@F3Louisville: Always Outdoors. Rain or Shine. #bringit

Tomorrow may be the day the wheat is separated from the chaff.  I have the Q at the O. Read my Preblast or the pain will be worse in so many ways.  Mr. Hat at the Posh. No Yoga. Only pain.  Hobbs VQ at the Mutt. If you haven’t seen his twitter Preblast, you’re doing […]

#BlackOpp for 0600 this Saturday at the Mutt: Double Down 

So KY shared a new twist on a name we here in Louisville have come to know and love as our very own PAX member. Double Down.  This Saturday in the gloom at 0600 we will be meeting at the Mutt for an additional WO prior to our normal 0700 beatdown from VQ Moonlight.  Get […]

BackBlast for Rad 80’s Movie Soundtrack montage at the Mutt #theHurt #getbetter

QIC- Zartan PAX: Backdraft, Captain Insane-o, Digornio, Mouth, Francis (FNG), Hobbs, Bumble Bee, Geppetto, Handy Manny, Cool Hand Luke, Moonlight, Quimby, Kidnapper Van & Mike Brady (FING) This morning we had perfect conditions for a beatdown.  With dozens of kids activities today I only have time for the basics.  This is how it went down […]

PreBlast for #TheHurt at The Mutt:  It is gonna be RAD!

My words are not needed here. Just believe me when I say that Hell Track has nothing on this beat down. Another 80’s star is even joining us to participate…kind of.  I leave you with some words of encouragement from an inspiring character.  Sergeant Smith: Cru, just pretend you’re in the lumber yard… go balls […]