Backblast: Oh Mutt–You complete me!




A guy enjoying his daily run


I recommend the MUTT for all that ails you!


PAX: Cool hand Luke, Country boy, Tureen, Digiorno, Tiger, Zoolander, Jason Bigg (FNG) Juicy, Doubt Fire, Francis, Moonlight, Bumblebee, Busch, Double wide, Zartan, Gipetto


Mosey the long way around to side of school by Portico

Round up

Downward Dog

Upward Dog

SSH’s count of 25

Squat Kicks count of 20

Lunges – On your own 10 each leg

Kendra Newmans – Front and Back

Shoulder Shrugs

Merkins—Count of 15

Ready for Thang 1

Broke into groups of 4

1 person grab a coupon per group

Mosey over to the football field

Thang 1

100 yard field broken out into sections of 10 yards


Groups working together

One person carries coupon at all times and it never touches the ground until the end-alternate carrying at your discretion

Always bear crawl first 10 yards (coupon guy does lunge walk), run the rest of the way

At 10 yards do 1 burpee (coupon guy does squats), run back to start and do 5 LBC’s (coupon guy does squats)

At 20 yards, do 2 burpees (coupon guy does squats), run back to start and do 10 LBC’s (coupon guy does squats) and so on to….

At 100 yards, do 10 burpees (coupon guy does squats), run back to start and do 50 LBC’s (coupon guy does squats)

Group does SSH’s until last teammate does last burpee at each stop

Thang 2

Circle up

A little AB Work

First Set was Gas Pumps and then sprint to goal post and back

Second Set was Freddy Mercury’s and then sprint to goal post and back

Third Set was heels to the sky and then sprint to goal post and back

Fourth Set was flutter kicks and then sprint to goal post and back

Final Set was spell MAYOR QUIMBY with both legs

Thang 3 

Circled up and alternated every fourth guy with coupon and others doing alternating exercises–passed the coupons around the circle.

Finish was my Favorite

Ultimate Football!!!


Parklands Back Blast: “We want some more, We want some more, We want some more!”

18 PAX showed up at the Parklands for the morning kickoff.

Forced Close(VQ), Gypsy, Swifty, Pope, Bob Ross, Taco, Starchild, Dyn-O-Mite, Kilo, Newman, Foghorn, Iceman, Uncle Rico, McAfee, The Hammer, Methane, Fonzie(FNG), Mr. Hat

COP: SSH(20), Abe Vigodas(18), Cherry Pickers(15)

Partnered up with someone you “didn’t know or new little about” for a leisurely run towards the back of the park to the futbol field and share a little 2nd F on the way.

Thing 1:

First Down – Lined up on the goal line. Partner 1 elbow planks while partner 2 does 20 side to side jumps then sprints to mid field for 7 burpees and sprints back. Partner 2 moves to merkins as soon as Partner 1 leaves.  Swap positions and start again.

Second Down –  Partner 1 elbow planks while Partner 2 does 20 side to side jumps then Bernie Sanders to mid field for 7 burpees and Bernie Sanders back. Partner 2 moves to merkins as soon as Partner 1 leaves. Swap positions and start again.

Third Down – Partner 1 elbow planks while Partner 2 does 20 side to side jumps then Karaokes to mid field for 7 burpees and Karaokes back. Partner 2 moves to merkins as soon as Partner 1 leaves. Swap positions and start again.

4th Down – Partner 1 elbow planks while Partner 2 does 20 side to side jumps then Bear Crawls to mid field for 7 burpees and Bear Crawls back. Partner 2 moves to merkins as soon as Partner 1 leaves. Swap positions and start again.

Time for a breather: Circle up and loosen up the abs. 20 Freddy Mercurys. Surely we are moving to a little Mary right?  Nope! TWO A DAYS!

Thing 2:

Same as Thing 1 only swap out merkins for LBC’s and 3 Burpees instead of 7.

We were in 4 down territory when the whistle blew.  We partnered up (new partner) and jogged back to the flags enjoying a little more 2nd F.

Name-O-Rama, welcomed Fonzie (FNG), said a prayer, and lived to play another day.



PREBLAST 9/19 – 8s at @theMuttF3 #rooster #getbetter #laceemup

8 is a great number. It’s even, divisible, aesthetic.

It also turns to Infinity when you tip it over. 

This is my first Q at the Mutt and I intend for it to be memorable.

It’s going to be fun. 


Who: all Pax who want to get better

What: you’ll see

When: September 19

Where: the Muff

Why: because we can, we will and need to 

How: through pure indomitable will 

14 PAX have spa day at the Poshlands

13 PAX joined Little Jerry for a mani/pedi at the Poshlands.  Big Bird, Starchild, Tool Time, Storm Trooper, Abacus, Phoenix, Mr Hat, Swifty, Double Down, Rhythm, Gypsy, Bob Ross, Taco,  and FNG – Cochran.

The mani included 100 merkins along with the pumice coupons for 125 curls and 125 presses to soften the callouses and 50 dips.

The pedi included 4.5 miles of rolling posh hills for the feet through the lush and serene forest.  Some may debate rolling versus steep.

Bonus massage of the glutes on our six with 100 Mary’s via gas pumps and LBC’s.

Refreshing start to the day!

Backblast: The O 9/16/17 #completethetask #shotsfired

Great job by the PAX to get me through my first VQ. Took a lot of well deserved flack after I fumbled my originally scheduled VQ on Tuesday. Unlike the Muff our Q’s have great time management skills to enable the PAX enough time to completely finish blackjack. Backdraft 16&5 doesn’t cut it at the O! Enjoy your weekend of football and family. 
20 Pax VQ Scratch 

Loco, Hammer, Cutlass, Mr. Clean, Glenn Ross, Jordy, Sea Bass, Tron, Nugget, Mayberry, Face, Spinal Tap, Red Roof, Wham, Trump, Seacrest, Bean Counter, OJ, Captain Insane-O. 


Mosey to basketball courts

20- side straddle hops

20-imperial walkers

20 mountain climbers 

20- LBC’s
Mosey to Hill
Thang 1

Partner up

P1 Hill run 1 burpee at top

P2 10 Merkins

P1 Hill run 2 burpees at top

P2 Al Gores

P1 Hill run 3 burpees at top

P2 Plank

P1 Hill run 4 burpees at top

P2 Monkey Humpers

P1 Hill run 5 burpees at top

P2 Air Squats
Thang 2
Black Jack (Everything adds up to 21)

1-Merkin run up hill

20- LBC’s run down hill

2- Merkins run up hill

19 – LBC’s run down hill

3- Merkins run down hill

18-LBC’s run up hill

And so on til completion!
Back to basketball courts for Mary 

20 Bicycles 

20-Freddie Mercury

20- Sweat Angels
Back to the to the shovel flag for COT. 

The Way Way BackBlast!

PAX (13):  Mayberry (QIC), Red Roof, Cardinal, Cutlass, Bean Counter, Scratch, Loco, Glenross, OJ, Dr. K, Broadway, Sully, Spinal Tap.

Saturday – 9/9/17


  • Butt Kicks (30 sec)
  • (20) Side Straddle Hops
  • (20) Imperial Walkers
  • (15) Mountain Climbers
  • (15) Peter Parkers
  • (15) Plank Jacks
  • (13) Burpees – calling out PAX names


Coupon Suicides

  • (5) burpees; sprint to end of tennis courts and back then Freddy Mercuries
  • (10) alternating coupon mercans; (5) burpees; down and back; plank jacks while waiting
  • (20) coupon curls; (10) alternating coupon mercans; (5) burpees; down and back; Mtn Climbers while waiting
  • (30) weighted squats; (20 coupon curls; (10) alt. coupon mercans; (5) burpees; down and back; side straddle hops while waiting
  • (20) coupon curls; (10) alternating coupon mercans; (5) burpees; down and back; imperial walkers while waiting
  • (10) alternating coupon mercans; (5) burpees; down and back; plank jacks while waiting
  • (5) burpees; sprint to end of tennis courts and back

Pole Run

  • Ran track around tennis courts stopping at each light pole for an exercise (x2)
    • 20 high knees
    • 20 LBCs


Core Circle: PAX circled up in the field for core workout

  • (20) bicycles
  • (20) reverse bicycles
  • (20) V-Up Roll-ups
  • (15) Heels to the heaven
  • (1) jump squat & (4) Mountain Climbers
  • (2) jump squat & (8) Mountain Climbers
  • (3) jump squat & (12) Mountain Climbers
  • (4) jump squat & (16) Mountain Climbers
  • (5) jump squat & (20) Mountain Climbers


Played Ultimate football – ball hits the ground – 3 air squats.

A Murphy Friday: The story of a Pope, a speedo and a 20lb vest


Just kidding, no one showed up in a speedo, including Pope.  Instead, he showed up with a 20lb vest.. I’m not kidding.

PAX (6):  Kilo, Pope, Zartan, Newman, Tool Time!, Glaucoma

A major shout out to all PAX.. This is no cup of tea.  And to come out on a foggy morning, dodging deer, breathing water, the PAX dominated. Again, the goal of this is to get better every time #getbetter.  Whether you can do 2 pullups or 500 pullups, it does not matter.

Pope:  I’d like to grab a PBR, popcorn and a recliner to watch an episode of Pope vs. Insano doing the murph.  You boys are beasts.  When pope came out and pulled out the ole 20lb vest, we all took a gasp as if “The Pope” were standing right in front of us.  An epic performace.

Kilo:  Almost lost his chicken wings from the night before, but came through in the clutch.  With a day for of bourbon ahead of him, props to him for posting.  Kilo, that woodford might hit you a little sooner this am?? be careful.

Zartan: Despite some anatomical challenges, the green giant was clutch and hung in there to the end.  We need a 10 foot high pull up bar for that guy.

Tool Time:  I swear I heard him say ” you call this an upper body workout?” We all envy those guns TT.  Good work.

Newman:  finally broke a sweat the last .10 mile on mile 2.  For his “lighter stature” the dude can pull his weight.

Glaucoma:  Well, I feel it went better than the first time 3 weeks ago??  Pullups were a little easier @ the onset then hit me like greyhound bus after round 5/6..   My legs went numb after round 10..

Major Thanks for all that came out.  You guys (and all F3 brothers) make me a better friend, father, husband and community member.

Off to the beach for a week.  #getbetter

Glauc out.

BACKBLAST: 09-14-17 #Couponmile #Blackjack at #TheMutt

CouponsMy VQ experience did not disappoint! I was so worried about confusing the PAX with the Coupon Mile I didn’t realize how tired I was until the Water Boy looked at me like I stole a piece of his birthday cake. I learned a few things today, such as red and black make a purplish color. Red from the raw spot that the “smooth” surface of the coupon rubbed into my shoulder and black from the bruising it created from bouncing, who knew?!?! The other thing I learned was when someone tells you “Nice Q” they are actually saying “You sir, are an A-Hole”.

Let’s get to the PAX; 24 Total

So we had a visit from our crew from the #Poshlands. Thanks for being there for my VQ guys, even though we barely know each other I appreciate the support and #fellowship. Wait a second, you guys took the Ghost Flag back! Damn it! Here I thought you were there for your ol’ buddy Backdraft! In all seriousness, the men from #TheMutt really enjoyed having you there! Here was the breakdown:

VQ: Backdraft

PAX: Glen Ross, Bumble Bee, Zoolander, Handy Manny, Blue Meth, Doubtfire, Spreadsheet, Star Child, Zartan, Kidnapper Van, Water Boy (Happy Birthday!!), Jelly Fingers, Tiger, Tureen, Digiorno, Mad Cow, Tool Time, Kilo, Swifty, Taco, The Hammer, Mouth, and Cool Hand Luke.

A short mosey and let’s circle up!


20 Freddy Mercury’s

20 Bulgarian Ball Busters

20 Abe Vigodas

20 Reverse Crunches

20 Saturday Nights (Hip Raise)

Thang 1

The Coupon Mile: Partner up;  Partner’s complete 20 Off Set Merkins right arm, run 1/4 of a mile with coupon, stopping in the middle, switch coupon carrier & partner’s complete 20 offset Merkins left arm. Lap 2: Coupon carrier completes 20 coupon overhead presses & partner completes 20 air squats, run 1/4 of a mile with the coupon, stopping in the middle, switch coupon carrier & new coupon carrier completes 20 coupon overhead presses & partner completes 20 air squats. Lap 3: Coupon carrier completes 20 coupon curls & partner completes 20 Capt. Morgan planks, run 1/4 of a mile with coupon, stopping in the middle, switch coupon carrier & new coupon carrier completes 20 coupon curls & partner completes 20 Capt. Morgan planks. Lap 4: Coupon carrier completes 20 coupon squats & partner completes 20 curb dips, run 1/4 of a mile with coupon, stopping in the middle, switch coupon carrier & new coupon carrier completes 20 coupon curls & partner completes 20 Capt. Morgan planks. #Yesitwasconfusing #Butitwashard

Thang 2

BlackJack: Start on the sideline of The Mutt football field. Perform 1 Merkin – run to other sideline – perform 20 LBCs. Run back and do 2 Merkins. Run back for 19 LBCs. Rinse and Repeat until you do 20 Merkins and 1 LBC, running between the sidelines. Always adds up to 21 – BLACK JACK! We ran out of time on this one and honestly I lost count because I was gasping for air.

Name-O-Rama, no FNG’s, welcomed our boys from the Poshlands, and said a prayer of thanks for bringing all of us together. Thanks for allowing me to Q, I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next time! A quick shout out to Kidnapper Van for bringing his cones, thanks very much!



PRE-BLAST: #F3Louisville 100th Workout AO Convergence – 9/23/17 7AM – #TheO Seneca Park


WHO:  Calling all Louisville PAX from The O, Poshlands, and The Mutt

WHAT: An epic beat down featuring visiting Charlotte PAX  (KY and Sauerkraut).  This workout is shaping up to be a big day for F3 Louisville, bring all PAX and your AO flags to The O for a mini-convergence.

WHEN: Saturday, September 23rd, 0700 hours


WHY:  It’s the 100th #F3Louisville Workout and also to bring goods for St. John Shelter for Homeless Men

Third F Opportunity – We encourage every PAX member to bring an item from this list to help support the St. John Homeless Men’s shelter.

We’re also having a friendly little competition between the three AO’s – The PAX that brings the most items, as judged by visiting Charlotte PAX, wins.  The losing PAX will have to do an exercise of the Charlotte guys choosing after the workout.  So bring your items!

~Red Roof


100 pull ups? 200 push ups? 300 air squats? Yes, Please. #F3villeblackopps


You got it.. Murph style post in the AM (09/15/2017)

Run 1 mile

20 sets (5 pull ups,  10 push ups,  15 air squats)  or as many as you can without tossing merlot

Run 1 mile..

Easy Peasy..

5:30 am sharp @ the poshlands

Glauc Out..

BACKBLAST: 9/14/17 – #F3 Baseball at #TheO @OF3Louisville @f3Louisville

VQ: Bean Counter (@Kevin_Judd)

PAX (13 TOTAL including VQ):  Mayberry, Red Roof, Sully, Jordy, Mr. Clean, O.J., Loco, Pope, Trump, Scratch, Splinter (FNG), Seacrest (FNG)

After Scratch decided to show today & bring the flag, we all felt like a pretty legit group.  Nice of him to put us on his very busy morning calendar.

We pushed our way on a jog the long (but not the longest) way from the flag to the soccer fields.  The PAX welcomed a VQ who normally hangs in the back on said runs to not push a POPE or Insane-O like pace on the way over.  This would be the last nice thing said about that VQ.  PAX circled up.

Warm-up (in cadence):

20 Side Straddle Hops

20 Plank Jacks

Thang 1 (Hitting and Pitching):

PAX were told they arrived this morning to play a friendly game of the VQ’s favorite sport & America’s Pastime, F3 Baseball.  No gloves or bats were required.  Only rain-soaked coupons & a heartbeat.  Even the historically light coupon that Scratch hides in the trees for his own pleasure seemed to have a little extra girth this morning.

Partner Up

Partner 1 went to the dugout to fetch the team’s coupon.  Partner 2 waited in despair at the VQ’s instructions & recognized the baseball field had been set up with orange cones.  Once the coupons arrived, Partner 1 took their rightful place at home plate while partner 2 headed to the bullpen

Top of the 1st Inning:

  • Partner 1 (batters): Run/Sprint with coupon to First Base (1b) to do 5 burpees.  Run with coupon to 2b for 10 thrusters (front squat into shoulder press).  Run with coupon to 3b for 15 merkins.  Return home to find a comfy 20 coupon curls.


  • Partner 2 (pitchers): A rotation of 20 lunges (10 each side), 20 gas pumps, and 20 American Hammers & continue until partner 1 is done batting

Bottom of the 1st Inning – batters & pitchers change sides

PAX attempted to play a full nine inning game but time constraints cut it short to a tee ball like 4 inning affair.  Felt more like extra innings to me.

Thang 2 (Base Running):

After some mumbling & disdain for their VQ, the PAX lined up on the soccer end line for more pleasure.

Partner 1 – sprint end line to end line and back to greet their partner

Partner 2 – While waiting for partner 1 to return, Partner 2 used the soggy coupons to do as many sit-ups as their heart allowed while placing their feet in the coupon holes.

A jovial PAX did three full rotations

Thang 3 (Home Run Trot):

Every good boy of summer has perfected a home run trot.  So, we took the long jog back to the flags.


PAX circled up for some rest & relaxation.  VQ gave thanks for their attendance.  It had been a few days since someone had thanked #Scratch for that.  Count-A-Rama & Name-O-Rama ensued.  2 brand spanking new FNGs both with stories to tell.  Splinter (FNG) was named for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle & the FNG’s sewer work that pays the bills.  Seacrest (FNG) was applauded for his “99 The Rock” Disc Jockey job back in the day.  A quick prayer stressing accountability in our lives sent us on our way.

Final PAX Box Score:

Jogs – 2

Burpees – 260

Thrusters – 520

Merkins – 780

Coupon Curls – 1,040

Sit-ups – 780

Fun – 0

@F3Houston – I posted with Heroes #HIM

I posted twice in Houston (at the General and the Hogg) this week. The workouts were great (Red Bull’s second Q and Weed Wacker’s Q (100 SSHs IC is no joke)), but being with this group of HIM showed why F3 is more than a workout. 

I met Pax who lost everything, but still brought water and Gatorade to the General. Yes, you read that right. I talked to Pax who literally saved lives; went to a person’s home and literally saved them. F3 Houston got calls and responded. They answered the call every time. It is not an exaggeration to call them heros. True High Impact Men. 

I’m humbled by their selflessness. They walk the walk. The Nation should be proud to have these HIM in the Pax. I know I am. 

The Pax designed a Harvey Relief F3 Shirt that will be available via Mudgear soon. I’ll post it as soon as I have a link. Let’s do what we can to support this community and Pax. 

BACKBLAST: 9.13.17 #F3Alphabet at #Poshlands

VQ: McAfee

PAX: Gypsy, Starchild, Bob Ross, Iceman (FNG), Scud, Forceclosed, Methane, Diablo, Uncle Rico, Double Down, Swifty, Pope, Mr. Hat, McAfee

This morning we though we would have a special guest (Irma), but to our surprise she decided to wait a few hours before showing up. With a little less rain we took advantage and enjoyed a great work out.

COP: Ran about 1/4 mile to the parking lot where we circled up and did the following in cadence:

Abe Vigodas (x20)

Alabama/Austin Ass Kickers (x10)

Booyah Merkins (x10)

Bookworms (x5)

Crab Jacks (x20)

Catalina Wine Mixers (x10)

Ran 1/4 mile back towards the flag to the playground for the Main Thang:

This morning we worked on learning our F3 alphabet. We partnered up with a PAX we didn’t know to well so that we could help build that 2nd F. In a group of two, one partner introduces themselves with their name, spouses name, or kids name. Using this name, you use each letter up to 10 letters to build your workout. You and your partner do the workout in cadence together. (See attached)


These workouts were done in two 10-minute EMOMs (Every Minute on the Minute). You do each exercise that pertains to the letter at the beginning of each minute. Rest one minute between each EMOM.

We then moseyed on over the flag for some core work where we learned the last of the alphabet and did each of these exercises in cadence:

X sit ups (x20)

Xs and Os (lead by the Q)

XYs (x10)

Alphabet (Spelled out using your feet – All capital letters)

COT: We welcomed FNG Iceman. Did nameorama and took intentions. Praying for those affected by the hurricane, friends and family suffering from illnesses, and any other intentions unmentioned. Looking forward to the next one!




09/14/17 Pre-Blast: – Backdraft’s VQ @TheMutt #f3counts #f3Louisville #couponmile

Get your weary heads off your pillows (You too Scratch!) and join Backdraft for his VQ at The Mutt. It appears Moonlight is going supply the fuel to light a fire that even the most experienced firefighter would have trouble putting out #SkylineChili. Come join us for some coupon fun. See you at 5:30.

PRE-BLAST – 9/14/17 – #Bean Counter’s VQ at #TheO (Seneca) @OF3Louisville

Come rested for #Bean Counter’s maiden voyage #VQ @ #TheO.  Something about concrete, sports, & pain that you may find enjoyable.  Don’t sleep in like #Scratch.  Lastly, #Bean is bringing an ill-informed #FNG that has been sold a bill of goods.  Would not mind a spillage of #Merlot.  See you tomorrow @ 530am.

BACKBLAST: 9/12/17 #BagofWrenches at #TheO – BEHIND THE EIGHT BALL!

QIC:  Red Roof

PAX: Fall Guy, Bean Counter, Mr. Clean, Loco, Abacus, Spinal Tap, Double Down, Storm Trooper (FNG), Red Roof.

Well things didn’t go quite as planned this morning, but that’s what makes life and F3 interesting.  Stratch(ed) was set up to VQ today but overslept, so YHC took the reigns for a guest Q.  This was no problem at all – you never know when your name may be called, so it’s best not to fartsack.  Scratch, no worries.  I know you’ll kill it on your VQ Saturday!

COP-  Ran 1/4″ miles down to to the lamp post and circled up for the following all in cadence:


Imperial Walkers (x20)

Monkey Humpers (x20)

Merkins (x20)

SSH again (x20)

Run 1/4 mike back to where the flag usually is The Thang…

We started with 11’s running between the picnic table and the restrooms using step ups and and dips (10 and 1, 9 and 2, 8 and 3, 7 and 4, etc.).  Early finishers were treated to Freddy Mercury.

Next we moseyed to the field hockey field and partnered up for for DORA:

100 merkins, 200 air squats, 300 LBC’s shared work.  While one partner runs up and back, the other works on the counts.  Early finishers were treated to Freddy Mercurys again.

Feeling pretty good so we did a little Jack Webb next.  We couldn’t decide if the count was 4 or 8 so we split the difference and did 6.  We made it up to 6 Merkins and 36 arm presses before YHC decided to call off the dogs.

Finally we finished up with a little Mary:  Freddy Mercury, American Hammers, and Gas Pumps.

COT – Welcome FNG Storm Trooper.  It’s a great name so we may have to change it.  In our defense it had started pouring down rain and we were ready to hit the road.  We’ll discuss more on post #2 for Storm Trooper.

~Red Roof





Backblast: 9/12/17 VQ Digiorno #lungemuch @TheMutt #F3counts 

So, my first Q…it felt like getting ready for a first date. Thinking, will I last long enough to finish? Are they going to like it? I think I changed my WO 10 times. I hope I succeeded…

20 Pax, 1 FNG

VQ – Digiorno

Tiger, Draper, Zoolander, Moonlight, Terrine, Hammer, Happy Fingers, Doubtfire, Wall-E, Jelly Fingers, Mad Cow, Handy Manny, Wedding Singer, Spreadsheet, Mouth, KV, (FNG) Jergins, Backdraft, Waterboy

Circle up…

20 Side stradle hops IC

15 old man arm circles IC

   Small forward

   Small backward

   Big forward

   Big backward

20 Imperial Walkers IC

Find a partner…go get 1 coupon per team

2 sets of each Thang…


(goal post to midfield)


   10 Side Tri rise, each side

Sneaky lunge (stay on tip toes)

(goal post to midfield)

   Calf raise squats til partner returns.               (w/coupon)

   Diamond Merkins

Bobby Hurley (fast down, slow back)

(goal post to midfield)

   Shoulder Press (w/coupon) (keep going til partner returns)


(goal post to midfield)

   Super skaters

   Chair salutations


(goal post to midfield)

   Towel hoppers

   (feet together, side to side hops)

   Speed squats

Superman/Bananas (on my command)

That’s it til next time…Go Tigers!

Did I mention I am a Clemson grad?  Lookout this weekend.

9/12/17 Back Blast (sort of)

VQ Checklist 

  1. Get your name on the calendar 
  2. Plan your workout 
  3. Pre-Blast
  4. Print out your work-out to help you remember 
  5. Get a light to help you read in the gloom
  6. Lay your clothes out so you are ready to go in the morning 
  7. Bed time 9:30
  8. Set you alarm for 5:00am!

Well I did all 7 and for a guy that prides himself on never being late this hurts. Thanks to Red Roof for stepping up and taking the Q in my absence. I understand we had a PAX of 9 with 1 FNG. I can take and dish out all of the chatter so don’t be afraid to bring it. I am going to sign off here and get my name back on the calendar and this time I will complete all of the above steps!

9/12/17 @TheMuttF3 20Pax, 1 FNGVQ-Digiorno Tiger, Draper, Zoolander, Moonlight, Tarrine, Hammer, Happy Fingers, Doubtfire, Wall-E, Jelly Fingers, Mad Cow, Handy Manny, Wedding Singer, Spreadsheet, Mouth, KV, (FNG) Jergins, Backdraft, Waterboy, Digiorno

9/11/17 Back-blast #KiloQ in the #Poshlands for #aMerkinMonday

Dedicated today’s WO to the victims of 9/11, and gave thanks to the fist responders who saved thousands of lives while sacrificing their own.  A day that is heavy on the hearts of so many, but the resounding courage our nation showed on 9/12 gave us hope for the greatest nation on Gods green Earth.


PAX 18; QIC 🎱Kilo

⭐️ 👶StarChild; 🏈UncleRico; ⏬DoubleDown; 🎩Mr.Hat; 👁🔫Glaucoma; 🚀Scud; 🛠⏱ToolTime; ☕️MacAfee; 👠BobRoss; ✝️Pope; 🚪ForcedClose; 🐓FogHorn; 🎤Swifty; 🏃🏼LittleJerry; 📬Newman; 👨‍🚀Tron; 🔮Gypsy

Hustle over to the Egg Lawn for warm up in cadence.

20 Abe Vigoda

20 SSH

15 Imperial Walkers



1 lap around the egg stop at every 4th light pole.

1st stop; 5 diamond merkins

2nd stop; 10 wide arm merkins

3rd stop; 15 merkins

continue to repeat until lap is finished.

High knees and butt kicks to the bottom of the bridge



bottom bridge; 5 diamond merkins

top bridge; 10 wide arm merkins

other side bridge; 15 merkins

back to start side, rinse repeat 4 times.



jog over to fountain for some meditation and yoga led by 🎩.

I instructed the PAX to think about where they were and how they felt 16 years ago on 9/11/01.  To remember the courage of those who ran to danger to save the lives of others.


Burn out with 30 American Hammers in cadence to honor the men and women of our armed forces who carry the American hammer every day to protect our freedom.


light jog back over the bridge to shovel flag where we learned that Pope is the proud son of a priest and an almost nun.


Closed with a prayer asking the Lord for mercy and peace to those affected by the hurricanes in Texas and Florida.

Huge thank you to the PAX for allowing me to lead you!

PAX that Suffers together is a PAX that gets better together.  #FreedToLead












Mr. Hat VQ Yoga!

Since Mr. and Mrs. Hat are on the road for the weekend, just after his VQ, Star Child is here to offer his Back Blast. He had his VQ upon my request since I thought he knew a little about Yoga, and I was spot on. We ran, we crawled, we fell. Yoga is rough, and I recommend every AO to try this every once in a while. So here's the breakdown.

PAX: Star Child, Mr. Hat, Kilo, MyCoffee (MacAffe)(Mocofee)(MeCalfy), Gypsy, Methane, Scud (FNG), Swifty (FNG), Foghorn, Abacus, and Taco.

20 SSH
20 Abe Bagodas
20 Imperial Walkers

The First Thang

We moseyed on over to the fountain, but Mr. Hat mixed it up along the way with some Bernie Sanders, Karaoke, High Knees, Butt Kicks, and Lunges. Once that the fountain, we split up into three groups. Each group bear crawled up to the fountain for some dips and decline merkins, and lunged down the hill. Mr. Hat had us do that three times with increasing reps (10/20/30). Those 30 were MEAN, but we survived somehow. Then we ran back to the jungle gym with some of the same WOs we did along the run there. That was a great move by Mr. Hat, and I plan to steal that from now on!

The Second Thang- YOGA. I cant even begin to name one thing we did, but let me just say that there were puddles under each and every one of us. Mine was probably from sweat and pee. Yoga is hard, hurts the quad. If that wasnt enough, he added some Mary.

I had to bolt early so I missed the COT. But I want to especially welcome SCUD. Scud found us through the Art of Manliness Podcast, came from Preston Highway. Some background, he is in the Army and works at Fort Knox. He has been working on Missile Defense for three years… so I was thinking that Cock Block was an appropriate name for him, but Scud is probably a better choice. Thanks for coming, Scud, but more importantly, thanks for serving our country. You are always welcome to join us, and so are any of your friends. I hope you become a regular.

God Speed to all, have a great weekend!

Star Child out.

BackBlast for Rad 80’s Movie Soundtrack montage at the Mutt #theHurt #getbetter


QIC- Zartan

PAX: Backdraft, Captain Insane-o, Digornio, Mouth, Francis (FNG), Hobbs, Bumble Bee, Geppetto, Handy Manny, Cool Hand Luke, Moonlight, Quimby, Kidnapper Van & Mike Brady (FING)

This morning we had perfect conditions for a beatdown.  With dozens of kids activities today I only have time for the basics.  This is how it went down

COP- 25 SSH IC, 20 Copperhead Squats IC, 15 Mt. Climbers IC, 10 Box Cutters IC & 10 Burpees OYO

Mosey to curb for Thang 1.

Butkis step ups.  60 seconds of rapid curb step ups with 30 second break.  X3 (set to Rocky music)

Domino- Preferably performed in a parking lot with a row of curbs (can also be done on ground). Line up 1 or 2 PAX per curb down the parking lot, entire PAX side planks on curb with left hand high, starting at one end, first PAX rotates to regular plank position for set number of Merkins, first PAX then holds regular plank and next PAX rotates down for Merkins, and so on down the line. Once the entire PAX is in regular plank position, the entire PAX reverses and starts again with right hand high. Repeato as desired. When done properly the PAX should resemble dominoes slowly toppling over. (Done to Van Morrison Domino)

Thang 2

Charles Bronson- Start with 3 shovel flags, cones or other distance markers with first two 100 yards apart in a line, the last another 10 yards past. At starting point, perform 50 SSH’s, sprint to 2nd point, then army crawl to 3rd point. Mosey back to start, 50 Merkins then rinse/repeat. 50 burpees, rinse/repeat. 50 LBC’s, rinse/repeat. Finish with 50 Jump Squats rinse/repeat. (Amazing 80s montage of Top Gun, RAD, Flashdance, Karate Kid and more)

Thang 3

Partner up and did 15 leg throw downs and switch and 15 toe touches

Split group into 2 teams and did 1/4 mile laps around school in opposite directions.  1st time we passed each other we did 10 Merkins and continued run.  2nd time 10 Air Squats. Next time we lined up for a 1/4 mile Native American Run. Last lap was a billy run for final 1/8 mile.

Circle up for some Mary.  Al Gores Trump style with claps 20 count.  Captain Thors to 5:20 and then we all spelled Kidnapper Van with our legs.  Backdraft finished us off with 30 seconds each of L T Plank, Plank and R T Plank


Gave intentions to those effected by the hurricanes and our fellow PAX who need our prayers and support.  Geppetto drew 6 and shared that he is pretty good with wood, and also has a male puppet collection in his cellar.  Quick shout to Sky-Q for the group of #HIMS we have to lean on and we were on our way to 100’s of kids activities.  TCLAPS to our 2 FNGS Francis (who pulled a 15 minute Graceland during WO) and Mike Brady for hanging in there for Charles Bronson.  He is not a friendly dude.

On the upside I was only threatened by one PAX today.  And I quote: “I might sucker throat punch u at some point this weekend.”

YHC- Zartan