9.21.18 Ruck Training Back Blast

Just like yesterday’s pre-blast, I plan to keep this simple as well. Sometimes I spend to much time overthinking a workout when most of the time the simplest ideas get the best results. I intended to let the PAX know that this would not be an easy workout, and this morning it was apparent thatContinue reading “9.21.18 Ruck Training Back Blast”

9.21.18 Ruck Training Pre-Blast

I am going to keep it simple this time. If you like to RUCK and you like the MURPH, then this workout will be perfect for you. It’s probably not going to be easy, it might even be downright brutal, but we don’t get up for easy. So if your HIM enough to give itContinue reading “9.21.18 Ruck Training Pre-Blast”

9.17.18 Silo Back Blast – Four Corner Fun

With Catfish now at the helm of the Silo, there is sure to be a number of difficult workouts coming out of that camp. So you can imagine that when Catfish reached out to me to Q one of the upcoming workouts, I was more than happy to help. As I pondered for a coupleContinue reading “9.17.18 Silo Back Blast – Four Corner Fun”

The Bridge Pre Blast 9-12-18

The moment we’ve all been waiting for…well maybe just me.  The POSH CHALLENGE!!! Patches are up for grabs to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place two-man teams. Gold, Silver and White.  Wear gloves. This is not a ruck event.  DO NOT BRING YOUR RUCK, unless you expect to win and would like to try on yourContinue reading “The Bridge Pre Blast 9-12-18”

Crucible Back Blast – Week 3 IronPAX Challenge

For the past two weeks several PAX, including myself, have been putting themselves through the F3 IronPAX Challenge that is being put on by F3 Greenwood. I was excited about the opportunity to compete against other Pax across other regions, and also test myself through some difficult challenges. However, I did not expect for theseContinue reading “Crucible Back Blast – Week 3 IronPAX Challenge”

Uncle Rico 1 YR Q @ North Posh Back Blast

Hard to believe it has been 1 Year since Star Child head locked me.  Conversation basically went like this: SC “Brad you should come do this workout called F3.” Me ” Where and When?” SC “5:30 at the Posh.” Me ” Not a chance.  I have a 2 month old at home and I am alreadyContinue reading “Uncle Rico 1 YR Q @ North Posh Back Blast”

BackBlast #theFOG BlackOps Q School at #theCounty Abacus Q 8/18/18

Last December Dark Helmet graced F3 Louisville with his presence and pontificated wildly about the proper way to Q a workout, the leadership roles of F3 and life. Since then, our PAX has grown significantly. In fact #thecounty was not even on the radar last December and now the site is drawing 20+ HIMs everyContinue reading “BackBlast #theFOG BlackOps Q School at #theCounty Abacus Q 8/18/18”

GoRuck Rain Ruck Training Back Blast – 8.17.18

Yesterday I was sitting at work minding my business when I see a slack notification come through from Twitter on my desktop (Thanks to CI for his Slack training, I now keep it on my desktop to stay in the know) about a Rain Ruck event that is being put on by GoRuck. Once IContinue reading “GoRuck Rain Ruck Training Back Blast – 8.17.18”

Ruck Training Pre Blast – GoRuck Rain Ruck – 8.17.18

Earlier today we saw a tweet regarding this opportunity to receive a GoRuck patch for completing a “Rain Ruck” challenge. A few of us decided to turn tomorrow’s ruck training into a perfect opportunity to make this happen. *We have adjusted the time to 0500-0615. Still at the Poshlands. Please see the details below andContinue reading “Ruck Training Pre Blast – GoRuck Rain Ruck – 8.17.18”

IronPAX Week 1 Challenge at the Crucible – Back Blast – 8.7.18

Yesterday began the 2018 August IronPAX Challenge. This has been in anticipation for several PAX members over the last few weeks as we have waited for this to arrive. After seeing the workout on Sunday, many of us, including myself had mixed feelings about Tuesday. We knew the workout would be hard, but I don’tContinue reading “IronPAX Week 1 Challenge at the Crucible – Back Blast – 8.7.18”

Posh Black Ops EC 5K Run Back Blast 8/8/2018

72 degrees, 98% humidity, Thunderstorms in the area PAX (3) – Nino, Nice n Slow, Huggies YHC wanted to get a good time on a 5K for myself so I proposed this idea thinking nobody would go for it, especially that it was to be before an epic Hot Wheels beat down. Anyway, we ranContinue reading “Posh Black Ops EC 5K Run Back Blast 8/8/2018”

Crucible Pre-Blast – IronPAX Challenge Launch – 8.7.18

After several weeks of anticipation, the Iron PAx is finally here. I personally am looking forward to this challenge because I think it will push each of us to get uncomfortable and test our limits. This would be good for all of us. After posting this morning and only seeing 34 PAX out, I knowContinue reading “Crucible Pre-Blast – IronPAX Challenge Launch – 8.7.18”

Ruck Training at the Posh 8/3/18 Back Blast

Weather – clear 65 degrees 12 PAX – Star Child, Launch Pad (R), Fanny Pack(R), Nino, Nice n Slow, American Beauty (FNG), Flounder, Gypsy, Pew Pew, Flood Plain, McAfee, Huggies (Q) This was the second black ops ruck training and we had a great turnout! We started with a Native American run to the eggContinue reading “Ruck Training at the Posh 8/3/18 Back Blast”

Black Ops Ruck Training at the Posh Back Blast 7-27-18

Weather – Light Rain early on. 70 degrees 84% humidity PAX 7 – Abacus, Nice n’ Slow, Pew Pew, Meter Maid, Launch Pad, Fanny Pack (R), Huggies (Q). This was the first of, hopefully, many Friday morning ruck training WOs.  Ruck sacks were worn the entire workout.  YHC wearing the Rucker 2.0 with 30 lbs.Continue reading “Black Ops Ruck Training at the Posh Back Blast 7-27-18”

Pre Blast – Black Ops Ruck Training at the Poshlands 7-27-18

When: Friday 7-27-18 @ 5:30am Where: Splash pad area at Beckley Creek Park What to Bring: A ruck sack with some weight.  General Rule:  If you are over 150 lbs then 30 lbs. of weight in the ruck.  If under then 20 lbs.  If you don’t have the weight, that’s ok too.  Bring what youContinue reading “Pre Blast – Black Ops Ruck Training at the Poshlands 7-27-18”

Crucible Back Blast – 7.24.18

When I set out to start this Black Ops site, I wanted to bring something a little different to the PAX> I wanted to have a post during the week where men could come to get challenged, push themselves and begin to better understand what they are physically and mentally capable of. Plus I wantedContinue reading “Crucible Back Blast – 7.24.18”

Inaugural Crucible Backblast – 7.17.18

A couple of weeks ago I was approached about starting a Black Ops site near the Poshlands and the County on Tuesdays due to the increasing number of PAX posting on Tuesdays. I was intrigued to say the least, and decided to take on the challenge and create another opportunity for PAX to come andContinue reading “Inaugural Crucible Backblast – 7.17.18”

The Incubator BackBlast 7/16, Poshlands #Pyramids #ServantLeadership

Despite the threat of thunderstorms, conditions held steady for a solid beat down at the Poshlands this morning! 72 degrees and cloudy with the ground damp from the previous night’s showers. Scratch-N-Dent and I pulled up to the gloom at 05:15. Four HIM were already mumblechatting as we walked up. A good sign. As timeContinue reading “The Incubator BackBlast 7/16, Poshlands #Pyramids #ServantLeadership”

PreBlast #Incubator @ Poshlands 7/16, Ashley Q #RainorShine

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” -Peter Drucker Commit today to join the PAX in the gloom Monday @ 0530. Plan to post rain or shine. 100% chance you’ll leave soaked. Rain, sweat, or a combination of the two!  

TheBridge BB: Methane’s Workshop at the Parklands 7/11/18

Methane – Q Uncle Rico Forced Closed (R) Jitterbug (R) Bob Ross Gypsy Drumroll Indo Dynomite! Mr. Hat McAfee Little Jerry (R) Grave Digger Retainer Maxi Crab Legs Bean Counter Star Child YHC had the pleasure of posting at TheCarpenter yesterday and learned the craft of woodworking. I thought I would take this knowledge backContinue reading “TheBridge BB: Methane’s Workshop at the Parklands 7/11/18”

Pre-Blast for Methane’s Workshop Q at TheBridge for 7/11 at the Parklands

Well just got done with the WO at TheCarpenter and man those guys are crafty. I was so inspired by their skill and dedication to the Carpenter, that I decided to have a workshop session instead of a workout session. So tomorrow I will show everyone how to build a Three-Legged Stool. It will beContinue reading “Pre-Blast for Methane’s Workshop Q at TheBridge for 7/11 at the Parklands”

Backblast The Silo Northposh 7/9/2018

65 degrees – 100% humidity 16 PAX – Wildflower, Flounder, Ooga Booga!(FNG), Snowman, Mr. Hat, Worm, Yogi, Kilo, Catfish, McAfee, Valdez, Star Child, Gypsy, Viking, Hot Wheels, Huggies(Q) COP 30 SSH 25 Imperial Walkers 20 Grass Grabbers 20 Abe Vigodas THANG 1 Mosey along the bike trail down the hill to the wall. Partner upContinue reading “Backblast The Silo Northposh 7/9/2018”