. Quotes from the PAX:

Methane “You said merkins right? Not Burpees” –> Iceman “Meth have you been drinking?” –> Methane “You said merkins right? Not Burpees”

Captain Insaneo “I’m never coming to another Abacus Q”

Iceman “Who else watched curling last night?”

It sucked as bad as it sounds!

Mosey to Egg lawn for THANG 2

Route 66

Mosey 4 light poles 11 merkins, 4 more light poles and 10 merkins, rinse / repeato

Mosey back to Playground for THANG3

Divide into 3 groups

Group 1 – 5 pull-ups

Group 2 – SSH until relieved

Group 3 – Step-ups until relieved

Circle on the Poshy land for Mary

PAX gave back to me. Each called out Mary work with 10 reps.

Two minutes left so Jack Webb visited. We made it to 6 merkins and 24 air presses before running out of time. Since we were all SMOKED, mosey to flag.


Count off 14 PAX!

Announcements – Passion Ruck on 3/29 North Poshlands from 2100 to 2400!

Iceman drew the 6 and explained some mumble chatter about being a professional volleyball player and training Val Kilmer for is secondary role in Top Gun. Iceman

Intentions were shared for a St. Margret Mary family of three girls who lost their mother several years ago and tragically lost their father this past week. PRAYERS! Several others and I’m sorry I failed to mention them all here. YHC asked Sky Q for help for all us to be better leaders and men to all we encounter.

Quick visit to coffeteria Abacus’ birthday cake. YUM!


Nugget Q’s can’t dodge the rain


QIC: Nugget

Pax: Nugget, Seabass, Red Roof, Cutlass, Gillespie, Backdraft, Diablo, OJ, Nickelback, Scratch, Jordy, Rachet (FNG)

Gearlander: Reebok coldgear base layer, UA pink compression shirt, swiftwick socks, F3 Louisville camo T, Mizuno Wave Riders, and Mudgear Tac hat (Love this thing)

As all Nugget Q’s begin, crappy weather, at least that is how YHC and the Pax remember. A lot of mumblechatter involving, “remember that one Nugget Q that we in 8 inches of snow,” or “remember how muddy we were after that Nugget Q.” Sorry, guys, I guess I have some bad timing. But as promised, we would warm up quickly. I Omaha’d immediately from venturing out to some of the sloppier paths and headed straight for the tennis courts.




15 Abe Vigodas IC

Kendra Newmans

15 Imperial Walkers IC

15 Copperhead squats.

So warm may not be the optimal word for the Pax at this point, but we move forward.

Thang 1

Grab an accountability partner and do the following:

50-40-30-20-10 Shoulder touches and LBCs

Between each round run from one end of the Tennis courts to the other. The partner is there to push each of us to get better. I can tell you that Cutlass is a beast. He pushed me the whole time and kept us moving. Jordy called plank out to the groups that were waiting on the 6.

We moseyed, carefully to the cut through to reach Cogan’s Alley (?) or the Cul de Sac as YHC described. Cutlass chose to split the red sea and Seabass found a large puddle so we could avoid them. Such sacrifice. We gathered at the top, divided into groups of 3 for the next thang.

Thang 2

Well, since this is the anniversary if Tony Hawk’s amazing 900 on the half pipe (not actually true) we were going to do something YHC has been planning for a while. P1 starts at the top of the hill, P2 at the bottom, and P3 runs in between. As a group, you perform 300 Merkins, 300 Squats, and 300 J Lo’s.

As I began to confuse the Pax (and wake up the neighborhood with my loud voice), we separated and began the WO.  Great work by all teams involved, Rachet was definitely ready for this. I did hear MC between him and Nickelback about the doldrums of a 4 mile treadmill run (sorry for eavesdropping). We have all been there, and that is why we are all here ITG.

Side note, as I will speak to later, this was Seabass’ 25th post. And like most of us, he struggled through the first one. But do you know what he did today? he picked up the six. That is the definition of Getting Better. Not only athletically, but personally in that 3nd F sort of way. He wasn’t the only one I saw picking up the six. This group just did it with no reminders from YHC.

Mosey back to the tennis courts for some Duck, Duck F3. Starting with Seabass and around. And BTW, Seabass can be a D@#k. Burpees, really?! We did some Mary and other items along the way. Then Seabass and YHC snuck off for the special gifts for the Pax.

Thang 3 Plank Dodgeball

Divided into 2 teams of 6. Basic Dodgeball rules, except you don’t get back in by someone catching the ball. When you are out, you plank until the game is completed. At the end of game 1, losing team does 5 burpees and bear crawls to court 2, Winner lunge walks. After game 2, loser AYG to the end and back, winner Mario to the end and yog back. After the final game, losing team owes 5 burpees for each Pax still on the court at games end. The court shrunk each game to intensify the action (love those white lines)

First of all, that ball was slick. We all aren’t the professionals of the middle school game that we thought we were. Jordy has a knack for staying on the court though. We saw some rivalries develop. Scratch V Seabass, OJ v Diablo, Backdrafts cannon v My chest. (I think I have the ball permanently outlined on my chest). And watch the head shots, Cutlass.  The MC on the sidelines was great BTW

In true F3 fashion the winning team, (YHC’s team, your dad still has your number, Seabass) did the 5 burpees with the losing team. Scratch wondered aloud if the number were 30, would we have done them together. I guess we will never know.


Circled up and Nickelback had a story and name for his FNG which we all approved. Announcements made reminding everyone that F3 Dads was cancelled due to weather, coffeeteria after and Nickelback’s VQ at the Carpenter on Tuesday. Brought the guys in for a few words.

Naked Moleskin

As I posted and announced many times this week. It was my 100, but more importantly, Seabass’ 25. I have to say that I have seen this boy start that process of becoming a HIM. He gets up 5 days a week for school at 630 and doesn’t flinch when I wake him up at 630 every Saturday. Commitment is something that the Pax is built on, and he shows it. I often wonder what the future holds fo a 13 year old moving into high school, college and forward. I see all the stories about young people turning down dark roads because of lonliness, or isolation. And while I know that 13 year olds aren’t going to develop friendships with 30 to 50 year olds, the impact that all of you have on him is astronomical. He has mentors now all over the city of Louisville. When times are hard, he will always have a virtual black book of HIMs to call for help, guidence, or just an ear. I watched Pope look him dead in the eye and speak to him about the realities of moving on to High School today. While he will still make mistakes, as we all do, he is set up with the foundation of knowing what is right, when to help, and what it means to be a leader by modelling the Pax. I know I speak of my pride in my child often. But I want you to know that the best feeling I have in my heart right now is the faith that he is going to be fine if anything were to happen to me.

Life is not always easy. Sometimes you need a beatdown to show you who is there for you in your life. I know who we have in ours.

Thank you,




3.24.18 Ruck BB: Gloomy with a chance of 3rdF

PAX: Lefteye, Snowman, Pope, Wham!, Zoolander, GlenRoss, Zartan

Conditions: 35* and steady rain.

Gearlander: Salomon 3DX shoes, smartwool socks, LuLu shorts, Nike dry fit, Patagonia rain jacket, MudGear Tac hat. All black and all wet less my socks and T.

YHC was moving slow today. Pulled up to the Mutt at 0612 for a 0615 start and loved seeing guys already gathering in the rain.

We all cinched our packs and with a GlenRoss “Let’s Go” we were off. GR and I were in front and like we do on Rucks we just started talking and walking. Good conversation ranging from LouCity match today, Flag making and the much anticipated Spring Break looming closer every day. I think a lot of us could use aphukenbrake.

GR and I noticed we were a good 20yrds ahead of the PAX so we decided to wait and move more as a group. It was not because we were pushing hard or trying to be out front but more that our strides are 2.5X a normal mortals stride. I think GR is 6’9″ and I move between 6’6″ and 6’8″ depending on my socks and shoes.

Zoo in normal Zoo fashion tells us it was nice of us to wait for everyone. He then goes on to say that Lefteye(RV) asked him if it was always this clicky on our Rucks? Shared some laughs and in we went.

As we made our way back to the Mutt the fog from last nights fish fry started to clear. I remembered trying to EH KIdnapper Van to show up this morning. I miss that guy. Anyway he mentioned needing some help moving a new treadmill and I remembered mentioning that we would be rucking in the gloom. I shot him a quick text and we detoured a bit to help a HIM in need.

I announced to the group that this detour may have us showing up a few minutes late for Digiorno’s Q at the Mutt. To a man all agreed helping trumped punctuality. So we knocked with our elbows and did that sh@t.

Finished strong and again, way more than a workout. So cool that this week alone we had 5-6 new Rucker’s at the Mutt in the gloom. Let’s run it back next week.

Star Child’s 3nd F Day at Sanders Elementary

As many of the PAX have already done, I had the pleasure to visit Kilo’s sister’s second grade class to read a book or two, and to share any ounce of wisdom I could muster. I thought it would be fun to share my F3 name….

Me: Hey, I’m Star Child. (I drew a ⭐️ 👶 on the board)

The class: Hey Star Baby


Them: Hey Star Punk


Then: Hey Star Pickle

Me: okay, let’s move on.

Them: Ok, Pickle

They laughed, I cried. Good times.

But when Ms. Clark used the force to quiet those bullies, I mean kids down, I asked an important question.

Does anyone know what RELIABILITY means?

From F3, I have discovered the formula to being reliable.


Responsibility + Respect = Reliability

I joined F3 to get in shape. But soon realized that F3 is way more about the friendships formed from reliable men. As I told the class, if you RESPECT someone, and you are RESPONSIBLE, then you can be a RELIABLE person.

This second grade class respects and loves their teacher, Ms. Clark. I hope they continue be responsible and work hard for her as she works hard for them, so they all can continue to learn reliability.

Thanks again to Kilo for the invite. And thank’s to Ms. Clark and her crew.

Sincerely, the best F3 reader ever….

Star Pickle

Preblast – #theFog 3/24/18 at #Poshlands ABACUS Birthday Q

Thank YouFirst, before the Preblast, my vocabulary is not at Captain Insaneo levels. So, I will simply say THANK YOU! To the HIMs of F3 Louisville, your support, well wishes, best wishes, prayers (spoken and unspoken) mean more than my words can express. Eighty something workouts ago, I showed up at Poshlands looking for a workout. What I found was much more than a workout. Yup, that’s the tag line. It’s true. Many members of the PAX have experienced their own hardships since I joined F3 and the support network of F3 is amazing; it’s humbling. Eighty workouts ago, I could not have even begun to describe what I found at F3 or that I even needed it. I knew I needed the 2nd F in my life. That’s been huge. The 2nd F in many ways has allowed my eyes to open to seeing other men openly sharing or talking about their Faith. That’s allowed me to grow my faith as well.

To think 12 months ago, none of us had F3 and now we do and to see how it’s grown and will continue to grow; wow! it’s amazing! Triple Claps to all the leaders who have run with this and make it what it is; THANK YOU! I’d list out the HIMs, but I’ll leave someone off and I don’t want to do it.

Now onto the Pre-blast.

The number 41 might be included the plans tomorrow…then again it might not be. Okay suspense killer…it IS!

Also, we will run some because I like running.

If you are lucky, I will pre-run before the beat down. But, that might just serve as a warm-up. After all, I owe a shirt stating “To some people a marathon is a lifetime goal, to us it’s just a cool down. Ironman 140.6”

Seriously, a marathon is a great accomplishment!

Maybe a surprise at coffeteria??? Come and find out!

Preblast #TheHurt Digiorno Q @F3TheMutt #dontfartsack #trytostaydry #newexercises #itsfree #F3Counts

There are lots of reasons to fartsack everyday, don’t make rain your excuse. I will keep us as dry as I can, I promise. Zoo knows I keep my promises…#pinkypromise.

🚨🚨🚨New Exercises 🚨🚨🚨

Make the choice to #getbetter somewhere.


Ruiner preblast Nugget is 100

Hello HIMs,

Time to celebrate another F3 Louisville milestone. YHC has the Q for number 100 where it all started, the Ruiner. The Ruiner broke the maiden of a lot of you Pax and I think they deserve a visit back once in a while. Don’t worry, the call outs are coming on Slack.

But there is another milestone I want to celebrate. Seabass is hitting his 25th workout. And considering he has school all week, I find it pretty impressive that he has take multiple chances to sleep in and come to get better in the Gloom. He is the F3 Louisville original 2.0, and I plan on making it a big deal on Saturday. So I encourage any of you that have been at one of his Qs, or just worked out with him, or picked him up when struggling to get to the O and join the beat down.

So just a little background on Seabass that may come in handy this Saturday. First he was born on May 19, 2004. That makes him 13 years old. While his nickname wasn’t made official until his first post, he has been called that for years. He loves basketball and is headed to Trinity next year. His favorite workout is Dora’s and has led 4 workouts. His first workout was led by Mayberry.

So why did I tell you all this, only time will tell.

No dress code at the Ruiner. Just bring yourself, and some gloves, and probably a towel for the ride home… It’s gonna rain, but that hides the tears

B-Blast @f3themutt #f3counts

Wham-O / Geppetto CoQ

27* wind chill 21*, 19 strong brothers!

Pax: Tiger, Bernie, Snowman, Lefteye, Grinder, Steerage, Backdraft, Face, Madcow, Mouth, Duece, Sumppump, Fatone, Draper, Escort, Fridge, Zoolander

Great workout in the cold, after warm up Geppetto lead us through modified mutt murph- around school pull-ups, merkins, squats X 3. Then he brought pain of the waiting room – partner to people chair, bropees, yoda or wheel barrel X 2 tough sets

Thanks for coming out, really enjoyed the start of the day!

B-Blast. Temple of Gloom at the”O” 3/22/18. The bell was answered!!

I was inspired by yesterday’s snowy post at the VET, so my pre-blast was more of a “call to arms” than a description of what might happen in the gloom.  I must say the bell was answered and 20 HIM’s showed up for my 100th post.  I am honored to have led them in this morning’s opportunity to get better.

PAX – DiGornio, Buschhhhh, Zima, Trump, Who-Dey, Slippers, Scratch, Wham, C. I., Cutlass, Red Roof, Donger, Jordy, OJ, Diablo, Pope, Glen Ross, Old Bay, Flo Jo, Shiplap and Vincent (Q).

Conditions – a clear, chilly 21 degrees and lot’s of ice,  Gear for Zoo – my inner Johnny Cash – all black Asics, trail shoes, tights and shorts, base layer, breathable running jacket, skull cap an ski gloves.

On my way into the gloom I stopped  and checked out the parking lot next to the basketball courts for conditions.  Very dark but for the most part dry and free of ice.  Next observation, the tennis courts had several icy spots across  the entire space.  There would be no burpee suicides this morning but not to worry, I had 2 plans.

We moseyed to the parking lot in the dark and circled up for a warmup that included Happy Jacks, Grass Grabbers, Imp. Walkers and BOYOS.

Thang 1 – Lazy Dora’s.  They are only lazy in name.  Partnered up for 100 merkins – both PAX in plank rotating 10 merkins at a time while partner holds plank.  200 LBC’s – partner 1, 20 LBC’s and partner 2 holds legs 6″ off the ground, rotating until 200 completed.  Last, 300 squats rotating 25 squats while partner holds Al Gore.  Quads were definitely burning.

Thang 2 – ATM’s (Alternating Merkins).  10 Shoulder taps IC, 10 Merkins 3 count down, 1 up and finished with 10 fast merkins.

We employed the same concept to legs with 10 Copperhead squats IC, 10 Scissor lunges IC and 10 Jump squats single count.   Both cycles were repeated twice.

Thang 3 – Mosey back to tennis courts for Mary.   10 boyos, Pretzel Crunch – IC, 5 boyos, flutter kicks – IC, 5 boyos, reverse crunch – IC, 5 boyos, starfish crunch – IC and 10 boyos to wrap.

Circled up for announcements, intentions and praise to the Sky Q.  I mentioned to the PAX that F3 came to me at time in life when I was dealing a lot of change.  F3 workouts and more importantly the HIM’s that do this thing, provided the stability I needed.  We all get something a little different from F3. Whatever that might be, I challenge you all to make the most of it.  21 individuals did just that, as ONE today.  We don’t get up for easy!!SYITG



Star Child’s Blind Q at MLC

Before 5:10am this morning, I have never seen Martha Lane Collins School in my life. But last week Glauc asked for help, so I offered to come out there and Q. Before realizing 1) I would have to have a blind Q, and 2) it followed my other Q yesterday. Thanks to Kilo’s “Ghost Q Massacre” from a few months ago, I was sure I could handle a blind Q, but I was still nervous I would mess everything up that Glauc has built. Well, here goes nothing…

PAX: 10- Visitors… Tooltime, Star Child, Stormtrooper, Abacus. Shelby County OGs- Glaucoma, Grandpa Bear, T18, Smokey Doke, Shuttlecock, and Banana Bread.

Warning, with nothing written, I am sure I am missing a lot, so I will offer a general idea of the WO…

COP- Circle around in front of the high school flags.

  • 100 SSH 😉
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Military T’s (merkins with hand and leg raises. As cold as the ground was, I coined these “Num Nuts”)
  • Mount Climbers
  • Some other typical stuff


  • Merkin Suicides- partner up. 1 merkins 5, 10, 15 each line (or diamond merkins if they so chose) 2 Squats while 1 is gone.
  • Carolina Dry Dock Suicides (or Groiners Suicides) for partner 1, 2 did lunges
  • Merkin (or Num Nuts) Suicides, 2 did big boy sit ups.

Head to the back for some tag team. Three groups, 1 did dips or incline merkins while 2 ran to relieve 3 who was doing squats, then 3 ran to relieve 1.

We ran short on time so we did a little Mary and called it a morning.

I was off my game, so I forgot Namearama, but thanks to Glauc I got the PAX list easily. We again announced F3DADS is cancelled, but we will try again. Glauc also mentioned that Convergence is next month. More importantly, we huddled up and Abacus shared that unfortunately the M’s tests didn’t come back very well, so EVERYONE, please keep him and the family in your prayers. We asked the Sky Q for strength on this big ball, patience and faith to know he has a plan for all of us, and that was a wrap. Thanks again to all for coming out. Glauc, I am amazed of your work out there. You have a great group of guys out there, and I hope to see them all more often!

SC out.

@F3theMutt BackBlast- Let’s count…7 inches, 800 threads, Creepy Fiiiiiiiives, and 10 HIMs 3/21/18

We should all knock with our elbows more often. More on that later.

My M was in Chicago Tuesday morning, and I was fortunately able to suppress my F3 brain and Thus skip the Rooster. 🤨 But that made me “hangry”. That’s probably not the right word. I’ll check with the F3 lexicon later… Let’s just say I was “Fangry”. You know– that feeling when you need a release… and a laugh…And only a F3 beat down will do.

Good news. I was down for the Q at the blender. Even better news… Zartan had been rucking around town pre-post every day this week. Would he do 3 in a row? Does Pope wear sleeves🙄? Yeah. He was down. So was Glenn Ross. What a great start to my day. Rucking (my 2rd ever) with 2 F3 – and real life all- stars. Read Zartan’s B.B. So fun. Here I am entering the gloom.

Ruck complete. Let the Beat down commence. 9 other HIM’s showed up in the 7 inches of snow to join YHQ. Warmed the heart. But wasn’t real warm. Know how I know? Pope was putting a sweatshirt on over his TT. Things that shouldn’t happen are happening. Let’s keep it going.


OLD BAY – Rucked to and fro the AO





SCRATCH – love O’s

NUGGET – HC Tuesday worked✅ -O


POPE – sleeves😬 O?🤔

Gearlander- wool socks, new saucony’s, 9 inch cobalt blue running shorts, tights, Patagonia thick base layer with hood and long zipper, CI free gloves, yellow partridge member guest rain jacket. Springy. 4 towels. 😉

Disclaimer and slosh around the school to the portico.


SSH 0 Zero. My specialty.

Line up facing each other

Plank/ downward dog. Stretch calves/Achilles/eyes

4x4x10 Merkin/mountain climber/shoulder taps

A-Rods – creepy Fiiiiiiiive count – Low plank. Right hip to ground..1…center..2….left hip to ground..3…center..4..pickle pounder Fiiiiiiiiiive. Sorry OB. Eye contact was tough. I know.

Standing mountain climbers IC (Goofballs)


Mosey to coupons. Halt.

New exercise at Le Mutt.

Thang 1

Cliffhanger Merkins – pax 1 scrapes snow from ledge. Pax 2 holds their legs. Shoot for 20. Pope did 30. Switch. Rinse and repeato twice. 25 reps achieved by most. All got better. Grab 5 coupons.

Throw them on the ground. Line up facing the portico.

Thang 2

Burpee beep bop backup.

Do a burpee. Broad jump backwards. Rinse and repeato until you get across the parking lot. Don’t look behind you. You’re not even close….and your hands are freezing…and wet…and your socks are wet. And I’m sorry. Bad Q. But you’re better. Run up back up at 50% , 75%, AYG. ie sledding.

Thang 3

Go find the coupons… And find a new partner… And look them in the eyeballs… Of course, I locked eyes with Zartan. It was going to be Either him or Glenn. The ruck bonding with those 2 was strong. And Old Bay was seen hiding behind snowman after putting up with my creepy fiiiiiiiives earlier. Ok. Fine.

Catch me if you can. Pax 1 does 20 curls. Pax 2 Bernie’s the long way towards cherrywood. Pax 1 catches (if they can) and they finish together and sprint back to coupons. Pax 2 was hard to catch. Too many curls. Or pax too fast. Probably that. Rinse and repeato. Next up. Pax 1 does 20 squats. Pax 2 Bernie’s with a coupon. Caught Em this time. Pax 1 takes the coupon and finishes together. Swap. Coupon work done.

Ace and Mary

My goal is to share Ace and Gary’s with the world…or maybe just the Mutt pax. Does the Carpenter have picnic tables? We had 6 cherries to pop today. Partner up. No need to look in their eyes. You’re looking….err….elsewhere. See below.

Do the Ace’s above, and then the Jack Dawson’s (Titanic). The pax not doing Ace and Gary work did Bropees. Keep moving to the next station until time is called.

Side note. Other Q’s today were a little jelly that the Mutt showed out. 10 Strong.! Other site Q’s questioned the toughness of 10 dudes working their ass off in 7 inches of snow and slush and cold. Huh? So yeah. There were four 800 thread count towels available for each picnic table. These tables are metal. I had already put the pax through a lot of snow and slush and wet. And weirdness. I was humbled to have 10 PAX in the snowy gloom. I takes care of mine. You come to a ZooQ, and I got you. I’m here for ya. Side side note. Pax also wore gloves, toboggans, jackets, and other stuff. Common sensical stuff. Like 800 thread count towels.

Time called.



Naked Moleskin

I received an email last night from a friend who moved to Dallas from Holy Trinity last year. He lost a childhood friend recently in Iraq. Many PAX received this e-mail. I read the tribute to Tripp, who lost his life serving our Country. What a man. Tripp spent his shortened life on this earth serving not only his country, but also serving those around him. Stories of his service to others led to Tripp being known as “the elbow knocker.” He always knocked on other’s doors with his elbows because his hands were either literally, or figuratively full of what his friends and strangers needed. I closed BOM reminding all the pax to knock with their elbows more often. Find more ways to serve others. Do more. Tripp and the pax really inspired me today. He was a HIM who would’ve fit in right here @f3louisville. I’m looking out at the f3mutt American flag as I close this B.B. out. Smiling.

Thanks for reading


Pre-Blast Wham-O/Geppetto Co-Q @The Mutt #Extender 3/22/17


As I near the end of my quest to qualify for my Iron Horse patch, I realized I was one short for the required number of Qs, and the calendar was already full of Pax dying to lead future beatdowns.  Being the HIM that he is, Wham-O has graciously allowed me to join him tomorrow to co-bring-the-pain.  I’ll be the Yin to his Yang.  The peanut butter to his jelly.  The Sonny to his Cher.  You get the point. SYITG.