3/10 Backblast from #MarthaLayneCollinsHS #Shelbyville #KiloQ



This is Martha Layne Collins, former Governor of Kentucky and the name sake for our newest expansion project in Shelbyville, Martha Layne Collins High School.  Sadly thats about all I can tell you about this woman, but if the high school is dedicated to her service to our state then she must of done one heck of a job.  Martha Layne Collins High School is about the most beautiful campus I have ever laid eyes on.  Modern Architecture, large windows, symmetric from end to end.  A perfect spot for F3Louisville to spread its wings into Shelbyville.  Tclaps Glauc!




Glauc, Grandpa Bear, Elmer (Fud), Spokey Dokey (Respect), ShuttleCock (Respect), T18, Butterfly (FNG), Abacus, Banana Bread


The Work

Mosey from flag to center courtyard area, which is an F3 haven for those future Qs out there.


All exercises IC

25 SSH

20 overhead claps

20 Abe blablablas

20 grass grabbers


Mosey to back side of school which may be the front I’m not sure.

20 Imperial chair

20 Imperial walker

20 Imperial squats

20 copperhead squats


Mosey around parking lot back to previous spot

20 lbc

20 flutter kicks

20 hello dolly

20 freddy mercury

20 right leg lbc

20 left leg lbc


Mosey back to start spot at courtyard area

10 right leg first step ups

10 left leg first step ups

20 incline Merkins


Smoked em out with Jack Webb

1:4  Merkin:Air shoulder press


Mosey back to flag with 4 minutes left

everyone in AL Gore while one by one PAX told about their M and children.  Some had more dogs than others thus hearing some mumbling from the PAX to hurry along.



YHC talked about what makes F3 more than just a workout, why we get up every morning before others to “workout”.

Bring it in for intentions I thanked God for keeping my mother in law safe in a car accident last week.  There was another that im forgetting but the Sky Q has not forgotten.  Thanked God for getting us up giving us our health and asked him to bring us back to the gloom safely.


This is a phenomenal start to the Shelbyville AO, I can’t tell you how proud I am of Glauc. I am not surprised that the HIMs he HL are all in fact HIMs.  Some great guys and can’t wait to watch you all grow, get stronger and better physically, mentally, and spiritually through this Blessing we call F3.





3.9.10 Black Op Ruck at the Reservior – Zartan via Red Roof

IMO the 1st F today paled in comparison to the 2dnF. However I will share a break down of what we did.

PAX: Wham!, MadCow, Mouth, Zartan and Diablo*

Conditions: crystal clear and high 20s.
Gearlander: $1200 in Ruck sacks, 5 pairs of shoes, one orange hoodie (guess who) and 4 beanie caps.

Pretty subdued crew this morning so we set off to explore the golf course and nearby reservoir. YHC was tired but we moved at a pretty good clip. This was a picture of our route and pace.  Dual purpose today. Ruck was the given. Secondary task was to recon a future AO. Lots of potential but we all agreed that the steep hills a going to really suck. They are really really steep. Keep your eyes open for a BO Beatdown here in the future.

We finished a little early and as we walked back to the shovel flag in Mary T parking lot. As we rounded the corner we noticed an official looking pickup truck parked right in front of the BlackOp Shovel Flag. With headlights illuminating her in all her glory we discussed what must be going through this persons mind. “So it’s a shovel but it’s also an American Flag. If I move it does that make me a communist? What purpose does this thing even serve?”

As 4 guys came strolling toward him with headlamps and backpacks I assume he figured it wasn’t worth the trouble and bailed.
We circled up for our four man COR NOR and Ball if Man. As we ran through NOR YHC said “Kevin Hanley, Zartan, 37” to which MadCows follows by shouting “37”. Man I screwed that up but we laughed at MC and moved on. When out of the gloom comes…. wait who is the beast of man rounding the corner with a Ruck on? It’s Diablo. We all, laugh, and then ask what happened?

“I showed up 2 minutes late and you guys were gone. I looked but you were no where in sight so I did my own thing. Why was I late?”

Laughter ensued and we added Diablo to NOR. Out of nowhere,having been way too far away to hear my previous mistake, Diablo shouts out Justin Clark Diablo 40 to which we all yell 40 and of course continue to laugh. Dark Helmet would be embarrassed at out retention of Q school 101.

That’s where we end.

Naked Moleskin
YHC was tired today. Really tired.
Mouth brought up that it was time the Dreadnoks(Hanley’s ) stepped up and joined the planning committee for Spring Break. PS Mouth, we are not staying with you guys.
Wham! is celebrating his 40th later this month and is heading to Nashville this weekend for a pre party. Hoping he remains strong to not show up for his first day at a new Firm hungover. Good luck brother and congrats on the career move.

On I believe the 7th hole of the golf course, which was not by the way founded by a crescent roll, the topic of French Drains came up. So let’s take a step back before I begin this one. Have you ever believe something so fully you don’t even bother to research it? A few months ago while discussing a FNGs name I thought the Swedish Chef from the muppets would be great. But in my mind I always thought his name was Chef Shadoodle. No idea where it came from but I have believed that was his name from childhood. Upon being told his name was indeed Chef Shadoodle I researched it in the Google machine and sure enough zero mention of Chef Shadoodle anywhere.

So today while walking up #7 we discussed French Drains. I think MC asked where the name came from. YHC having had several installed in my past homes had for the last 9 years thought I knew where the name came from. So I began to tell every that French Drains original came from ab irrigation solution of flat French chateau’s. I explained that they would line walkways and paths with rocks that had slopping underground rock channels to funnel the water away. Mouth called BS and I was confident I was right. I mean my contractor had told me as much as he explained the concept years ago. He had to be right of course. I mean he had a magnet on his truck.

Upon getting my car and using this amazing google tool this is what I found.
This was a google search that proved that I was so wrong and Henry Flagg French was an A Hole
Damn. So wrong. But maybe there is tie somewhere to French Drains leading back to France?
This was a google search that said French Drains have nothing to do with France 🇫🇷
Double damn. I got Shadoodled again. So I texted all this to my buddies and we all shared a laugh at my expense.
Later in the Ruck the guys who live a mile or so from our location admitted they had never even known the reservoir and path were there. Shocked to know it was there and curious as to what it was, Mouth asked if the Gate House was a Church
This was a picture of the GateHouse
To which I answered no, it controlled the flow of water in the reservoir that helped remove sediment from the water. All great info I read off a sign will recon’n the area.

So all in all this was a great morning. I apologize for the late delivery of this BB. I wrote it earlier and the media spinner said it was downloading pics and what not and then crashed. Lost it all. Also, I hate/love to admit that I spent more time today on F3 than I didn’t. Conference call with CrotchRocket, 2rd F lunch that extended into happy hour and then a visit from Barney Fife from F3Birmingham and the HL’n guys at FishFry.

So as I sit here at home recording the Liverpool v Man U match tomorrow I had a thought. I was wrong way more than I was right today. And as I lay out my Liverpool kit for tomorrow I realized I should question more of my beliefs. So I was pretty sure I knew who sang Liverpool’s famous game chant You Never Wall Alone. So I tentatively googled this easily uncovered bit of information in an attempt to prove that I knew what I was talking about and ….. “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is a show tune from the 1945 Rogers and Hammerstein musical Carousel Son of a bitch. 0 for 3 today.

I give up.

I can say one thing for sure and be confident I am right cause I need a win. Next Thursday for those looking for a crazy beatdown join me at Mary T for a Black Op WO. Not for the faint of heart. It will be hard and will involve running, hills, Burpees, hills, stairs,hills and more hills.
Get some rest and SYITG

3-9-18 Backblast #BlackOps at Norton Commons….where they have Soccer Lawns.

QIC – Face

PAX (14): Captain Insaneo, Snowman, Steerage, Plethora, Zoolander, Wahoo, Fergie (FNG), Tool Time, Wingnut, Airplane, Cinnebeard (FNG), Double Down (Resp), Glenn Ross

Weather: 26 degrees, humidity 76%….lovely

Zoo-tire: Grey tri-blend F3 ISI flag tshirt (unnecessary according to Zoo), Patagonia R1 pullover, black UA tights, grey Nike running shorts (7″ inseam), smart wool socks, 1.95 Newbie 1500V2’s….not a full 2 since a toe blew out while rucking last weekend.  New pair en route.  Buff doorag, F3Louisville neck gaiter.

Black Ops Friday started out like many F3 mornings….dark, chilly, and with CI waiting at the bottom of my driveway.  What no one else knew was that I felt like $hit and had been battling Chipotle-gut since Monday (thanks Kilo…awesome suggestion for a post-ruck meal).  YHC had committed to Q on Monday before the “intestinal disruptions” began…and damn it, I wasn’t about to back out.  There are a lot of guys in the oasis of Norton Commons and it’s surrounding cloisters that need F3…like hell if I was going to let them down.  What followed showed me exactly why I love this group and why I think more guys out there can benefit from it.

Disclaimers were given and we were off for a yog through the town center and back to the front of NC Elementary for COP:


  • 20 SSH IC
  • 20 Imperial Walkers IC
  • 20 Kendra Newmans
  • 20 Air Squats IC
  • 20 LBCs IC
  • 5 Boyos

Took a little Yog to the MLS-quality soccer lawn (you just don’t say “field” out here)…this is when, out of the darkness, appeared Zoo..pullover-on-flesh and all. 

The Thang

Death Stars- 5 cones set up in star, count off in 5’s.  Pax elbow plank until their turn.  Each group performs the exercises marked at each cone then hard-jogs to the next.  FYI….stars marked on a field in the dark…with cones are hard to see.  Future Q’s….re-evaluate.

Round 1

  • Station 1- 15 Merkins
  • Station 2- 15 Air Squats
  • Station 3- 15 Merkins
  • Station 4- 15 Air Squats
  • Station 5- 15 Merkins

Round 2

  • Station 1- 15 Plank Jacks
  • Station 2- 15 Bobby Hurley’s
  • Station 3- 15 Plank Jacks
  • Station 4- 15 Bobby Hurley’s
  • Station 5- 15 Plank Jacks

When finished, plank it up for the 6.

Yog back to the school for a little…Lt. Dan’s- 1 squat/4 lunges up to 10/40….woof.  By the time we were done, we felt like we ain’t got no legs.

Yog back to the Soccer Lawn on what was left of our legs

Circle Up for Some Mary

  • 20 Freddie Mercuries
  • 20 Gas Pumps
  • 20 Flutter Kicks
  • 20 LBCs
  • 15 LBFC’s

Mosey back to the flag

Counting was “done”…quotes b/c we had to do it twice (my bad…org fail), names were said and given.  We welcomed Fergie to F3…he met us halfway which is better than a fartsack.  We also welcomed Cinnebeard (given by his nephew Wingnut) and we hope he takes his newfound love of beat downs back to Omaha to share with the guys at #F3Omaha.  He’s a bad ass power lifter and will likely enjoy throwing some coupons around with the new Pax out there.  Look out Omaha.

In closing….I’ve felt like crap all week and have spent more time in the bathroom than I’d like admit to, but getting out with the Pax was the best thing I did all week.  Without asking for it, you #HIMs unknowingly gave me the strength to knock out another Q.  It wasn’t my best or the smoothest, but it gave us all a benchmark to start our day and end our week…and I thank you all for it.


Sanders Elementary @f3louisville BackBlast #2rd F

Q- Zoo

PAX – 20 2nd graders at Sanders Elementary and Ms. Clark HIW

Gearlander – navy plain front slim slacks, white oxford with green initials on pocket, navy bow tie with green stripes, navy and green socks. Black loafers

Book – “How Full is Your Bucket?”


Met Ms. Clark and the Pax. They were eager to get better. Circled up on the carpet with our listening ears on, and got to work.

Thang 1

Review what Mr. Ben (kilo) and Mr. Jason (Glen Ross) had taught in weeks before. Comprehension game is tight at Sanders. They all recited the golden rule… Have been executing on said rule… And many have already started saving money in the piggy banks that Glen Ross handed out last week. Tclaps

Thang 2

I read the book. Some have read it… Some haven’t. The point was to reinforce the golden rule, and to give them a lexicon (get it?) to use with each other when their buckets are empty. Also discussed the concept that when you fill someone else’s bucket… Your bucket gets filled too! Every time. Always. See F3. This has never been morer truerer.

Thang 3

Questions and key learnings. This is where I should have paid more attention to the Q page CI has been posting all over slack today. The pax partnered up and talked with each other about what they learned… I thought this was great! I heard some really good conversations. Then I called on Tristan to tell me what he learned… And he asked….

“why do you have letters on your shirt?”

Did you mean for your socks to match your letters and your tie?”

“do you sometimes forget your name?”

“Is that bow tie real?”

Now I was perfectly equipped to answer each and every question… But I could tell Miss Clark was keen on sticking to the key learnings from the book…Aye!

Thang 4

Ok. Time is running out… Mission accomplished… they got better. I think.

But I had to give the pax what they wanted. So, I answered their questions one by one – and said that yes… I sometimes forget my name… And you better believe I meant for everything to coordinate…..and c’mon guys…..yes. It’s a real bow tie. Then I remembered… Glen Ross encouraged me to learn a magic trick. So I taught them how to tie a bowtie! I think they were more engaged at that moment than they were during the book… Whatever. They’re learning.


I thanked the pax and miss Clark for having me today. They certainly filled my bucket! I hope they learned how to pick up the 6, and/or how to dress for a job interview. Either one. Or both. Both better. Or maybe just the 1st. Anyway, I left them by asking them to give ME 8…..and to always give 8 every time they shake a hand.

5 fingers + 2 eyeballs + 1 smile = a perfect hand shake. Then I washed my hands and left…..because they’re 8……and i got a 7 year old…..and yeah.

Lived it! Thanks Kilo


3/9 NorthPosh Ruck training at The Wall. #NeverQuit


We’ve got a PAX full of Winners.  Yesterday morning PK informed me he wasn’t going to be able to post this morning because he couldn’t make it back from either St. Matthews or Norton Commons in time to get the 2.0s off to school.  Beep bop beep, Ruck training at North Posh.  PK and I are greeted in the gloom by 6 other HIMs ready to do work.  Including a new PAX member (Meatball) making only his second post.  Tclaps!




MacAfee, Meatball, PK, Bob Ross, Glauc, Storm Trooper, Nino


All this is done with your ruck on.

Have you seen the wall?  It’s not a hill, its a stinking wall.  The thing is probably 120 yards and STEEP!



1 merkin at top/10 4 ct. flutter kicks at bottom

ascending merkins/ descending flutter kicks


10 merkins/1 4 ct. flutter kick.


not done yet my friend


Bear with Me!!!!!!!!!!

10 yd. bear crawl

20 squats

10 yd bear crawl

20 merkins

10 yd bear crawl

20 Mountain Climbers

10 yd bear crawl

20 ruck curls


rinse and repeat!!!!!!


This was tough but the PAX never quit.  We started, we finished, WE ARE WINNERS!



Intentions for Macafee M, trying figure out some medical issues and needs prayers for some relief.

Storm Trooper aunt battling cancer.




Snowman/Grinder VQ Extender B.B. @f3themutt

No Smokey in sight as Grinder left the Pax through the mean streets of St Matthews.

Q: Grinder and Snowman

Pax: Zoolander, Buschhhh, pK, Steerage, Glenn Ross, Waterboy, Kilo, Mad Cow, Fridge, Deuce, Sump Pump, Digiorno, Old Bay, Left Eye, Zima, Tiger,Moonlight, Bernie, Geppetto, Wham-O.

Grinder started off with a COP, doing SSH, arm circles, cherry pickers, etc. We then mossied over to the Hammers Hill for some hill runs mixed with dips, mercins, SSH’s and squats.

After that beating we mossied over to grab coupons to work on our guns and listen to some Jerry Reed. The 1 minute intervals may have been top ambitious. But we got in curls, overhead presses, squats, LBCs and a few rows.

Kilo was missing the neon this AM, but still came with his gusto.

Zoolander reminded us of the family in need of baby clothes and diapers due to the recent flooding.

Thank you all for being there for me and Grinders VQ.

The O Back Blast 3/8 #TempleOfGloom

(Flashback) August 22,2017 – my first post.   Wham’s VQ.  Struggled, and spilled merlot when I got home in the driveway. #wuss

(Present) March 8, 2018 – 100 posts later.  Tough 3 day stretch starting with Digiorno, Iceman, and I had the Q today.  Full body shredder, no down time.  45 minutes of straight hard work. Sore but feeling good.  #champ

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had to space out my posts.  I kind of wanted my next Q to be my 100th. I remember being at CI’s 50th thinking wow (Owen Wilson wow) can’t believe he’s done 50 workouts much less 100.  Over the last couple of weeks we’ve seen a number of HIMs hitting 100.  Methane, Wham!, Kilo, Digiorno, Glen Ross, and many others that hit that mark long ago.

Gearlander: Broncos knit hat (😊), orange Under Armour ¼ zip pullover (Kilo – I do wear a lot of orange), my bestest thermal toights, shorts over said toights, New Balance trails.

Q – OJ

PAX: Trump, Tron, Red Roof, Gillespie, Double Down (respect), Little Jerry (respect), Flo Jo, Who Dey, Slippers, Vincent (respect), Nickelback, Scuba Steve, Bean Counter, Scratch, Butcher, Peach.

Hit the O shortly after 5am as there was much work to be done.  I knew I needed 8 coupons for the tennis courts so after planting the GF and TOG flags I was in for some extra credit.  Farmer carried the 8 in four trips to the far tennis courts (woof) where I had a number of exercises laid out in a circle for my mosh pit that would later be rocking.  Finally had it all lined out and looked at the clock and it was 5:29, whew.  Perfect.  Sprinted to the flags and gave a quick disclaimer and we were off and running.

COP on the other tennis court

20 Abe Vigotas IC

*Here’s where I divulged that this was my 100th post and asked if they were ready.

100 SSHs IC – crowd pleaser (loved when Star Child did this for Methane’s 100)

*Shared with them that this was my 9th time to lead so I called for 9 Burpees.

20 Plank Jacks IC

Hold plank – right arm up/left arm up

The Thang – there would be no thangs 2 or 3.  This was going to be about a 38 minute straight Tabata beat down.


I warned the PAX in my pre-blast that I was going to bring the heat with some music.

50 seconds on, 10 off to rotate.

Exercises: Mountain Climbers, Burpees, SSHs, Flutter Kicks, Coupon Curls, Merkins, Rosalitas, Coupon Shrugs, Lunges, Sprints to the other end of the courts, Elbow Plank, Bear Crawls forward 5 steps/Crawl Bears back 5 steps, Coupon Rows, Dying Cockroaches, Plank Jacks, American Hammers, Coupon Kettle Swings, On six hold legs six inches off ground, Broad Jump forward 3 paces/Broad Jump back 3 paces, Imperial Walker Squats, Alternating hand coupon merkns, Groiners, Monkey Humpers, Heals to Heaven.

I told the PAX my love of heavy hard rock and I’m not sure if they were prepared for my selected playlist.  The first song I chose is extremely heavy and I got some weird looks when it cranked in.  Scratch told me he hated it (later asked for the list of songs so he could go download them). Tron admitted he liked a few but also asked if I was just playing the same song over and over. Who Dey approved of the tunes.  Trump said my tunes were in fact not great.  I’m not sure about others.  I just know when it’s heavy, I feel motivated to push further.


1. “Architect” by Ded

2. “Red Cold River” by Breaking Benjamin

3. “Soul Addiction” by Sylar

4. “Unbreakable” by Of Mice and Men

5. “Throne” by Bring Me the Horizon

6. “Bones Exposed” by Of Mice and Men

7. “Gambit Rogue Delight” by Sylar

8. “Game On” by Disciple

9. “Defy” by Of Mice and Men

Called it with a couple of minutes to spare and I asked for help returning the coupons


Announcements – FIA, Dad’s day

Intentions – Also FIA, Steemer, Loco (injuries)

I’m thankful for this group of men who hold me accountable.  I can’t believe I stand here 100 posts later.  I’m a three time marathoner and I’m not sure I’ve ever been in shape as I am now.  What this group is doing is changing lives, making men better on the inside and out.  It’s nothing we could do on our own accord but through God’s grace and the fellowship between us.  I’m excited for our expansion into new AOs and look forward to seeing many more men be transformed by F3.  Sorry for the long winded BB just typing from the heart.


Backblast 03/08/2018: An FNG naming party at F3 shelby co. Blackops launch. #shuttlecock #spokeydokeys



It was a great am to launch F3 Shelby County.

Conditions: 31, brisk a slight North/Northwest breeze, light flurries

Glauc Q  PAX: (9)  Abacus, Stormtrooper, Zartan, Grandpa Bear, T18 (FNG), Banana Bread (FNG), Shuttlecock (FNG), Spokey Dokey (FNG), Elmer (FNG)

I was so excited to get things rocking @ Martha Layne that I had basically been up since about 3:30 AM.. Let’s get to it.

Mosey back of parking lot with mixed butt kicks, high knees, arm circles (forward and backward)  ended up at the rear of school in front of flag poles.  A b e a utiful spot for COP.

COP:  20 SSH (IC) , 15 Cherry Pickers (IC) , 12 Abe Vigotas (IC) , 10 Copperhead squats (IC) , 15 Merkins (Single count) , 20 shoulder taps (single counts),  5 BOYOS.

Mosey to front of school.. to the “football field”

The THAnG:

Partner up (1 FNG with one F3 HIM) :

  1.  start on opposing 30 yard lines, run to the middle (around the 50 yard line) do 5 merky partner claps  (I just made that up, thought we came up with something better there? but forgot) (essentially a merkin then giving your partner who is in front of you a “five” in plank position)  Do 5 Merky partner claps and run back to 30 yard line.  Rinse and repeat for the entire song “Meet in the Middle”  diamond rio classic love song.
  2. Same start. (partners on opposing 30 yard lines) run to middle.  Do 10 air squats with air punch (opposite of partner). Run back. Rinse and repeat for entire song “Believer” Imagine Dragons
  3. Same start as above. yadayadayada.  Meet in the middle with partner. Do 10 Plank Partner claps. (similar to above with the merkin but with no Merkin. Basically doing a “five” with your partner in plank position.  Run back to thirty yard line. Rinse and repeat entire song.  “Seven Nation Army” The White Stripes

Run back to rear of school

Partner up:

Exercise 1 : Partner 1 , 15 Derkins  Partner 2 LBC (until partner 1 is done)

Exercise 2 : Partner 1, 15 air squats Partner 2 Hold Plank (until partner 1 is done)

Rinse and repeat for the entire song “Brother” by Needtobreathe.

Mosey back to flag.

COT:  FNG naming party began.. I like it.  All are winners, great names for F3. Intentions for those serving our country and the recent school shootings.

Same spot this saturday!  6:00 AM!

Glauc OUT!

#back blast #the blender 3/7

LBFC 3-7-1811 Pax showed up to learn about BLIMPS

Pax: Sump Pump, Buusccchhhh, Grinder, Mad Cow, Jordy, PED, DiGiorno, Left Eye, Butcher, Glenn Ross, Spreadsheet (Q)

Weather. Low 30’s. Snow flurries would make a few appearances

Attire (for Zoo): Running tights, athletic pants, long sleeve and short sleeve dry fit shirt, hooded sweatshirt, gloves, ear-warmers, socks(2 pair), and trail shoes

Started with a mosey around the school to the big parking lot for COP:

All in cadence:

The curly stretch. I recall this from a spinal tap q. I believe Curly must have debuted it a while back, but I missed his q. How is Curly? Taurine have you seen him? Wait, where is Taurine and where is KV?

Cherry pickers slow x 15

Kendra Newmans small and large, forwards and backwards.

Bobby Hurley x 15. We needed something for March Madness!  GO CARDS!


Next it was time for  BLIMPS with a partner, slightly modified.

Partner 1 runs the from the curb to the portico,  20 SSH, then back to relieve partner 2.

Partner 2 works on the BLIMPS. Complete the following as a team

Burpees = 100

Lunges = 200 each leg

Imperial Walkers = 300 each leg

Merkins = 100

Plankjacks = 200

Squats = 300

Q took the odd man out and did half of the reps solo.  (CI –   my burpee form is improving…..) My spreadsheet formula was clearly wrong on estimating time to complete BLIMPS. I called an audible on the reps for the last few sets so we could get in some Mary.

Merkins is now 50

Plankjacks is now 100

Squats is now 150

Pax finished up and we moseyed over to the back parking lot for Mary.


Mary:  all in cadence

Flutter kicks x10

Lbcs x 10

Lbfc x 10. Little baby flutter crunches. I wanted something new and I found this on the F3 website.  I had a little trouble counting out loud while doing this.  Based on the chatter the PAX really enjoyed this. Sorry – Not Sorry….  This will make an appearance at my next q!


We circled up, announcements, intentions, and went on to make it a great day. Thanks for letting me lead today!

Buuuussscch, Grinder, Mad Cow, and others that reminded me of the running pre blast comment.  I did confirm the pre blast said “no long runs”.  I would say that is very different from many short runs. I did manage to have over 6,000 steps when I got home.  #wedontgetupforeasy  #getbetter

Thank you HIMS for letting me lead today. I’ll be back to lead again later this month!!  SYITG

#SnowGrinder or #SlowGrinder … Snowman and Grinder VQ @Mutt Xtender


We’re going to do what they said can’t be done…. But instead of a load of Coors, we’ll be handling a load of coupons and grinding out the beach bods in preparation for Spring Break 2018.

To get us started, bring your running shoes (and maybe a headlamp) for a slowGrinder tour of the grounds. And never mind them brakes once Snowman takes over. It’ll be all the squats, curls, LBCs and overhead presses the Mutt can take. All to the soulful sound of Jerry Reed, the original Snowman.

Preblast 03/08/2018: BlackOps Shelby Co. #poshee #fngnamingparty


It’s time.. and I am excited.  At the moment, there are 5-6 HC FNG with a possibility of 3 or so more.  So if your into naming some FNG’s this is your place to be in the am.

A solid workout to start for tomorrow.  Nothing cra cra.  The random music generator will be out and in action.

I would love a solid showing from some current HIMS.. would mean a lot to them and to me.

I have a fresh, newly minted (undecorated) shovel flag as well.

Martha Layne Collins H.S.  5:30am sharp.

Glauc Out.

Iceman, Volleyball, Burpees…and more Iceman.

When the PAX needed some Q spots filled I jumped at the challenge. I was torn about what to do as I recently went to Franklin, TN and they put a great beat down on me but I knew I wanted to show the PAX a little more ICEMAN. It was a quick decision – I put together some Franklin, threw a little ICE in and shook it all up. I arrived early in true Franklin fashion and planted the flags, yes flagS I had the Ghost flag…

Once I started seeing the PAX come out of their cars, one HIM at a time, the excitement began as I knew what was going to happen next but they did not. We circled up early three or four of us and knocked out some Burpee’s. A few more PAX showed up; it was still early so we did a few more Burpee’s, then a couple of more until it was time ~ 25 burpees total.

Q: Iceman

Pax: 17 Strong(5 from the O for the ghost flag) – Hat, Boozer, Red Roof, Bob Ross, McAfee, Tron, Wham, Starchild, Nugget, Methane, Brokeback, OJ, Uncle Rico, Gypsy, Doubledown(R), Little Jerry(R)

Some key facts about Iceman: 1) I’ve played volleyball for 30 years and at times professionally, 2) Apparently there’s a population that thinks I am very cocky 3) I hate losing and will do everything I can to be a winner – Iceman was from Topgun.

A key to finishing that deciding 15 point game is to be stronger physically and more important mentally than the other team so here’s how we did it. Your body can do more than you think. We tested that ITG this morning.

1 – Burpee

Bernie Sanders, Kareoke, High Knees, Butt Kicks

2 – Burpees

COP: 25 SSHs, 15 Imp Walkers

3 – Burpees

15 Grass Grabbers, Arm Circles

4 – Burpees

Mosey back to base – Mario’s, Bounds

5 – Burpees

Thang 1 – Partner Up

This is where I pulled out my bag of tricks. Cones and agility ladder. I had plans for the cones and suggested some EC for the agility ladder. I heard some mumble chatter and saw a few HIMs participate in agility ladder EC.

6 – Burpees, Cone Jumps

7 – Burpees, Box Jumps

8 – Burpees, Cone Square

9 – Burpees, Lunge Jumps

Mumblechatter strengthens . . .

Thang 2 – Partner Up

10 – Burpees, Merkins

11 – Burpees, Dips

12 – Burpees, Incline Merkins

Thang 3 – mosey to parking lot, Bounds (AYG), Squat Shuffles

More mumblechatter, Q had to call a time out (a couple of 10 counts) as trouble keeping up with himself

Thang 4 – Partner Up

13 – Burpees, LBC’s

14 – Burpees, Flutter Kicks

15 – Burpees, American Hammers

Q called another time out. Shared with the team how some of the HIM were pushing strong, some were just participating, and some had too much mumblechatter. In F3, we leave no man behind but remember we also leave no man where you find them. The time-out motivation worked. Together as a team we pushed strong together to finish…

16 – Burpees, up by 1 but Methane put up a block and said we had to win by 2. This Q needed support from the team to finish. I asked for our strongest HIM to step up to lead us to the finish line. We all know that is McAfee and that he did.

17 – Burpees

Total = 153 Burpees or with the EC ~ 178 Burpees Strong.

Iceman was pleased with the win. We circled by the flag, shared intentions for our fellow HIMs especially those recently injured. We all said some prayers in silence. I specifically asked God to help me drive home as I was having trouble feeling my legs and I tend to pop the clutch after a good Beatdown. Thanks for letting me lead today. I will say I had an extra hop in my step as I came into work this morning. I will wait quietly until that next tap on the shoulder to lead this group of great HIMs again… ICE out!

3/7 Veterans Memorial Park Backblast #BlackOps



Myself along with several others have been searching for the perfect location in Jtown to potentially add a new AO.  We first started with Charlie Vettiner Park aka #TheHue aka #TheLamb.  While the park had plenty to offer form a Fitness stand point, it was DARK, hard to find, and out of the way.  So we scratch that plan.  Now comes Veterans, which is closed.  Not so fast my friend, YHC found a back door.  A perfect parking lot and TONS of space to pour out all types of pain.


Yesterday I channeled my inner Zartan and made my first shovel flag in hope that it would become the official flag for the Jtown AO at veterans park.  This shovel will remain blank, unpainted, no name, and boring until the time comes to make this an official AO.  I want it to be something to strive for, something we as a Jtown PAX can celebrate when it happens.  That’s “when” not “if”.


Between my neighborhood (Saratoga Woods) including current pax PK, Rhythm, Dexter and the new FNGs neighborhood Spaghetti and Meatball (Stone Lakes) along with pulling pax like Diablo from Plainview, as well as Cutless and Vincent from Fern Creek.   Tons of untapped potential at St. Michaels.  I am pumped!!!!


The fact that 17 PAX came out in the gloom to help me test out the park says a lot about this group.  You all never disappoint, like never!




Zartan, Zoo, Geppetto, Backdraft, Gillespie, ToolTime, Diablo, PK, Rhythm, Dexter, Cutless, Vincent, Sunshine, Newman, Meatball (FNG), Spaghetti (FNG)



windy cold 35* with a few flurries.


Zoo Swag

He was wearing his posh vest, you know the one, wind proof, neoprene, bullet proof, water proof, inflatable life vest.  The thing is freaking sweet and he wont reveal where it came from.

I completely failed bringing his beer and gear, sorry buddy, lunch and beer on me.  I dont think i can afford your vest though.


YHC swag

Black addias soccer taper pants (My fav) UA long sleeve with American flag Tee.  All covered up by a North Face peasant vest that Zoo made fun of.  He said “can your vest do this?”  Then proceeded to pull a cord on his vest and the freaking thing grew sleeves.  Unbelievable


Mosey up hill by ball fields to COP by concession stand (Well Lit)


25 SSH

20 Mountain Climbers

20 Abe Vigodas

Kendra Newmans

10 Merkins


Mosey up to LARGE well lit parking lot adjacent to the park at the Jeffersontown community center.


Partner up

P1 Run 100 yards and back

P2 Cumulative 100 merkins 200 Squats 300 LBCs

Flip flop til all PT finished.


Mosey over to check out the back door of the park.  Pax rolls up on a steep hill with a gazebo at the top full of picnic tables.

Crazy Eights!

1 Merkin at bottom/7 dips at top

2 Merkin at bottom/6 dips at top

you get the point, all the way to

7 Merkins at bottom/1 dip at top


Mosey along the nice fresh paved trail to the top of the park near Taylorsville Rd and the staple of the park (Black Hawk Chopper, and Tank)


Mary work all IC

10 full LBC

10 LBC

10 Right leg out LBC

10 Left leg out LBC

10 Big Marge


Mosey back to the flag about 1/4 mile down hill.




Geppetto was finally able to HL his long time buddies and appropriately named them Spaghetti and Meatball.  Welcome guys, you’re both key to making this thing work!

Announcements made by Geppetto about FIA, his M has put in a ton of hard work to get this thing off the ground.  Get your Ms out to support and get fit!

Sanders Elementary announcement (Thank you Zoo for stepping up to the plate this week). If you haven’t yet, read the Glenn Ross backblast.


Steamer having surgery today on his torn Achilles

Sam Strong Kauffman

Zoo has a friend going through an intense battle with cancer.

My mother in Law had a really bad car accident yesterday, thank GOD she is ok.



All Glory to God for waking us up this morning, giving us the gift of F3 to get better physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Thanks to the PAX for all the support.





WARNING WARNING WARNING 3/8 Pre-Blast at the O #TempleOfGloom

Many fine Q’s have treated the PAX during workouts to soothing tunes over the last few months.  Tomorrow YHC is bringing the tunes, and they won’t be soothing.


Most people might not know that OJ loves heavy music.  I’ll be bringing some of my favorites, some not so heavy, some REALLY heavy.

Like Heavy Metal?

Actually no, I can’t stand what is actually deemed heavy metal.  I think most heavy metal is garbage.  I like really HEAVY hard rock.

Where did my love of heavy music come from? Well mainly from being a runner.  I’ve always been cranking the heavy tunes to help fuel my runs.  I can’t listen to anything soft and keep motivated to run faster.  Throw me some thunderous riffs and yep, I’m running faster.

So most of you will probably dislike what you hear tomorrow, but that’s what makes the world go around.  People like different music.

I can promise you I don’t listen to any bands (Slipknot, Slayer, etc.) that I think are evil.

However, you can most assuredly expect some harsh and angry lyrics though.

*Also, some of what you may hear will actually be Christian Hard Rock, there are some good bands out there

So keep an open mind and be ready to get in the pit.



Morning temps predicted right around 30 so feel free to participate in TTTT, not sure I will.

3/9/18 PreBlast- Norton Commons #BlackOps….a nice little Friday morning.

Being that I once called the shiny marble-lined streets of Norton Commons home, I felt it only right that I Q one of the first few BO workouts held in this majestic enclave.  GlenRoss and Zartan have set the bar high, but with a little creativity and tom foolery, I think I can give everyone a workout they’ll enjoy/despise.


When: Friday 3/9, 5:30am

Where: Norton Commons Amphetheater

Who: All Pax and FNGs

Why: Because Saab 9000 said it should be so

Failing at the Rooster

Q: Nugget

Pax: Mad cow
Country boy
Sump pump FNG
Flying pig FNG
Noxeema Jackson
Spinal tap


Preamble: I tested this workout with Red Roof last Saturday at the O Pre workout and it was rough. I’m pretty sure RR was cussing me when Vincent started his Q. Arms and shoulders were spent before we even started.

Well it was my first Q at the Mutt, and to be honest, I don’t know all. Of the names of the areas there. So this will be as descriptive as possible. When I pulled in, there was one car in the lot. But knowing how close the Mutts live, I wasnt worried. Turned around and planted the flag and 5 cars had pulled up. Many of these faces I had never met, and that was the point. Being a visiting Q, I want to bring the O to the guys who haven’t been there yet. Like I said in the preblast, Nugget will bring the beat down to you.

Gear lander: as per my usual, I was ninja’d out in the black tights, black F3 long sleeve, with shorts over the tights. Enough to show, but leaving a little to the imagination.

Gave my disclaimer, identified 2 FNGs and off we were to mosey all the way to the playground, the short way. I don’t like to run and neither does Madcow. Gotta show Respect to the site Q.


Abe vigodas IC

Grass Grabbers IC

Arm circles (Kendra Newman’s)

Squat stretch

The last was because I knew what was coming. Needes to be loose for the Thang

This doesn’t have a name, but it’s a mixture of a Tabata and EMOM. or maybe just a Deteriorating Tabata.

Start off with 1 minute if time, do said exercise to set number of reps per round, losing 5 seconds each round for 10 rounds. This takes you down to 15 seconds for the final round. Sounds fun, right?

The exercises

5 burpees

12 squats w/coupon

10 big boy sit ups, feet in coupons

10 hand release Merkins

If failing to complete a round, there was a consequence

Burpee : get coupons

Squats : flutter kicks coupon press

Big boy sit up : flutter kicks with coupon press

Merkens : run to opposition end of playground and repeato

The Pax did awesome. Probably needed to add another Burpee, and a few more squats to make it more difficult for the Larry Birds (country Boy and Waterboy). Lots of fails, but each Pax got back up and pushed through the next exercise. Hand release Merkens were the most difficult for everyone.

If you completed the rounds, it would have been 50 burpees, 120 squats, 100 big boy sit ups, and 100 hand release Merkens. But either way, you just beat everyone still in the fartsack.


2 FNGs, and 19 Pax in total all Mutts, which is what I wanted. The O got their beat down from Digiorno and I hope they got the same from YHC. My faith in the Pax grows every post. Thanks for keeping me motivated.

Incubator BB 03/05.

Late BackBlast.  YHC has not been feeling like his normal spicy self these last few days.

Q: Old Bay

PAX: <12> StarChild, SnowMan, Vincent (R) , GlenRoss, Iceman, Glauc, Brokeback (FNG), Uncle Rico, Gypsy, Mr. Hat, Boozer

I learned so much in a short period of time, I will attempt to capture in bullet point form:

  • There are indeed men’s bathrooms at the Poshlands, but you must complete a background check, a genetic analysis, and a rectal exam to be granted access.
  • If you HL your friend, and you bring him to a WO, you are allowed to submit his F3 name right as the WO begins, and then leave early to avoid any backlash.
  • Blades of grass are individually sewn on the EggLawn.
  • If as Q you are hoping for an even number of PAX, and you get an odd number, just say “SHIT” out loud 3 times.  GlenRoss will appear out of thin air to get you an even number.
  • GORUCK light is anything but light, especially when the other squads can’t pull their weight in the challenges.  Good thing F3 Louisville men are the real deal Holyfield.
  • Mr. Hat is really fast.

COP: SSHs, Moroccan Night Club, One-Calls, Copperhead Squats

BLIMPS is a word with 6 letters.  There are 7 parking lots surrounding the aforementioned EggLawn.  Clearly, 6 exercises would be for the weak, so YHC informed the PAX we would be doing BLIMPS-S.  Pair up annnnnnnd…….

  • Prisoner run (hands on your head) over to 1st lot.
  • 50 partner burpees while alternating running the lot
  • Mario over to 2nd lot.
  • 50 partner Lunges while alternating running the lot
  • Bernie Sanders over to 3rd lot.
  • 50 partner Imperial Walkers while alternating running the lot
  • Mosey over to 4th lot.
  • 50 partner Merkins while alternating running the lot
  • Mosey over to 5th lot.
  • 50 partner Plank Jacks while alternating running the lot
  • Mosey over to 6th lot.
  • 50 partner squats while alternating running the lot
  • Mosey on home to 7th lot for a new Poshy favorite:
  • 10 surfees IC, with a strong hold between each rep.

4 minutes left that will not go to waste.  MARY with ABCs, DaVinci’s, and some other stuff.

That’s it.  COR, NOR, and I said a few words to take us out, hoping we can remember how great we all actually have it in the United States of America.  F3 dads details coming together.  Thanks for having me out Posh, I hope I am invited back.  I’ll just need to plan ahead for that brutal commute.



BackBlast 20 PAX #BagOfWrenches #silentbutdeadly #F3Counts

As YHC rolled up to The O it was noticed that a few PAX were gathered around the incredibly well built shovel flag (designs by Wham!). After a few fist bumps, Mayberry did a quick count…20 HIM! A well balanced potpourri from the 3 AO’s. If you were asleep up until today, we had the inaugural WO post at The Carpenter, 25 PAX and 4 FNG’s…Trump must have shown up for numbers that big. OG Nugget with 19 PAX and 1 FNG. 64 PAX on this glorious Tuesday…that is a record HIM. TClaps to all of the PAX of F3LOUISVILLE. We are a big deal!

QIC: Digiorno
PAX: Wham!, OJ, Pepto, ExLax, Bean Counter, Scratch, Pope, Mayberry, Diablo, Donger, Who Dey!, Dot, Slippers, Tool Time, Bob Ross, Big Bird, Abacus, Glenn Ross, Zima, Digiorno

This is how we got better today…

No FNG’s and Disclaimer was given.

Quick mosey around the track, short side to tennis courts. All PAX gabbed coupons and lined up on the baseline.

A few warmup exercises:

  • 25 SSH IC
  • Downward Dog
  • Runners Stretch
  • Downward Dog
  • Hamstring Stretch to each side grabbing foot (ankle in my case)
  • Tricep Stretch
  • 20 Imperial Walkers IC

This is where things got silent. YHC will admit this looked great on paper and like any good Q modifications were made on the fly without anyone noticing, I think.

Thang 1:
Squat w/Triple Crush w/coupon
15 each
Rest…20 Merkins
Repeat 3x, 3rd set we did 10 each

Thang 2:
Saturday Nights w/coupon
Alternate – regular/each leg up
10 each
Rest…20 coupon presses
Repeat 3x

Thang 3:
Lunge Walk w/coupon
End of court, 30 dips
Repeat back to start, 30 dip

Thang 4:
Bruce Lee’s:

  • Flutter Kicks x20
  • Leg Raises x20
  • Dying Cockroaches x20
  • American Hammers x20
  • LBCs x20
  • Freddie Mercury x20

This was repeated 3 times.
Each set was completed with 10 counts of rest at the end of the 6 exercise set. YHC called a few 5 counts during 2nd and 3rd rounds.

Time was called. WOOF! I heard a “Thank the Lord”, maybe that was me talking to myself. Coupons were taken back.

  • COT
  • Announcements
  • F3Dads shirts site is up and you can start placing orders, check Slack
  • HT family lost items during flood, see Slack for items to donate and when/where to bring them
  • Intentions, see Slack channel

Sky Q was thanked for allowing us to receive and give this gift of F3.

I had a great time today even though I could barely talk thru my own workout. I am very appreciative of this time we spend ITG. I hope that you all got a big W today.


3.6.18 Carpenter Backblast – 25 HIM Launched into @F3Louisville History as Part of the 64 that Posted. #getbetter

QIC (YHC):  Captain Insane-o

Pax (25, 4 FNGS):  Kilo, Bailout (FNG), Jordy, Zartan, Face, Nickelback, Chelsea (FNG), Gillespie, Zoolander, Holiday Inn (FNG), Miata, FloJo, Vincent (R), Trump, Scuba Steve, Mittens, Plethora, Shiplap (FNG), Little Jerry (R), Steerage, Red Roof, Dodododododo, Double Down (R), McAfee, CI

Raise your hand if you’re tired of hearing about the launch of the Carpenter?  Mom, you don’t count.  Kilo, really?  Shut-in from F3 Carpex, really?  Well, we launched it today, so you don’t have to hear about the launch any more.  Strap in, though; you’ll hear a lot about the Carpenter in the future because it’s a pretty sweet spot.  It was fun, and I’ll try to put you there with words in a sec, but I have something to say….

I made a few jokes* (*funny not funny) about the post at the first Carpenter workout being a chance to go down in history, or it being historic.  Lame, but that’s the best the F3Louisville intern writing team could come up with.  But I want you to know what was historic….  Today, en geñeral.

We asked for 60 Pax at all three AOs this morning, and we got 64.

According to Tron’s Weasel Shaker 9000 that is the single largest day collective post in F3 Louisville.


Tclaps to the Pax.  This is F3 Louisville.  Strong to quite strong.

Ok, on to the launch of the Carpenter.

For those of you following along, including the watchful eyes at the Smithsonian, we’ve been itching for a Highlands location for F3 Louisville.  Louisville can be best visualized as a set of concentric circles, with I-264 ringing Louisville-proper and I-265 ringing the suburbs of Louisville, with communities sprawling beyond I-265.  Through the middle of the city runs 1-65.  Before this morning, our sites fell east of I-65 in the St. Matthews area (the O and the Mutt) within 1-264 and outside 1-265 farther east (the Parklands).  This has served us well, drawing on dense populations of HIM with access to great parks and locations.

The Highlands is south of these spots and closer to downtown Louisville than any of our other locations.  It’s called the Highlands because it sits on a ridge between two major creeks that run through Louisville.  It’s also a densely populated area with some great parks.  We all know folks that live there.  In fact, I’ve been trying to HL one guy since this summer when I started F3.

He came this morning.  One of 4 FNGs; Bailout.

His first words to me this morning (after admiring my tank top (he was wearing a full winter coat!)) were, “I wouldn’t come, so you brought it to my backyard.  Hard to make an excuse now.”


Conditions:  41*, 89% humidity.  The ground was soft from a few rain showers last night.  Sky was overcast.  Dark as pitch.

Gearlander:  Toight Nike Tank Top (black) — REMEMBER, IT’S ALWAYS TANK TOP TUESDAY AT THE CARPENTER (RED ROOF!) — gray Nike running shorts, red Swiftwick socks, F3 Louisville Hoorag, glow stick bracelet (all Qs will get one at the Carpenter and put it around the shovel flag at the end of the workout), Hexarmor gloves, Newbie Trail 690s.  Pope was not there, so I have no idea what he was wearing.  Zoolander was wearing a mock zip long sleeve garment.  I call these garments pullovers because you pull them over your head, typically over an underlayer, like a t-shirt.  Zoo, not so much.  He sees a pullover as a good baselayer; single unit, skin to skin designed shirt that when fully unzipped from the neck displays his gold medallion and some chest hair.  Pauly Walnuts.

Gearlander cont.:  Red Roof and I brought the Pax a surprise  Fresh coupons.  20 of them, which will be stored in a secret spot at the Carpenter for future use.  Tclaps, Red Roof.  It’s totally normal to drive around with cinder blocks in your truck/SUV.  Right, Mad Cow?

I picked up Face (my standard +1) at 0500 because (a) I wanted to get there early to set up; and (b) I’d been up since 0430 (well, 0230, 0245, 0315, 0400, F it, just get up).  Face regaled me with stories of the GORUCK Lite that he, Kilo, Tool Time, Pew Pew, and Glauc just completed in Columbus.  Oh the FOMO!  Studs.  I can’t wait for a full debrief.

We got to the Carpenter around 0515.  I pulled out the new flag, which is — I must say — bad ass and planted it.

Yep, that’s a magnetic light illuminating the dayglo 80’s theme American Flag, topped with a blue glittered pinked eagle.  Jealous?  I know.

Pretty sure Zartan slept there; he may have been as excited as me.  Then, the cars came in, and kept coming in.  Hell, Pax were parking on the grass.  It was like a Dixie Chicks concert before they insulted W; everyone was there.

We unloaded the fresh coupons into the lot, and did this….

Mosey to the field across Sheridan, each Pax grabbing and yoking a coupon.  We dropped the coupons off at the field and moseyed across Ridgefield to another open area that gave us a glorious look at the park below.  Or it would have had it not been over cast and super dark.


All IC 20 count

Copperhead Squats
Bluff Hikers
Merkins 10 count IC

It was at this point that I remembered my first workout and I recalled thinking, “This is it?  Just some dudes doing calisthenics in a field?”  Wait for it…

Circle Burp – 25 burpees around when each Pax says their Name/F3 Name and age, while running in place/high knees.  That got the juices flowing.

Mosey back to the field and partner up after counting 1-2.  I partnered with my buddy Miata, which was awesome.  Also a guy I’ve been trying to headlock for a while.  Good thing we have Gillespie because he sealed it.

Thang 1:

Louisville Honeypot Merkin relay.  Louisville Honeypots (LHs) are coupon bear crawls.  Merkins are pushups.  P1 LHs forward toward the distant tree line (50 yds or so); P2 10 merkins, then runs to catch P1.  Flapjack, repeato until you hit the treeline, then turn around and go back to the start.

This is where we realized the coupons were super fresh.  So fresh they were sharp.  Zoo cut himself, but rubbed some dirt on it.  Kilo went to my rig to get gloves.  He did, and I’m pretty sure I’ll never see those glove again.

While we waited for him (he was really slow; probably siphoning gas off my rig into his), we did a smattering of exercises IC:  SSHs, merkins.

Thang 2:  Dora 1, 2, 3

100 merkins, 200 coupon squats, 300 LBCs.   Running partner would alternative between sprint/jog; mario/jog, while other partner did work.  Switch, repeato until done.  Not a lot of MC during this event.  We’d already done a few merkins.  But the key here is that it kept the Pax together.  Tclaps to Face and Zartan who finished early and led early finishers in some SSHs, LBCs and other exercises.

Mosey back to the new coupon storage unit, and plank while we wait for everyone to return their units.

At this point I knew Kilo wanted to race, or maybe I wanted to race, so I called an AYG sprint up the hill to the open area by the playground, about 200 yds, where we circled up for some Mary.

Da Vincents 20 IC
Pickle Pounders 15 IC
JLOs 15 IC
Pickle Pounder/JLOs — now known as ARods — 15 IC

Mosey back to the flag… Fin

COR, NOR.  At this point, I tried to explain a few of the core principles of F3 to the FNGs and newer guys.  I assume it came out right, but bottom line, we welcomed them all.  Bailout works for a bank that once needed help (and may still need it).  Holiday Inn is not a doctor but is a HIM; it’s his story but worth hearing.  Chelsea is a fan of Manchester United F.C., so we named him after the rival of Leeds United (hrrrrm?).  Shiplap does home remodels.  Welcome all of you!  You’re gonna love this group.  It’s a sweet one.

In COT we announced the upcoming Black Ops at Veterans Park (Kilo Q) and in Shelby County (Glauc Q).  Face is Qing at Norton Commons on Friday.  Can’t make it?  Whatever, Marilyn.  Lots of action and activity.  Brought it in for BOM, where we heard prayers and intentions for many.   I said some stuff like I normally do, but really meant it again this time.

We’ve got a good thing here.  Let’s keep doing our thang.  See you next Tuesday.  Tank tops welcomed, but not required.

CI out.

PreBlast 3-5-18 #BagOfWrenches Digiorno Q #F3Counts

If you are into making history, The Carpenter is where you will be.
If you are into getting served the following menu items:

  • Spring Break Beach Body Abs
  • Glistening Glamorous Biceps and Triceps
  • Glutes of Steel

Then please show up at the #BagOfWrenches and leave satisfied.

I am obviously talking to Wham! and OJ since they are the only HC’s. Probably the only ones that read this also.

Anywho, gotta show up to win the day.

3/7 PreBlast Veterans Park Jtown #KiloQ #Headlamps


I don’t have a pink and neon flag, or a ripped bod like CI, but I’ve got Veterans Memorial Park and it has a ton to offer!  I just finished doing some recon and the possibilities are endless.

We will be meeting in the parking lot behind the park on old taylorsville rd.

There will be a flag planted. 🇺🇸

🚨Best to wear a headlamp🚨


Wednesday 3/7 0530-0615

10719 Old Taylorsville Rd.

Louisville, KY 40299