PreBlast for #TheHurt at The Mutt:  It is gonna be RAD!

My words are not needed here. Just believe me when I say that Hell Track has nothing on this beat down. Another 80’s star is even joining us to participate…kind of. 

I leave you with some words of encouragement from an inspiring character. 

Sergeant Smith: Cru, just pretend you’re in the lumber yard… go balls out.


F3Louisville Black Ops Backblast: Waterfront Beatdown #getbetter 


Pax (7): Face, Mad Cow, Pope, Nugget, Forced Close, Double Down, CI

I never got why folks are scared to hit downtown Louisville. It’s very pretty and I worked down there for years. Love it. Wait, why is there security everywhere? What’s up with the PT Cruiser that just whipped into the lot? Maybe they’re here to workout with us? No. No. That’s not why they’re here. Well, they probably can’t outrun us, so let’s go:

COP: SSHs, Merkins, Abe Vigodas, Rosalitas all IC counted 

The thang:

Mosey to a nearby wall. DIPS. Dips, imperial walkers, plank janks, squats. 10 count x 2. 

Mosey to the pyramid. Partner up. P1 runs to top. P2 AMRAP pull ups. 5-7x  

Mosey (get lost cause it’s dark) to the amphitheater. Run down to the bottom. Salmon climb up the amphitheater via burpee box jumps. Pretty sure I counted 8 rows. Then back down with *ascending (thanks MC for the lesson) decline push-ups increasing 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16, which is a lot of decline push-ups. 

Mosey to a field for some Mary. Molly, fifer scissors, oblique v ups, American thors. May have been some more. I didn’t have a weinke. 

Run back around. I wanted to do some steps but it was too dark. Then, Forced Close said, “we should run to the top of the bridge”. What a great idea!

So we did. Well, we ran to the bottom. Then we ran five lights, bear crawl to the sixth, repeato to the top. At the top, some SSHs while we admired the view. Hard run down to make sure Nugget didn’t get corrupted. 

COR, NOR, COT. Thanks given. Love the Pax and the fact they came. It was fun and I like that site. 

Sleep well Zootan. You’re not the First Lady Ed Sheran made late. 

#TheO – #TempleofGloom Back Blast (9/7/17) – Starfish


Starfish?   Meh….close enough.  GPS Photo c/o CI


QIC: Red Roof

PAX (18):  Abacus, Mr. Clean, Bean Counter, Trump, Zoolander, Country Boy, Quimby, Old Bay, Pope, Star Child, Captain Insane-o, Taco, OJ, Scratch, Loco, Zartan, Jordy, Red Roof


The PAX gathered in the gloom this morning and from the outset it was evident this morning The O was walking in to a raid on the Ghost Flag.  PAX from the Mutt were clown carring like crazy and we didn’t stand a fighter’s chance.  There was no hope of keeping it this time, and no chance to tie it up on a fence or anything like that.  The Mutt was taking our beloved flag from us today like Eddie Huckstable took the Beav’s baseball glove in that one episode of…..forget it, I’m terrible with metaphors.  We lost our flag and it sucked, but T-claps to the guys from The Mutt for running a covert op like that and posting at The O.

Things started out with a nice 1/4 mile run down the track for COP:

20 SSH, 20 Imperial Walkers, 20 Monkey Humpers (more than a little mumble chatter after these), 20 Merkins, 20 more SSH.

Another 1/4 mile run back to the field hockey field for The Thang:

STARFISH:  Told the PAX to partner up and together as partners start with one (1) Merkin, then branch out to one of four corners for two (2) of the next exercise (Imperial Walkers, LBC, Air Squats, Coupon Presses) then back to the middle for three (3) Merkins, then four (4) of the next corner.  Rinse and repeat all of the four corners until 25 Merkins are reached.  Early finishers were told to join the PAX still working and to finish together.

This starts pretty tame, but if you’re counting that’s 196 Merkins when it’s all said and done.

MARY:  Mary consisted of each PAX member on their backs counting individually to 10 while doing flutter kicks.  The rest of the PAX had to raise their legs on the even numbers and lower them on the odd numbers.

Next we did Freddie Mercury’s (x20), American Hammers (x20), and Quimby had us spell our names with our legs in the air, which is tougher than it sounds.

Finally we finished up with some stretching.

Name-o-Rama and COT:

Intentions for Wham! and Diablo for a speedy recover back to The O.

Try to be HIM’s in all you do!

Updated: Waterfront #BlackOps 9/8 0530 @F3VilleBlackOps

Updates:  QICs:  Red Roof, Zartan, CI.  Bring your AO flag/ghost flag.  

What:  BlackOps AO Site Recon (Bootcamp style workout).

When:  Friday 9/8/2017 0530

Where:  Water Front Park Near Big Four Walking Bridge Entrance (<–Hyperlink to exact location).  Picture below (look how awesome it looks)


Who:  All HIM who want to get better

Why:  Because we can (and because Star Child says we can’t)

How:  By sheer force of will

The Mutt ain’t afraid of no Ghost!

22 PAX showed up at the Mutt to see who the Ghost Q was. Turns out the Q was a revenge seeking Methane, there to settle the score from a Holy Trinity beat down on his son’s football team. Unfortunately the targets were not there as they ventured off to capture the 👻🏴. The PAX was not scared of this ghost and was ready to go.
Q: Methane

PAX: Cool Hand Luke, Kidnapper Van, Jelly Fingers, Tiger, Tureen, Handy Manny, Digiorno, Buschhhh, Water Boy, Wall-E, Wilson, Doubtfire, Spreadsheet, Spinal Tap, Mouth, Geppetto, Mad Cow, Wedding Singer, Bumblebee, Happy Fingers, GlenRoss

Moseyed around the church to circle up.


18 SSH

17 Imperial Walkers

15 Mountain Climbers

15 Plank Jacks

20 Abe Vigodas

Thang 1

After warm ups we moseyed to the back hill and partnered up. P1 ran up hill and did 1 burpee and walked back down the hill while P2 did Flutter kicks, LBCs or Dolly’s. P1 relieved P2 and repeated. A burpee was added each round until both partners did 6 burpees.  

The pax then moseyed to the football field for some 
Thang 2

We divided into 3 groups for some 3 group crushers.  2 exercises are performed at different locations.  Group 1 and 2 perform different exercises and group 3 will move to a location to relieve group 1 and do that exercise and then group 1 will relieve group 2 and so on.  We did 4 rounds at 4 minutes each.

Round 1-Merkins&LBCs w/bear crawls.
Round 2-Skull Crushers&Flutter kicks w/ marios
Round 3-Supermans&dollys w/Marios. 
Round 4-Burpees&American Hammers w/Marios

This finished the WO as we moseyed back to circle around the flag. Wedding Singer informed us that he received his name due to a show stopping performance of Prince at a karaoke bar and we closed out with some thanks to the SkyQ.
Methane out! 

PRE-BLAST: 9/07/17 Red Roof Q’s the #TempleofGloom #F3Louisville

Welcome to Red Roofs

It’s been a minute since I’ve Q’d so I can’t wait to shake the cobwebs out lead a workout.  Come join us for the Temple of Gloom where the KISS principal will apply….Keep it Simple Stupid.  Nothing too fancy, just a good ole fashioned beat down.  Get some sleep tonight! #TempleofGloom #F3Louisville


9/6/17 Back-blast #Poshlands #ToolTimeVQ #CouponsAndRunningAndMaryAndFellowshipAndFaith

Staying true to his F3 name Tool time came prepared with tools for all in #theGloom this morning.  Immediately at 05:30 tool time opened the hatch of his SUV and began passing out coupons and gloves for everyone.  Tool time is always prepared, and when a Q is prepared it usually spells doom for the #PAX.

16 PAX 1 FNG Q Tool Time, Kilo, Methane, MacAfee, Star Child, Bob Ross, Newman, Mr. Hat, Uncle Rico, Double Down, FogHorn (FNG), Forced Close, Nugget, Dynomite!, Little Jerry, Glaucoma

Short jog to the parking lot by egg lawn for warm up

In cadence

20 Abe Vigodas

20 SSH

20 Imperial Walkers

20 mountain climbers



split into 2 teams for a race around the egg lawn.  Each headed in opposite direction stopping at every 4th light post for some fun.

10 Merkins

10 Lunges

somehow little fast little Jerry finished 10 minutes before everyone else.  That dude is fast.

Thang2 coupon rally

partner up

partner 1 Bernie sanders 50 yards does 10 of assigned exercise and runs back.  While parter 2 begins exercise with coupon.  Continue until team has completed 100 reps of coupon exercise.


100 shoulder press / Sumo squat

100 derkins / lunges

100 curls / mountain climbers

100 back rows / plank jacks


Run back to flag with coupons to burn out with some Mary.





Freddy mercurys

reverse crunch


an absolute killer VQ by ToolTime.  We ended with a prayer and intentions for a friend of methanes who’s having medical issues.  A special S/O to Nugget who has continued to demonstrate what commitment looks like, coming to WO with a bum knee and doing what he can to #GetBetter.







next friday! (9/15/2017) #Blackops #Poshlands #ThaMurph…. it’s back and you know you want some..



After consulting the M, It was decided to back it off a week.  So, I will be out there (09/15/2017) For those who would like to gather in the am… feel free!

That’s right kiddos, the murph is back. Again, because I am unable to see Mr. Hat’s Shenanigans on Sat Am, I am proposing an extra dose of pain for the week, I’m electing a friday am Murph inspired shin dig @ the Posh.

A personal note regarding this Murph… I will likely only do 1/2 of the set pull ups, push ups, air squats.  I ain’t going to lie or hide it..  I can’t have my pecs, delts, rhomboids, traps, hats, cats, bats…. etc..  sore that next day as I hit the links.  You might think.. ” come on glauc, it’s just a round of golf.”  Well, contraire mon frere.  This is no ordinary round of golf…. I am fortunate to get to hit up the “Big V”.  That’s right, Valhalla.  Maybe i’ll find Tiger Wood’s golf game?? Who knows.. But know I will enjoy it and don’t want my whole upper body to be sore like it was when I tried to keep up with the Captain of Insanity last time I attempted the Murph.

Full Murphys are strongly encouraged! and I will still do the 1 mile run initially, and after the pull ups/ pushups/ air squats will run the second mile..

So, know Uncle Puerto Rico and likely McAfee are likely a go… and we are open to more.

Time: TBA .. Between 5:30 – 6:00  (likely closer to the 5:30 mark)

Location:  Thaaaa Posh

Event:  The Murph.

Glauc Out


9/5/17 – Back Blast: It’s Hammer Time @ The O

VQ – The Hammer filling in for Wham!

We started off with a brisk jog to little hill – shortly after being informed that the Poshlands was one short of stealing the Ghost Flag.  According to the rules that Captain Insano just made up: I did not count.  He will pay, we will all pay.

Warm Up:

Paired off sprints up the hill with Merkins, with #2 man doing whatelse: American Hammers.  Rinse and Repeat. Followed by Lunges up the hill with burpees and #2 in plank position. Rinse and Repeat.


  • Paired Off Lawn Mowers up the Hill with Merkins at the top.
  • Group of three: Bear Crawls, Elbow Planks, and Bernie Sanders
  • Jog to Tennis Courts
  • Paired off Suicides with #2 doing the Merkin Trifecta (10x ea: Normal, Wide and Diamond).
  • Full Length Sprints  – 3x


  • 20x Rosalitas
  • 20x Gas Pumps
  • 20x American Hammers


Not a bad morning.


VQ: The Hammer

PAX: Double Down, Taco, Cutlass, Captain Insano,  Diabo, Scratch, Mr. Clean, Uncle Rico, Loco, Fall Guy, Poe, Bean Counter, Newman, Little Jerry.





Back Blast from the MUTT 9/5/17

PHOTO: Geppetto and Water Boy after the Merkin Mile

Well I made it through my VQ.  I lasted a lot longer than I thought I would.  Everyone seemed satisfied in the end.  I even busted out a few new moves I didn’t know I had.  A lot different from some of my other “first times”.  But I digress…

Need to first give a big shout-out to Back Draft for his help on setting up the morning’s events as well as talking me out of some of the crazier ideas I had planned for the PAX.  I don’t know, I thought the Merkin 10K would be fun.

Speaking of PAX, 22 in all.  They came stumbling in, one at a time.  As the numbers grew, so did the stench of stale beer and whiskey breath from a long weekend of football and frivolity.  They were prepared to pay for their sins.

VQ: Geppetto

PAX: Cool Hand Luke, Quimby, Kidnapper Van, Zartan, Jelly Fingers, Tiger, Tureen, Back Draft, Handy Manny, Digiorno, Buschhhh, Water Boy, Zoolander, Wall-E (FNG), Wilson, Blue Meth, Doubtfire, Spreadsheet, Moonlight, Spinal Tap, Mouth, Geppetto

No mosey.  Let’s circle up and get to it.



15 Abe Vigoda

20 count of Annie


Round of Guantanamo (PAX seemed to really love this)

Thang 1

I noticed a sense of relief in at least some of the PAX as we skipped the usual opening mosey (looking at you Spinal Tap).  Sorry to disappoint.  The Merkin Mile was next.  Rough calcs said one lap around the building is a 1/4 mile.  Let’s do four of those.  Too easy.  Let’s spice that up some, split the PAX into two groups and make that an Indian Run.  Still not impressed.  PAX in the rear of the line would drop and do five merkins as the group ran away.  Then sprint to the front of the line tapping the next rear man to drop.  And so on.  Now we’re talking.  At least for a lap or two.  Then mumblechatter seemed to cease.

Thang 2

Mosey over the football field for Field of Dreams circuit.  Four stations were set up in baseball diamond like arrangement.  The PAX were divided into four groups and each started at a base.  The plan was to make three trips around the bases but due to time we only made two.  Homework was given to finish the last set on your own.  First base was the only station with assigned reps for the exercises.  The rest were all AMRAP.  Once first finished they ran to second and forced them over to third, third to home, etc.  The exercises were as follows.

First Base

1.  15 Burpees

2. 20 Mountain Climbers

3. 20 Richie Farmers (aka Bobby Hurleys)

Second Base

1. Pull ups

2. Air squats

3. LBC

Third Base

1. Dips

2. Dips


Home Plate

1. Coupon Bench press

2. Coupon Curls

3. Coupon Side Bends

Time was called.  But before circling up.  A little house keeping was in order, as we each carried a coupon the length of the football field and then some to a better storage arrangement (they are now Holy).  Mental note to add that to my next Q.

Name-o-rama.  Welcomed FNG Wall-E.  Prayed to the Q in the Sky, Intentions, and thanked the PAX for letting me lead such an awesome group of men today.

Geppetto out.

Pre-Blast 9/5/17: Geppetto VQ at the Mutt #Geppetto steps his game up #I’m a real boy


After a long weekend where food, spirits, and 2nd F were in full supply, the PAX is ready to get back at it.  Hit the fartsacks early tonight and join me in the gloom tomorrow at the Mutt as I break my maiden.  #get better #shouldn’t have had that last beer yesterday


Hey everyone,

I brought this up at the Poshlands today. I think its time to establish a consistent HDHH (Hump day happy hour). It gives us a little weekly 2nd F on a scheduled basis. I know everyone won’t be able to go every week, but it will be better than the FB post the day before trying to gather some folks. Since we are so large (50+ each day over 3 AOs), each AO should set up their own that work with the area of town. The Mutt and The O are pretty close to each other, so it may work for bothto be in St. Matt’s, but that is a hike for the Parklands crew. Also, it doesn’t have to be Wednesdays if another day works better for the groups. And don’t think you have to go to the same one each week. Mix it up just like the WO. Finally, we can always have a convergence every once in a while for us all to do a little F3 bar takeover.

Waylon’s in St. Matthews by Trinity was a cool spot when Zartan, RR and myself hit it up last Wednesday. Hell, with the help of Freed to Lead, did a little headlocking while at the bar (Zartan has a stack of F3 flyers if you need any LOL). So I’m gonna propose Waylon’s on Wednesdays for the O  from 430 to 6 or so each week. Let’s see where we can take this!


Pax does not monkey around.. Manhandle w/o


Q: Glauc

PAX (17)  FNG (High Dive) FNG (De La Boya), Nugget, Face, McAfee, Kilo, Mr. Hat, Newman, Mad Cow, Methane, the captain of the instanity, Forced Closed, Diable, Dynomite!, Double Down, Abacus, Tool Time

If someone would have told me the most entertaining portion of the day would have been the slide that thwarted you into Clark Griswald warp speed in a matter of 2 seconds, I would have said you’re crazy… That was definitely the case.  I’d like to think the first time the PAX experienced that slide they said a little “holy shit” that was fast..  I did and ended up on my ass and about 6 feet away from the slide.

  1.   A nice run over the river and not through the woods to “the fountain of fun” for some warm up/ Mary work.   20 SSH, 15 money mayweather’s, 15 merkins…  Now Ms. Mary  20 (leg lowered) LBC, 20 LBC, 20 (right leg straight ) LBC, 20 (left leg straight LBC, 20 Big Marge’s (thanks Zoolander),  20 (Full) LBC,  20 left side plank downs, 20 Right side planks downs.   And things were burning… rinse and repaeat.. (only do 10 of above sequence, minus the side planks and burnout with 30 full lbc’s)
  2. Run back over the playground for a little fun..
  3. Split into three groups.  Group 1  – Run to top of bridge and back   Group 2- combo 10 money mayweather’s , 10 merkins, 15 air squats ( rinse repeat until group 1 is back)  Group 3 –  the adventure through the play ground –  a combination of pull ups, army crawling, box jumps, monkey bars , a venture down the slide then ending with 10 ssh. (rinse repeat until group 2 relieves
  4. A repeat of above except Group 1 – run river trail and back , Group 2 – 10 courtsey lunges, 15 dips  , Group 3 same jungle gym. 🙂
  5. Finish her off with a little wave merkins which insano, mr. hat and newman continue to make us feel bad @ how we all suck at pushups..

BTW anyone want to not feel good about their workout,… look at newman afterwards.  he was as fresh as a cucumber.

Great workout .. thanks to all that came.



Yeeeeeaaaaa, it’s time to work on Labor Day..


A couple observations on my way around the posh getting ready for the am shenigans..

1) the posh is posh… even in the daylight. It’s a nice park; however felt a little out of place with no kids, no kayak and no bike shorts.

2) there are a lot of people that hit that place up… guess I will figure this out when my kiddos get a little older as well.

3) it’s awkward bumping elbows on the monkey bars with 6 years olds…

As for the clown cars on the way in the am… get off shelbyville rd. take a right, left, right, a left, then another left and you are there… and we start at 7:15

just a heads up… we will be staying dry (except for a little sweat) and know all will have a “fun” ao

And for those who want to start on time, we are starting at 7:00 am.. sharp.


New Pax – Posts You May Want to Read #acceleration #hyperlinks

We’ve added more and more #HIMs to the Pax.  The growth is awesome, but sometimes new guys have questions about F3 that maybe they don’t know to ask or want to ask. We’ve collected some of the best posts here and elsewhere to give you a primer on F3 and F3 Louisville.

F3 Nation:  Click this link to learn all about how this started and why it continues to #grow

Tips for the New Guy:  Stolen, er,  borrowed heavily from F3 Nation, this link gives new guys some tips on F3

First time Qs – Q 101:  Again, borrowed heavily, this time from F3 TheFort, here is a link to a 101 on Q’ing (or leading a workout)

The First F3 Louisville Workout:  This website has every back blast from every F3 Workout. Here’s a link to First on April 22, 2017.

Sign up for F3:  All Pax that haven’t done this should go to this link and sign up.

What are they saying?:  Lexicon link.  Exercise link.  You can’t have a tribe without a language.  Pretty sure your #M and #2.0s will be wondering why you’re talking about taking the #redpill cause you’ve got an awesome #weinke.

How to Post to the Site:  The backblasts of your workout are important for a number of reasons.  First, it’s funny and fun and memorializes the badass workout you devised and completed.  #Tclaps!  Second, you’ll inspire other workouts.  Plagiarism is a high compliment, and looked upon with favor in the Nation.  Third, for the Pax that can’t make it, it’s important for them to connect back to the Pax and those mini-diaries of the pain do that.  We’re not all gifted like Zoolander or Taco, but you can take 5 minutes to write up your weinke, give a shout out to the guy who Larry Birded it or got better and you’ll make the Pax happy.  Here’s the link.

9/2/17 Back-Blast 10 PAX 4 FNG #gotbetter in the #Gloom of the #Poshlands #KiloQ #BoatCanoe #DuckWalk


My first time being responsible for the #poshlands post flag, and halfway to the park i realized i left it at home.  The good Lord knew i would forget something, so he gave me time to pull a U-turn and grab the most beautiful flag the Earth has ever seen.  Pulling in I was immediately greeted by a few new faces (4 FNG’s) and 5 of my fellow Posh PAX.  The look in the eye of one FNG (Snowball) was one of fear and confusion, he would later tell me he thought he was coming to run a 5K (oops).

PAX: Kilo, Double Down, Worm, Methane, MacAfee, Tool Time, Hollaback (FNG), Abacus (FNG), Snowball (FNG), Cakes (FNG).


Once the WO began it was all wet and MARY


****6 minute kilO bombs*****

Every 6 minutes PAX was instructed to KilO bomb.  Technically F3 name is “Outlaw” but i preferred kilO bombs.

Warm up
In Cadence 
20 SSH
20 Merkins
20 Plank jacks
20 Abe Vigoda

Boat/ Canoe

The Boat position would be while on six with legs pulled up to chest and arms beside body. Canoe is when legs and back are straightened while keeping both off the ground. Kilo calls out Boat or Canoe.

Indian run around egg right back to same circle spot

Duck walk tree hugger Indian race

-Pax stays in Al Gore position while HIM in back of line duck waddles to the front.

Bear Crawl Snake

-Pax stays in plank position while HIM in back weaves between with bear crawl all the way to the front of PAX.

Billy run to base of bridge

4 trips across the bridge, when you reach the other side of the bridge exercises below are repeated.

12 merkins

12 American hammers

12 Bobby Hurleys

Hustle over to Gazebo 
Consecutive dips and Derkins for 8 minutes.
12 dips

12 derkins

Back over to flag for burn out

Burn out

Captain Thor “Captain Insano’s”

1 big boy sit up to 4 American Hammers to 10/40

S/O to MacAfee for counting



We met our FNG’s Hollaback, Snowball, Cakes, and Abacus

Prayers were requested for Emma and Caden, a couple of children going through a rough time.  As well as the victims of Hurricane Harvey.  I took us out with a word of prayer thanking God for F3, America, and the PAX.  #WinTheDay


From the bottom of my heart thank you for this group of Men, you have made me better and I hope I can somehow give back.




09/02/17 Old Bay’s backblast from the #mutt #getbetter #F3Louisville

They walked.  They biked.  They aggressively sauntered.  They drove cars from 250 yards away.  Hell, Tiger’s Tahoe was on 2 wheels when he pulled into his parking spot.  13 souls braved the elevated temperatures and arid conditions for the Labor Day beat down at the Mutt.  QIC: Old Bay.  PAX: MadCow, JellyFinger (FNG), Quimby, Mouth, DoubtFire, Geppetto, Handy Manny, Moonlight, Zealander, Kidnapper Van, Tiger, Backdraft.  Here’s how it went down:

Mosey around the school, dropping off your jumprope by the Portico…a tease for later.


  • 20 SSH IC
  • 10 count leg stretch x 4
  • 10 Squat jabs
  • 10 up/backs, or Standing Saturday Nights
  • 10 Chillicuts, from plank to elbow plank, back to plank
  • 10 Sumo Squats

Mosey around to Father Mark’s house

Thang 1, partner up, 4 AMRAP circuits of 4 minutes each.

  • HIM 1= run, 5 merkins, run back.  HIM 2= ABCs and 123s (on your 6, making every letter of the alphabet and 1-26 in a leg lift position.  I quickly learn I hate this).  Switch.
  • HIM 1= run, 5 jump squats, run back.  HIM2= round-the-clock-merkins.  Switch.
  • HIM 1= run, 3 inch worm merkins, run back.  HIM 2= LBCs.  Switch.
  • HIM 1= run, 5 Austin ass-kicker merkins (merkin, raise L arm and R leg, merkin, raise R arm and L leg, repeato).  HIM 2= Hold Al Gore.  Switch.

I feel my legs beginning to fail, but we forward on.  Yes, forward is a verb.  Head to the curb across from Portico, and partner up with someone new.  3 AMRAP circuits of 4 minutes each.

  • HIM 1= Jump rope.  HIM 2= Bearkins (merkin, 10 step bear crawl, merkin, repeato) across lot, run back.  Switch.
  • HIM 1= Jump rope alternating legs.  HIM 2= Sprint across lot, 10 count fast feet up/down on curb, sprint back.  Switch.
  • Him 1= Jump rope, “If there was ever a time to do double-unders, that time is now”. HIM 2= Sprint across lot, 10 jump touches on wall, high as you can.  Switch.

I’m definitely feeling woozy at this point, but we have 7 minutes left, the perfect amount of time for a caterpillar.

  • PAX forms 2 lines facing each other.  Everyone down in plank position.  Last PAX gets up, leapfrogs everyone that is down in plank to the front of the line, and then gets down in plank.  Then the next guy gets up and jumps over the group.  Repeato until smoked.

Head back to the flag.  Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama.  Welcome to FNG JellyFinger.  He’s an OB-GYN…..yep.  Breit drew the 6, explained DoubtFire is because he dominates as a stay at home dad, and occasionally wears a fat suit like Robin Williams in the movie.  Prayers for strength for those fighting floods, cancer, and other adversity.  Prayers to recognize the good in this world.  Prayers to be safe when you drink those 74 beers this weekend.  T-Claps to Kidnapper Van for keeping a killer pace.  T-Claps to JellyFinger for his debut in less than ideal weather.  T-Claps to the whole PAX for getting better today.

And F You to whoever came up with ABCs/123s and Bearkins.   Carpe Weekend Gents!!

Old Bay out-ski.



#Ruiner Backblast: 50 #getbetter

As the Pax filtered in that came to celebrate (*read: endure a painful beatdown), I felt like Clark Griswold after he’d jumped his Wagon Queen Family Truckster 50 yards… instead of the shame I should feel for the beatdown that would come, I was proud….Proud of the Pax, proud of F3Louisville, proud to be part of the Pax and F3Nation (and humbled; this has become very important to me and a lot of men I know and have gotten to know)… Wait, WTF. Why is Pope in a speedo and weighted vest? Why does Glennross have a swim cap and goggles on?  Focus, CI! Still proud, still proud. All of that sentiment ended quickly, cause we did this…

Q: Captain Insaneo (YHC)

Pax: 19 Diablo, Slide Rule (visiting Pax), Tron, Yankee, Little Jerry, Glenneoss, Scratch, Pope, Bean Counter, Face, Red Roof, CI, OJ, Cutlass, Cardinal, Loco, Mr Clean, The 🔨, Zartan (in Miami with Pitbull ¡Dale!)

First Rule for this workout:  When you complete any set, you pick an exercise (choose something you need to work on (Pope, no fair that you need no work on anything)) that you do until the entire Pax is finished with the set. Remember where you left off because you’ll pick back up if you’re waiting later.  Once you reach 50 of that exercise, you pick another one, and you do it until the entire Pax finishes the set and then once you reach 50, repeato… Got it….good.  No rest today.

Disclaimer given. Mosey to the baseball field:

Circle of Pain

All 50 count IC

SSH (I couldn’t look at Pope without laughing)

Don Quixote’s (protip: Don’t ever do these on a 50 count IC. It’s silly)



The Thang

Line up along the in-field line

Sprint to fence (approx 50 yards), 50 merkins. Bernie sanders back.  While you wait, pick your exercise and keep count.

Once all Pax gets back, sprint to the fence, 50 squat thrusters, karaoke back.  While you wait, keep going on your exercise…

Sprint to the fence, 50 LBCs, Bear crawl back.  While you wait, keep going on your exercise….

Elbow Plank (50 count) 3 times…

Mosey to the center of point of the track back at main park. Pax divides into two groups. Pax 1 goes to the half-way (50%) on one side. Pax 2 goes to half-way on other side.

Hard run, counter clockwise, to the other point. At that point Pax does 50 squats. Hard run to other point. Pax does 50 merkins.

Once done, meet back in the center.  Pick a point 50 yards out.  Bear crawl to that point.  50 burpees OYO.

Mosey back to the flag. 

Count-a-Rama, Name-o-Rama. Yankee called the six and gave his name origin. He was interrupted by FaceTime from Zartan who did his 50th post remote in Miami, solo, and off my weinke. What a beast! Way to go Zootan! 

COT where I thanked the Pax and said some words. And again, thanks to the Pax; I wanted to fartsack this am (mildly ill from too much brown water last night). Had to go to get better tho. 

Coffeeteria Convergence with the Mutt guys after. Nice little Saturday, right Zoolander?

CI out 

09/02/2017 7AM Poshlands Pre-Blast #KiloQ lets get muddy #getbetter



Bring all of your flotation devices and most expensive mud gear to the Poshlands at 7AM for a #Kilo #Ruiner.  #HIMS helping #HIMS #GetBetter in the mud, I can’t think of a better way to start the weekend!

Join me and all my rowdy #HIMS


Challenge to #TheMutt come and get it #GetBetter



09/02/17 at 0700 at the Mutt Pre-Blast. #OldBay up to his dirty old circuits again #get better

  • Who’s ready for adult swim at the Mutt?  Paddle, Swim or bunny hop up to Holy Trinity at 07:00 for some fun in the gloom.
  • Bring your jump rope, and an extra set of legs, cause I’m gonna be your new best friend.
  • “Yes my love, I’ve had 74 beers this weekend, but I earned them on Saturday morning with Old Bay.  He kept running, and running, and running…..
  • Insane-O suggests band-aids over your nipples to prevent chafe.  I guess thats how they roll over at the O.

See you there – Let’s get it on!


Ghost Flag Recap


This is a first person steam of consciousness account of the Ghost Flag heist this morning at the “O” written from the perspective of KV

Alarm goes off at 4:45 this morning …. no need to hit the snooze today …. I’m pumped …. time to go retrieve the ghost flag for the Mutt.

Bumble Bee, Old Bay, Busch, Quimby and I head out toward our old stomping ground with smiles on our faces. I feel a little trepidation as we start our mosey – like knowing you are going to see your ex girl friend. Thoughts race through your mind like “how is she doing without me? I hope she’s miserable …. I hope she misses me …. wait, that’s childish I hope she is doing well.” And then of course the vanity questions come “I wonder what she looks like now …. is she in better shape then me …. are her workouts less effective when I am not the Q?” And then you start thinking about your replacement. “I wonder if their new headlocks are as cool as we were ….no way, you can’t replacement guys like old bay, country boy, zartan, ZOOLANDER and quimby”

I am suddenly snapped back to reality by old bay raising his voice and telling me to stop F-ing around and pick up my cadence.

As we hit the edge of Seneca, we start thinking about our plan, or lack of plan …. we have all heard the mumblechatter about an ambush or a double cross by either the “O” or the poshlands or both. Whatever…. we are here now, let’s do this.

As we are running toward the tennis courts we see the Seneca PAX approaching on foot. They are surprisingly stoic. I make eye contact with CI … he smirks and looks away. I know something is up. We get to the American flag and no ghost flag in sight. Those A-holes hid the flag …. shit. It’s dark as night out here … wait what’s that? What the hell? It’s by the fence over there …. wait, it’s tied to the fence …. what does that note say?


the flag is bound to the fence with twine … note says “look up nerds” …. scissors tied to a string at the top of the fence.

Old bay jumps on the fence and rips the scissors down. Hands them to me …. what the hell …. there is Vaseline all over the shovel handle … it smells like … Vicks vapor rub …. icy hot … A-holes!!!! I Begin cutting with the scissors and I might as well have a butter knife. Old Bay rages and starts ripping the shovel off the fence …. halfway success and with some additional scissor sawing the flag breaks free. VICTORY!!!!

High fives all around and let’s head back to the MUTT to celebrate. We start running and the PAX from the O are no where to be found. Now our minds start working overtime. Where are they? Are they about to ambush us? Holy shit …. CI is making them all run to the Mutt to reclaim the flag …. that would be a total bad ass move. What can we do to counter? Shit. Let’s keep moving … if CI pulls the counter run off, more power to him …. he wins.

As we continue running we see Seneca pax approaching us once again on the track … they are dead men walking …. no chance that crew is making to the Mutt on foot. We March on triumphantly and make our way 2.5 miles back to the Mutt.

We arrive to find ZOOLANDER putting the smack down on the PAX. Holy crap …. there are a lot of guys here. I don’t recognize a lot of them …. shit …. what is star child doing here …. damn you poshlands.

Am I pissed that SC and the poshlands crew showed up to steal the flag from us …. for a minute, yes. But then I think about the big picture. Isn’t the whole point of this to build fellowship and get better …. yes …. and that happened in spades this morning.

The boys from the Mutt got together and planned a run to claim the flag, the boys from the “O” played a hilarious prank to add some fun to the heist, and the boys from the poshlands plotted to take the ghost flag from and “unsuspecting” AO at the Mutt. Fun was had by all parties, we all built some fellowship and got better.

Somebody tell me the rules for running to the poshlands …. I’m coming to get my flag back – KV.

#Ruiner Preblast: Can you count to 50? #F3Counts @OF3Louisville

When I started F3 I had no idea where it would go, but eventually I started setting some goals. A couple of weeks ago, I set a hard goal to Q on my 50th post.

Well, Pax, that day is Saturday.

So bring your fingers, toes, abacuses (abaci?), or whatever will help you count to 50 … a lot. I have no idea if my plan is good, but I promise to bring it and I hope you do too. And if you’re thinking of skipping, your boy Zartan is posting his 50th from Miami for a remote Ruiner.

SYITG for the Ruiner.

Oh and if you’re sore, they have some icy hot over at the Mutt.

The Heist- From ⭐️👶 Perspective…

Guys, today was epic. Some guys lubed up a shovel with Icy Hot, some guys ran 5 miles to steal it, and all of us worked out harder than we ever would have if we didn’t find F3. That said, I thought I’d finish where captain left off on his BB….

First of all, I woke up earlier than I ever have for F3. Mainly due to excitement on a plan that was kept secret worse than Barry Manilow coming out of the closet.

I picked up Glauc since he lived damn near in Lexington, and we prayed the Muttrunners left early so they couldn’t turn around when we arrived. We saw them off so we got out and joined the COT.

I was nervous bc it was only two of us. Luckily the other 4 Poshlanders were waiting until the last minute to post. Just in case Mutts called their Muttrunners.

Zartan noticed the four arrivals, and said, “is that a Poshland clown car???” Which I replied, “you know how you say us Poshlanders have everyone do everything for us? Well, today you are right. You are getting the 👻🏴 for us.”

“Who made that rule?!?!?!”-Z

“Well, I confirmed with the 👻🏴 creator committee (me), and they said it’s valid”- me

With the workout upon us, mumblechatter spread of our plan, then the 👻🏴 arrived. I was 100% sure it wouldn’t be leaving as those HIMs went thru hell (read CIs BB) to get it to the Mutt.

In the end, they gave it up. Mainly because this morning was one epic story to go down in the books. I pray Mutts post at the Poshland soon to get it back…. for more than 5 minutes!

God Bless you all. Enjoy the weekend!


The Ghost Flag’s Wild Ride #2ndF #morethanaworkout @OF3Louisville @theMuttF3

Ghost Flag:  noun – a flag intended to be rotated between AOs when 5 or more visiting Pax come to a workout; visiting Pax takes the flag to their AO; repeato. Intended to strengthen 2nd F.

So that happened today… read on for a recap (from YHC’s perspective).  Hopefully, others can chime in with theirs.  Basically an epic 2nd F day.

Since the addition of the newest AO – the Mutt – YHC has dreamed of running from the O at Seneca to the Mutt with 5 Pax to retrieve the Ghost Flag.  It’s a little over 2 miles one way… But as you all know, the O owns the Ghost Flag.

So it was up to a crew from the Mutt to lock shields, run to the O and retrieve it.  And five Pax from the Mutt locked shields today and set out on an epic quest.  But the O couldn’t just let them have it, could we?  Nah… we pooled our money and went to the dollar store for supplies…


And we got to the O a little early.  And we did this…



We even sent a warning shot at 0525…

What you can’t tell is that the flag (which is hog-tied to the fence), the fence and the scissors (which are kids scissors with a dull blade and plastic over the points) were covered in icy hot (non-greasy formula).

So as the Pax at the O ran down the path during their workout, they saw the Pax from the Mutt run by.  Salutations were given (I saw you Quimby; that long finger point was awesome).  Sure, they’d get the flag, but not without cost.  A few extra minutes and a cool, icy run back.  Don’t touch your eyes or groin boys!

So was this amusing?  Heck yes!  Was it silly?  Of course!  But guess what: 5 guys from the Mutt got closer; they have a bond and a story.  The guys at the O got some great laughs and got to know each other a little better.  And I hear the Mutt got a visit from guys from the Parklands, which means our larger Pax got to know more of the Pax even better.

Star Child was smart to make the Ghost Flag.  And while the O got the first laugh (which is fitting, cause we’re the original), we look to the Pax and the other AOs to continue to improve on what the O did, which is the way it’s gone so far.

CI out.

Back Blast: The O 8/31/2017

While other AO’s were focused on petty flag thievery, 14 PAX were focused on getting better at The O.

VQ: Tron

PAX: Cutlass, Face, Cap’n Insane-O, Trump, Red Roof, Red Snappa’, Glenn Ross, Tin Cup, Mr Clean, Scratch, Pope (in a custom built Tron hat), Bean Counter and Loco

Track Condition: Fast

Mosey the long way to the field hockey field.  Circle up for some exercises consisting of

  • 25 count Side Straddle Hops
  • 25 count Imperial Walkers
  • 25 count LBCs

Mosey back around the track for a ways.  Stop for some exercises consisting of

  • 25 count Side Straddle Hops
  • 25 count Imperial Walkers
  • 25 count LBCs

PAX started to sense a theme and would repeat this set of exercises 2 more times for a total of 100 count for each of the 3 exercises, ending back on the field hockey field.

Next, PAX lined up across midfield and sprinted to end line and back to midfield, followed by 10 count Merkins and 10 count Air Squats.  Plank until all PAX had completed.  Repeat for 9 count. Repeat for 8 count. Repeat for 6 count. (Some merlot spilled at this point). Repeat for 4 count. Repeat for 2 count. Repeat for 1 count.

Stretch a bit.  Long mosey back to the start, now sans Ghost Flag.  COT and we all head home free of the sting of icy hot.



The irony is thick and greasy today

The shenanigans were funny this morning.  The Vicks Vapo-Rub felt really nice on my undercarriage.  The poshlands boys drove their minivans to HT steal a stolen flag.  All is right in this world.  Lets keep it going.  And lets clarify rules at our next 2nd F, which needs to happen soon.

The irony is in todays gospel.  There are no coincidences.  You jerks are alright.

#getbetter #F3Louisville #TheMuttF3

Therefore, stay awake! For you do not know on which day your Lord will come.  Be sure of this: if the master of the house had known the hour of night when the thief was coming, he would have stayed awake and not let his house be broken into.  So too, you also must be prepared, for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come.


OB out.