Star Child lays a beat down before the #rapture

Before everyone goes blind at 2:27 today, 15 HIMs gathered at Parklands to pray to the F3 gods. Newman, Hammer, Mr. Hat, Tron, Pope, Taco, Methane, Glaucoma, Double Down, Tool Time, Bobross, Caption Insane-o, Force Close, Gypsy, and yours truly, Star Child at the Q.

As I said in the Pre Blast, we aren't the only cult that circles up today, but damnit, we are the first. Here we go.

COP- We moseyed on over to the #EggLawn. I attempted to theme this day as a SLOW MO day, but altered course later. I will hang onto that idea for another Q.
– 10 SLO MO Merkins
– 20 SH
– 10 SLO MO Imperial Squats
– 10 SLO MO Parker Peters

The Thangs

  • Bridge
    • We moseyed on over to the bridge. Split into 3 groups, and sent one group on the other side. They did flutter kicks till relieved, while another group lunged. The middle group took off to relieve. Rinse and repeat each leg of the bridge three times.
  • The Shovelflag Post
      • We moseyed back near the shovelflag for a worse beat down. The three groups had stations, and we rotated on station #1 finish..
      1. Coupon Traps… 15, FIFTEEN COUNT, Captain!!! ONE FIVE… not 50..
        1. I will try to explain this better, because Captain Insane-o sure as hell couldn't understand.
        2. Lay you back on a knee wall (short wall, knee height), with the edge of the wall at your shoulders
        3. Grab the coupon over your head from the ground (above)
        4. Pull coupon over your head, and back down. Working your traps.
        • That's basically how I explained it, then I turn around to see the guys on the ground. Maybe their hearing wasn't too good, as they misunderstood 15 count for 50….
      2. Incline/Decline Merkins
        1. Once they were done with the 15 (or Captains 50), they relieved all of us. Group two had decline push ups
      3. Groiners
        1. Group 3 had groiners (becoming one of my hated favorites)
  • Jack Webb
    • How can you NOT do Jack Webbs on Eclipse Day??? It's a must for any cult.

Thanks for all. Special shout out to Force Close! He was noticeably kicking ass on the bridge! Way to go PAX. It's always an honor. And have fun staring at the sun today. This may be the last Back Blast you can ever read.

And congrats to Lil Smokey for the addition to a future F3er!

Star Child

Backblast 8/19/17 #FieldofDreams

27 Pax #gotbetter today at the Seneca AO for the Field of Dreams #Ruiner. Cutlass stepped up for his VQ and brought the pain.
QIC: Cutlass
Pax (27): Quimby, Country Boy, Mouth, Zartan, Cardinal, Buckeye, Glenn Ross, Jordy, Tron, Wham!, Captain Insane-o, Old Bay, The Tiger, Backdraft, Scratch, Mr. Clean, Bean Counter, Spinal Tap, Diablo, Happy Fingers, MayburyWaterBoyChipeto, Face, Trump, DiGiorno.
Lets get into it…
Easy Jog over to the Basketball Courts, Circle up
COP – Warm Up
20 Side Straddle Hops
20 Mountain Climbers
20 Freddie Mercurys
Count off for teams (4)
Run over to the Seneca Baseball field for the Field of Dreams Circuit:
5 stations were set up all around the outside of the field
Each team (4 total) started at there respective station
On “go”, each team performed the exercise displayed at that station
The teams then ran counter clockwise around the field skipping 1 exercise each time
5 stations meant each team had to circle the baseball field twice to complete the round
2 rounds total with all different exercises on the second round.
Exercises included:
-Mountain Climbers
-Al Gore
-Dips (at bleachers)
-Imperial Walkers
-Side Straddle Hops
-Skull Crushers
Then a jog over to the Field Hockey field for some good ol’ Coupon drills
Pax split into 2 man teams
Round 1 – Coupon Presses while teammate did side steps down and back
Round 2 – Coupon Squats while teammate did Mario down and jog back
Round 3 – Coupon Curls while teammate did full sprints down and back
Round 4 – Yoda down and Yoda back switching the “Yoda” halfway
Next, Captain Insane-O stepped in for a mean series of Mary exercises. Big thanks to Captain for the assist.
Finally, we wrapped up with Ultimate Frisbee (football)
– Cutlass

14 PAX hit the trails at the Parklands for some nature viewing

14 PAX got away from the bright lights of the urban Egg Lawn to hit the beautiful  rural trails a bit north.   Eastwood, Rythm, Glaucoma, The Hammer, Petino, Bob Ross, Fro, Star Child, Methane, Mr Hat, Tool Time, Taco, Force Close with Little Jerry on Q.

Warm up 20 SSH IC, 20 Imperial Walker IC.

Our journey took us on the path and over the hill and through the woods for 1.75 miles.  Merkins x 50, Mary’s x 75, dips x 50 all IC kept us together.

Next leg was .75 miles.  120 foot elevation gain followed by 120 elevation loss.  A roller coaster through the woods.

Last leg was another .8 miles back with another set of Merkins, Mary’s and dips.

The Parklands PAX was so lightning fast over 3.25 miles that we had time to pull out the coupons for 6 minutes of muscle fatigue via curls and presses.  The cherry on top was 10 hand over hand merkins on the coupon.

Nice job Parklands PAX and thanks for the visit Petino!

#F3Louisville Introducing new F3ville AO. The Mutt AO starts this week! #additionbydivision #getbetter #freedtolead


Its official.  We are too good to contain with 2 AO’s.  Growth has granted us the freedom to continue to expand F3 Louisville.  We are launching a new AO “The Mutt” at Holy Trinity Parish this Tuesday and all are welcome.

We will be meeting Tuesday & Thusday at 0530 and Saturday at 0700. Rain or shine it is on.  Our grass may not be as plush as the Parklands. Our space not as expansive as Seneca. Our sheer will to #getbetter trumps our limitations and we will HL everyone in site.

Zartan has the Q on Tuesday but I need our leaders to step up.  This is our chance to continue the growth Seneca and Parklands have started.

So HL those “I’ll work out tomorrow” guys and lets hit the ground running with our inaugural WO and lay the foundation for future FNG’s.

Who: All Men

What:  F3 Louisville – The Mutt Inaugural Workout

When: Tuesday, 8/22/17 5:30-6:15am

Where: Holy Trinity Parish School in the back parking lot by small playground

Why:  To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Social Media Mumblechatter

So why should you follow F3 and the Pax on twitter. Well, maybe an explanation of the different options will illustrate.

So, first we have the site. It provides basic info: An introduction for possible FNGs, links to F3 nation, backblasts and informational announcements. It’s essential for a basic central point for comz.

Next, we have the Facebook page. This is perfect for showing some of the 2nd F and connecting the Pax on social media. Gives some perspective on life events and the families of the members. It also is a good spot to alert the Pax to the website posts. Finally, it’s a preview for the FNGs.  All good fun and wholesome.

Finally, we have twitter. This is where the fun begins. Trash talk from other AOs ( even ones that take the ghost flag for the weekend, but always bring it home after a day or 2), other F3’s in the region or any of F3 nation. It’s the place for threatening pre blasts. It’s where F3 Louisville sticks its chest out. But more than anything, its the mumblechatter of social media. This is the fun stuff. Some of the funniest parts of back blasts is recalling the mumblechatter of the Pax (see Quad).

So what to do now? I urge all of the Pax to follow F3 Louisville on twitter. If you don’t have a twitter, create an account with your F3 name. Follow us and you will laugh your A** off everyday. I’m looking for you guys!

Black Ops Backblast: 11 Pax Meet in the Gloom for an Off Day Beat Down #getbetter @F3VilleBlackOps @SeanS_QCR @F3Nation

Stop me if you’ve heard this before.  Two dudes on social media who kinda know each other decide to have a predawn meet up near a park bathroom.  Science says nothing could go wrong and nothing did.  Instead, 11 Pax took the red pill and shunned their off-day for a Black Ops Beatdown (oh and if you’re not on Twitter you missed the Tweet of the Year by Zartan. Scroll down to read it.).  Here’s what went down…

QIC:  Pitino; Captain Insane-o

Pax (11):  Pope, Pitino, Face, Wham!, Zartan, Digiorno, Double Down, The Hammer, Kidnapper Van, Captain Insane-o, Scratch

Pitino took the helm for the Q.  Mosey down the track for COP:

5 Burpees OYO
20 SSHs IC
20 Low/Slow Squats
15 Carolina Dry Docks (IC?)
(memory fading; we did more)

The Thang:

Mosey a bit for lamp post suicides.  Suidcide runs interspersed with 10 merkins; 10 jump squats; 20 merkins; 20 jumps squats for three lamp posts.

Mosey to the middle of the field for Bear Crawl Suicides.  Five yard, five merkins and back.  Ten yards, ten merkins and back.  Five yards, five merkins and back.

Mosey a little further up and pair up (or trois for YHC, Pitino and Zartan) for catch me if you can.  Five merkins running after backward running partner.  Switch and repeato till gassed.

Pitino handed the Q to YHC, so we circled up for some Mary.
Heels to Heaven 20 IC
Oblique Vups 10 each side OYO
In and outs 20 IC
American Hammers 20 IC

Ferris Wheel.  Run from center to 20-30 yards for 5 Wide Merkins, Run back.  Repeato with 10 Diamond Merkins; Repeato with 20 Regular Merkins.

Line up for an Overlap Run back to the bathrooms, but wait, there’s more…

20 tricep wall dips IC
10 step ups (each leg) OYO

Pitino and YHC agreed on the side we needed more, so we did a circuit of:  Group 1: 10 Pull-ups (or to failure), Group 2: Burpees till relieved by Group 1; Group 3:  Plank till relieved by Group 2.  Cycle and repeato.  I think we went 3 times.

Mosey to the Shovel Flag and the Ghost Flag (which remains with the Seneca AO in case you’re wondering) for count-o-rama, name-o-rama and COT.  Pitino told his story and the story of how he became a F3Louisville Godfather.  Scratch called Six and because he sells pool tables and other delights, he got his name.  Pitino closed us out with great words and sentiments.  Off to conquer another day.

Now for the Tweet of the Year:

PS:  That was YHC’s 40th post.

#TempleofGloom Backblast: A Godfather Gets The Triple Crown #getbetter

QIC: Bird Hole

Pax (29): Red Snapper, Nugget, Water Boy, Mad Cow, Backdraft, Paddington, Sweatpants (FNG), Mouth, Tron, Gepetto, Digiorno, Tiger, Wilson, Kidnapper Van, Mr. Clean, Country Boy, Zartan, Scratch, Zoolander, Bean Counter, Wham!, Glennross (FNG), Toothless, Trump, Pope, Diablo, Captain Insane-O, Starchild, Bird Hole (War Daddy…and by a mile)


My third post in 3 days (2 Q’s) with the Louisville pax…..I was told I completed The Triple Crown and I loved every moment of serving and being served. Such is a privilege of F3.
Just To Be Clear: I also loved the moniker of “godfather” many graced me with during my posts. But I am one of many outside Louisville that worked hard before April 22 and after to get the group up and running. I proudly represented Senior Chips, Grapevine, KY, Starfish, Crotch Rocket (his name is a warning to accept the first name given to an FNG), Pomfret, Pitino, Sauerkraut and many more.
Just To Be Clear II: It is godfather and not grandfather (see below).
The Thang:


So at 5:30 sharp gloomy and high humidity morning, we mixed pain in on-site and off-site modes:


COP on soccer field:


 O 20 SSH

 O 20 Mountain Climbers

 O 20 Imperial Walkers

 O 20 Parker Peters

 O 10 Merkins (OYO)

 O 10 Abe Vigodas


Then we left the serenity of Seneca going offsite for hill work, a Charlotte special:

 Jacob’s Ladder on Seneca Heights was a hard start to the heart: Run up the steep hill for a 7 merkins and then 

        back down for 1 jumping knee slap. Repeat with one less merkin and one more jump until we hit 7 on the latter.


Run back in the “hood” to Troll Bridge (Lots of passing sweat trying to get 29 at one time on a small bridge, but hey….that’s just one of the many ways we fellowship):

 O 20 good form dips

 O 15 derkins

 O 20 more dips 
Carioca to bottom of Eye OF The Needle steep hill for:

  O ½ bear crawls and ½ backwards run to end of the cul-de-sac. The stress of getting off flat terrain for a while was creating more grumbling and moaning….that is…mission accomplished. 

 O Plank – Caught our breath with a bit of plank with right hand, left hand, Southern Gentlemen and Northern Aggressor. 


Mosey back to serene Seneca for:



 Circle up for 5 reps in quick succession of 4 different exercises:

  O Plank jacks, Old Fashion Squats, Ski Jumps and Apolo Ohnos. 

 O Rotate 10-15 yards counter-clockwise and repeato until we returned to original starting point.


Ferris Wheel: 

 A Push-A-Rama….All pax in middle of field, then run 15-20 yards to edge for a 10 each of a called merkin exercise:   

        Carolina DryDock, Stagger Right, Diamond, and Dive Bombers (again based on the groans….a new Louisville fav).


5 ½ minutes of Mary: 

 Heels To Heaven, Rosalita, Penguin Plus, Dolly and 6 inches.


And just for kicks and giggles we ended with a 360 Pushup (walking pushups rotating counter clockwise until full circle reached).


Small mosey to COT and the shovelflags: Counterama (29 – Yeah!), Name-o-rama, announcements and the always thrilling naming of FNG’s. Take out by QIC thanking Him for the FNG’s, the leaders, the pax and the privilege to lead my F3 Brothers in Louisviile.
Naked-Man Moleskin:
FNG’s: We welcomed Glennross and Sweatpants into the F3 Nation. As were ours when we were named, blessed or their names. And like us,….they will never be the same.
FacePlant?: During the planks when the shoutout was Southern Gentlemen and Northern Aggressor, It was stated Louisville is really not North or South so “maybe we should put both hands behind or back during plank”. Good luck with that….would have to rename it FacePlant.
War Daddy – Yep….that was your QIC (56) and it seemed by several years. But hey….no grandfather jokes or next time the pain will keep all the mumblechatter in check. My wheelhouse is lots and lots running with hills and much pain…just keep that in mind. And most importantly, F3 is for all men…recruit the 50-60’s boomers and the millennials as much as your respective generation. We also have many teens (hate-hate-hates) and 70’s (Triple Respects) posting in the Nation.
What’s In A Name: Y’all might now the fancy of F3 includes naming of various workout places in an AO. Not sure if my offsite places have names but let me suggest Seneca Heights (or Seneca Rise) for place we did Jacob’s Ladder, Troll Bridge for the stone bridge and Eye Of The Needle for the cul-de-sac with hill. Took BB writer’s license in using these above.
Magic Numbers: Just for perspective….constant lousy weather and a little know horse race kept the initial numbers low. Think there were less than 20 posts combined in first 5 weeks. But I saw 83 in my Triple Crown this week. So awesome!


Give It Back: In the announcements, I was so glad to hear plannings for new launches; one maybe a split of this one in a nearby AO. Men….I know the F3 bonds are new and strong and wanting to start a new one does not seem desirable, but that’s exactly why you were able to come into F3 – now in over 1,100 workouts in 20 states (and growing each week). Men leaving their comfortable boxes and taking a risk. Trust in the process men, your sacrifice to pass what you have experienced on will be a priceless impact on those who get in to this silliness as a result. Aye!!
Give It Back II: A big thanks to Red Roof, sole survivor of the 3 on the first launch, for taking the shovel flag and being the rock as F3 Louisville grew. And to Captain Insane-O, Starchild, Methane and others who have stepped up to Q, plaster social media, and administrate. And many of you also have recruited and possibly given funds (GiveTo Give campaign) to give back what you got for free. 
It takes a pax to make a pax….thanks to all who are making F3 Louisville and F3 outside Jefferson County a blessing for all men.
Bird Hole 

F 3 Charlotte


PreBlast #TempleofGloom: Bird Hole returns to the Q for the 57th F3Louisville WO Since Inception #getbetter

That’s right, we’ve had 56 workouts (thanks to Weasel Shaker, Red Roof, for the count) since Bird Hole first Q’d on April 22, 2017. 

It won’t be rainy like that first day, but it will be awesome. Not sure what he has planned, but I’m brining a FNG with me. Anyone else? Go headlock some guys who need this. You know you know who they are. 



#theBridge Backblast: A Godfather Returneth

Pax: Forced Close, Bob Ross, Double Down, Mr. Hat, The Hammer, Taco, Methane, Zartan, Pope, Rhythm, Gypsy, Mashbill, Kilo, Deter, Bird Hole (War Daddy and Guest QIC)

Let’s be clear….despite loving this honorary moniker, I am one only of many “godfather’s” as I was labelled by many Louisville pax this week in pursuit if my own Triple Crown. Such a blessing to be with all at Parklands, but wish Senior Chips, Grapevine, Tryon, Crotch Rocket (his name is a reason you don’t complain about your first name), Starfish, Sauerkraut, Pomfret, and others too many too list were there this week to see your joy and pain. 
The Thang


COP: Gather at the Parklands shovel flag to give the disclaimer to FNG’s. Finding none, we quickly ran a hundred yards to the edge of Egg Lawn:


 20 SSH

 20 Mountain Climbers

 20 Imperial Walkers

 20 Parker Peters

 20 Abe Vigodas


Partner Up
About a 100 yard fastish mosey to The Bridge:

 Partner 1 runs down, around and under The Bridge while Partner 2 does called exercise until Partner 1 returns  

        (then reverse). Repeato for total of 4 rounds.

  O Mike Tyson

  O Peoples Chair with Sidesaddle

  O Copperhead Squat

  O Peoples Chair (touch toes, knees and shoulders)


Run to new territory Humana Legacy Commons. Bear crawl up ramp to purty fountain for 3 OYO’s:

 O 15 Dips 

 O 12 Box jumps or 10 step ups (each leg)

 O 15 Derkins 


Run back to The Bridge for 20 regular squats waiting for the 6.


Carioca back to Egg Lawn and reacquire partner. Each partner runs 25 years on path in opposite direction then back for a called partner exercise:

 O 20 Ultra Low 5 merkins (10 each hand)

 O 15 WWII sit ups

 O 15 Derkins

 O 12 Leg throws


With two minutes remaining (just can’t leave unused time in F3), added the 360 Pushup (Walking pushup rotating in a full circle) and Heels To Heaven.


Mosey 50 yards back to Shovel Flag for COT: Counterama, Name-o-rama, and take out by your QIC. Prayers for sure for the family with the son with cancer.


Naked-Man Moleskin:
With 3 workouts in 3 straight days (and Qing 2 of them) plus Jordy’s wonderful overuse of coupons and burpees (with only 22 inches of running) on Tuesday, QIC decided to do more in my wheelhouse of running and constant movement cardio. Hope the pain-in-progress was fun for all.
So jealous of The Parklands. I have been to many cities (Louisville, Orlando, Dallas, Charleston SC/Folly Beach, Jacksonville, Raleigh, Winston-Salem and beaucoup ones in Charlotte) and this is one of the best AO’s. Aside from not having natural or unnatural hills (a/k/a parking decks), if y’all ever get bored with the sights and terrains of Parklands, just holler and I will give some pointers.
Humana Legacy Commons? Yeah….not a great F3 name. I hope y’all continue the F3 fancy of naming commonly used sites with in an AO. Egg Lawn actually speaks for itself (I thought it was an F3 name when I first heard of it). But let me take a stab at this one for you – how about Cylcorama orThe Round Fountain of Pain.
A good F3 Leader is humble too. My bad with not overriding iphone spellcheck for the pax named Deter. So, for my F3 brother not listed above, we know you were there. Give a shout-out in the comments to reveal the real you.
A blessing to call all of you F3 Brothers. I have prayed for all of you since April 22. I had no clue we would actually meet and share collective sweat. Or that i would actually get a chance at another Q. 
On behalf of all the godfathers, we are joyful in the knowledge y’all all represent the Nation well and you too will pass it on by finding your own ways to Give It Back.
Bird Hole

F3 Charlotte 

Preblast: Bird Hole Guest Q Wednesday #theBridge and Thursday #TempleofGloom #getbetter #doubleQ @F3Metro

One of our Region Godfathers, Bird Hole, will be Qing both AOs and finishing the Triple Crown after posting today at #BagofWrenches. 

Hope to show him a great F3Louisville welcome. 

Be ready to run. He’s a runner. 

Backblast 8/15/17 #deathbyburpee

37 Pax #gotbetter today at AO Seneca for a record weekday crowd! Jordy returned to Q with some high intensity interval work and the Pax was down. The #godfather was here and some visiting Pax to experience the love #inthegloom.

QIC: Jordy
Pax (37): Double Down, forced close, mouth, cool hand Luke, moonlight, torn, face, Pope, nature boy, country boy, zoolander, toothless, tiger, happy fingers, Quimby, old Bay, bean counter, scratch, mad cow, the hammer, Wham!, Marcia, fall guy, bird hole, backdraft, gepetto, kidnapper vnn, digiorno, Diablo, Wilson, trump, tin cup,cutlass, newman, Zartan, captain insane-o, mr. Clean (fng)

The breakdown…
Long way run to tennis courts, circle up

20 count cadence
10 Burpees
10 Merkins
20 count cadence LBC
Count off- 4 groups

warm now….

Run to the field
“Quarter Gone Bad”
15 seconds on, 45 seconds off
5 rounds
4 stations
Coupon Squats
Coupon Thrusters
Rotate stations each minute- RUN/REST

Bloody Mary….

“Death By Burpee” 10 FULL minutes!
Minute 1- 1 burpee
Minute 2- 2 burpees
And so on…..
Pax wanted all 10 minutes and got it!

Circle at the flag, names, the 6, thoughts and prayers, out to kick days ass.

Thoughts and prayers to the family of a lost brother. True words spoken this morning… if you got problems in life, say something to someone. Don’t keep it in. I’m always here to listen. I know all of you will be too.

Jordy out

#F3villeBlackOps Little Jerry’s not so Little Run. This Sunday at 7am at Egg Lawn #SIS #getbetter #Parklands

Little Jerry is embarking on a not so little run this Sunday and PAX support is encouraged.  He will be running an 8-9 minute pace for 16 miles.  However, the first 4 miles brings you right back to the Egg Lawn for about a 30 minute run.  This could be a great way to #headlock that guy who runs all the time but is scared of our typical boot  camp #beatdowns.

Who: Little Jerry at the Q and all PAX and FNG’s welcome

When: Sunday, August 20th @ 7am

Where: Egg Lawn at the Parklands (Specific spot to come)


PAX handles the Pressure like a champ


QIC: Glaucoma

PAX: (20) Fro, Professor, Bobross, Newman, seabass, Mashbill, Capt. Insano, Forced closed, star child, zartan, nugget, gypsy, taco, tool time, methane, double down, Mr. Hat, dexter, rhythm

I have to say, the PAX handled today’s workout like Louisville’s own JT handled the back nine at quail hollow yesterday…..  Being a big golfer, have to give a shout out to Justin.  Dude got it done.

Started with a little foreshadowing… A little jog over the the bridge from base.  (Bernie Sanders up the bridge) and a then back.

Circle of trust:

20 SSH,  10 Smurf Jacks,  10 Star Jacks,  20 Merican Rows (10 each side) into 10 Merkins into 10 mountain climers… 10 vertical situps (alternating L,R) 10 regular sit ups, 10 Louisville squats (squat all the way down then finish on tippie toes)  10 courtesy lunges,  15 Vertical situps,  15 regular situps..

Split into two groups:

  1. Group 1  Runs to bridge and back (same as initial run with bernie sanders up the brige) While group two does combination.. Merican rows (each side) into merkins  into side planks (Repeat until group one comes back)
  2. Repeat with Group 2 on the run
  3. Group 1 Runs to bridge and back yadayadayada…. Group two does 10 Star Jacks then 10 SSH on 3 count( Repeat until Group 2 comes back.)
  4. Repeat with group 2 on run


Partner up for 8 minutes in heaven

Exercise 1) Partner 1:  10 Courtesy Lunges (complete R and L)    Partner 2 :  Ab work of choice

Switch roles

Exercise 2) Parter 1: 20 dips   Partner 2: Ab work of choice

switch roles

Hit Repeat until 8 minutes is up.. Don’t you wish it felt that long in the seventh grade?? or maybe it did.. guess it depends on who you were in heaven with..

Nice work! and thanks for all the support in my initial Q!





"Harry, the glaucoma machine needs adjusting again!"

No Pressure Fellas,  No one is getting the air puff test on this inaugural Q run for Glauc  “Glaucoma”..  Prepare for a few new tricks (of which are impossible to find on the F3 site.. so I might have created a few custom moves)… a couple of smurfs and stars… and hopefully a good workout.  See all @ 5:30. #F3nation  #F3Louisville #theparklandsrulestheroost  #muchbettergrass  #parklands  @f3starchild



#Ruiner Backblast: 26 Pax Closed Our Eyes and Ran the Jewels #sealegs #getbetter #F3Nation

Q: Captain Insane-o

Pax (26): Zartan, Quimby, Methane, Kilo, Red Snapper, Kevorkian, Pope, Tron, Young Blood, Face, Wham!, Toothless (visiting Pax from F3Hilton Head), Digiorno, Taco, Zelda, Cutlass, Diablo, Bear Grass, Mad Cow, Double Down, Tiger, Gypsy, Bean Counter, Scratch, Worm (FNG), CI

YHC (CI) missed a few posts this week, so I packed a lot into our hour together for today’s Ruiner (as I told Face after it was over, I was Hangry). TClaps to Quimby and Zartan who came early to do the last part of the WO first because they had F3Dad responsibilities. Strong work men. 

Here’s what went down:

Mosey to half pipe


10 burpees OYO


Imperial Walkers OYO

Mountain climbers IC

Squats IC

Flutter kicks IC


Count off. Odds do some circle work (Mary, squats, rosalitas, squats IC), while Evens ran half pipe run. 5 merkins at top, at bottom and at top. Out and back twice, switching between circle work and half pipe each time.  

Mosey to field hockey field for the Wrecktangle: 

Pax pairs and each gets an exercise on a sheet of paper that’s a station. Your partner must push you. Leave your paper for the cycling Pax.


Coupon curls

Coupon squats


Flutter kicks

Al Gores

Jump Lunges

Coupon Merkins

Coupon swings

Gas pumps/in and outs

Coupons press

Coupon rows

American Hammers

1 min AMRAP at each station. Count each switch. On 5 sprint counterclockwise to around the full field rectangle to next station. Repeato for a full circuit. Listened to Run the Jewels the whole time. 

Circle up for some Mary (Fifer scissors (a lot) and gas pumps). Then I couldn’t resist Jack Webbs for the last 8 minutes. 

COT and Name-o-rama

Welcome FNG Worm, who was HL’d by Kilo. Great having visiting Pax, Toothless. Hope he makes it to post again this week. Bird Hole is guest Qing twice this week. SYITG. Pope counted Six and explained his name origin, which is basically the premise for the prequel to the Omen. Some announcements were made and I said some things. Great work by a great group of HIMs. Off to conquer another day. 

PS. Good catch by Gypsy on the Parklands AO being closed. Glad we were able to have an impromptu Convergence. 

#F3Louisville Saturday Workouts: Parklands #theFog Gypsy VQ; Seneca #Ruiner Captain Insane-o Q #getbetter

Just a reminder to All Pax that F3Louisville will have two Workouts on Saturday.

Parklands AO #theFog:  Gypsy will have his Virgin Q.  This is an actual photo of Gypsy from college…


Seneca AO #Ruiner:  CI will Q.  RTJ for the Wrecktangle


#F3villeBlackOps Quimby Trail Run Backblast #getbetter

PAX: Quimby, Old Bay and Pope

Weather was cooperative and 3 PAX met in the gloom for a trail run at Cherokee Park.   Quimby led a 4.5 mile run through the woods with headlamps glaring and Old Bay and Pope pushing the pace.  Old Bay took over and Quimby reported a step up in intensity as OB flew through the woods.

TClaps to Quimby for putting this together.  Guaranteed more involvement in the next run.

It was also reported that no oranges were harmed during this WO.

No oranges


AO: Seneca Park

25 PAX: Country Boy, Tin Cup, Water Boy, Old Bay (spicy), Force Close, Gypsy, Zartan, Tool Time, Nugget, Bean Counter, Scratch, Pope, Spinal Tap, Mouth, Tiger, Gepetto, Newman, Happy Fingers, Double Down, Taco, Methane, Kidnapper Van, Cutlass, Marcia, Digiorno (FNG).

QIC: Country Boy

WarmUp: Long way to the Field Hockey Field.  Grass Grabbers, Up Back Waaay Back, Mountain Climbers, all x 10.  Downward dog and Cobra x 10 seconds.

The Thang:


Carioca x 2: Partner 1 Bobby Hurley’s while waiting for Partner 2 to return

Monkey Run x 2: Partner 1 Bobby Hurley’s while waiting for Partner 2 to return

Bobby Hurley (When one does a squat and slaps the ground with both hands like a Duke basketball player, then jumps up and raising arms as if taking a jump shot.)

Cutlass is lightning. Pondering how he can run faster sideways that straight ahead…?


Chumbaburpee: Music    To the song, Tubthumper by Chumbawampa, PAX started with SSH at beginning of song, then every time they say, “I get knocked down, but i get up again” they did a burpee. While not doing burpees, PAX continuously did SSH. In the end, PAX performed about 27 burpees.

Aiken Legs (20 sq, 20 jumps, 20 lunges, 20 split jacks)

Lt. Dan Taylor ain’t got no legs (1:4 ratio; squats and lunges) x 3.

Howling Monkeys (all grab ankles, 10 Monkey humpers (half squat) each till all the way around).  Howling began after 5 of 25 PAX got through their 10.

Toe Squats x 10. Nice and slooooow.

Indian Run starting at restrooms, head towards Cannons Lane, and back to the flag. At one point I saw a blur resembling Kidnapper Van passing up the line.

COT; Nameorama where FNG Digiorno explained that mastering the art of pizza and craft beer is not for the faint of heart and that a good crew to experience the gloom with make those calzones taste even better.  Gypsy pulled #6 and explained that he makes various arts and crafts that he sells at flea markets and on ebay and apparently he’ll hot brand you if you cross him.  Gratitude to the Q in the Sky was given and the PAX left to pay the bills (except Pope who stayed and did 150 kettle swings as self punishment for unknown transgressions).

Great job everyone! At 4:07 in the pm Q is feeling a bit unsteady on his feet. Thanks for sticking with me and allowing me to lead today.