Up Hill Battle

13 HIMs arrived for the Ruiner, with 2 FNGs props to Zartan.  Star Child was on the Q for the first half, and we moseyed on over tot he Ball courts for some COP.  We circled up for some SSH, Merkins, and Imperial Walkers, and the newly introduced Imperial Squats.  After  our blood was flowing, we lined up for DOMINOES, and we FELL HARD.  We planked on each side while each PAX did 5 Merkins.  Down the row, and back again.

Afterwards, we regrouped and went for a field trip across the bridge and over to a nice (not nice) little (not little) hill, where Star Child got everyone a little closer than they wished to be…  We partnered up for some backpacking (YODAS!) and carried one another up the hill, and ran back down.  Each partner had a try at it.  Then we wheelbarrowed up the hill, well as far as we could, then bear crawled the rest of the way up.  We ran back down to swap.  Lastly, we burned up some legs with 5 jump squats, and ran backwards up the hill.

Red Roof was now the Q, and he led us to the Field Hockey Fields for some 100,200, and 300… Wiping out any ounce of energy we had left, partnering up for 100 Merkins, 200 air squats, and 300 LBCs combined while the other partner was running across the field.  If that wasn’t enough, we circled up Freddie Mercuries and Derkins to wrap us up for this Ruiner.

The two FNGs are FNGs no more..  Welcome County Boy and Texas Pete.

Texas Pete and Country Boy, welcome to F3.  We hope to see you all again at The Bag of Wrenches.  HIMs included Red Roof, Star Child, Nugget, Zartan, Little Jerry, Double Down, Kidnapper Van, Dr. K, Methane, Taco, and Cutlass in the COT.  Prayers to all for a great Fathers Day.  We earned it this morning, brothers!

Hard Rain

  • When: 06/15/17
  • QIC: Zartan, Captain Insane-o
  • The PAX: Red Roof, Star Child, Little Jerry, Jordy, Double Down, Bobross, Zartan, Methane, Face, Captain Insane-o, Nomo, Old Bay (FNG), Zoolander (FNG), Quimby (FNG), Ironclad (FNG)

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring.  YHC (Captain Insane-o) woke to this…

Dead Rain


But I was pretty sure the heavy stuff wasn’t coming down for quite some time, so into the #Gloom we went.  Four FNGs joined a strong group of #HIM for a rainy, soggy and brutal (lots of running) #Templeofgloom workout.

Zartan took the keys for his first Q, and like the priest in Caddyshack, he careered it.  Here’s what went down…

COP (LOP, Line of Pain?)

Zartan ran us over to the tennis courts and lined us up for a little warm-up he called slow suicides.

20 SSH IC, forward run to Court 1, backward run back
20 American Hammers (that drew support from the Red State FNGs  who joined us), Karaoke to second court and back (switch sides)
20 Mountain climbers IC, Super Marios to Court 3, High knees back
Sixty Second Circles (a Zartan original):  Plank with left hand high (hold 15 count), roll to LBCs 15 OYO, roll to plank with Right hand high (hold 15 count), run up to Court 4 and back.  Tclaps to Bobross for Larry Birding it.
Then, Zartan circled us up for (YHC’s favorite) a Circle Burp.  With 14 and YHC holding his “down”, it took some time.  We were ready for the next challenge.

The Thang…

Zartan handed the keys to YHC, and I had everyone count off 1-7, 1-7 and meet their new partner.  We moseyed down Pee Wee Reese to a hill that made for a nice place to do a little Burp Back Mountain.  With your partner, 15 burpees, run down the hill.  At bottom, elbow plank until all get there.  The key was to stay with your partner, but push him too. Plus, after this you may need a strong hand told hold you.  A little downward dog, recover.  Then, 10 burpees, run up the hill.  Plank till all are up there.  Little Jerry gave us a ten count to recover.  Then, 10 burpess and run down the hill.  Keep in mind, it’s pouring rain…  At the bottom, plank till all get there; downward dog, cobra (upward dog), back to plank.  Line up single file for an overlap run back to the tennis courts (about .5 mile).

At the tennis courts, circle up for 7 Minutes of Mary…

20 Dollys IC
10 V Up Roll Ups OYO
15 Freddie Mercuries IC
Fifer Scissors on YHC’s count

Break the circle, line up.  20 merkins, sprint to all 4 courts to end line and jog back.  Plank for 10 count and we’re done.  Still raining.

COT and Name-o-rama.  Tclaps to Zartan’s milkshake for bringing all the boys to the yard. I heard a few of them say, “this is something I’ve been looking for for a while.”  YHC hears you! Four FNGs on a very rainy Thursday for the #Templeofgloom is impressive. Ironclad can change his name when he comes back.  Star Child closed us with some nice words to live by and we left to conquer another day.

CI out!  CI#getbetter


Let’s Go Krogering

  • When: 06/13/17
  • QIC: Red Roof
  • The PAX: Red Roof, Star Child, Captain Insane-o, Face, Zartan, Nomo, Little Jerry, Double Down, Methane, Bobross, Nickelback


Double Coupon Day.  It’s sticky out today boys, let’s go Krogering!!!

Mosey to B-ball courts for COP




Hamstring stretch left and right – 10 count each side

Plank jack x10

Downward dog – 10 count

Good mornings – 10 count

Mosey to field hockey field and grab coupons. Partner up, size doesn’t matter

P1: coupon shoulder press x10, P2: coupon curl x10. Partners run to other’s coupon and switch exercises.  Finally run back to original coupon location

P1: Walk over merkins x10 P2: weighted squat x10, regular run back and forth

P1: Coupon swings x10 P2: triceps press x10, backwards run back and forth. 

 P1:  shoulder press again x10, coupon curl x10, karaoke run back and forth.

Now everyone is feeling the burn, let’s really blow it out for the finale, head to the playground…

8 Minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible): 5 dips -10 step ups -5 pull ups – 10 step ups – REPEAT

COT and prayer

Red Roof lead the COT and final prayer.  Big T-claps to recent FNG’s Face, Zartan, and Nickelback for coming back and joining the PAX for multiple workouts.

Tryin’ to be the Best at Exercising (Captain Insane-O via Red Roof)

  • When: 06/10/2017
  • QIC: Captain Insane-o
  • The PAX: Red Roof, Taco, Cutlass, Captain Insane-o, Zartan, Cardinal, Nickelback, Little Jerry, Double Down, Kevorkian (FNG), Kidnapper Van (FNG), Face (FNG), Early Times (FNG), Probe (FNG)


Today was YHC’s (Captain Insane-O) first solo Q, so I came prepared. Inspired by an epic Zartan quote when he was resisting my headlock – courtesy of Kenny Powers – today’s workout is entitled, Tryin to Be the Best at Exercising…

Mosey to Basketball Courts


20 SSH
10 Merkins
20 LBCs
20 Freddie Mercuries
20 Plank Jacks
20 Air Squats
Circle Burp- high knees,in order call “down” for a burpee til everyone gets a shot. We were feeling the burn, and the FNGs were not smiling any more.

The Thang…

Hard run back to the Field via the long way (over the river and through the half-pipe we go!). Anyone in the Pax can call out an exercise; 10x max tho. Red Roof called plank, to six at the top of the hill and Pope released us after a slow ten count. YHC called air squats half way back. No one else spoke up. Saving their strength, maybe?

Back to the field. Pax was moving like a well oiled machine. Pair up, line up (Red Roof, Nickelback and YHC had a trois). Played a little Catch me if you can. Partner 1 performs 5 Merkins, and then sprints to catch the Partner 2, who has been running backwards. Repeato up and back. Plank while you wait for everyone to finish.

Circle up for…

BLIMPS 5 burpees, 10 lunges jumping, 15 imperial walker, 20 merkins, 25 plank jacks, 30 squats. Pope asked for an acronym so he could remember. Pretty sure BLIMPS covers it. The workout was getting to their brains! It’s working! Plank while you wait for everyone to finish.

Circle up for Mary time.
In and Outs 10x.
Fifer Scissors 10x.
Leg Climbers 10X (each leg).
Heels to the Heavens 10x.
Captain Thor (big boy situp, 4 American Hammers) 10 X.

Now for the main event.

Set up the A/V equipment for the Death Metal Circuit. Cutlass was in heaven.

YHC did some course work before and had each station marked and staked with a coupon. Each coupon was a circuit stop with the last stop being ropes. Circuit exercises: Burpees, Coupon Swings, Merkins, Overhead Coupon Presses, Weighted Squats, Battle Ropes at the end. Each station was an AMRAP for 15 count. Move on the whistle (courtesy of BeepWatch 2 apple , which I highly rec). Bear crawl back to start and plank til you’re up again. YHC took us to six a few times in the plank line and elbow plank. Rinse and Repeat three times.  Here’s a little video:

What would it be without Rocky/Apollo beach sprints? AYG sprints next. Stop at the end and plank til everyone is done. Plank to six, 10 count. Recover. AYG sprints. Stop and the end and plank til everyone is done. Left side only, ride side only. Back to plank, 10 count.

COT and Name-o-Rama. We had 5 FNGs. This thing is growing. Great group of men. Great time. Welcome Probe, Kevorkian, Early Times, Kidnapper Van (KV), Face. I want to thank KY (Charlotte NC) for headlocking me.  This has been a blast and something I really needed, but didn’t realize.

Extra credit to Little Jerry who ran a 5k after the #Ruiner and Kidnapper Van who pulled a lil piggie and literally ran to the farmers market to meet his wife after the workout.  Strong work!  And a shout out to Geordi who was waxing Worf’s back and missed my Q!  Sleep well my friend.


  • When: 06/08/17
  • QIC: Geordi
  • The PAX: Captain Insane-o, Red Roof, Geordi, Zartan, Cutlass, Star Child, Mayberry, Cardinal, Little Jerry and Double Down


Captain Insane-o here with the Backblast from Geordi’s first Q.  Geordi took us through a horror show workout aptly titled after Stephen King’s works.  The Gloom was illuminated by a full moon.  We were howling.  Here’s how it went:



Mosey to the tennis courts 1st line- Bear crawl up and back 2nd line- High knees up and back 3rd line- Butt kickers up and back 4th line- Super Marios up and back.  Got the blood flowing, but all works and no play makes the Pax dull boys, so we moved to the track for …



Main track- 4 stops Run is together Circle up on grass at stops Rest is hamstring stretch squat pull downs 0.25 mile- 30 “teabags” (air squats) on own count, rest 0.5 mile- 30 Merkins on own count, sets of 10 with down dog position if breaking up, rest 0.75 mile- 20 air squats (or as Geordi called ’em, teabags) 1 mile- 20 Merkins.  There may have been some diamond merkins tossed in at the last stop.  Seemed like a good thing at the time; made a few in the Pax spit flies…



AYG run last 0.2 miles on track to tennis courts, circle up, rest with hamstring stretch squat pull downs 30 burpees (Geordi nearly killed us all here!  30 frikin’ burpees! He should have just dropped a bucket of pig’s blood on our heads and called it) then 20 teabags, then 10 Merkins on your own count



Geordi — at Red Roof’s urging — finished it off with some Mary, and as I recall everything was on a 20 count in cadence and my abs are still on fire.  Finally we lined up for AYG suicides on the court.  No maze, no scary dead twins, no fish and goose soiree (https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/ef35c93b-cacd-450a-8a93-53b1bbe2c967#BkQrRbWoMW.copy), just good old fashioned horror show work.

We ended at the COT with a strong group of 10 ten men.  Prayers were said, thanks was given and we broke to conquer the day.  By then the gloom had lifted and no one was scared any more.

Insane-o out.

If you can dodge a wrench… When: 06/06/17 Red Roof

  • When: 06/06/17
  • QIC: Methane
  • The PAX: Methane, Captain Insaneo, Cutlass, Little Jerry, Double Down, Red Roof, Nomo, Nickelback, Zartan (FNG), Fall Guy, Starchild, Geordi


This beautiful Tuesday morning was as good a day as any for 12 PAX (1 FNG) to try Meth for the first time, right? And by Meth I mean Methane running the Q for the first time for the Tuesday Bag of Wrenches.

First we left the circle flag and moseyed over to the tennis courts for the COP…

COP (Circle of Pain)

20 SSH

10 merkins

10 LBC

10 Jumping Lunges

10 imperial walkers

10 mountain Climbers


The Thang…

Staying at the tennis courts, Methane had the PAX start out doing the following with a suicide of the outside lines of the tennis courts at the end of each exercise.  Early finishers got to plank when done.

Donkey kicks (Plank and kick your feet up behind you like a donkey) X20

Merkins x20

Runners Lunge (right leg) x20

Derkin (Decline Push Up) x20

Runners Lunge (Left Leg) x20

Plank Jack x20


The PAX was feeling it now, so we then moseyed on over to the big field for some more fun…

Partner up (Size doesn’t matter – unless you’re paired up with Cutlass or Zartan evidently)

Jump Overs (x20) – P1 planks while P2 jumps over and back of P1 x20 then switch jobs

Throw Downs (x20) – P1 throw downs legs of P2 while he lays on his back x20 then switch jobs

Over & Unders (x10) – P1 planks while P2 jumps over P1 then goes under P1’s plank then switch jobs

Early finishers were treated to Rosalitas.


Finally, with a few minutes remaining Meth had us do the following sprints down one end of the field and recover back:

Karaoke left

Karaoke right

Sprint (AYG – All you got)

Circle of Trust & Prayer

Today we welcomed one FNG to the PAX….Zartan.  Great work today Zartan!!!  We also encouraged the PAX to lean on some of the guys who’ve done workouts but haven’t shown up in a while to really get this PAX growing.  Finally, Start Child closed out with a prayer with words of encouragement for us to be good men, fathers, and husbands in our community.  Good work today men!

T-Claps to Methane for a great first Q.  Thanks for stepping up and making us feel the pain.

Not for Landlubbers – Red Roof

  • When: 06/03/17
  • QIC: Starchild, Captain Insaneo
  • The PAX: Starchild, Captain Insaneo, Taco, Benedict, Red Roof, Track Hoe, Little Jerry, Double Down, Nickelback, Jordy, Cutlass


With Captain Insaneo and Starchild took the helm this morning, this workout was definitely not or Landlubbers:

COP- Mosey on over the basketball courts for the COP (watch out for broken glass!)
– 20 SSH
– 10 Merkins
– 20 Rosalitas (BACK OFF GROUND)
– 20 Imperial Guards

Mosey on over to the half pipe – 4 times
– 5 Merkins
– Run downhill to 5 squats
– Run up to 5 Merkins

SWEET MARY- 10 count between each
– 20 scissor kicks
– 20 Rosalitas (BOG)
– 20 Russian Twists – Feet off ground and hand together, touching ground on each side
– 20 Freddie Mercuries
– 20 Dolly – Stick feet out and bring them back in while sitting on hands

Mosey on over to field to pass the baton to the Captain!

Yo Ho Ho- depending on #, form lines or a line. Everyone has coupon. Guy in back sprints to the front of the jogging pax. Go until everyone in the line has sprinted once. Stop for a little plank, to six, to plank, to six, recover on 10 count. Back to start with another overlap relay.

Sauerkraut’s buried treasure- Grab a coupon and line up. 5 HoH merkins then suicide sprint. Plank till all are done. 5 HoH merkins, 10 triceps raises, then suicide sprint. Plank till all are done. 5 HoH merkins, 10 tricep raises, 15 weighted squats, suicide spit. Plank till all are done.

Swab the Deck- circle up. 1 coupon per circle. Starting man does 10 over head presses while rest of pax does merkins. Sound off when complete and pass to next man. Pass until everyone has done 10 overhead presses. Repeat with squats 10x. Repeat with SSHs.

Arggghh Ya Got – Sprints in the field, jog back. Plank and hold till all done. Recover on 10 count. Repeat 2x


Welcome FNG Nickelback!  Great job Starchild and Captain Insaneo, you guys killed it!

Extra Credit: Little Jerry knocked out 9 miles before the workout. What?  Go ahead and take the rest of the day off.

The Texas Hold’em

  • June 1, 2017
  • QIC: Starchild
  • The PAX: Starchild, Captain Insaneo, Methane, Bobross, Pope, Red Roof, Nomo, Double Down (FNG), Little Jerry (FNG), Jordy


The PAX had Starchild at the helm today and he decided it would be fun to play a little Texas Hold’em today.  He told everyone to #anteup and get started, this workout was definitely not for the faint of heart.

“Listen, if you can’t spot the sucker in your first half hour at the table, you ARE the sucker!”


Mosey to the basketball courts for the COP (Circle of Pain)

Imperial Walkers x20

Merkins x10

Squats x20

Mountain Climbers x10


The blinds are down, cards are dealt…let’s see THE FLOP

Burpees x5 at one goal of the basketball court

Run to the other end and Burpees x5 again.

Run Back to the original goal and Burpees x5 one more time.

Repeat this whole thing 3 times (LBC, Rosalita, Plank while everyone catches up)

By now many of the PAX were questioning letting Starchild (KGB) deal at this table.


Next we moseyed over to the tennis courts for THE TURN

Merkins x5 plus a suicide (outside lines of each of the four tennis courts)

Jumping Lunges x10 plus a suicide

Squats x15 plus a suicide

Early finishers were treated to Mary while they waited.  (Ohhh, I see what you did there….lots of TURNS on the suicides).


Finally….The RIVER

Ring of Fire – Each PAX calls out an exercise then bear crawls around the circle while the others do that exercise.  Everyone gets a turn.  I can’t remember every exercise called out but I think it went something like:  SSH (Side Straddle Hop, Merkins, Burpees, Peter Parkers, Jumping Lunges, Standing Jump, squats, etc)

“He beat me – straight up. Pay him. Pay that man his money.”


Circle of Trust

Thanks to Captain Insaneo for bringing out two new FNG’s this morning – Double Down and Little Jerry…Welcome you guys!

Please follow F3 on Twitter (@F3_Louisville) and/or on Facebook (Search F3 Louisville Group).

Many of you are already doing this, but also show it to friends, family, co-workers, anyone who may want/need F3.  I’m really impressed with the group we’ve got so far, but there’s always room for more.

Next workout is Saturday (6/03) 0700 at the Seneca Tennis Courts.  I’m told Captain Insaneo and Starchild have a little treat planned.

It’s only Tuesday

  • When: 05/30/17
  • QIC: Red Roof
  • The PAX: Red Roof, Starchild, Fall Guy, Nomo, Nugget, Bobross, Pope, Cardinal, Cutlass, Mash Bill, Methane


Red Roof Q’ed this morning, and it was rough getting up and getting after it after a long weekend.  We got it started by running to the basketball courts for the COP…


SSH x20

Merkins x15

LBC x20

Squats x20

Imperial Walkers x15


The Thang…

Staying at the basketball courts, we did some Kevorkians (Partner Assisted Suicides).  Partner #1 completed a called exercise (Merkins, LBCs & Rosalita, Jump Squats, Burpees) while Partner #2 did suicides at the foul line, half court, foul line, base line.  Switch and repeat.  Plank and/or LBC for early finishers.  Props to #Cutlass for figuring suicides out!

Next, mosey to the big field grabbing our replacement coupons (As Chris Carter once said “Everybody Needs a  Fall Guy!”) along the way.

  •  5 hand over Merkins (double count on the coupon) run to the field
  • Add 10 coupon swings (not unlike kettle bell swings) to the mix, then run
  • Add 15 weighted squats to the mix, then run
  • Unpack everything set by set back to the original Merkins x5 running in between.
  • Early finishers planked and did LBC’s until everyone caught up.  We all also planked and did LBC’s after.


Good work today after a long weekend of eating and drinking.  Hope to see everyone on Thursday!

Coupon Caper

  • When: 05/27/17
  • QIC: Mayberry, Red Roof
  • The PAX: Mayberry, Red Roof, Cardinal, Pope, Nugget, Cutlass, Mash Bill, Beargrass, Hydro, Taco, Seabass (FNG)


Welp, we arrived in the gloom on for the Saturday #Ruiner, only to find that our beloved cinder block coupons had been permanently moved to a new undisclosed location by the Louisville Metro Parks Department.  This caused a quick audible to be called by Red Roof and Mayberry, who were sharing Q duties for the day.  First things first, let’s mosey to the field for a little COP.


SSH (Side Straddle Hop) x20

Merkins x15

Plank Jack

LBC (Little Baby Crunches) x20

Burpees x5

The Thang…

Red Roof started out the Q duties first this morning.  Mosey to the Hill  to Garden Drive (This hill needs a name, PAX!) for some 7’s with Burpees at the bottom and LBCs at the top.  (6 LBC and 1 Burpee, 5 LBC and 2 Burpees, etc).  This was tougher than previously anticipated as Red Roof somewhat underestimated the size and grade of the hill,  and there was definitely some grumbling going on by the end of it.  Nevertheless, we all finished and some people would have to admit they probably had a little fun with the pain.

Next, Red Roof tagged in Mayberry to take over the Q and continue the #Ruiner.  We moseyed to the big field partnered up and did some 100/200/300’s with Merkins, Squats, and LBC’s.  Partner #1 works on 100 merkins while partner #2 runs the length of the field and back, then switch and continue the counting.  This took some time and everyone was feeling pretty beat down when done, so Mayberry decided to treat us to a little game he called Duck Duck Goose (DDG) in the field.

Everyone circle up and one PAX runs around the circle while the rest of the PAX does the called exercise (Burpees, Merkins, Jump Squats, LBC, Freddy Mercuries, Plank, Rosalita, Dolly, Heels to Heaven, I may be missing one).  Everyone gets a turn to run around the circle.

By now everyone was ready to hit the showers and mosey to the nearest grill out, but not before Mayberry had the PAX run one last sprint, all you got (AYG) across the field and recover back.  That did it.

Circle of Trust

Today we welcomed one FNG, Nathan Lega (13), who will be known now as Seabass.  It’s really good to be able to get a teenager to wake up and work out during summer break.  Props.

Mud, Sweat, and Tears

  • When: 05/25/17
  • QIC: Star Child
  • The PAX: Bobross, Nugget, Captain Insaneo, Cutlass, Mayberry, Red Roof, Nomo


Star Child took the reigns this morning for his first Q and knocked it out of the park.  We had a little rain and a lot of mud to contend with, but that didn’t stop the fun.

First things first Star Child made sure we left the shovel flag at exactly 5:30 am and waited for no man (or Nomo and Mayberry as was the case).  We moseyed on over to School for some COP

COP (Circle of Pain)

SSH (Side Straddle Hop) x20

Mountain Climbers x20

Merkins x20

LBC (Little Baby Crunches) x20

Once everyone was good and loosened up and Mayberry and Nomo had joined the PAX, we moseyed over to the basketball courts for some more fun.  Word to the wise, look out for potholes on the road to the basketball courts, someone (Me – Red Roof) could lose an ankle.

The Thang…

7’s at the basketball courts alternating goals at the baseline doing burpees and squats.  6 squats &1 burpee, 5 squats & 2 burpees, 4 squats & 3 burpees, etc etc.  Early finishers were treated to LBCs and then Freddy Mercury.

Once that was wrapped up we moseyed on back to the big field grabbing our coupons (thanks #Sauerkraut and #KY along the way.  The field is where things really got sloppy.

Partnered up (size didn’t matter).  Partner #1 did coupon squats while Partner #2 lunge walked one way across the field then ran back to Partner #1, switch and repeat.  Early finishers laid in the pond, errr field, and did some Rosalita.

Next, Partner #1 did one arm coupon rows while Partner #2 broad jumped across the field and ran back to Partner #1, switch and repeat.  Early finishers were treated to LBC.

Finally, Partner #1 did jump squats, while Partner #2 did leg smokers across the field and ran back to Partner #1, switch and repeat.  Early finishers were treated to Dolly.

To finish everything off Star Child had the PAX run AYG (all you got) across the field (x3) and jog back as a recovery.  Early finishers did LBC and Planked.

It was muddy and sloppy but that didn’t Mayberry and Captain Insaneo from going all KY Derby on the PAX.  I think the final was 2-1 in the Captain’s favor, but watch the video yourself and you be the judge (video idea credit Captain Insaneo).

COT and Name-o-rama

Today we welcomed one FNG, Bobross (Kevin) to the PAX!

Planning to workout again Saturday 0700 at the Tennis Courts.  Bring a friend who would enjoy this as much as we do.

Also planning to be back Tuesday morning after Memorial day at 0530, same place.

Great job to Star Child for leading his first Q!


Cinder block beat down

  • When: 05/23/17
  • QIC: Red Roof
  • The PAX: Cutlass, Cardinal, Pope, Methane, Fall Guy, Star Child, Nomo, Mash Bill

Well, Momma always says if someone gives you a gift, you had better use it.  #KY and #Sauerkraut were nice enough to bring us some Coupons (Cinder blocks) so we better use them (at least until Metro Parks finds them under the bleachers)!!!  9 PAX (1 FNG) met in the gloom to do some work and make ourselves better:

COP (Circle of Pain)

Grab a coupon and mosey over to the big field.  Line’em up and leave them, we’ll come back to those later.  First we need to do a little warm up…

SSH (Side Straddle Hops) x20

LBC (Little Baby Crunches) x20

Merkins (Push Ups) x15

Imperial Walkers x20

Burpees x5

The Thang

Feeling inspired from Sauerkraut’s Q on Saturday, we decided reboot and revisit some of Satrudays #anchorlegbeatdown…

  •  5 hand over merkins (double count on the coupon) run to the field
  • Add 10 shoulder press, run
  • Add 15 bicep curls, run
  • Add 20 weighted squats, run (note: some wise guy asked what a weighted squat was!)
  • Take everything off excecpt the 5 hand over merkins (time constraints)
  • Early finishers planked and did LBC’s until everyone caught up.  We all planked and did Freddy Mercuries after.

Next we moseyed over to our special secret coupon hiding place and left them for next time (maybe??) and met at the bathrooms for some 10’s with step ups and dips. between the bathroom benches and some picnic tables not too far away.

  • 9 step ups / 1 dip
  • 8 step ups / 2 dips
  • 7 step ups / 3 dips
  • etc etc.

Good work today for all the new pax who just started with us last week.  Not too much grumbling and everyone was ready to get after it this morning.  I hope everyone sees the benefits, keeps coming back, and brings more people.

COT (Circle of Trust) and Name-o-rama

One FNG this morning Bob (affectionately will affectionately be known as Fall Guy). Also, per #KY on Saturday, Sack can officially change his name to Cutlass since he came back for another workout.


We need to name this workout.  I’ve heard some great suggestions, but we need more.  We can be F3 Louisville for a while longer, but if we grow to a new location we need to distinguish this one. Think bourbon, Ali, horse racing, etc.

Couponing for Beginners | F3 Louisville Send-off

  • When: 05/20/2017
  • QIC: KY
  • The PAX: Dough Boy (FNG), Cardinal(FNG), Captain Insaneo(FNG), Gerordi(FNG), Sac(FNG), Hydro(FNG), Pope(FNG), Red Roof, Mayberry, Sauerkraut, KY, Doc in a Box, Methane, Pitino, Star Child, Taco, Benedict, Bear Grass, YBR


Louisville F3 – May 20

19 of the strongest men Louisville has to offer came for the #anchorlegbeatdown in the gloom. It was a beautiful morning with great weather, good fellowship and a few surprises along the way. Here’s how it went down…

The Thang:
Follow me around tennis courts for a nice relaxing jog counting the path lights on our way (foreshadowing). Mosey over to the tenth path light and pop into the field circling up for…

Circle of Pain (COP):
Side Straddle Hop (SSH) x20
Merkin (push-ups) x 10
Mountain Climbers (MC) x 10
Plank Jacks x10
Squats x10
Little Baby Crunch (LBC) x10

Now that the Pax (name for the group of dudes) was good and warm we popped over to the path to stretch our legs. Run back to the shovel flag stopping at each light on the way and doing x5 exercises at each:
– Lap 1 – jump squats
– Lap 2 – Merkins
– Lap 3 – Carolina dry dock

Plank while you wait for the Pax and then Mary (code name for ab workout) sprinkled in between with LBC, Dolly and Rosalita all x10. Also dropped in a 6 inches with a FAST 10 count by Mayberry and a nice slow 10 count by Star Child to help us catch our breath. Big props to FNG Pope as he was the Larry Bird for this section of the beatdown sprinting far ahead of everyone. Mayberry also showed some Larry Bird type skills grinding it out and keeping pace with YHC.

With my warm up complete I graciously handed the baton over to Sauerkraut for part 2 of the beat down. But first…. a gift!

Pax walked over to KY’s truck where each man was provided a coupon (code name for cinder block with F3 spray painted on it – for any questions please reference coupon for beginners video above). The Pax could tell “stuff” was about to get real as Sauerkraut had that special twinkle in his eye like a man about to deliver 30 min of straight pain and suffering.

Mosey over to tennis courts with the coupon setting it down very gently so as not to destroy any of the beautiful Louisville Metro Parks. Line up on the end facing the other courts where we did:

– 5 hand over merkins (double count on the coupon) run back and forth
– Add 10 tricep curls, run
– Add 15 bicep curls, run
– Add 20 weighted squats, run (note: some wise guy asked what a weighted squat was!)
– Unpack each layer all the way back down to the 5 hand over merkins… ouch.
Sprinkle in some Dolly, Freddy Mercury, LBC’s and a few 10 counts by Pitino, Sauerkraut and Red Roof – appreciate the break for some extra O2 boys…

All the FNG’s and Louisville veterans had a STRONG showing on the coupon with a head nod to Larry Bird Captain Insaneo, Doc in a Box, Dough Boy, Star Child and Geordi. Well done men in hanging right in there with Sauerkraut who is an #AllStar.

With the beatdown complete we headed over to our Circle of Trust (COT) to close it out.

Welcome to F3 nation for Dough Boy, Geordi, Captain Insaneo, Pope, Sac, Hydro and Cardinal. All great additions to the Pax and in no time will be Q’ing and leading the next wave of guys!

What a great group of men out in the gloom today. So great to see some old and new faces and the men of F3 Louisville starting to take this to the next level. With workouts now on Saturday (7am – 1 hour) and Tuesday / Thursday (5:30 am – 45 min) Louisville is well on its way to growing and doing great things for the Men of this great city and providing great benefit to the community. The goal is simple – be there for each other, hold each other accountable and the three F’s will happen. The real question is which of the men today will keep coming back, and provide the emotional headlock (EH) to get your ass out of bed and improve yourself every day and support your brothers. I feel pretty confident everyone will do this.

I will be checking the backblast to see who is posting each Tues, Thurs and Sat and look forward to where F3 Louisville goes from here. Ultimately it is in your hands.

Good Luck!


Core Drill’n Concrete

  • When: 05/18/17
  • QIC: Mayberry
  • The PAX: Red Roof, Starchild, Mash Bill, Methane, Track Hoe


Circle of Pain (COP)

Ran to school parking lot and do…

Side Straddle Hop (SSH) (x20)

Merkins (x10)

LBC (x20)

Imperial Walkers (x20)


The Thang…

Next, ran to the tennis courts for a little Kevorkian (partner assisted suicides)

Partner #1 does Burpees while #2 runs suicides on the outside lines of the courts then swap spots when done.

After Burpees follow the same with LBC, Merkins, Imperial Walkers, then finally Planks

After short 10 count and a little grumbling, we ran to wood posts outside tennis court and do leg lift crunches using wood posts (x20)

Next ran to the field, partnered up and and did the some 100’s –

Partner #1 and #2 ran up and back the length of the field hockey field alternating while the other partner worked on 100 knee highs, followed by 100 squats, then finished up with 100 squats.

Finally we went tree to tree up and down the field doing Bear Crawl, Crab Walk, Lunges, and Bear Crawl again.

COT and we’re out.

Moleskin – Big props to Mayberry for Q’ing for the first time today, he did an awesome job.  Also welcome the FNG Track Hoe for his first workout!


  • When: 05/16/17
  • QIC: Red Roof
  • The PAX: Nugget, Star Child, Nugget, Methane, Beargrass, Nomo


F3 – Tussin – Tuesday (5/16/17) Workout


Run to the Tennis Courts for COP

  • Start With a Little Stretching
  • Side Straddle Hop (Jumping Jacks) x20
  • Imperial Walkers x20
  • Merkin (Push Ups) x20
  • LBC (Little Baby Crunches)

The Thang…

Run to School for some Three Man Grinders between covered areas.

  • Step ups, Derkins, Merkins, Dips, Rosalita, Jump Over Bench, Sumo Squats

Tennis Anyone?

  • 100-200:  One partner runs perimeter of the tennis courts, while the other works on 100 push ups, switch and repeat with 200 LBC.  Plank if you finish early.


Slow build, or slow burn… either way, Louisville learned about the half-pipe

  • When: 5/13/2017
  • QIC: Tesla and Pitino
  • The PAX: Red Roof, Mayberry, Mash Bill, Star Child, Bear Grass, Doc In A Box, Nugget, Red Tape (FNG), Sanka (FNG), Methane (FNG), Yellow Brick Rd (FNG), Tesla (Q), Pitino (Q)… missing one FNG, not my best moment, but phone went schizo and I lost my recording.


14 men of great purpose (with 5 FNGs!) arrived for the 4th week of the F3 launch at Seneca Park.  We were within 2 miles of YHC’s high school and grade school, running around a park I have been a visitor of for nearly 25 years.  Some call it a slow build, YHC believes there is a great base for solid growth in Louisville.  Tesla and YHC  arrived the night before, partook in some classic Louisville establishments (Bambi bar anyone?) the night before and shook off the cobwebs to hit the ground running at 7am sharp.

Tesla takes the reigns and we maneuvered through the dew soaked grass for COP:

Side Straddle Hop (SSH) x 25, 5 burpees

Mountain Climber x 25, 5 burpees

Merkins x 20, 5 burpees

Plank Jack x 20, 5 burpees

Little Baby Crunch (LBC) x 20, 5 burpees

Mosey a short while to line up for some partner assisted suicides.  Partner one gets across the field in a manor called by Q, partner 2 does called exercise waiting for Partner 1, then flapjack.

Rd 1- P1: Broad Jump across field, P2: Carolina Dry Dock, Flapjack

Rd 2- P1: Bear crawl across field, P2: LBC, Flapjack

Rd 3- P1: Karaoke across field, P2: Squat, Flapjack

Rd 4- P1: Run across field, P2: Merkins, Flapjack

Head to bleachers for 3 sets of step ups (or jump ups), dips, and derkins

Rd1: 5 step ups each leg, 5 dips, 5 derkins

Rd2: 10 step ups each leg, 10 dips, 10 derkins

Rd3: 15 step ups each leg, 15 dips, 15 derkins

Pass to YHC:

Mosey around track across street toward basketball courts and softball fields with a brief couple of moments of Mary. Head behind softball fields where the Half Pipe lives.  Briefly explain how the Half Pipe works… mostly that this will suck and will not be fun.  Call 10 merkins at the top of the hills, 10 sumo jump squats at the bottom.  5 total trips.

Now, YHC has done this hill before, but it should be noted YHC was also in better shape when he did it.  After one trip, YHC knew he could not finish 5 trips.  A little bit of mumble chatter on how it was obvious many of the Pax agreed with those sentiments.  After 3 trips, and a glance at the timer, an audible was called to 4 trips.

Couple minutes of mary.  Some Rosalita x 10, Dolly x 10, and some Little Baby Rosalita x 10.

Mosey back to tennis courts for the Four Full Court Suicide’s to end it all.  Which was more than we bargained for.


Naked Man Moleskin:

Great group, some solid leadership already and proud to be a part of it.  As Tesla and were talking at the airport, Louisville did not get the eye popping numbers that some other launches received, but this is the right group to give it away to.  5 FNG’s 2 new workouts (Tuesday and Thursday) is pretty freakin’ cool.  Thank you for having us, Tesla and I were humbled and it was very cool to be back in my hometown to help pass this thing on.  KY and Sauerkraut have the reigns this weekend, YHC will be there for moral support.

Also, my phone went completely berzerk and I lost my recording so some names may be left off or just plain wrong.  Please chime in and will get it updated.


No Derby Hats Here

  • When: 4/29/17
  • QIC: Pomfret, Grapevine, and Tryon
  • The PAX: Red Roof, Doc in the Box, Mayberry (FNG) Grapevine, Pomfret, Tryon


It is KY Derby week in Louisville. The town is being fueled by Mint Juleps. The ladies are picking out their best hats with fruit and flowers glued on top; but the serious work is being done at Seneca Park.

Seneca Park is the HQ for F3 Louisville operations. No bright colored blazers, cigars or racing forms here. Just a growing Pax ready to work and that is what we did.

The leadership came from Charlotte but the passion was definitely locally grown. The week #2 shovel flag was planted under threatening skies. Thanks for #flagkeeper Red Roof.

Pomfret kicked it off with some intel on the Seneca Park take over that was about to be launched. Then he lead the pax to tennis court for warmup: Side Straddle Hops, Sharon Towers, Mericans, Mountain Climber, Squat, plank-o-rama, more squats. Some groaning.

Mosey to the Christian Academy across Rock Creek Rd. for Peter Parkers and Parker Peter. (is there really that much diff btwn these two? Or maybe YHC (your humble correspondent) is not doing them right?)

An LBC (little baby crunches) lesson so it didn’t just turn into a neck flexing exercise.

Grapevine decided he had seen enough and pulled rank on Pomfret wresting the Q away from him. Pomfret acquiesced and things got more intense.

Grapevine commanded 3 man grinders under the cover of the front entrance of the school and the side entrance of the school. Step-ups, split squats, crunch with extension, decline plank, dips, bear crawls, wall jumps, rosalita. Not much time for catching our breath, and not too many groans.

Mosey to the tennis courts for Kevorkian (Partner assisted) Suicide Blimps – partner 1 does a suicide on the tennis court while partner 2 does the following exercises for the duration of the suicide: Burpee, Lunge, Imperial Walker, Merican, Plankjack, Squat. That’s a Grapevine B-L-I-M-P in style.

Tryon took the Q and lead the pax off into the unknown of the park perimeter.

Partner Derkins and Partner handshakes on the tennis court
Backward run, karaoke, front run, pole incline merican, pole leg raises .
Run into the neighborhood for 2 rounds of mosey around the circle and partner derkins, lunge walk around the circle for one round with derkins.

Mosey back to COT.

Welcome to the Pax- Mayberry(college nickname is Opie….). Couda been worse – Gomer is still available for future FNG’s, as is Aunt Bea.

F3 works for lots of reasons but one of the main ones is the accountability we have to each other. You showing up to a workout encourages another to try a little harder and not quit. Several exercises were done with partners. Together we all become better and stronger. Leave no man behind and always room for a new Pax member.

Next week for week 3 a couple of Louisville natives will lead the Pax – Cooter and Frosty. Let’s keep the flame alive !

Tryon with the excellent takeout !

Coffeteria was held at Heine Bros – my new favorite coffee shop in Louisville. The CLT crew is committed to be back in a years time for a Run for the Roses. We know the Pax will continue to flourish with the great guys assembled in Senca Park.

F3 Louisville – Soggy Track at the Derby

  • When: 04/22/17
  • QIC: Senor Chips & Bird Hole
  • The PAX: Red Roof, 3D, Doc-in-a-Box, Bird Hole, Señor Chips


Dawn broke in a chilly, rainy Gloom for the Epic launch of F3 Louisville (OK maybe the weather made it less “epic” that YHC (Your Humble Correspondent) had hoped) and 5 strong came out to be a part of the first downpainment in what we hope will be the long healthy life of F3 in bourbon country…

The Thang:

Señor Chips Q: We met by tennis courts then moseyed over to do warmup COP (Circle of Pain) on courts, with brief intro to exercises, cadence, COP, etc. Normal mix – SSH (Side Straddle Hop), IW (Imperial Walkers), Merkins, LBCs (Little Baby Crunches) (gonna get wet sometime, might as well get it out of the way early…) and Squats, in various amounts.

Run across the 4 courts at varying speeds with backward run, side shuffle, bear crawl, crab walk, and lunge walks thrown in for fun along the way.

Then run to wall by bathroom hut for Steps Ups, 10 each leg OYO (on your own).

Mosey to opposite outside park running path and back around end of oval around tennis courts toward launch point, with stops for Burpees, 5x, Wide Arm Merkins, 10x, Diamond Merkins, 8x and more lunge walk.

Mosey to wall by the hut for 11s with Step Ups on wall and Dips at nearby picnic table.

Mosey to previously planted shovel flag and Chips explains more F3 history, then hands the reins to Bird Hole.

Bird Hole Q: Mosey across field and street to small gap in fence (sort of across street from tennis courts; opposite side from where parking and hut are) that lead to a bit of off-campus fun/work. Some nice (potentially evil) hills in the next door neighborhood…

Partner up – with Partner 1 doing Freddie Mercurys (Bicycles) while Partner 2 runs up the hill around cul de sac for LBCs, 20x. Then switch. Next is similar with Carolina Dry-docks, 10x at cul de sac and other partner running up opposite hill (2 hills make a nice bowl…just sayin’) for plank jacks, 10x.

Karaoke up cul de sac hill back to park. Mosey back to playground at launch site for about 4 minutes of Mary with Rosalita, Dolly, High Slow Flutter, Heels To Heaven, OB (a/k/a W) sit up (no idea what that was, but it sucked) and then old fashioned WWII sit ups.

Finish with 20x Derkins (Decline Merkins) on playground benches

COT (Circle of Trust), with Name-o-rama for our distinguished FNGs

And a great, inspiring take-out by Bird Hole to send us out into the day thankful for all that has been given to us!



Not sure YHC has earned the right to name the first workout in Louisville but seems to me The Derby  or Derby would only make sense.  If we can get AP or one of the F3 tech gurus to add Louisville as a City/Category choice and Derby as a Workout/Tag choice, that would be very helpful for future backblasts.

Mother Nature took the ‘Ville from 80 degrees and sunny on Thursday to 46 degrees, breezy and rainy in the Gloom of Sat a.m.  Could have been worse as it had been dumping rain when YHC went to bed on Fri night.  Bird Hole and I had no idea what to expect for turnout and were psyched to find 3 hearty souls there to get some of the 1stF of F3!  T-Claps (Triple Claps) to the inaugural wave of FNGs (Friendly New Guys)!

KY’s (Jody’s) headlocking of friends from Louisville took the first week prize as 2 of his buddies Brian and Brock from childhood would not be kept away by the weather, or even a one week old baby (his M might be a Saint)!

Special Shout-out to my good friend George (now Doc-in-a-Box) who came out to support Señor Chips’ Q despite having recently had surgery for a detached retina with the doctor telling him not to get his heart rate up!  #Beast…Strong Brother!  Keep recovering and get back out there when you can in a few weeks.

Biggest piece of advice YHC can give the pax of F3 Louisville who came out on 4/22//2017 and those who will follow in the coming weeks/months – It won’t get easier, Brothers, you’ll just get better and stronger!

Coffeeteria afterwards at Heine Brothers Coffee on Chenoweth was attended by all pax and we really enjoyed the 2ndF time with everyone.

Special thanks to Bird Hole for scouting the AO (Area of Operation) at and around Seneca Park last week while stationed in Louisville for work.

That is all.  Good luck to the Men of F3 Louisville…señor chips