#F3MonthlyChallenge August ’17 Edition #getbetter @F3_MnthChalleng

For those of you in the Pax looking for a little extra, try this.

Get on twitter and set up a handle.  Follow @F3_MnthChalleng  and Hard Commit (HC) to do 5000 swings this month.  Then update often.  3 Louisville Pax have already HC’d.

Last month was 10,000 push-ups, so be glad the Monthly Challenge Nantan is feeling generous.  It’s only 162ish per day, and it’s likely you’ll get a lot of look like this when you’re done…


#F3Louisville Pre-Blast Old Bay is driving the bus again. #bagofwrenches #dejavu

  • When: Tuesday, 08/01/17, 0530 hours
  • Where: Seneca Park tennis courts
  • Who: All F3 Louisville, and any FNGs you can #headlock #infect
  • What: #bagofwrenches workout with Old Bay

Bring your jump rope, bring a buddy, and join me in the gloom.  See you boys in the AM!

Back Blast-Bringing Back the Beach #F3 Louisville

new F3 banner (PAO Saturday)

QIC: Quimby

Pax (27):  Old bay, Newman, Face, Captain Insano, Double down, Water boy, Backdraft, Zelda, Tiger, Nugget, Methane, Cardinal, FNG – Little Smokie, The Hammer, Diablo, Mayberry, Gipetto, Mouth

BobRoss, Moonlight, Hobs, KidnApper Van, FNG-Tornado, Trump, Cutlass, Wham!

With 2 new FNG’s – Little Smokie and Tornado (Youngest in Town!)


FIRST—Shout out to my youngest son Henry for rocking the day with us. He is coming up on nine years old and had been begging to join me for weeks.  He was great and earned his name, “Tornado”, while assuming the flag of youngest F3’er in town!

We circled around the Flag and knocked out the following to prepare for our tour of our AO.

Downward Dog – make sure heels on the ground 30 seconds

Left forward-stretch right leg heel down 30 seconds

Right forward-stretch left leg heel down 30 seconds

Side Straddle Hops – 20 in cadence

Hillbilly Squats – 15 in cadence

Lung Jumps – 20 Total

The Thang 1!

In a shout out to the #F3 Hampton fellas, we broke up into 5 groups and carried “Beach Bags” while cruising over to what will go forth as Mt. Quimby. Don’t let the bag hit the ground until we are finished conquering the Mountain.  (If the beach bags hit the ground, then so does the Pax-knocking out 5 Burpees for each infraction.) The Pax crushed an inverted Suicide Run from the Top to the Bottom of Mt. Quimby with 10 cones as their target with top to bottom roughly 150 yards.  We caught our breath and then moved on to our next stop on the tour…

The Thang 2!

The Pax circled up with coupons galore on the field hockey field. The Q allowed the beach bags to hit the ground, but changed the game and said keep the coupons off the ground for the rest of the workout.  The coupons were spaced out every other man, with one Paxer holding a football and busting out high knees until we switched.  We then proceeded to fast roll around the circle changing the workouts for those holding the coupons and those holding air.  Coupon holders busted out squats, lunges, curls, presses, two foot hop, left foot hop, right foot hop, back pulls and so on.  The air holders busted out Merkins, squats, lunges, burpess, LBC’s, Freddy Mercury’s, Side Straddle Hops, Bobby Hurley’s, Scissors and Flutters.

The Thang 3!

I didn’t have a Frisbee, so the Pax played Ultimate Football instead. Same great rules, different object to throw.  Football hits the ground, then so does the PAX, giving out 3 burpees each time.  The game ebbed and flowed (more ebb than flow at this point in the day), but ultimately someone scored and we wrapped up the morning.

We ended with the COT and Name-o-Rama. We took some intentions and I read off some quotes from George Carlin, the great comedian and philosopher.  Celebrate the air we breathe, love on your little ones and be a long shadow.

Backblast: Merkins, I mean Burpees.#incubator #getbetter #F3Counts

Q: Methane (YHC)

Pax 21: Methane, Hops, Rhythm, BobRoss, Kilo, Lil Smokey, The Hammer, Tool Time, Sea Bass, Tron, Preacher, Glaucoma, Double Down, Nugget, Dexter, Red Roof, Gypsy, Pope, Captain Insaneo, Face 
Great morning in the #incubator. YHC was at the Q, and almost forgot the Shovel Flag – nice. We also had a guest with us from Charlotte, Hops(sp?) #firstimpressions

We moseyed over to the egg lawn for the warmup.



20 SSH, 10 Merkins, 20 Imperial Walkers, 20 Plank Jacks, 20 SSH


Moseyed to the bridge for some 11s. Start off with 10 Donkey Kicks on one side of the bridge and then run to the other side of the bridge where we did 1 Burpee, then ran back to do 9 Donkey Kicks, then crossed back over the bridge to do 2 Burpees, and on, and on, and on. Those who finished early were treated to some Mary from our Charlotte visitor, Hops and then planked it out. 

Then we moseyed back over the shovel flag to put some work in on the picnic tables. We did 2 sets of 2 exercises for 2 minutes. You rotated the exercise after 10 reps. First set was Step-ups and Dips and the second set was Derkins and Air Squats. We finished off the #incubator with a little Mary. We did 20 reps of Dollys, American Hammers, Flutter Kicks, Rosalitas and LBCs. 


Great work men. You guys keep me motivated and over the last 80 days since starting I feel great. #StarFish

Fight gone Bad #Ruiner backblast

Q: Nugget

Pax, Seabass, Trump, Vincent, Sully, Yogi, Cardinal, Glen Ross, Deuce, Pope, Chestnutt (FNG), Scuba Steve

Seabass and YHC arrived early to see that the O had been taken over due to the Rock Creek Horse Show and some race in the park. No Field and no school for COP, so I had to call an audible on the setting of our beatdown. Slowly, the Pax arrived. I got a message that a newcomer from my past was posting. Yogi and I go back to days at WKU . It was awesome seeing the HIMs pull up , but it was incredible to see Pope stroll up to the group.

Disclaimer stated and we took a short mosey to the tennis courts.


Abe Vigodas IC

Grass Grabbers IC

Kendra Newmans

Copperhead squats


After the Abe Vigodas, YHC saw a figure heading up to the tennis courts. It was my HL almost 10 months in the making. This and Pope showing up was all the motivation I needed to lead these men.

We headed to the cul de sac (Cogan’s Corner) for thang 1

Thang 1

We split into 3 groups for some hill work and exercises to get us warm for the main event. Group 1 went to the bottom of the hill and did an exercise AMRAP while Group 3 did an exercise at the top of the hill. Group 2 would relieve Group 1 and start the exercise.

Bottom of the hill was Bobby Hurley’s followed by LBCs

Top of the hill was Merkins followed by Da Vincis

This was really just to get us warm and the blood pumping. After we headed to the Flag to learn a couple new movements and start Thang 2

Thang 2- Fight Gone Bad

YHC has some crossfit in his past, and while expensive, it has some Damn hard WO. This one is a beast and one that I always enjoyed. It goes like this:

5 stations with a different movement at each for 1 min and then rotate. the 6th minute is rest. 3 rounds. The movements are:

Box Jumps

Push Press



Sumo Deadlift High Pull.

Thanks to Cardinal and Glen Ross, we had plenty of coupons and we set up the circle. 2 Pax at each station, giving AYG every round. Nirvana was the choice of music to keep up the intensity. This was brutal, Cardinal was gracious enough to bring a cooler of water and at the first break, the Pax was ready for it. Not much mumblechatter during these 17 minutes. When finished, YHC was drained. At some point, I think it was raining on just met bc I ended up soaking wet.

My goal today was to give everyone a rough 45 minutes, followed by a fun 15. So we headed to play some Burpee Football. But the field was covered…OMAHA… we did a Do Ah Diddy run to the Softball outfield and split into teams. TDs were scored, burpees were done. I don’t remember who won, but I’m pretty sure that I’m going to get Scuba some stickum for next time. JK

Time was called and we headed to the flag. Deuce mentioned an AYG to the flag, but I’m pretty sure YHC was crawling at that point. (BTW I’m glad Deuce showed. I needed to pay him back for the snotwoggler he put on us at his VQ)


One FNG, Chestnutt was named. I’ll let you ask him why (it’s a fun story). Announcements about coffeeteria. And the BIG announcement…Vincent is engaged. Congrats Vincent! Circled up for the intentions for Abacus’ wife, Pope’s recovery and some others. YHC decided to be thankful at the end and thing about all that has beed gained by this group. No better way to start off my 40s with you HIMs.


#ComingSoon Parklands AO Saturday Workouts #notproblematic #starfish #letitgo #grow #F3Matters

As the Pax grows, so do the number of workouts.  Very soon, we’ll add a Saturday workout at the Parklands.  We’re soliciting names for the workout — Monday is the #Incubator, Wednesday is #TheBridge — and Qs.

Expanding to this location will also put the #GhostFlag in play for all workouts.

Reach out to Star Child (Parklands Site Q), Red Roof, CI, Zartan, or anyone in the Pax to Q.  And spread the word to those East Enders.  #NoExcuses.


Pre Blast – Bringing Back the Beach

Old Bay and I went to Va Beach to rest, relax and maybe meet some new friends from F3 Hampton Roads at Mt. Trashmore.  Thanks to Captain Insane-O and his “friendly” banter, we suffered a beat down the likes that has never been seen before or since.  SO, we’re bringing back the beach!  The Devil may have gone down to Georgia, but I am sure he stopped off at Mt. Trashmore to see what’s up!  Join me on Saturday as we explore what the Park has to offer!  It’s going to be fun….  Quimby


Backblast: 2 Women join @F3Louisville and Kick the Pax’s A$$ #templeofgloom #getbetter #F3Counts

QIC: Captain  Insane-o (YHC)

Pax (27):  Jordy, Cutlass, Newman, Diablo, Moonlight, Breadtruck, Tron, Double Down, Nugget, Red Roof, Little Jerry, Backdraft, Quimby, Spinal Tap, Old Bay, Tiger, Marcia, Zoolander, Country Boy, Gepetto, Methane, Kidnapper Van, Screech, Wilson, Zartan, Mouth, CI

YHC (CI) had two sets planned depending on Pax majority vote: themes of Women or Money.  Here’s what went down:


20 SSHs IC
20 arm circles IC
15 windmills IC
20 Mountain Climbers IC
15 Planks Jacks IC

The Thang:

The Pax got a choice of workout (I had two in the bag), but all they knew was the theme. They picked Women by a sizable majority. I was happy. That’s what I wanted them to pick. Money would have been good (it was a face melter, too), but this was a total change up. Can’t tell if Zartan or Little Jerry whipped votes or what.

First set: Killer Mary

I did my best imitation of Tony Horton and ran the Pax through a modified Ab Ripper X.  YHC had a tough time counting, and the mumble chatter was at an all time low. All of these on a single count 20 unless noted:

Gas Pump
Seated Crunchy Frog
Crossed Leg / Wide Leg Sit-Up
Fifer Scissor
Hip Rock’N Raise
Freddie Mercuries
Pulse-up (Heels to Heaven)
Roll-up / V-Up Combo
Oblique V-Up
Leg Climb
America Hammers
Rosalitas (40 count)
Flutters (on Zartans 15 count)

I think there was a 10 count in there somewhere and maybe a 5 count to catch breath.  I can’t wait to see the Pax on Saturday.  This one is a creeper; they’ll feel it by tomorrow in the “quad”.

Then, I introduced the Pax to Nicole. Pull-ups to failure, 400mm hard run.  We did this on repeato for 21 minutes. Nicole is no joke.

Plank until all Pax finishes.  Not a lot of mumblechatter at all.  We’ll do Money another time.

We ended with the COT and Name-o-Rama.  Double Down called 6 and explained that he’s named after a terrible sandwich. Some tough situations/intentions were explained for everyone to keep in their thoughts and prayers. We ended in the BOM with YHC asking all to treat each other how you want to be treated.

Off to conquer another day. Thanks to the Pax for letting me lead today.

Extra credit to Jordy who did the whole thing weighted (and for having a Velcro name tag). Marcia seems more comfortable with his name, and Tclaps to Nugget and Methane going for the Highlander (5 posts all AOs in a week).  Also, tclaps to Zoolander who’s fleet of foot; he didn’t know but he was pacing me hard on the 4hundies.  Great job to the entire Pax.  Gepetto, I hope you can talk by now.

If you got this far, tclaps. You should listen to this great podcast about F3 that explains the why and how:  Podcast Link

Quimby’s up Saturday. I’m out to pay the bills.
























Back Blast: House of Cards

VQIC: Double Down

22 Pax:  Bull Rider, Force Close, Nugget, Nomo, Glauc, Joe Boo, Fro, Methane, Flea, Bob Ross, Tool Time, Wham, Gypsy, Zartan, Red Roof, Little Jerry, Odie, Preacher, Rhythm, Decter, Star Child

“Ante” Up with warm up on Egg Lawn:  21 Side Straddle Hops, 11 Merkins, 21 LBCs, 11 Rosalitas, 21 Squats, 11 Imperial Walkers in cadence

Short mosey over to another area of the Egg Lawn to “Roll the Dice”:  4 groups at 4 stations: stations were merkins, LBCs, Burpees and Squats.  Set 1: “lucky 7” reps at each station; Set 2: “lucky 11” reps; Set 3: “blackjack – 21 reps” of each – feeling good now…

Line up for “Pick a Card” – pick card from deck of cards with Aces = 14 reps, Kings = 13 and so on; pick a joker and the reps double.  First card out of the pile was an Ace so 14 reps of merkins; next, King so 13 reps of Freddie Mercurys; next, Joker with next card a 10 so 20 reps of burpees…kept going for a few more cards…

“King of Hearts” came next – sets of sprints from cone to cone with lunges, backward run, karaoke run, bear crawl and a few other fun exercises…

Next, Indian Run around the lawn with a finish with some additional exercises to close down the casino…I was out of chips!  Great job by the Pax!

PAX “Are we gonna do anything else besides Burpees”…. Zartan “NO!” #BagofWrenches Backblast: #29PAX

QIC: Zartan

PAX: Bull Rider, Double Down, Newman(FNG), Red Roof, Wham!, Captain Insane-o, Cutlass, Diablo, Jordi, Nomo, Backdraft, Nugget, Mayberry, WaterBoy, Zealander, Quimby, Paddington, Country Boy, Marsha, Spinal Tap (FNG), Tiger, DeVito (FNG), KV, Methane, Mouth, Geppetto, Star Child, Wilson (FNG)

With a name like Burpeepolooza we all knew what was coming.  This is how it went down.

10 Burpees OYO and mosey to tennis courts for COP. 4×4’s while you wait.

COP: 20 SSH IC, 20 LBC IC, 20 American Hammers IC, 20 Gaspump/Dollys IC, 20 Imperial Walkers IC, 20 SSH IC

Burpeecides: Run to end of court 1 for 1 burpee, back to start for 2 burpees. Run to end of court 2 for 3 burpees, back to start for 4 burpees.  You get it.  All 4 courts increasing burpees equaled 35.  Also equaled my first FU.   Mosey to field hockey field.

The Thang: 2 lines of 15 for Burpee Bear Crawl.  Partner up for 5 min AMRAP of Partner 1 doing slapjacks or SSH while Partner 2 runs to goal for 3 burpees and run back.  Switch and repeat.  4 min burpee tabata.  Burpee Merkin Pyramids to 10.

Mary: Boxcutters, Captain Thors (Suck), Reverse LBC and Flutter Kicks

Finish it of with 2 min AMRAP of, you guessed it, BURPEES!  This earned me my 2nd FU.

Back to flag for COT. 29 PAX this morning with 4 FNGS.  We welcomed Newman, Spinal Tap, DeVito and Wilson to the group and Captain Insane-o counted of 6 and shared his namesake. Intentions for Tigers family and shout out to SKYQ.

All in all it went pretty well.  We ran out of time otherwise Spinal Tap and friends were gonna crank it up to 11 with some Air Squat/Burpee Elevens.  This no doubt would have earned me my 3rd FU.  All in a days work and those FUs are the sincerest form of flattery.


F3 #TheYachtClub (Hilton Head Island) RECON: 07/20/17 from Red Roof

While on vacation last week, I decided to take a break from the normal routine of sitting on the beach and chasing my kids around all day and see about getting a proper beatdown from the Pax at #TheYachtClub, a newer AO that is part of #F3Bluffton and #F3LowCountry.

The guys there were very welcoming to visitors and there were Pax from from other regions as well (#F3Toledo and #F3Gastonia come to mind).  If you’re ever in the area I highly recommend posting on Tuesday or Thursday there at 5:15am.

One reason I wanted to post there is to see how they do things and how F3 Louisville compares.  Basically, is what we’re doing true to F3 form and what can be improved on? We’re relatively new in the F3 world and these guys have been doing it a while, especially at Bluffton.

It’s been a few days now since my post so a lot of the names are escaping me but DaVinci was the Q (guest Q I believe from Gastonia) and a couple of the other pax’s names were Squid and Boucher (think Waterboy Bobby Boucher).

A few notes from my visit:

  • Hats off to the guys who do this regularly in the deep south, the heat and humidity are no joke in SC in July.  I started sweating just talking about working out.
  • Counting and calling exercises – the Q and Pax are very deliberate about the cadence and exercise calling.  They also never said ahead of time how many of an exercise we were doing, which is cool.  They rely on the last call to know when to stop.
  • Mary – we did a good 8-10 minutes of Mary as part of our workout.  I’m assuming other pax tend to do more of this daily than we do.
  • How we stack up – We seem to be in line with most things these guys do: COP, the Thang, and COT were almost all identical with a few minor exceptions.  It’s really a neat thing to witness.
  • Familiarity – More to the point, I can’t begin to tell you how cool it was just to look up the location and pop in for a workout knowing you’re going to meet a bunch of guys for a familiar workout with all pre-tenses and ego left at home.  Pax are high-fiving each other and helping the last guy finish just like here.

All in all it was a great experience.  If you’re out of town for work/play try to check out a workout in the area, you’ll really witness the power of F3 Nation.

~Red Roof

#Incubator Backblast Bob Ross discovers KV’s hideout #paincave #getbetter #HIM

Welcome to the THE PAIN CAVE!

QIC:  Bobross

PAX (18): Bobross; Little Jerry; Red Roof; Double Down; Gypsy; Fall Guy; Fro (fng); Barney (fng); Odie; Captain Insane-o; Methane; Bull rider; Flea; Glauc; Speedo; Star child; Nomo; Nugget

Here we go:

We started with a easy mosey to the nicely lighted cush fairway like grass of the egg lawn.

10 sec count toe touch stretch (right/left)

– 20 Side stradle hop in cadence

– 15 Imperial squats in cadence

– 15 Mountain climbers in cadence

  • 15 Toe touch twist in cadence

Light jog over to our posh state-of-the-art playground/sprayground.

– 20 step-ups in cadence

– 10 incline mericans (rotating arms to sideplank) in cadence

– 20 box jumps

Jog to the next location. Bridge climb begins!!!

– Lunges to the top

– 10 dips

– Knee high back down

– Kareoke back up the hill

– 10 dips

– Mario jumps down

– Bear crawl up the hill

– Crab walk back down

Next we jogged the path to the Pain Cave (AKA KV’s honey comb hideout.)

10 hanging leg lifts

10 pull ups

Back to the base of the bridge

Hop up the hill right/left/both feet

10 dips

Hop down the hill right/left/both feet

Mosey back to the flag for all the rest of the bizzness!  COT, Name-o-rama.  Two FNGs; welcome Fro and Barney.  Odie called 6 and gave us his origin story.  The Seneca AO showed well and claimed the #Ghostflag (sorry Star Child).  Bobross dismissed us with words of wisdom and grace; off to conquer another day.

#BagofWrenches tomorrow at the Seneca AO.  Zartan (who pulled a Zartan this a.m. (thanks to Nomo for getting up and after it)) has some tricks up his arm cuffs.

xoxo, CI for Bobross

#Ruiner Back blast: Sufferfest 2017 #F3Counts

VQIC: Kidnapper Van

26 Pax: Nugget, Double Down, Mouth, Kidnapper Van, Zartan, Taco, Country Boy, Little Jerry, Cardinal, Gypsy, Kilo, Bobross, Wham!, Mayberry, Tiger, Seabass, Hobbs, Gepetto, Star Child, Backdraft, Moonlight, Rhythm, Captain Insane-o, Zelda (FNG), Young Blood (FNG), Dexter (FNG)

Special thanks to Zartan for getting up early to help me set up coupon field.

Conditions at 0700 were no joke. Temperature gauge in the car read 82 degrees at 6:32 as Zartan and I drove to the field. I had a full on sweat going after getting softball and coupon field set up.

Here we go:

We started with a easy mosey over to the softball via basketball courts. Backboard slaps in honor of my unicorn, FNG Frey (Zelda) finally showing up. I heard some authoritative slaps on the backboard as the PAX showed that white men can jump …. that is until FNG Brown (Youngblood) put us all to shame with what I assume was a reverse 2 handed jam …. oh to be 22 again.

Continued on to the softball field and lined up.
– Side strattle hops x 20 in cadence
– Windmills x 20 in cadence
– Flutter kicks x 20 in cadence
– Freddie mercuries x 20 in cadence

No more warmup necessary today …. sweat is rolling and guys are chomping at the bit to get after it.

Next up – give me your best Kevin Frey defensive stance and slide steps, back, forward and side to side and burpees on command. After 3 minutes of intense moving around I realized that Mussels at dinner last night was a bad call …. burped a bit and can still taste the cream sauce …. hold it down …. way to early to spill merlot.

Next up – 100s, 200s, and 300s with a partner robbed from Nugget’s Q a few weeks back. 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBCs with field run in between. Ass kicker. This is where Mayberry and Youngblood showed that they were up for the challenge and came out on fire. Me – slightly light headed and glad to move in to something else.

Next up – mosey to coupon field.

Lower body
– Squats 2 x 15 with coupon for each partner – run length of field in between
– Lunges 2 x 15 with coupon for each partner – field run in between
– Jello legs ensue

– OH press 2 x 15 – field run forward and back pedal in between
– Extended arm raises 2 x 15 – field run forward and backward in between.

– Curls – lower half, upper half, and full – 15 each with defensive slides in between sets.

The Finale – Merkin medley with partner
– Plank merkin – 2×10 for each partner with 10 step lunge walk between each set
– Wheel barrow merkin – 2×10 for each partner with 10 broad jumps between each set. My legs no longer functioning – I opt for 10 bunny hops
– Booyah merkin – AMRAP – my vision was a bit blurry at this point but Mayberry and Youngblood were getting it done and Taco and his partner (forgive me I lost focus) were hi fiving like they were in a hand jive contest.

Buzzer sounds: game over. I am thankful we ran out of time – next exercise on the list was suicides.

Larry Bird award goes to Mayberry for keeping up with Youngblood – a 22 year old college athlete – no joke. Here you go mike – I can’t tell if they are chanting “Larry, Larry, Larry” or “Mayberry, mayberry, mayberry”


No Excuses: How to Overcome Any Sad Clown Excuse #ABH

Stolen without regard from F3Nation/OBT/Dredd.

Hey Pax, having trouble getting past all those sad clown excuses? Well, here are the ways to convince your buddy who you know needs this that their excuses suck:

Top Five EH Excuses
A Note from OBT: Dredd and I wrote the original Five EH Excuses post in December 2011, as what would later become Charlotte Metro was gearing up to launch a new workout on the first anniversary of the first F3 workout. Since then, the post has been frequently referenced and recycled, but it’s gotten a little stale and out of date. Recently, we were asked to do an updated version that could apply more broadly to folks administering EHs across this ever-growing F3 Nation. So here it is. And if you want to look back at the original, it’s linked here.

We’ve been at this F3 thing for a while now, so we’ve heard pretty much every excuse for why a guy can’t post to a free workout with other guys at a time of day when the rest of the world is still in the Fartsack. And in an F3 world where there are guys in Statesville who come off of overnight shifts and roll straight into an 0530 workout, there really are no good EH Excuses.

But we know that you, the EHers of F3 Nation, need ready answers for weak, lame, overused EH Excuses. So consider this post a little ammo. Here, our choices for The Top Five EH Excuses.

No. 1: “I need to get in shape to come work out with you guys.”

This is No. 1 with a bullet on the F3 Excuse Charts. The late Casey Kasem says so. And for a lot of guys it gives them all the wiggle room they need to take themselves off the hook. Because let’s be honest: There’s nothing you can do on your own that is going to get you ready for that first workout. Almost no one working out in a gym or on the streets (let alone coming off the couch) combines the kind of aerobic and bodyweight fitness that F3 workouts demand. SO you need to make the choice to join with a bunch of other men and push through that pain. Because “I need to get in shape” is really just a way of keeping the commitment just over the horizon, always just out of reach. The only way to get in shape is to put yourself in the middle of a group of other men and force yourself to keep up with the Pack.

Dredd: Would you get drunk before you went to a bar? I rest my case. (Dredd’s a lawyer).

No. 2: “I already belong to a gym.”

Hey, that’s great. I bet it really rockets you out of bed every morning to think about another exciting day on the treadmill, headphones plugged in so you can listen to the SportsCenter anchors run through yet another rendition of “Hot or Cold? Brought to You by Miller Lite” while the plastic ficus next to you waves gently in the 68-degree climate-controlled splendor. Meanwhile, elsewhere in your home city, men are gathering of their own free will in temperatures ranging from 9 to 90 degrees and conditions ranging from starlit to monsoonish to sweltering to give it their all for an hour and launch into the day with power and impact. Trust us, there’s a difference.

Dredd: Gyms have rules. The rules are usually dumb. They put signs listing the dumb rules all over the wall. There aren’t any walls outside, so there is no place to post the rules. Thus, no dumb rules.

No. 3: “That’s too early to get up to work out. I’m really not a morning workout guy.”

Oh, yeah… I know you. You’re the Lunch Hour Workout Guy — until that 11 a.m. conference call runs long and you don’t have time to work out and get back for the 1:30 meeting, so you’ll have to run over to Chick-fil-A to grab some Fast Food That I Can Pretend Isn’t Fast Food, but you’ll definitely get out in time to hit the Y before you go home except your wife calls and she needs you to go pick up your 2.0 from basketball practice so she can get the 2.1 from violin lessons and still get home in time to put dinner on the table and meet her friends for girls’ night out at 7:30 and, well… now you’re Tomorrow Workout Guy, aren’t you?

Dredd: There are only two kinds of workout guys, the early morning workout guy and the guy who blows off most of his workouts. Which are you?

No. 4: “I’m already working with a personal trainer.”

Yeah, I can really tell. Really getting your money’s worth there, aren’t you? And you’re paying this guy or girl how much to count your reps and hold a clipboard? Did I mention the fourth F that comes after Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith? It’s called: Free.

Dredd: Not every day? Surely, not every day. C’mon, you can make one day a week the day you let somebody give you for free the thing you’ve been paying for. Seriously.

No. 5: “This sounds like some sort of cult.”

Back when our father’s fathers ran the world, a bunch of men gathering at odd hours to engage in common effort for the common good and with an eye toward the larger improvement of the world around them and the raising up of men to be leaders was simply plain vanilla, old-fashioned civic engagement, and it was what grown-ass men did (as opposed to forming My Little Pony collector clubs or going to Co-Ed Book Club night). If society has moved so far toward atomization and self-absorption that free assembly and group pride qualifies as cultish behavior, then so be it — but we will be the ones, in the words of the late William Buckley, standing “athwart history, yelling stop.”

Dredd: Uhhhh, actually it is kind of a cult, but I’m thinking it’s the good kind of cult like the Blue Oyster Cult. Not the kind of cult where you end up with tin foil on your head or castrating yourself to get a ride on the Hale Bopp Comet or drinking Hot-Ade in French Guyana.



Newton’s First Law of Motion

Alright PAX – All your witty workout themes and movie one liners . . . forget about them.  KV is going old school with this workout.  We will be proving Newton’s First Law of Motion on Saturday – An object in motion stays in motion – unless acted upon by another force . . . so forget about gravity as well.  Make sure you get there early and pair up with someone you like . . . and doesn’t smell too bad.  Last one to arrive gets to do bear crawl yodas with Lenny as their partner.

“CatchMeIfYouCan” Back Blast, VQIC: Country Boy 7/20/17


VQIC: Country Boy

21 PAX: Country Boy, the Hammer, Kidnapper Van, Zartan, Screech, Methane, Mayberry, Red Snapper, Mouth, Trump, Quimby, Cutlas, Water Boy, Odie, Gepetto, El Tigre, Tron, Captain Insane-O, Zoolander, Star Child, and Marcia.


At 5:30 in the Thursday AM gloom, a substantial number of good-looking PAX found themselves near, but not at, the tennis courts of Seneca Park.  Coutry Boy (VQIC) led a short jog to Center Court and a circle of 21 PAX counted off. Warmup ensued: 30 SSH, 20 Air Squats, 15 Windmills, 20 Imperial Walkers (all in cadence extraordinaire).  Smiles and Mumble Chatter in droves.  The PAX partner up for the Thang: Catch Me if You Can…Partner 1 performs 5 Burpees and then sprints to catch Partner 2, who has been running backwards.  The PAX tries to keep pace with Screech and Captain Insane-O.  7 minutes later, Crickets, and the Q calls it. Circle Burp, Clock Merkins, BOMBS, and Body Builders (nice and slow).  COT, Counterama, Name-o-rama, Ball of Man.  Another Louisville F3 VQIC Workout in the books.

Just another Bombtrack at #thebridge

Well, I had some surprises in store for the Pax today and 18 is an awesome turnout. No time for chit chat, let’s get started. 

QIC: Nugget

Pax (18): Nugget, Wham!, Methane, Star Child, Taco, Glaucoma, Speedo,Gypsy, Double Down, Diablo, Bobross, Rhythm, Captain Insaneo, Tool Time (FNG), Cricket (FNG), Miss Direction (FNG), Preacher (FNG), Kilo (FNG)

The COP was a quick mosey to the lawn for some SSH, Don Quixote, hillbillies, squat holds, and more SSH all in cadence. Now that we were warmed up, it was time for the Thang.

We moseyed over to the bridge. As I hinted at the last couple days, it was Blimps. Burpees, lunges, imperial walkers, merkins, plank jacks, and squats. 5 of the first, then 10 next and so on increasing by 5 up to 30 squats. In between  each exercise, there is a sprint up the bridge before moving to next exercise. Oh and did I mention, I set a time bomb for every 7 minutes. When it explodes, everyone in the Pax stops for 7 burpees.

I called an audible on the second round of Blimps and we partnered up to mix in some Mary. Partner 1 does the first letter and sprints to the top, while partner 2 does planks. When partner one reaches the top they do planks and partner 2 does the letter. We switched up the Mary for each letter and did planks, dolly, flutter kicks, Freddy Mercury, Downward dog/cobra, and LBC. 2 bombs went off during this round.

Finally, we moseyed back to the lawn for 8 rounds with Jack Webb. That is Tabata Jack Webbs keeping the total between rounds with a 1:4 ratio of merkins to air presses. Oh and did I mention a bomb went off right before we started. We finished up with Tabata planks and came back to the flag for some 2nd F.

I finished up with my take on the third F. Faith has a lot of definitions, but for me it is Faith in the Pax. Knowing that you will be there and accountable to you all and myself. Thanks for that awesome effort and welcome to the new guys!






#F3Louisville Old Bay VQ Back Blast

WF Leg day

vQIC: Old Bay

PAX: (23)  Double Down, Cutlass, Gepetto, Water Boy, Tiger, Moonlight, Backdraft, Nugget, Diablo, Zartan, Fall Guy, Odie, Wham!, Trump, Captain Insane-o, Star Child, Quimby, Tron, The Hammer, Mouth, Old Bay, Screech, Marcia (FNG).

Well.  That was fun.  #Bagofwrenches #Inthegloom hopefully did not disappoint.  After a brief discussion of whether or not a purple Dora the Explorer jump rope was acceptable at F3, we moseyed the long way to the tennis courts to go to work.


  • 10 modified burpees IC.
  • 20 SSH IC.
  • 15 flutter kicks IC.
  • 20 jack uppercuts IC.  This was more for my amusement that for actual warmups.
  • Leave jump ropes at tennis courts, and mosey the long way over to coupon field.

Thang 1

  • Partner up.  4 sets, 4 minutes each.
  • Set 1: #1 runs across field, 10 air squats, runs back.  #2 AMRAP Derkins.
  • Set 2: #1 runs across field, 10 air squats, runs back.  #2 AMRAP Coupon Get-ups.
  • Set 3: #1 runs across field, 10 air squats, runs back.  #2 AMRAP Coupon Curls.
  • Set 4: #1 runs across field, 10 air squats, runs back.  #2 AMRAP Incline Merkins (Inerkins?)
  • Mosey back to tennis courts.  Watch out for landmines!

Thang 2

  • Partner with someone new.  3 sets of 4 minutes…running short on time.
  • Set 1: #1 runs across court, 10 Freddy Mercuries, runs back.  #2 standard jump rope.
  • Set 2: #1 runs across field, 10 Flutter Kicks, runs back.  #2 alternating one-leg jump rope.
  • Set 3: #1 runs across field, 10 Freddy Mercuries, runs back.  #2 double-under jump rope.  Well, we attempted double-unders.  #Tclaps to Star Child with the record of 4 in a row.
  • …….and TIME.  Mosey back to flag.  Name-O-Rama.  Prayers to the #SkyQ to help put our problems in perspective, and to ask for strength to seize the day and #getbetter.

Gents, I had a blast this morning, and it was because of you.  A bunch of real #HIMs.  After the ridiculousness of the Jack Uppercuts, you stayed with me, you stayed together, and we dropped bombs.  Literally and figuratively.  I love the mumble chatter, and everyone present this morning was Larry Bird-ing it big time.  Oh, and tell your wife you ran almost 4 miles whilst busting your ass this morning.

I’m inspired by you guys.  Let’s keep rollin’.

~Old Bay



Monday Back Blast: Saddle Up Boys for the #Parklands #Incubator!

Methane took the reigns Monday morning for the first #Incubator at the #Parklands and the 13 PAX with 1 FNG were ready to ride!

QIC – Methane 

PAX – nomo, gypsy, double Down, glaucoma, sea bass, nugget, taco, Bobross, rhythm, star child, speedo (fng), captain insane-o

Mosey to the egg-lawn 


  • 20 SSH
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 15 Mountain Climbers
  • 15 Plank Jumps
  • 20 SSH


Broke into 3 groups for some 3 group grinders.  Two groups would perform an exercise at 2 separate stations located about 30 yards away while the 3rd group would run to the other station and releave that group.  We did 4 rounds of these timed for 5 minutes.  Exercises were:

  • Burpees and LBC
  • Get ups and Merkins
  • Carolina Dry Docks and Overhead Presses w/ exercise bands
  • Dollys and American Hammers

Since we had the exercise bands from Methane’s #bag-o-tricks we did 2 sets of Resist-a-runner, where you partner up and one guy puts the exercise band around his waist and runs the 30 yards while his partner holds on to band and gets pulled. YEHAW!!

Mosey over to the flag were we finish with bear crawls up and back about 10 yards with a set of 10 Merkins in the middle.


Welcome Speedo!  Great start to a great week!

#F3Louisville Old Bay VQ Pre-Blast

Something old, something new, something borrowed, #BLACKANDBLUE

  • When: Tuesday, 07/18/17, 0530 hours
  • Where: Seneca Park tennis courts
  • Who: All F3 Louisville, and any FNGs you can #headlock #infect
  • What: #bagofwrenches workout featuring Old Bay’s VQ
  • What Else: I like to run, I like to jump, and I like bullet points.  I also like pain, because pain is weakness leaving my body.  Wanna join me?  Bring your friends, bring your jump rope, and bring your mumblechatter, ‘cuz it’s gonna get spicy.


Saturday Back Blast: More #F3 Louisville Breaking (Not Fake) News-Saturdays Are For The Arms #35PAX #thisonesforyouBillyDee


QIC- Face (VQ)

PAX- Kidnapper Van, Captain Insane-O, Little Jerry, Rhythm, Nugget, Double Down, Eastwood, Diablo, Taco, Methane, Tron, Cardinal, Bob Ross, Kevorkian, The Hammer, Tiger, Country Boy, Cutlass, Waterboy, Trump, Quimby, Zartan, Old Bay, Moonlight, Mouth, Face, Fieri (FNG), Bread Truck (FNG), Amber (FNG), Red Snapper (FNG), Gepetto (FNG), Backdraft (FNG), Paddington (FNG), Screech (FNG), Star Child….that’s a new record folks #headlockswork

35 Pax 8 FNGs 07152017

The #PAX came in masses and descended upon Seneca Park with 8 FNGs like the Rebel Fleet closing in on the Death Star.

Mosey to the basketball courts


  • 20 SSH IC
  • 10 Merkins IC
  • 20 Freddie Mercury’s IC
  • 20 Plank Jacks IC
  • 20 Imperial Walkers IC

Mosey to the baseball field

The Thang

Death Stars (5 cones set up in a star formation)…due to the girth of the Pax, in groups of 4 or 5

-Round 1

  • Cone 1- 15 Merkins, sprint to cone 2
  • Cone 2- 15 Merkins, sprint to cone 3
  • Cone 3- 15 Merkins, sprint to cone 4
  • Cone 4- 15 Merkins, sprint to cone 5
  • Cone 5- 15 Merkins, sprint back to cone 1 and plank it up

-Round 2

  • Cone 1- 20 Plank Jacks, sprint to cone 2
  • Cone 2- 20 LBCs, sprint to cone 3
  • Cone 3- 15 Plank Jacks, sprint to cone 4
  • Cone 4- 15 LBCs, sprint to cone 5
  • Cone 5- 15 Plank Jacks, sprint back to cone 1 and do some LBCs and/or Imperial Walkers OYO


Bear Crawl Inchworm (again…Pax dominance necessitated splitting into 2 groups…and turning corners)

Mosey to the field hockey/adult volleyball field…watch the ropes

Colt 45s

  • Pair up, triple up….first world problems.  Each group grabs a coupon
  • 15 bottom ½ curls, field width suicide
  • 15 top ½ curls, field width suicide
  • 15 full curls, field width suicide
  • Plank to wait on either partner, group plank until last guy finishes

Billy Run back to the #Flag (long way)….not sure who called it out, but they were nice about it  #luckyitwasnttheCaptain

Face forgot how to tell time and tried to circle up a bit early….thankfully Captain Insane-O had some tricks up his sleeve which he graciously shared with the Faceman.  Rounded out the workout with the following:

  • Al Gores 10 count
  • 10 Imperial Walkers
  • 10 Burpees OYO

Circled up for the longest Nameorama yet and finished off with thoughtful intentions and the angelic words of the Faceman himself.

Upon seeing Face next week, the #Pax may proclaim,

“Why you slimy, double-crossing, no-good swindler. You’ve got a lot of guts coming here, after what you pulled”

…but it was fun as hell and the #Pax dominated.  Thanks for a killer VQ.

#F3Louisville Face VQ #Ruiner Pre-Blast – Bringing the #pain, some cones, and a whole ‘lotta coupons #getbetter


When:  Saturday (7/15/17) 0700 Hours

Where: Seneca Park Tennis Courts

What: #Ruiner workout featuring Face’s debut at Q.

What Else:  Face’s debut at Q vs. the Pax and a tribute to one of Hollywood’s coolest…and another #FaceMan.  So put down that 4th Colt 45 deuce deuce and let’s get some work done.

Who:  All F3 Louisville Men and FNG’s.  Momentum is growing and more great men are finding what they didn’t know they needed (this guy included).  #Headlock a buddy and come get shredded.