Star Child over cooks the Egg at the Inubator

13 HIMs posted at the #incubator in the Gloom this morning, including an FNG who found us through #artofmanliness. PAX included Dan (FNG) Professor, Force Close, Tool Time, Hammer, Methane, Bobross, Taco, Fro, Flea, Lil Smoky, Double Down, Gypsy, and yours truly, Star Child.

Warning: this was a hard one to start the week…

20 Peter Parkers IC
20 Don Quijotes IC
10 X3 Leg Raisies

  • I brought these back home from Indy. On your 6, raise your legs in cadence (forming a V). After 10, do the same but pause in the middle (doubles). That one is triples, adding two pauses in the leg raise.


We moseyed on over to the Egg Lawn for a lil stroll…. Did you know there are 42 light poles around the circle? Well, now you do. I split the run into four parts. 10 poles at each (giving away the extra two). First up, BURPEES. We did one burpee at the first light, then two at the second. All the way to ten. LBCs on the wait for the 6. This was the method to my madness. Next rounds included

  • Squats
  • AL Dry Docks
  • Groiners- Start at plank, swing your feet outside your hands, then back to plank, is one

We headed back to the parking lot to catch our breath with some Mary

  • Rosalitas
  • Freddie Mercuries
  • Dollys
  • American Hammers

Lastly, I thought I saw a wall falling down, so I thought we should try and hold it up with some air chairs. Of course, I had to find a wall big enough, and I didn't do my homework, so we went a little stroll through the park till we found one. We held the air chairs for 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, 4 times.

After that, I didn't hear much mumblechatter, so I think my job was done. We headed over to the shovel flag for Namearama. Welcome Dan to the PAX! I am glad he found us, and seems like he will be a good member. It takes courage to stroll up to a bunch of dudes at 5:30am on a Monday. TClaps my friend. Also Bobross drew the short straw and he shared the 6. He got his name from being an artsy fartsy IT guy. What a hippie. I get to write this, so I will explain his name how I see fit.

Peace Out.

Star Child


QIC: Trump

Pax: 19 (3FNGs) Trump, Water boy, Kilo, Mouth, Kidnapper van, Nugget, Cardinal, Old Bay, Scratch, Zartan, Face, The Hammer, Newman, Tron, Captain Insaneo, Young blood, Mad cow FNG, Broadway FNG, Mr. Nanny FNG

The polls are in and Saturday’s workout at Seneca was THE BEST.  Nothing compares.   Trumps VQ was the best that has ever happened ever. With an assist from Face it was truly epic.
Face started us off:

COP @ basketball courts:  20SSH IC, 10 Merkins IC, 20 American Hammers IC, 20 Imperial Walkers IC, 20 LBCs, Circle Burps.

It was a nice start and all were impressed.

We moseyed on over to the field hockey fields.  The workout really improved from here. I mean, the entire PAX loved it. I mean I heard nothing but positive comments. No sense in going over the details because it was huuuge!  I mean really great. It was really fantastic and everyone is still taking about it.

Extra! Extra! #F3Louisville Updates #allforfree #giveitaway #getbetter

A couple of updates now that we have the Starfish (growth from planted parts of the whole) in Louisville. I’m on a plane, and I have admin rights so I wrote all this down (if you read all the way down, there’s a surprise you won’t want to miss):

– The Parklands AO (area of operation) Saturday launch was awesome. The site is posh, the air smells good and they have water and towel boys* during workouts.  Check it out. And also come to Seneca. We work there, too. 

– Seneca will host Guest Q Bird Hole at the Temple of Gloom on August 17. “So what, CI. Who’s that?”  Bird Hole Qd the first workout for F3Louisville. He’s kinda the reason we’re all here. Respect. Let’s try for a big turn out and welcome the visiting Pax. You’ll see how the pros do it and maybe make a new friend. 

– F3VilleBlackOps launched. This is for anyone who wants some company for their side hustle workout. Planning a run? Tweet/Post to this website your F3VilleBlackOps time, date and location. Planning a swim? Same. Planning battle ropes in your backyard? Same. Dance off? Same. Good chance Zartan is already there so don’t be alarmed. 

– Contact CI for Q calendar and website rights. That way you can sign up to Q (shows up on the site home page on the left automagically) and you can post your PreBlast and Backblast. This is how the community spreads and we sustain this thing. It works. If you have questions, just ask. It’s really easy. 

– Sign up for Twitter and follow @F3_Louisville (follow me too @jimm_____; Water Boy says my tweets are awesome!) Also follow/like F3Louisville on Facebook. If you’re new, ask to join the closed F3 Louisville Group on Facebook. This is how the community spreads and we sustain this thing. It works. 

– Stay tuned for more F3Dads information. This will be a family workout at the Parklands AO. Show the M (your wife) and the 2.0s (your kids) how much fun it is. 

– With school starting and busy times ahead this is the time to buckle down and commit to F3. Remember, if you can do the stuff we’re doing after a voluntary 0500 wake up, you can make it through carpool, practice and all this meetings. 

Don’t miss me too much if you don’t see me. I’ll be there in your dreams. CI out. 

Surprise! 👆👊👨‍✈️🤡🏨💊

*this indicates a blatant falsehood  

F3 Parklands Fog Back Blast-Inagural Saturday

11 Pax (1FNG) showed up Saturday morning for the inaugural Saturday Fog.

Q: Methane

Little Jerry, Double Down, BobRoss, Star Child, Methane, Force Close,  Flea,  Little Smoky,  Gypsy,  FNG (Jason Bott) Bootleg, Tool Time

Methane started off with COP:

17 SSH, 18 Imperial Walkers, 15 Merkins, 17 Plank Jumps, 17 Mountain Climbers

The excitement of the inauguration spilled over to the Thang:

We divided into 3 groups for some 3 group crushers.  2 exercises are performed at different locations.  Group 1 and 2 perform different exercises and group 3 will move to a location to releave group 1 and do that exercise and then group 1 will releave group 2 and so on.  We did 4 rounds at 4 minutes each.

Round 1-Burpees&LBCs w/ bear crawls.

Round 2-Merkins&Getups w/ lunges.

Round 3-SkullCrushers&Amer.Hammers w/Marios. 

Round 4-Dollys&AirSquats w/Marios
Next we did partner assisted suicides with partner 1 performing an exercise with the coupons while partner 2 ran a suicide.  Then switch up.  We did 3 rounds, with walk over merkins, overhead press and weighted squats.  

Methane was gassed, so BobRoss took over. He started with an Indian Run around the 7/10 mile egg lawn.  Then we moseyed over to the lodge for a 20 count combination of jump ups on the wall, jump down, burpee, repeat.  This was a face melter.  We moseyed back to the egg lawn to circle up for some squats.  We did 20 counts of Squats, feet together squats, sumo squats.  Btw, one legged squats are impossible!  Last exercise was a plank where we lifted right arm for a 10 count, right leg-10count, left leg-10count and then left arm 10-count.  

The Pax finished the Fog wth a little game of ultimate frisbee.  T-claps to Force Close for intercepting my horrible passes.  Interceptions are better than burpees!

Ended with COT and welcomed Bootleg to the group.  Great job coming out guys.  Let’s all continue to get better!

F3 Louisville: Parklands Saturday #Fog Pre-Blast

The #parklands will have it’s inaugural Saturday workout (#fog) tomorrow from 7-8am. You will not want to miss it!  Those who received a coupon Wednesday, please bring it.  BobRoss & Methane will co-Q and it will be awesome! Also, we will meet at Panera in Middleton afterwards for warm beverages.  #getbetter #morethanaworkout #fog

Through PAX stepping up for one of their brothers, #F3villeBlackOps is born. #getbetter #starfish #freedtolead

Often new growth happens organically.  Last night I realized I had to sit in a meeting all day today and felt I needed a beatdown this morning to help get me through the day.  Not wanting to work out alone, I texted our F3 in the Hood thread to see if any of my brothers wanted to join me.  Quimby and Old Bay stepped up and we met in the gloom for a hard hitting 30 minute workout.

From this and some dialogue with other PAX it was decided we needed F3villeBalckOps as a one off designation for additional group meetings.  This will NOT be a new AO.  This will NOT replace or compete with current boot camp workouts at Seneca or the Parklands.

What is it?  It is a chance for PAX to connect with each other for additional off day workouts.  If you like to bike, Great!  Pick a morning and invite the PAX.  You want to go trail running, Awesome!  Wanna train for a Murph in the evenings (more to come!), amazing.  You get the point.

Two months ago I would not have gotten up and worked out this morning.  Because of F3 I have dozens of like minded #HIMs to lean on to #getbetter.  Can’t begin to explain how influential this has been for me personally and I know I am not alone in this feeling.

So if you want an additional work out, take the lead.  Ask CI for log in with WordPress site and post with category #F3villeBlackOps and twitter handle @F3villeBlackOps.  Or contact me and I will post for you and show you the ropes the first time.  Teach a man to fish right.  This is for everyone so share your passion with the PAX and lets continue to #getbetter.  Any advise, additions, suggestions or criticism please share.  This is for US so don’t be shy.

YHC- Zartan

Special thanks to Quimby and Old Bay.  Thanks Brothers.  Needed this today.


Qs Needed: Q101 – First Time Q #getbetter #stepup #freedtolead #stolen @F3theFort


The purpose of this document is to assist the new Q in preparing for and leading his first workout (this was stol…borrowed from F3TheFort with some minor edits)


Q – Pax Relationship: The unspoken social contract between the Pax and a Q: “We will follow until you give us a reason not to”. The Pax are very forgiving toward a new Q. Most have been through it and understand the anxiety.


Considerations for the first few Qs:

Launch a quick grenade over twitter (Facebook or the website; contact CI for help), let local Pax know that this is your VQ, most F3 vets enjoy being part of a VQ Pax.
Simplicity/Complexity and Originality
Keep the Weinke (the workout set you write down or put in your watch/phone) simple. The fewer moving parts the better. Many first-time Q Weinke’s are too complicated.
Keep it familiar. New exercises or sets that require more than the briefest of explanations usually lead to confusion.

Don’t be shy about stealing a Weinke, or parts of a Weinke, from another more-experienced Q.

Go with strengths: “Don’t Q it if you can’t do it.”

Next exercise is [brief pause], the merkin.
The Pax then repeats the exercise called.
Speak loudly so all Pax can hear. You are in charge.
Start(ing) position [brief pause], Move.
Not “exercise” position. Start position.
The “Move” is to get the Pax to the position required to begin exercise. The “Move” is not a command to begin exercising.
In cadence [brief pause], Exercise.
In cadence simply means the Q counts the movements (1-2-3) and the Pax calls out the repetitions in unison (“One!”).
The Q counts should correspond to a distinct movement in the exercise. It is in rhythm. For example, for a merkin: “1” is the movement to the down position, “2” is the movement to the plank position, “3” is the movement back to the down position, the Pax call of “One!” is the move back to plank position.
The Q indicates the completion of an exercise by a higher inflection on his last repetition.
See Dredd’s excellent tutorial on the how and why of cadence counting:

NOTE: When a Q does not lead an exercise in cadence that would normally be done that way, he is giving away his authority to lead the Pax. He is implicitly telling the Pax that he not able to count in cadence or is not willing to learn.

Weinke review with Site Q or experienced Q. Not required, but a good idea for a vet to check for potential issues.

Too long, too short: It takes a few times go get a good feel for how long your Weinke will take to execute. Be flexible if running too long and have a couple of stand-by ideas in mind in case you run long. Think through transitions from one set to another. Minimize dead time, standing around.

Tap a vet – if you need time to get unsmoked or burned through Weinke in 30 minutes, there’s no shame in asking a vet to lead Mary or the next section of the workout.


FNG inquiry and Disclaimer – every workout should start with an FNG Inquiry and Disclaimer
Why: We want to disclaimer in front of Pax because having witnesses adds a layer of protection above asking if they’ve read it on the website.
What: Main points in your own words:
I am not a professional
This is self-policing: Stop or modify the exercises as required

Take control—be the leader. Be assertive, don’t mumble. If something doesn’t work and you have to audible, acknowledge it and move on to the next exercise. Don’t apologize, just move on.

Observation – Do your best to keep an eye on the pax during the workout to see if you are losing people, either from it being too easy, too confusing, or too hard. During your first few Qs, it is hard enough just to make it through the workout. Ask your Site Q or another experienced Q to keep an eye on things and whisper in your ear if needed.


Twitter counts – check with Site Q on whether he or the Q will tweet the count. Remember to use workout tag (i.e., #theincubator also include @F3_Louisville) and the #F3Counts tag.

Backblast –
Part of the workout Qs responsibility to post the Backblast, not the Site Q. The Site Q may volunteer to post the Qs first workout on his behalf but that is at his discretion .
Get backblast credentials (from CI) BEFORE first Q so that you are prepared to write up BB when it’s done. The website interface is not difficult and will take only a few minutes to learn. Here again, your Site Q will be an invaluable aid in assisting you to post your first BB.  Reference prior BBs for content, form, etc.
Get login credentials from Captain Insane-o thru Facebook, twitter, or e-mail.  If you don’t know him, ask somebody.

Post Mortem – follow up with your Site Q about what went right, what could be improved, what was a disaster, etc. Seek out honest feedback from other veteran Q and Pax. The best way to improve is to address your weaknesses head on.

Site Qs:  Parklands–Star Child/Methane; The O at Seneca: Red Roof; The Mutt:  Zartan;
Comz (Q calendar; website):  Captain Insane-o

Backblast: Tiger’s VQ. It was Greeeaaaaaaat! #getbetter #morethanaworkout

CI for Tiger (you let me post your BB, you get the consequences)

When:  August 3, 2017

VQIC:  Tiger

Pax (22):  Tiger, Captain Insane-o, Diablo, Spinal Tap, Newman, Double Down, Zoolander, Face, Trump, Water Boy, Kidnapper Van, Backdraft, Old Bay, Country Boi, Gepetto, Mouth, The Hammer, Scratch, Zartan, Happy Fingers, Pope, Cutlass

THE Q – WORKOUT (Tuesday — 8/1/17)
– run long distance to entrance of tennis courts
– side straddle hop (20X)
– squats (20 times)
– Merkins (15 times)
– mountain climbers (20 times)
– LBC’s (20 times)
PHASE 1 exercise (teams of two)
– one person (jump rope — regular jump)/one person runs 2 courts down (10 push-ups with
mountain climbers in between each push-up) — 4 min.
– one person jump ropes (10 times right/10 times left — continues to alternate until teammate
returns)/teammate runs 4 courts down (15 squad/15 LBC’s) — 4 min.
– one person jump ropes (regular jump)/teammate runs 2 tennis courts (three-way push-ups —
close/regular/and wide – 9x) — 4 min.
Phase 2 exercise (teams of two) — everyone runs over to coupon field
– one person runs width of field (20 Imperial walkers)/other person performs benchpress — 15
times and tricep extensions 15 times with coupon — — repeats until teammate returns (4 min.)
– one person runs width of field (20 side straddle hops)/other person performs 15 squats and 15
military press with coupon — repeats until teammate returns (4 min.)
– one person runs width of field (squat jump with 180° turn – 15 times)/other teammate performs
rows with coupon until teammate returns (4 min.)

COT and Name-o-rama.  Zoolander called 6 and explained that he was once a male-model who played a Merman and likes pastel clothes.  In Ball of Man (BOM), Tiger gave some great words of encouragement and deepened our faith.  We left to conquer another day.


Need VQ for Saturday’s #Ruiner or get a Couple of Batmans. Step up or get #beatdown

Seneca AO needs a VQ for Saturday’s Ruiner.  In reality, the PAX needs a VQ even more.  In lieu of a VQ stepping up to the leadership challenge, and believe me YOU can all do it, the result will be the PAX taking a beatdown form a Couple of Batmans.


Decision time.  Step up or get beatdown.

Star Child Does Yoga- Indy Recon

YHC has been down and out for nearly two weeks, so after feeling anxious and fat, I took the opportunity to recon in Indy since I was up there for work anyways.

After a few u-turns and circles around Indy, I rolled up to 8 HIMs to join them in the Gloom. After some fist bumps and mumblechatter, we went to work… Instead of offering up a BB, here are my thoughts…. The location is similar to Southeast Christian, with a few more hills. So a lot of what they do is on pavement. Also, our numbers may be larger, but it’s nice to actually know everyone real well. 9 is not a bad number.


COP- It began with everyone standing in a circle, and we had to spin around with our hands wide out. 20 times. I have no earthly idea if this was a joke, or if the Q was high. I damn near walked out, but they came back to Earth.

Also, their Q didn’t stand in circle, like we just learned. I forgot to mention that to them.

Thang- I got real after the kindergarten exercise, and we Moseyed on over to a hill and did some bear crawls and sprints.

Thang 2- YOGA! Guys, we gotta do yoga once a month. It’s hard, good for core, and big variety from normal stuff.

COT- Felt like home, but they stood for the entire COT.

Namearama- They videotape it, like we did one day. We should continue to try and remember to do that. It offers us something to share, and for people to put faces and names together.

Bottom Line- I am bringing Yoga and some Mary stuff to Parklands. Hell, I may even share with Seneca.


Backblast: Captain brought gifts to the new AO and made the Pax take them home #thebridge #getbetter #coupons #morethanaworkout @Baker_TwoStroke

QIC: Captain Insane-o

Pax (17): Dexter, Forced Close, Methane, Bobross, Glauc, Flea, Tool Time, Diablo, Lil Smokie, Gypsy, Wham!, The Hammer, Double Down, Preacher, Zartan, Rhythm, CI (YHC)

Inspired by my retired Fleet Admiral Insane-o parents — who often bring terrible, loud, heavy or disassembled gifts to the Ensigns (2.0, 2.1 and 2.2) — YHC brought 10 heavy-a$$ coupons (F3 Branded thanks to @Baker_TwoStroke) to the new, fresh, ultra-posh AO at the Parklands and totally left them there for the Pax to sort out…. Here’s what went down.

Circle up near the shovel flag.  I told the Pax I was going to do my best @DreddF3 impersonation with the counts and we’d go fast to get as much in as possible in the 45:

Freddie Mercuries 20 IC
Plank jacks 20 IC
Mountain climbers 15 IC
SSHs 15 IC

The Thang…

Mosey over to the Captain’s boat to unload the coupon cargo.  As we moseyed, we counted off and paired up.  Some of the Pax had never been to the Seneca AO, so they were unfamiliar with coupons.  That changed quickly.

Not so easy run carrying the coupons over to the Egg Lawn.

We lined up, paired up and did a Coupon Bear Crawl relay, with P1 and P2 switching between coupon bear crawl and merkins.  Flutter kicks while you wait.  Then, Zartan said it wasn’t far enough, so YHC doubled the space and we did it again a few more times. Flutter kicks and SSHs while the six (which was YHC; no thanks to Zartan who mistook my cry for help as a manly growl) came in.

The Pax divided into fours and set up a diamond.  5 Burpees at home, when done relieve the AMRAP merkiners at first, who then ran to 2nd with their coupons to relieve the AMRAP air squatters, who took the coupons to 3rd to relieve the LBCers, who took the coupons to home for Burpees and then to 1st to relieve the merkiners.  Repeato a couple of times.

Circle up for some Mary.  All single count:  gas pumps, crunch frog, seat Freddie Mercuries, Fifer Scissors (lots of grunting here).

Circle up with coupons at every other space (or double at one spot cause YHC was Q), for pass the coupon.  Those with a coupon did curls, without did merkins.  After a while switch to coupon swings and air squats (for those in the monthly challenge (got you 30)). Almost time.

The Pax grabbed their coupons and ran back to the shovel flag for the end.

COT and Name-o-rama.  We forgot to have the six say his name; my bad (it was flea, and he got his name because he plays bass and only has one sock).  We forgot to mention the 2nd F Happy Hour today; my bad (it’s today; check Facebook).  We did talk F3 Dads (family day); stay tuned for more.  YHC then told the Pax that our hot branding was too hot to leave the coupons scattered around their lovely park, so they all got a gift.  YHC reminded everyone that no one is perfect and that if the Pax could get up voluntarily on a Wednesday at 0500 to drag a coupon through a wet, muddy field, there’s nothing the day could throw at them they couldn’t overcome.

Tiger VQ at the Temple of Gloom tomorrow Seneca AO.  Bring your jump rope.

CI out.

Preblast: The Captain sails to #thebridge and is bringing #cargo #beatdown #getbetter

YHC is coming to the Parklands with some surprises that some lucky Pax will get to take home! Is it a t-shirt shot out of a cannon?  Is it a puppy?  Is it a gift certificate to Long John Silvers?  NO.  You’ll have to post to find out, or play Picture Page and guess but still post.

SYITG at 0530 at the Parklands AO #getbetter

#F3 Old Bay Backblast #bagofwrenches #Ihatebunnies

First and foremost, let’s send Good Vibes over to Red Roof for a speedy recovery.  He got sniped on the mosey over to the hill, and hopefully is not on the shelf for too long.

Pax: 18.  Old Bay at Q, Zoolander, Wham!, Paddington, Trump, YaYa (FNG Charles Robello), The Hammer, Geppetto, Mr. Rodgers (FNG Bill McMahan), Scratch (FNG Gunner Graven), Quimby, Mouth, KV, Spirit Fingers (FNG Steve Gravatte), Zartan, Cutlass, Diablo, Red Roof & Old Bay

Mosey long way to tennis courts with Jump Ropes.

COP: 20 SSH IC, 10 Burpees IC, 15 Flutters IC, 15 Imperial Squats IC.

Leave ropes, mosey over to the Hill

Thang 1: Partner up.  3 circuits of 4 minutes each.

  • #1 runs up hill, 5 merkins, runs back down.  #2 Flutters.
  • #1 lunge walk up hill, 5 merkins, runs back down.  #2 Planks.
  • #1 broad jump, which means bunny hop, up hill, 5 merkins, run back down.  #2 Plank Jacks.

Mosey back to tennis courts.  I apparently went long last time, so I had to abbreviate Thang 2.

Thang 2:  Partner up with someone new.  2 circuits of 4 minutes each.

  • #1 runs across 4 courts, 10 Freddie Mercurys, #2 Standard jump rope.
  • #1 runs across 4 courts, 10 V ups, #2 Alternating leg jump rope.

Reconvene at Flag for Name-O-Rama and prayer intentions.  Asked the Sky Q to help us to always do the next right thing, especially when it is unclear or not easy.  And always, always, always #getbetter.  Break to go attack the day.

Fellowship and cold wobbly-pops at Brickhouse on Hurstbourne tomorrow 08/02/17 at 5:00 PM.




#F3MonthlyChallenge August ’17 Edition #getbetter @F3_MnthChalleng

For those of you in the Pax looking for a little extra, try this.

Get on twitter and set up a handle.  Follow @F3_MnthChalleng  and Hard Commit (HC) to do 5000 swings this month.  Then update often.  3 Louisville Pax have already HC’d.

Last month was 10,000 push-ups, so be glad the Monthly Challenge Nantan is feeling generous.  It’s only 162ish per day, and it’s likely you’ll get a lot of look like this when you’re done…


#F3Louisville Pre-Blast Old Bay is driving the bus again. #bagofwrenches #dejavu

  • When: Tuesday, 08/01/17, 0530 hours
  • Where: Seneca Park tennis courts
  • Who: All F3 Louisville, and any FNGs you can #headlock #infect
  • What: #bagofwrenches workout with Old Bay

Bring your jump rope, bring a buddy, and join me in the gloom.  See you boys in the AM!

Back Blast-Bringing Back the Beach #F3 Louisville

new F3 banner (PAO Saturday)

QIC: Quimby

Pax (27):  Old bay, Newman, Face, Captain Insano, Double down, Water boy, Backdraft, Zelda, Tiger, Nugget, Methane, Cardinal, FNG – Little Smokie, The Hammer, Diablo, Mayberry, Gipetto, Mouth

BobRoss, Moonlight, Hobs, KidnApper Van, FNG-Tornado, Trump, Cutlass, Wham!

With 2 new FNG’s – Little Smokie and Tornado (Youngest in Town!)


FIRST—Shout out to my youngest son Henry for rocking the day with us. He is coming up on nine years old and had been begging to join me for weeks.  He was great and earned his name, “Tornado”, while assuming the flag of youngest F3’er in town!

We circled around the Flag and knocked out the following to prepare for our tour of our AO.

Downward Dog – make sure heels on the ground 30 seconds

Left forward-stretch right leg heel down 30 seconds

Right forward-stretch left leg heel down 30 seconds

Side Straddle Hops – 20 in cadence

Hillbilly Squats – 15 in cadence

Lung Jumps – 20 Total

The Thang 1!

In a shout out to the #F3 Hampton fellas, we broke up into 5 groups and carried “Beach Bags” while cruising over to what will go forth as Mt. Quimby. Don’t let the bag hit the ground until we are finished conquering the Mountain.  (If the beach bags hit the ground, then so does the Pax-knocking out 5 Burpees for each infraction.) The Pax crushed an inverted Suicide Run from the Top to the Bottom of Mt. Quimby with 10 cones as their target with top to bottom roughly 150 yards.  We caught our breath and then moved on to our next stop on the tour…

The Thang 2!

The Pax circled up with coupons galore on the field hockey field. The Q allowed the beach bags to hit the ground, but changed the game and said keep the coupons off the ground for the rest of the workout.  The coupons were spaced out every other man, with one Paxer holding a football and busting out high knees until we switched.  We then proceeded to fast roll around the circle changing the workouts for those holding the coupons and those holding air.  Coupon holders busted out squats, lunges, curls, presses, two foot hop, left foot hop, right foot hop, back pulls and so on.  The air holders busted out Merkins, squats, lunges, burpess, LBC’s, Freddy Mercury’s, Side Straddle Hops, Bobby Hurley’s, Scissors and Flutters.

The Thang 3!

I didn’t have a Frisbee, so the Pax played Ultimate Football instead. Same great rules, different object to throw.  Football hits the ground, then so does the PAX, giving out 3 burpees each time.  The game ebbed and flowed (more ebb than flow at this point in the day), but ultimately someone scored and we wrapped up the morning.

We ended with the COT and Name-o-Rama. We took some intentions and I read off some quotes from George Carlin, the great comedian and philosopher.  Celebrate the air we breathe, love on your little ones and be a long shadow.

Backblast: Merkins, I mean Burpees.#incubator #getbetter #F3Counts

Q: Methane (YHC)

Pax 21: Methane, Hops, Rhythm, BobRoss, Kilo, Lil Smokey, The Hammer, Tool Time, Sea Bass, Tron, Preacher, Glaucoma, Double Down, Nugget, Dexter, Red Roof, Gypsy, Pope, Captain Insaneo, Face 
Great morning in the #incubator. YHC was at the Q, and almost forgot the Shovel Flag – nice. We also had a guest with us from Charlotte, Hops(sp?) #firstimpressions

We moseyed over to the egg lawn for the warmup.



20 SSH, 10 Merkins, 20 Imperial Walkers, 20 Plank Jacks, 20 SSH


Moseyed to the bridge for some 11s. Start off with 10 Donkey Kicks on one side of the bridge and then run to the other side of the bridge where we did 1 Burpee, then ran back to do 9 Donkey Kicks, then crossed back over the bridge to do 2 Burpees, and on, and on, and on. Those who finished early were treated to some Mary from our Charlotte visitor, Hops and then planked it out. 

Then we moseyed back over the shovel flag to put some work in on the picnic tables. We did 2 sets of 2 exercises for 2 minutes. You rotated the exercise after 10 reps. First set was Step-ups and Dips and the second set was Derkins and Air Squats. We finished off the #incubator with a little Mary. We did 20 reps of Dollys, American Hammers, Flutter Kicks, Rosalitas and LBCs. 


Great work men. You guys keep me motivated and over the last 80 days since starting I feel great. #StarFish

Fight gone Bad #Ruiner backblast

Q: Nugget

Pax, Seabass, Trump, Vincent, Sully, Yogi, Cardinal, Glen Ross, Deuce, Pope, Chestnutt (FNG), Scuba Steve

Seabass and YHC arrived early to see that the O had been taken over due to the Rock Creek Horse Show and some race in the park. No Field and no school for COP, so I had to call an audible on the setting of our beatdown. Slowly, the Pax arrived. I got a message that a newcomer from my past was posting. Yogi and I go back to days at WKU . It was awesome seeing the HIMs pull up , but it was incredible to see Pope stroll up to the group.

Disclaimer stated and we took a short mosey to the tennis courts.


Abe Vigodas IC

Grass Grabbers IC

Kendra Newmans

Copperhead squats


After the Abe Vigodas, YHC saw a figure heading up to the tennis courts. It was my HL almost 10 months in the making. This and Pope showing up was all the motivation I needed to lead these men.

We headed to the cul de sac (Cogan’s Corner) for thang 1

Thang 1

We split into 3 groups for some hill work and exercises to get us warm for the main event. Group 1 went to the bottom of the hill and did an exercise AMRAP while Group 3 did an exercise at the top of the hill. Group 2 would relieve Group 1 and start the exercise.

Bottom of the hill was Bobby Hurley’s followed by LBCs

Top of the hill was Merkins followed by Da Vincis

This was really just to get us warm and the blood pumping. After we headed to the Flag to learn a couple new movements and start Thang 2

Thang 2- Fight Gone Bad

YHC has some crossfit in his past, and while expensive, it has some Damn hard WO. This one is a beast and one that I always enjoyed. It goes like this:

5 stations with a different movement at each for 1 min and then rotate. the 6th minute is rest. 3 rounds. The movements are:

Box Jumps

Push Press



Sumo Deadlift High Pull.

Thanks to Cardinal and Glen Ross, we had plenty of coupons and we set up the circle. 2 Pax at each station, giving AYG every round. Nirvana was the choice of music to keep up the intensity. This was brutal, Cardinal was gracious enough to bring a cooler of water and at the first break, the Pax was ready for it. Not much mumblechatter during these 17 minutes. When finished, YHC was drained. At some point, I think it was raining on just met bc I ended up soaking wet.

My goal today was to give everyone a rough 45 minutes, followed by a fun 15. So we headed to play some Burpee Football. But the field was covered…OMAHA… we did a Do Ah Diddy run to the Softball outfield and split into teams. TDs were scored, burpees were done. I don’t remember who won, but I’m pretty sure that I’m going to get Scuba some stickum for next time. JK

Time was called and we headed to the flag. Deuce mentioned an AYG to the flag, but I’m pretty sure YHC was crawling at that point. (BTW I’m glad Deuce showed. I needed to pay him back for the snotwoggler he put on us at his VQ)


One FNG, Chestnutt was named. I’ll let you ask him why (it’s a fun story). Announcements about coffeeteria. And the BIG announcement…Vincent is engaged. Congrats Vincent! Circled up for the intentions for Abacus’ wife, Pope’s recovery and some others. YHC decided to be thankful at the end and thing about all that has beed gained by this group. No better way to start off my 40s with you HIMs.


#ComingSoon Parklands AO Saturday Workouts #notproblematic #starfish #letitgo #grow #F3Matters

As the Pax grows, so do the number of workouts.  Very soon, we’ll add a Saturday workout at the Parklands.  We’re soliciting names for the workout — Monday is the #Incubator, Wednesday is #TheBridge — and Qs.

Expanding to this location will also put the #GhostFlag in play for all workouts.

Reach out to Star Child (Parklands Site Q), Red Roof, CI, Zartan, or anyone in the Pax to Q.  And spread the word to those East Enders.  #NoExcuses.


Pre Blast – Bringing Back the Beach

Old Bay and I went to Va Beach to rest, relax and maybe meet some new friends from F3 Hampton Roads at Mt. Trashmore.  Thanks to Captain Insane-O and his “friendly” banter, we suffered a beat down the likes that has never been seen before or since.  SO, we’re bringing back the beach!  The Devil may have gone down to Georgia, but I am sure he stopped off at Mt. Trashmore to see what’s up!  Join me on Saturday as we explore what the Park has to offer!  It’s going to be fun….  Quimby


Backblast: 2 Women join @F3Louisville and Kick the Pax’s A$$ #templeofgloom #getbetter #F3Counts

QIC: Captain  Insane-o (YHC)

Pax (27):  Jordy, Cutlass, Newman, Diablo, Moonlight, Breadtruck, Tron, Double Down, Nugget, Red Roof, Little Jerry, Backdraft, Quimby, Spinal Tap, Old Bay, Tiger, Marcia, Zoolander, Country Boy, Gepetto, Methane, Kidnapper Van, Screech, Wilson, Zartan, Mouth, CI

YHC (CI) had two sets planned depending on Pax majority vote: themes of Women or Money.  Here’s what went down:


20 SSHs IC
20 arm circles IC
15 windmills IC
20 Mountain Climbers IC
15 Planks Jacks IC

The Thang:

The Pax got a choice of workout (I had two in the bag), but all they knew was the theme. They picked Women by a sizable majority. I was happy. That’s what I wanted them to pick. Money would have been good (it was a face melter, too), but this was a total change up. Can’t tell if Zartan or Little Jerry whipped votes or what.

First set: Killer Mary

I did my best imitation of Tony Horton and ran the Pax through a modified Ab Ripper X.  YHC had a tough time counting, and the mumble chatter was at an all time low. All of these on a single count 20 unless noted:

Gas Pump
Seated Crunchy Frog
Crossed Leg / Wide Leg Sit-Up
Fifer Scissor
Hip Rock’N Raise
Freddie Mercuries
Pulse-up (Heels to Heaven)
Roll-up / V-Up Combo
Oblique V-Up
Leg Climb
America Hammers
Rosalitas (40 count)
Flutters (on Zartans 15 count)

I think there was a 10 count in there somewhere and maybe a 5 count to catch breath.  I can’t wait to see the Pax on Saturday.  This one is a creeper; they’ll feel it by tomorrow in the “quad”.

Then, I introduced the Pax to Nicole. Pull-ups to failure, 400mm hard run.  We did this on repeato for 21 minutes. Nicole is no joke.

Plank until all Pax finishes.  Not a lot of mumblechatter at all.  We’ll do Money another time.

We ended with the COT and Name-o-Rama.  Double Down called 6 and explained that he’s named after a terrible sandwich. Some tough situations/intentions were explained for everyone to keep in their thoughts and prayers. We ended in the BOM with YHC asking all to treat each other how you want to be treated.

Off to conquer another day. Thanks to the Pax for letting me lead today.

Extra credit to Jordy who did the whole thing weighted (and for having a Velcro name tag). Marcia seems more comfortable with his name, and Tclaps to Nugget and Methane going for the Highlander (5 posts all AOs in a week).  Also, tclaps to Zoolander who’s fleet of foot; he didn’t know but he was pacing me hard on the 4hundies.  Great job to the entire Pax.  Gepetto, I hope you can talk by now.

If you got this far, tclaps. You should listen to this great podcast about F3 that explains the why and how:  Podcast Link

Quimby’s up Saturday. I’m out to pay the bills.
























Back Blast: House of Cards

VQIC: Double Down

22 Pax:  Bull Rider, Force Close, Nugget, Nomo, Glauc, Joe Boo, Fro, Methane, Flea, Bob Ross, Tool Time, Wham, Gypsy, Zartan, Red Roof, Little Jerry, Odie, Preacher, Rhythm, Decter, Star Child

“Ante” Up with warm up on Egg Lawn:  21 Side Straddle Hops, 11 Merkins, 21 LBCs, 11 Rosalitas, 21 Squats, 11 Imperial Walkers in cadence

Short mosey over to another area of the Egg Lawn to “Roll the Dice”:  4 groups at 4 stations: stations were merkins, LBCs, Burpees and Squats.  Set 1: “lucky 7” reps at each station; Set 2: “lucky 11” reps; Set 3: “blackjack – 21 reps” of each – feeling good now…

Line up for “Pick a Card” – pick card from deck of cards with Aces = 14 reps, Kings = 13 and so on; pick a joker and the reps double.  First card out of the pile was an Ace so 14 reps of merkins; next, King so 13 reps of Freddie Mercurys; next, Joker with next card a 10 so 20 reps of burpees…kept going for a few more cards…

“King of Hearts” came next – sets of sprints from cone to cone with lunges, backward run, karaoke run, bear crawl and a few other fun exercises…

Next, Indian Run around the lawn with a finish with some additional exercises to close down the casino…I was out of chips!  Great job by the Pax!